Title: The Haircut II
Author: Girlie_girl7
Written: 09-09-02
Category: Baby fic
Rating: G
Spoilers: Post Existence then AU
Disclaimers: They belong to Fox
Archive: Anywhere

Summary: A sequel to The Haircut

A bell rings above a door. Into the shade covered little D.C. barbershop walks a petite, red headed, woman in jeans and a soft mint green sweater. Following close behind her is a tall man with dark hair also in jeans and a gray sweater. He is carrying a small boy clad in jeans and a New York Knicks sweatshirt. He has tiny blue sneakers on his feet and a crown of reddish-brown curls on his head.

A stocky built woman with dark hair looks up from the barber chair she is sitting in reading a newspaper. "Mulder! Dana! Ya'll brought in the baby!" The woman says sliding out of the vinyl chair and walking over to the trio.

"Tammy, nice to see you again." Scully smiles at the older woman.

"You too Dana. How longs it been?" Tammy thought for a moment. "Last time I saw ya'll was at yer weddin'." Tammy offers her finger to William who gently takes it and tries to stuff it into his mouth. Mulder laughs as he pulls Will away from Tammy's fingers.

"Sorry Tammy, he's cutting teeth and everything solid goes into his mouth."

"Aww, do yer choppers hurt lil' guy?" Tammy stoops down to peer into the baby's mouth. Will grin's at her exposing six little enamel wonders.

"We're here on business." Mulder says hefting Will up into his arms. Tammy looks over Mulder's head. "Ya don't need a trim Mulder. Not that I won't agree to runnin' ma fingers through those locks of yers." Tammy turns to Scully, "Oh sorry Dana. I wasn't hittin' on yer man. I mean I was, but. . .well, ya'll know it was in good fun, don't cha?"

"Of course." Scully smiles with a slight blush crossing her face. "We're not here for Mulder. It's Will. He needs a haircut, or so Mulder says."

Mulder looks over at her. "Scully, I thought we agreed when that old lady called him a cute little girl that he was getting a haircut."

"I know, I know." Scully sighed, dropping her head slightly.

Tammy runs her fingers over Will's cheek. "Aw, baby did some ol' dust in a dress call ya a lil' girl? Tammy'll take care of that fer ya."

Tammy walks over to her chair and raises it with her foot peddle then she reaches under the sink for a booster seat. "Sit 'em down right here Mulder." Tammy says patting the booster seat.

Mulder looks at Scully. She gives him a grim-faced nod and into the barber chair goes Will. Scully walks toward him, reaching down to tie his shoe then patting his leg.

Tammy places a cape around the little boys' neck. "So how was the honeymoon Mulder?"

"Oh you know Tammy, same old same old." Mulder grins at her.

Tammy looks up from snapping the cape on Will. "Mulder, you are so full of . . ." Tammy catches herself, "Doo-doo."

Mulder chuckles and runs his hand across Scully's shoulders. "No Tammy it was really nice. I had great company."

"So ya took the baby." Tammy snarks back at him.

Everyone seems to be having fun except Scully. She hasn't said a word and is staring intently at Will's soft curly hair while Will is trying to figure out how to get his hands out from under the cape.

"So what'z it gonna be, a buzz cut?" Tammy says raising the electric trimmers.

"No!" Scully shouts, snapping out of her trance, as the on-looker's chuckle at her distress.

Tammy grins at her. "Sorry Dana. First timers joke."

Scully slump's her shoulders as Mulder stifles a laugh.

"I'm gonna just try to make 'em look a lil' more manly like his poppa here." Mulder blushes and shuffles his feet.

Scully looks like she's ready to scoop up the little boy and bolt for the door. Mulder senses Scully's distress and gently pries one arm from across her chest. "Come on, let's let Tammy do her job." Mulder says, pulling her off to one side.

Tammy becomes the professional that she is trained to be. She talks softly to William while getting out her shears. She gently runs a comb through Will's hair.

Scully pulls away from Mulder startling him. "Scully!" She walks over to Will and runs her fingers through his silky curls.

Tammy gives her a few moments with her son then says, "Don't worry Dana, he'll still be yer lil' boy."

Scully walks back to Mulder and stands in front of him. He places his hands on each of her shoulders. She relaxes but just barely.

Tammy combs Will's hair once more and grabs her shears. She slowly snips off a curl, placing it behind her on the counter. Will seems unfazed by his first haircut much to Mulder's relief. He feared if the baby put up a ruckus, Scully would take him home with half a haircut.

Tammy speaks up, "Don't worry Dana, I ain't never lost a baby yet."

More hair is snipped off.

"I must of cut a couple thousands heads of baby hair in my time."

More hair comes off.

"He's easy. The worst ones is the squirmer's. They's lible to lose an ear." Tammy teases, pausing to look at Scully.

Scully smiles at her but she isn't any less tense. Tammy trims the back of Will's head and then turns the chair around so Will is facing her. She combs his hair and brushes the clippings from around his face and unsnaps the cape.

The tension radiating off both Mulder and Scully is palatable. Tammy plays it for all she's worth then grins and spins the chair around.

Mulder squeezes Scully's shoulders, "Now that's my boy!" He walks to the chair and lifts Will into the air. The little boy has a clean cut with a part just like his dads. "So Scully what do you think?" Scully walks over and brushes the tiny clippings off Will's sneakers. "I like it." She smiles.

Tammy turns from her counter and hands Scully a small blue envelope. "Here Dana, take this and put it in his baby book." She then hands the envelope full of baby hair clippings to Scully.

Scully eyes grow large and moist. She looks from Mulder to Tammy to William. "Thank you," she softly says.

Mulder is holding Will and watching the two women. Scully brushes a hand across her face and reaches out for Will. The baby leans down toward her and she takes him from Mulder. She softly speaks to Will while slowly walking toward the door.

Mulder pulls out his wallet.

"No Mulder, this is a freebie." Mulder slips a bill into Tammy's hand and clasp it. "This isn't for the haircut, this is for how well you handled his mother."

Tammy looks down at the money and folds it up, putting it in her dress pocket.

Mulder meets Scully outside the shop. He's unsure if she's mad at him. Finally Scully speaks up, "Mulder, do you think Tammy would like to meet Frohike?"

Mulder laughs and takes her hand. "Come on."


~ The End ~


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