Title: Soon
Author: Tess
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Thru S9 and TrustNo1
Content: MSR Keywords: SAR
Disclaimer: Owned by Fox and 1013. Not me.

Summary: Their determination to see each other again is unrelenting

Flanked on one side by A.D. Walter Skinner and on the other side by Agents Monica Reyes and John Doggett, I hurried through the hallways of the F.B.I. Academy at Quantico, heading toward the pathology labs and Scully.

Desperate to see her upon my return to Washington, D.C., I had instinctively sought her out at the basement office of the Hoover Building. Agents Reyes and Doggett had stared at me with twin looks of shock on their faces before Doggett had leapt to his feet to check the hallway outside of the basement office for possible intruders and to slam the door shut and lock it behind me. Monica Reyes was on the phone frantically summoning Skinner while at the same time trying to remind me that Scully was no longer officially assigned to the X-Files.

Moments later, we could hear the elevator doors open at the far end of the hall followed by the heavy, hurried stride of A.D. Skinner. His face was a mask of shock, worry and, I think, tentative happiness. How I came to be striding through the corridors at Quantico surrounded by my former boss and the new agents assigned to the X-Files was a flurry of hushed and hurried conversations between the three as they attempted to covertly move me from the basement office and into the garage and Skinner's bureau-issued sedan without encountering any other F.B.I. personnel or interference. After futilely trying to tell them that their clandestine efforts were unnecessary, I gave up, willing to do whatever was necessary to get to Scully as quickly as possible.

And then, suddenly, she was there. Less than fifty feet away, she stepped out of one of the classrooms, deep in conversation with a handful of her students. I stopped in my tracks, forcing my armed escort to halt as well and I stared, trying to drink my fill of her in one long gulp. Her hair was stripped back into a ponytail and she wore a shapeless, white lab coat over her suit. She held a stack of files in one arm and gestured with the other hand as she spoke softly to the young agents crowded around her. Suddenly, she stopped talking and looked directly at me. I saw her chest rise and fall as she drew in a deep lungful of air which exploded from her a second later in the hitching gasp of my name.


And then she was running toward me, covering the distance between us with quick strides, leaving a trail of paper behind her as the file folders tumbled from her hands. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She threw herself at me and I clutched her with welcoming arms.

"Mulder... oh God! Mulder!" Her arms were around my neck and mine were locked around her hips as I lifted her into my embrace. All traces of the proper and sober F.B.I. agent and doctor were gone as she wept in my arms.

Oblivious to the crowd of people gathered around us, Scully pulled my face toward hers and covered my mouth with her own. That first kiss held the bitter flavor of all of the heartbreak and fear and loneliness we had suffered over the long months of our forced separation. The second kiss was seasoned with the sweet taste of love. Finally mindful of the people surrounding us, we broke apart.

"How?" Scully asked. Her eyes darted over me, checking my face for any signs of distress, my body for possible injuries hidden beneath my clothes.

"It's a long story," I told her. "And I'll tell you everything," I promised. "But first, I want to go home. I want to see William." A brilliant smile crossed Scully's face and she nodded in agreement.

"Let's go."

It took longer for us to get out of there than I had hoped. I should have known. But Agents Reyes and Doggett had worked tirelessly with Scully and Skinner to bring me home and I owed them an explanation of all that had transpired to enable me to return. An hour later, their curiosity barely whetted, Scully and I took our leave after I vowed to come back the next day to explain things in greater detail.

For her part, Scully seemed barely aware of the explanations I had offered to the others. We had moved into the small office assigned to her and rather than sit at her desk, she continued to stand close to me, her arms wrapped around my waist or her hands clutching mine.

I was trembling when we went to pick William up from Margaret Scully's house; oblivious to the older woman's incredulous stare as she opened to door to greet Scully and found me standing beside her daughter. My attention was focused on the little boy in her arms. Five months old... he was as beautiful as his mother. Red flecks highlighted his dark hair and as Scully reached out for him, he studied me with solemn blue eyes.

When we brought him home... when Scully had stripped him out of his snowsuit... when he was lying on a blanket on the floor in the middle of the living room, I gave into the overwhelming urge to strip him down to his diaper and to count his fingers and toes and study every change in his sturdy little body from the tiny, two-day-old infant I had left behind.

