Title - Metallic Blue Pinwheels
Author: Kioyshi
Written: Jan 1998
Rating -G
Category -VA

Summary - Scully attends a carnival and becomes lost in a forest,where she stumbles upon a old gypsy tent that houses more then she expected.

"God is not willing to do everything, and thus take away our free will and that share of glory which belongs to us."

-Niccolo Machiavelli

Dana looked around at the gaudy tents, obnoxious music and overpriced food. Why was she here again? She remembered the turnoff on the highway. They were suppose to be heading towards Asheville, North Carolina when he had spotted the sign, small and handmade on the side of the road, and had swerved into the lane heading towards that turnoff. Oh yes besides, as Mulder so vaguely put it, "We believe this to be a cover up operation for a drug smuggling ring". So how does this involve us, she had asked. It doesn't, he replied, come one, everyone loves a carnival!!!

"Everyone except for me." she mumbled under her breath.

She saw Mulder, just a bit up ahead at the food tent, consuming large quantities of buttered corn on the cob, sausage on a stick, and some sticky concoction that appeared to be a dessert. Somewhere to her left someone barked about how simplw it was to win the ring toss game. A small child, arms full of meaningless prizes that would be forgotten as soon as he returned home squealed with delight as he saw the clowns come out of one of the main tents. Scully noticed thst there were Four main tents, surrounded by about ten smaller ones, all brightly coloured, all major health violations, if they weren't busted for drug trafficing, this would surely do them in.

Her eyes fell upon a pinwheel, that child must have dropped it she looked down at it, metallic blue, red and yellow, spinning, spinning just like that horrible fair she went to when she was six. Her first, Bill and Melissa loved it but she was scared to death, clutching for dear life to her father's hand, everything was so loud and when that clown had come out of nowhere yelling and laughing, they couldn't get her to stop crying until they returned home. Or perhaps it looked like the one that she saw on her first date with the football quarterback, he was having a blast, especially when she lost him for about half an hour only to find him behind one of the tents making out with one of the carnival owner's daughters. Yep, the carnival was a blast alright, a horrible blast from the past in her memory file.

She looked up from that damn pinwheel, as though that would erase the memories, she looked back at the main tents and noticed a small girl staring at her. She walked over to the girl, was she lost? Part of the carnival family?

"Are you lost little girl?" she inquired

The little girl tore off behind the tents and into the forest that surrounded the carnival.

"Wait!, I won't hurt you!" Dana screamed and took after the little girl.

Appearing to be around six or seven she was amazingly fast for her age.

Dana lost sight of the girl and stopped, panting for her breath. She realized that she was lost now, the carnival, nor the carnival noise was nowhere, the forest was silent. Dana began to become angry, probably just some kid playing a trick on the first sympathetic sap to come her way, to get into some club.

"Hello! Can anyone hear me?" she cried. She turned around in an attempt to see if anything looked familar.

Trees, trees and more trees. She had turned around to what she could have sworn was her original position, but a tent was set up now. An old tent, black velvet, perhaps midnight blue with faded gold trim. A flood of relief washed over her, perhaps they had a cell that she could use. She entered the tent, incense filled her nostrils. A woman sat at a table placed in what could be called the foyer of the tent, dressed in gypsy garb, this had to be part of the carnival, but why was it so far away, surely no one would no to come out here.

"Excuse me I lost my way and was wondering....."

The gyspy woman looked up, her earrings clattered against each other, a smile slowly making it's way across her face. "Dana, I do not have a phone. Come, sit down, I will tell you your future."

"How did you know my name? "

"Sit down," The gypsy woman demanded in a gentle tone, "All will be revealed in due time.

Dana obeyed and sat down. The gypsy woman asked for her hands, to make the energy stronger. Dana placed her hands in the gypsy woman's, making a circle around the table. The gyspy woman closed her eyes and began to chant, something that sounded a bit like an old lullaby she had heard when she was younger.

She began to speak. "I see a carnival, you, you do not want to be there, it brings back painful memories of ones that you have gone to before. A man, with hair the colour of ravens, eating at a table, too much food, yet he is able to eat it all. You see him, a child, pinwheel on the ground. The man is done eating, he calls for you,but you are not there. He walks into one of the tents a show with girls dancing. Something horrible, people,angry people. They give this carnival money for bags of white that turn out to be nothing but baby powder.

They are storming the carnival. Tents are on fire, people are shot, everyone dead." The gypsy woman began to cry and released Dana's hands. A feeling of horror came over Dana, She was possibly miles away fom the carnival, if what the gyspy woman said was true, it could already be too late.

She stood up and ran outside, to the west a small stream of smoke slowly drifted up from the horizon. A lump filled her throat, she clumsily ran towards that direction. An unseen tree root got in her way, causing her to fall and hit her head against a rock...

Scully jerked awake, a small scream escaped from her throat, heard only by her. She was still in the car, sitting next to Mulder who was alive, very much indeed, eating from a bag of sunflower seeds and driving along. They came to a fork in the road, to the left Asheville and to the right an unmarked road.

"Hey, Scully look a sign, what's it say?"

Scully looked down at her outfit, small bits of leaves were on it and she smelled a bit like old incense. She looked back at the sign.

"um, nothing. Mulder, just someone advertising , um, gypsy advise."

Mulder let out a deep hearty laugh and turned down the road for Asheville. "There are many things that I am willing to believe in , but so called psychis advertising on a backwoods road, just another conartist trying to convince some poor sap out of their money."

"Yeah, just another conartist," Scully muttered staring back at the sign, from the woods a small child appeared and removed it, then disappeared.

"Mulder, did you..." but she stopped, she didn't want to give him any reason to go back there.

The next morning Scully bought a paper at the hotel desk. 134 die in carnival fire, read the headline.

The End

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