Title: Someone Told Her He'll Be Back - A Will Mulder Story
Author: PamalaSt
Written: June 2000
Disclaimer: Characters from the television show The X-Files used herein are the property of 1013 Productions and Fox Broadcasting Corp.
Category: Post Requiem and there is a note of charcater death mentioned
Rating: PG Spoilers: Reqiuem and "My Name is William" Fan fic novel

Summary: Mulder is missing and Scully finds herself faced with a grown man claiming to be the child she has just begun to carry.

Author's note: WILL Mulder is my baby as well and Mulder and Scully's and its been a thrill to write him again.

This is post-Requiem fic but incorporates an orginal character I wrote into an XF novel about a year and a half ago Will Mulder is the grown son of Mulder and Scully If you find yourself liking the character be sure, if you have not already, to go read " My Name is William " and see what the future holds for this young man Hope you like it ! Thanks to CC it makes much more sense than I ever imagined it could g

You can find it here

I still can't believe I'm sitting here at all. Perched atop a stool in the offices of the Lone Gunman with the three of them - one hell of a lot younger than any of them should be - circled around me staring in disbelief.

This is possibly more bizarre than anything I read in my parents' journals.

I can remember what happened as well as what was supposed to happen I recall getting the overnight letter with the airline ticket from Mr Byers yesterday, although I'm fairly certain it wasn't from the man standing on my left As directed, I got on the plane, and landed in Detroit right on time.

To that point everything still jives.

But from the moment I stepped from the plane into the terminal everything suddenly changed somehow I stood at the gate for a long time until it eventually became clear that no one was going to be meeting me.

I didn't think much of it at first, something may have come up I had my carry on bag with my father's letter and the phone numbers I just put a call in to Mr Byer's wife in an attempt to discover the reasons for his delay?

As I walked the airport searching for a phone I couldn't shake the feeling that something seemed not right But I shook it off quickly when my eyes caught a glimpse of a phone next to the newstand. I'll call and everything will make sense again I dialed up the number twice, assuming I'd dialed incorrectly the first time around, but each time was the same, no one there by the name of Byers?

I wasn't sure what I should do so I decided to pick up something to read and go back to the arrival gate I'd just wait and they'd show up soon.

That was the moment it all fell apart. Or maybe it's where it all came together, at this point I have no clue One thing for sure, the physical evidence now sticking out of my overnight bag on the table just over Langly's shoulder, was that the date on the newspaper was May of 2000 not what it should have been.

I didn't believe it It just couldn't be true, but as my gazed shifted around me I knew it could be Everything was wrong, that's what I'd felt as I walked the halls.

Sure I'd never been in that airport, and the decor could easily be out dated, but there was no explanation for the rest of it The people, their clothing and hairstyles different and out of place I looked at all the magazines on the racks and it was the same everywhere, some were April, a few June, but all said the year was 2000.

Realizing I was still standing by the phone I flipped through my dad's letter until I found the twenty-five-year-old number and address of the gunman's office that I find myself sitting in at the moment.

I made another call expecting a wrong or disconnected number but this time around when I asked the man who'd answered for John Byers I heard him shouting, even with his hand over the phone.

"Frohike get Byers, tell him, phone!"

I hung up the receiver without a word They were together, it wasn't how it should be, something had gone wrong, gone crazy I needed some time to sort out just what I should do next.

I sat across from the newstand, sipping rapidly cooling coffee, for the better part of an hour Eventually though, the thought occurred to me that allowed me to arrive at the point I am now.

The fact that I was somehow sitting in Detroit in the year 2000 was pretty damn strange and frightening but it also meant that just maybe, if this really had happened, both of my parents were alive and in DC as well as the Gunman.

The whole notion, every last bit of it, scared the shit out of me, but that didn't stop me for a second from heading to the nearest airline to plunk down my plastic and get the first flight I could to Washington DC.

As the airplane landed, I find myself wondering what year it was in Washington. I shook my head when I realized that I needed to take this seemingly absurd question seriously I tried to appear nonchalant as I approached to nearest newstand.

According to the newspapers there, it's still May 2000 I take a deep breath before I proceed to the Gunman's hangout.

Once there, I'm still so wrapped up in my own thoughts running through all That's happened I'm not even hearing the men standing around me. Not until one of them says something to the others that pulls me back from where ever it was I'd wandered off to.

"Did you call her, Frohike?"

Frohike seems a bit more defensive and short than I pictured him in is biting reply. "You were standing right here when I called Langly so you know damn well I did."

I watch the three of them go on as if I'm not there at all. Langly bites back, "Did you tell her it was urgent to get here right away?"

"Yes Langly, and she said quote 'I'm not at all in the mood for your bullshit so it had damn well better be urgent!'"

Before the two of them can go any further Mr Byers psychically and verbally puts himself between them.

"Guys! Scully has had rough way to go lately, and this isn't gonna help things, the last thing she needs right now is the two of butting heads so knock it off."

