Christmas Ghosts

After The Run Part 7.5: Meg, I Believe by Pattie
Several days before Christmas, Mulder and a very pregnant Scully treat themselves to a three-day visit to a spa. What could possibly go wrong on the drive home?

Blue Christmas by Halrloprillalar
Angst, PWP and Extreme Possibilities at Christmas.

Blue Christmas by Plausible Deniability
'Tis the night before Christmas, and Scully's holiday is turning out a little differently than she expected.

A Christmas Carol by dossier
In which I slay Dickens and Donne and Mulder.. BF W

Christmas Magic Anne Milne
The magic abounds at Christmas.

A Christmas Peril by Kestabrook
Mulder and Scully's plans for a Christmas getaway suffer a setback, and Mulder's life hangs in the balance.

[External Link] Christmas Present by Orithain
Their own personal Ghost of Christmas Present makes the guys get into the spirit of the season.

Coventry Carol by Neoxphile
"And ever morn and day/For thy parting neither say nor sing/By, by, lully, lullay."

A Crossover Christmas Carol by Diana W.
Fox Mulder hated Christmas.

Dickens with A Pack of Morleys by Kate Dyer
Dickens with a pack of Morleys

Finding Zuzu's Petals by Katvictory
Alone for the holidays, Mulder is pulled into a dangerous mystery by a young caller who claims to be the prisoner of a murderer.

Future Imperfect by Lisa
Scully is visited by three ghosts at Christmas time.

[External Link] The Ghosts Whose Christmas Was Stolen by BarbaraWar
On Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully find themselves in a haunted house in which they find out just how lonely yuletide can be.

Home for Christmas II by Wildafox
Sequel to Home for Christmas

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas by Kindli
What if... it was really Krycek with Mulder at the haunted house on Christmas eve, and not Scully.

It's a Wonderful Life by Mary Kate
My version of Dickens'A Christmas Carol, via the X-Files. Mulder gets over his holiday blues with some very familiar ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. PXF KF YR

[External Link] A Little Christmas Spirit by RhymePhile
Mulder spends the holidays with a lost love.

Melissa's Christmas by Megan Reilly
Scully tries to deal with the loss of her sister Melissa during the Christmas holidays.

Miss You Most at Christmas Time by Emily Miller
Christmas comes again...

Mulder's Christmas Carol by Amy C.
Mulder has a Christmas Eve experience that forces him to make some decisions about his life and Scully's place in it. Based loosely on "A Christmas Carol."

Scully's Christmases by MystPhile
An introspective Scully thinks about four different Christmases. None have been joyful.

Slim Dickens by Martin Ross
You better watch out, you better not cry, Fox Mulder is about to debunk one of the world�s most beloved works of holiday literature.

Snowman by Bamax
Scully meets a woman who shows her that Christmas this year isn't all it seems.

Spirit 03 - A Spirit of Christmas by Lycana
On Christmas Eve, three spirits visit Mulder.

The Spirits of Christmas by Dyann Zimmerman
Mulder is visited by three spirits who teach him the real meaning of Christmas... and life.

Starkweather: In the Spirit by Scully3776 and Spookykat
What drove Special Agent John Doggett to enter into a career of public service, and how did that drive shape his choices in life? And how do all these choices fit into the redemption of the Holiday season?

Silent Night by C. Charlotte
Scully is involved in a Christmas car accident.

Three Visitations by Rkacat
X-Files/A Christmas Carol crossover.

Touched By An Angel by Agent X

An Unexpected Surprise by xphilernj
*I can't breathe.* As he looked into her glistening eyes, the only thought was, *I can't breathe.*

Visions of the Past by GiGi Hall
Scully get's a little visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past.

X Christmas Carol by SaraJ
On a lonely Christmas Eve, Mulder recieves some strange visitors

An X-Mas Carol by catwings
Mulder was drunk, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. But whether that explains the three visitors - four, if you count the mortal one - to his apartment that Christmas eve is yet to be determined...

An Xmas Carol by Elle G
Believe it or not this is VERY loosely based on The Muppet version of A Christmas Carol, but with no songs and absolutely NO talking animals!! Lets just say it was inspiration!

An X-Mas Carrol by Free Radical

The X-Mas Spirit by EPurSeMouve
"Christmas Day is in our grasp, just so long as we have hands to clasp."

[External Link] Xylem by Scarlet
Mulder and Scully and pretty, pretty Christmas trees...

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