"He's gorgeous," I whispered and once again I was treated to that brilliant smile as it spread over Scully's face. We silently agreed to shelve any further discussion about my return for another time and to simply enjoy being together as a family. I gently played with the baby until he tired and Scully scooped him into her arms.

"I'll put him to bed," she murmured softly. I sat on the carpet as she carried William into the nursery and I listened - trying to imagine, as I had done every night while I had been gone - what their routine was. An off-key lullaby... the soft, suckling sounds of a nursing baby... the creaking of the rocker... the squeak of a drawer opening and closing followed by the quiet sound of her voice as she dressed our son in a clean pair of pajamas... the rustling of sheets and blankets as she settled William into his crib... the clicking sound of a lamp being turned off. Everything was exactly as I remembered from our two days together.

"Are you hungry?" Scully asked as she returned to stand before me. I shook my head.

"Not really."

"Are you tired?" She offered a tentative and hopeful smile.

I was, but I didn't want to go to sleep yet.

"Not really," I said again. She held out her hands and helped pull me to my feet.

"Let's go to bed then," she suggested and I willingly followed her into her bedroom. She sat down on the edge of her bed and pulled off her shoes before lying back against the pillows. Uncertainly, I stood on the other side of the bed and when I looked down, I saw that same uncertainty reflected back at me from Scully's eyes. Unlacing my boots, I tugged them off and stretched out on the mattress beside her. Still fully clothed, we rolled to face each other. Five months had passed since we had last shared a bed. More than a year had slipped away since we had last shared anything more intimate than to kiss and lie in each other's arms.

My body had hardened the moment I saw her red hair spread over the crisp white pillowcase. I wanted her so badly that I ached. With a broken cry, I reached for her and pulled her into my arms. The air around us seemed to crackle with energy the moment we touched and I crushed her soft lips under my mouth. Scully's fingers were knotted in my hair and her legs were locked around my waist as she arched her back and ground herself against me. Hungry mouths locked together... greedy hands grappled with obstructive clothing... desperate sighs filled the air.


"No, let me..."

Our clothing was shed with lightening speed and I pressed her into the sheets. Scully's smooth thighs hugged my hips and her hands were on my ass, pulling me closer and closer.

"Now," she gasped into my mouth. There was no time for preliminaries... her hands were on my eager flesh, leading me to the place I most wanted to be. I dipped quick fingers between her legs, frantically trying to judge her readiness, and spared a grateful sigh when I found her wet and willing.

She shivered when I pressed that first tiny inch into her body. She urged me on with tiny gasps and impatient hands and I flexed my hips, plunging into the wet, clinging warmth of her in one long stroke.

"Yessss," she sighed when I was completely buried inside of her. "Oh... you're home." I dropped my head onto her shoulder and fought back a sob. Home. God willing, I would never leave again.

I wanted to stop, to savor this moment of joining, of reunion... this homecoming. But I was starved for her and she for me, and our bodies would not wait.

"Next time," I promised. Her answer was an inarticulate cry and an impatient tightening of her muscles around me. Helplessly responding to her wordless plea I plunged in and out of her body. Each stroke of my body into Scully's forced a tiny grunt from her. Her eyes were heavy-lidded and unfocused as she looked up at me. I braced my elbows on either side of her and cupped her face between my hands. Her lips were red and my tongue darted out to taste their swollen fullness.

Scully lost the battle to keep her eyes open and her head rolled on the pillow. Her flushed cheek nestled into the cradle of the open palm of my hand. Her lips were parted and I ran my thumb over their damp curves. Her tongue rasped over my thumb and she pulled it into her mouth. I didn't think it possible, but the sight of Scully's mouth languidly sucking my thumb in counterpoint to the increasingly frantic thrusting of our hips caused me to harden and swell even further in the hot, wet confines of her body.

I tried to slow down... I really did want to draw it out, to make it last. I knew Scully was close. Her skin was rosy from the upper swells of her breasts to the curves of her cheeks and small tendrils of hair curled damply around her face. Her breathing was ragged and all of her attention had focused on the wonderful tension that was tightening all of her muscles. My thumb slipped from her suddenly slack mouth and she stopped moving with me. Instead, she wrapped her legs around my waist and ran her hand through the sweat pooled at the base of my spine to curl over my hip and she simply hung on as I mindlessly plunged in and out of her.