They all grow quiet and I can feel something is wrong, something other than my presence I entertain the thought of prying into just what it may be but opt for a simple question instead.

"Is my mother coming here?"

They all stop dead in their tracks and turn back to me.

Mr Byers speaks with a gentle tone but I can hear a pressing need for the story to change somehow this time around.

"Your mother!?"

I've told them everything since I arrived just over an hour ago but like some sort of prisoner reciting name, rank and serial number under interrogation I run the basics one more time.

"Yes MY mother, Dana Katherine Scully. My name is Will Mulder, William Alan Mulder! My parents were Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. Now please, tell me if my mother is coming?"

Two of the men walk away and Mr Frohike takes a seat on a tad shorter stool directly across from me staring intently as he rubs at what must be several days growth across his chin.

"She's on her way."

We sit for a few minutes just watching one another till I hear Langly and Byers coming back in behind us discussing me loud enough that both Frohike and myself can easily hear them.

"Well I don't know what the hell is going on but he sure as all hell looks like Mulder."

Frohike speaks to them, still behind me, his eyes never leaving me for an instant.

"Well maybe he is Mulder's son? Even if he is, Mulder wouldn't be the first man in history to suddenly be presented with a grown son he never knew he had."

His eyes shift to them and back on me, almost challenging.

"Just because our mystery man here bears a strong resemblance to Mulder doesn't mean he's really from the future or has anything to do with Agent Scully."

I take into consideration what I've read in my parents journals of Frohike's protective attachment to my mother, I weigh that carefully in the face of his basically calling me a bastard Mulder while trying to arrive at the proper response Fortunately for me I'm saved from a no win situation by a knock at the door.

Some mumbled exchanges through the locked door and they open it to let her walk through Suddenly I don't give damn about anything other than looking at my mother's face for the first time in fourteen years.

She's annoyed, angry and just beautiful I couldn't speak even if I wanted to. My throat's dry as a bone and my heart is literally aching from feeling completely for the first time in a very long time just how much I've missed her.

They walk her over to me and I just sit silent watching her every movement as they tell her, try to explain to her, just what I've been telling them. My mother the skeptic listens to every word with only the occasional curious, slightly disbelieving glance in my direction.

I'm surprised that she takes it all in without shooting it down or trying to explain it away She looks at me sometimes for a moment longer than other times and I wonder if she can feel its true I can feel my connection to her somewhere deep inside.

After hearing the entire story from the gunman she finally takes a step forward turning her attention to me She is far more calm then I would have imagined but very cautious at the same time Her lips move almost in slow motion as she speaks to me for the first time and both my hands hanging limp at my sides begin to fidget with themselves in an attempt to keep me from responding to a sudden desperate need to reach out and touch her. I don't want to make her uncomfortable, frighten her, for now looking and listening to her will have be enough.

"You are actually claiming to be my grown son from the future?"

I look up, into her eyes, I still don't altogether believe what's happening myself, but I want so much for her to believe me. "I am your son My name is William, you named me after both my grandfather's and father's middle name."

She doesn't turn away but watching her I can't even begin to fathom what's going on in her mind. "Your father?"

"Yes, my father, Fox William Mulder." I look around at the four of them, now all staring at me. "But you called him Mulder... "

I look at them one by one wondering if they can understand that I know them even if they don't know me.

"Not a one of you called him Fox. You all called him Mulder..." I look at my mother's face a lump catching in throat as speak. "Mulder is my father And YOU are my mother."

No one says anything for a long time I have no idea what else I can say She just stands in front of me, looking at me, her lower lip drawn between her teeth and slight crease between her eye brows Its a look I know well from my father's descriptions in his journal entries as my mother working pieces of a puzzle.

Mr. Byers breaks the uncomfortable silence a comforting hand on my moms shoulder.

"Okay let's just assume this is true and start with some basics, try to establish who you are, or at least who you think you are."

Eager to prove myself to them, and her, if I can I simply nod my agreement.

"Okay Will, let's go back to beginning, the very beginning, when were you born?"

I turn to look at Byers relieved at the question, thinking to myself carefully before I answer him.

Good, its good place to start, I can answer this with out a doubt.

"I was born on October 16th 2000-"

Almost instantly Frohike steps up, nearly in my face. "October 16th? Of this year?"

"Yes October 16th?... " I look at him confused at what he may be thinking, trying to find a way to defend something I'm certain is the truth.

"Well, I was three days over due?" I don't know what the hell difference that makes but I blurt it out anyway.

He steps forward again, now he IS in my face, his finger poking my chest several times as he reaches his verdict and shares it with everyone present in great delight.

"That's bullshit! You're lying, or at least you're not who you think you are. it's not possible, simple math, my boy, if you were born October 16th of this year that would mean that Scully would have to be pregnant right now."

I look back at mother.

My god! What's happening here?

She's looking right at me and I'm not sure but I think see tears building in her eyes before she looks down. Her straight red hair falls forward hiding her from my view.

She speaks so softly. "I am... "

Byers touches her arm again, concerned. "What?.. Scully?"

