Title: William's Fairytale
Author: Foxhunt2blue
Rated: PG
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Usually this time of the day was her favorite, but tonight they had had an argument.

She understood the practicality of what he was suggesting, but she didn't have to like it one damn bit. Having him leave was not an option in her opinion. Or maybe she was just being selfish. Didn't she deserve to be selfish after all that had happened? She had just gotten him back and now he was talking about leaving for her sake---for their child's sake.

From the end of the hall she heard William's loud cry as he woke. As she stood to go to him she heard Mulder move from where he was packing to the nursery.

She wasn't ready to see him yet. If she did she would either scream or cry.

Neither was an option.

Almost immediately William ceased crying. Now she was curious what Mulder had done. Considering how nervous he had been when she had first laid their son in his arms it was a surprise that he had gone into the nursery by himself.

Finally her curiosity got the best of her.

Creeping down the hall she could hear the soft, rich tones of Mulder's voice. As quietly as she could she peeked around the corner of the door her heart aching at the image she would hold close for the next year.

Mulder sat folded in the rocker next to the window, one leg crossed over the other, and William cradled in his arms as though he were made of glass.

"Hey now little guy...none of that. You know your mom is going to take the best care of you. She's waited so long for you." He lowered his lips to William's tiny head, brushing gently against the soft peach fuzz.

Already her heart was breaking, but she knew this would be the last time Mulder would have with his son.

"I bet you like fairy tales. You should your old man has been chasing them most of his life. I'm sure your mom bought you books, but I want this to be a special story just for you. Let's see...hmmm...okay I have it. "

Once upon a time there was a lonely prince who lived in a dark cave. He had come to this place in search of his sister the princess.

Long ago the evil fairies had come and taken her from the castle. Leaving only her memory behind.

As the years passed the lonely prince often dreamed of a companion who would help him find his sister. One rainy spring afternoon as he sat staring out the window of his favorite deli he began to picture his companion.

'Oh, how I wish I had someone I could trust. Someone who would be my friend and care for me in my lonely life.'

So time passed and one afternoon a beautiful lady appeared in his dark cave. Lady Dana had eyes the color of hyacinths---the porcelain blue ones. As she spoke he noticed she had lips like fresh strawberries---plump and sweet.

He tried so hard to chase her away, but she refused to go. For you see the evil wizards had sent her to keep him from finding his sister, but soon she realized the wizards were evil and turned against them.

As the years passed the prince began to trust Lady Dana until one day he realized he loved her and she loved him. Soon the evil fairies came and they took the prince from the lady because they could not stand the sight of true love.

For months she searched until she found the prince, but he had been placed under an evil spell so she thought him dead. After many months the good knight Skinner who had protected the lady came to know that the prince was alive. With Lady Dana's gift of healing the prince awakened to find his lady with child.

And so the kingdom came to rejoice, but soon it was realized that the baby was a special child. So the prince left his lady under the protection of the knight Skinner and the three Lone wizards in hopes of finding a way to destroy the evil fairies and their earthly minions...

Mulder glanced down and smiled at the sleeping face of his son. For a moment the breath caught in his throat.

"I suppose I bore you like I bore your mom little man." Standing he moved across the room to the bassinet. With a sigh of regret he settled William in for the night, tucking the yellow quilt around his tiny body.

"How does it end?"

Mulder turned, his gaze settling on Scully as she leaned against the doorframe. He didn't want to leave, but he had too.

"What?" He whispered as he moved into the faint glow from the hallway.

"The story." Scully smiled up at him the ghost of tears glistening against her flushed cheeks.

"Oh...that." Mulder reached out his fingers caressing her cheek. "I suppose that the prince finds the magic sword that destroys the evil, then he returns to his beautiful lady and his son."

"Then what?" She grabbed his fingers drawing them to her mouth. Her lips soft and silken as she brushed the tips with gentle kisses.

A soft sigh escaped Mulder as he leaned in his forehead touching Scully's. "I guess they live happily ever after...right?"


Pulling back he lifted Scully into his arms, his mouth claiming hers. Three months had not been enough he deserved more than that. They might chase him away, but he would be back---he had something to return too.

Her eyes were shining when their kiss ended just as he guessed his were.

"Yeah they do." His whisper was lost in her desperate kiss as he carried her to what had become their bed and would be again.

The End

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