"I love you." My whisper was rough and choked with emotion and my words caused Scully to stiffen in my arms. Her nails dug into my hip and I could feel her inner muscles ripple as her orgasm washed over her. Her cry of release was muffled against my hand. The feeling of those tiny contractions fluttering over my flesh, milking me, pushed me to the brink, but it was the sight of Scully's small, white teeth clamping down on the pad of flesh below my thumb as she bit back a scream, that drove me over the edge.

I buried my face in her neck and pounded into her in a primal rhythm, staking my claim - my woman, my mate. Mine. My fingers and toes tingled, my vision blurred. Faster. Harder. Deeper. The tension built and built. My back arched, my free hand tightened on her waist, the fingers of my other hand knotted in her hair and I clutched her to me as my body pulsed, emptying into her with every beat of my heart.

The soft gray light of dawn was pushing its way through the windows when I awoke. The room looked different in the dim light and I rolled over to find the space beside me empty. I sat up and ran a hand roughly over my face, clearing away the remnants of sleep and my heart sank when I realized it had all been a dream. Miserable, I flopped back against the pillows and reached down to pull the covers over my suddenly chilled body. God! It had seemed so real. I curled onto my side and buried my face in my hands. My hands... I could smell Scully on them. The familiar scent of the delicate perfume she wore; the fragrance of her shampoo and something new... talcum powder and a milky, maternal smell that I knew was her. I scrubbed my palms over the roughness of my cheeks and winced as the stubble of my beard scraped over an abrasion on one of my hands. Peering down, I saw faint red teeth marks just below my thumb. Had I bitten myself? But the marks were small and delicate... I looked around the room. I knew she wasn't here, yet her essence permeated the very air.

I sat up and reached for my jeans. As I tugged them over my hips, I heard something crinkling in one of the pockets. I drew out a piece of paper and unfolded it. The words were hard to see in the gray light but it didn't matter. I had them memorized.

"I'm scared for you, Mulder, and for William. The forces against us are unrelenting, but so is my determination. To see you again. To regain the comfort and safety we shared for so brief a time. Until then I remain, forever yours, Dana."

I closed my eyes. Soon, I promised her. I'm coming home to you soon.


Washington, D.C. 6:45 a.m.

Scully awoke to the sound of William's early morning gurgling over the baby monitor. She groaned softly. Such a wonderful dream. She wanted to stay there, in the healing arms of sleep and the beauty of her dreams.

With a heavy sigh, she pulled a pillow into her arms and buried her face in the cool cotton. Her pulse raced. Mulder! The pillow was covered with the musky morning scent she had come to associate with him.

Blinking in confusion she sat up. It's official, she thought. I'm going crazy. The memory of the train rushing through the station without stopping haunted her. So close, she thought resentfully. So damned close. Reaching for her robe, she stood and wavered on oddly shaky legs. Her body felt heavy and... sated. She walked to the cheval mirror in one corner of the room and held the robe open. She turned to the side and saw bruises on her hip. Five small smudges in the shape of... fingerprints.

It's not possible! Her mind whirled at the craziness of the thought and the impossibility of the idea. And yet her body was telling her differently.

How could it be? She knew what Mulder would say. Psychic projection. She smiled as she thought of how excited Mulder would be to know that she had even entertained the thought. Dismissing the fanciful idea, she shook her head and belted the robe tightly around her waist.

But as she walked on quivering legs to the nursery, she could hear his voice.

"Soon. I'm coming home to you soon."

The End

Notes: I was actually planning on taking a small break from writing - at least for a couple of weeks or so. Talking to Char after TrustNo1 aired, she was somewhat depressed. All that loveliness shippiness and no Mulder! I wondered if there was any way to write a post ep that would cheer her up and I knew that meant one thing. Sex. And lots of it! <g> But how to do that within the confines of the show??

So this is for Char and I hope she likes it. I did my best to end it with a note of hopefulness.

My thanks, of course, to her for she had to do the beta work on a story that I dedicated to her. Sigh. And to Aly, as always, for all that she does.

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