She looks up at him and then to the others. "I am pregnant. I'm carrying Mulder child."

Finally her gaze falls back on me and I can see one single tear easing it way down her pale cheek. "I'm due Friday October 13th."

"It's a trick!"

Her lips form the words but her eyes say something altogether different. There is a question in my mother's eyes She needs me, she needs to believe this I haven't seen her in fourteen years I am conscious now that I wasn't mature enough back then to really understand the myriad expressions that play subtly across her delicate features To really understand the complex person she is.

But I can see it now, there is something there, something about my being who I say I am that can save her.

God! It's so hard to watch her and see what my father described so many times in action, because no matter how much she wants to believe, she works hard to explain it away.

"They got a hold of my medical records. This is all some sort of trick. This MAN can't possible be my son."

I didn't think from what I'd read in my parents journals that anything could silence the three men standing at my mother's sides But one glance across at their matching expressions of cartoon character incredulity - rigid stance, bug eyes and gaping mouths - and I know that the conversation comes down to me and her Until they recover enough to speak that is Right now, I'm not sure they ever will.

I meet her eyes squarely, matching the determination within them with my own. It's a trait I'm damn sure I inherited from her, if not both of them.

"I am your son. It's no trick."

"Then HOW! YOU Tell me why! You tell just what you think happened?"

She's uncomfortable and on edge, I should have been the one to tell her all this myself in the first place.

"I'll tell you."

I kind of hope I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure I feel a small grin spreading over my face looking at her standing in front me arms crossed over her chest waiting, not so patiently, for a reasonable explanation. Its just like she did/does do to my dad so often and its incredible to see with my own eyes.

Again I run through the facts. Only this time it is for the benefit of the one person who must believe me.

"A few days ago, on my 24th birthday, my grandmother, gave me a ten-year-old letter from my dad as well as four boxes containing both yours and his personal journals. All of it was about the X-Files".

"I lived my whole life never knowing either of you ever worked on the X-Files.

Grandma said there were things I had to know before I went to the FBI academy. That she had been instructed to give me letter and boxes only if my life took a turn where I would learn about this part of your lives."

"You're an FBI agent?"

I look away from her maybe realizing for the first time just how much being like the two of them really means to me

"No, I'm not, but I hope to be Its all I've ever wanted to do with my life "

The silence is deafening I'm sitting here waiting for approval on my choice in life from someone I never imagined would ever know the path I'd chosen.

Its more than I can take, maybe not meant to be at all, and in discomfort I break the silence myself by forging ahead with the story.

"In the letter he told me to find the Gunmen, Skinner... That they would help me understand the truth I did that I contacted Mr. Byers, only one 25 years in the future I guess, and not this one He arranged for us to meet I used the ticket he sent, got on the plane like I was told to..."

I stop and look at them all absentmindly running my fingers through my hair several times in a febble attempt to stifle a sudden rush of uncertianty.

"But when it touched down everything had changed It was May of 2000 and not what it was suppose to be I didn't believe it myself for long time but when it all started sinking in I got on the first plane I could to DC to find them "

For the first time since I saw her face I'm bold enough to take the chance and reach out to touch her arm. "To find you and my father."

She pulls away from me and the look of physical pain that flares briefly across her face in response to my touch cuts right through my heart.

"it's not possible!"

I swear she is ready to turn around and head for the door She's made up her mind and there is no hope of changing it.

But that's not going to work for me I have to change it. I stand, and the difference in our heights gives me courage to assert myself as I tower over her.

"I'll prove it to you!"

Apparently those words are just the slap in the face needed to bring the gunmen back to reality Langly looks at both of us as if he is about to witness a shoot out at the OK corral

"Well he sure acts like Mulder."

She turns her head slightly in his direction, her expression going through only the most subtle of changes, "Shut up, Langly."

He certainly seems to know a serious warning when he hears it even if he doesn't have the sense to obey.

"I'm sorry Scully, but come on, we've listened to seven years of Mulder's I'll prove it to you and its pretty bizarre to see and hear it coming from him."

Frohike, apparently still in the throws of shock, is actually staring at my mother midsection, finally adding his observations in a tone that is little more than a dazed mumble.

"It looks like he was able to prove at least one thing in seven years."

This time though, a sideways glance just doesn't do it for her and she swivels suddenly on the balls of her feet to face them full on.

"If you guys have nothing constructive to say keep your mouths shut!!"

Her attention is off me for a few seconds and I take the opportunity to begin building my case A couple of brisk strides across the room and I snatch up the black carry on bag I had left on the table She should recognize it - it used to belong to my Father. I reach in pulling out the manilla envelope inside holding it out to her where I stand.

"Here is his letter. Read it! You know him as well as anyone, you know his handwriting."

She walks over, the guys right on her heels like a pack of lost puppies, and takes it from my hand She pulls the letter from its envelope, impatient and rough, and for a second I have the horrible thought of my mother accidentally destroying all I have left of my father, still unwilling to believe me, taking both of them from me again in one split second.

But she doesn't harm it. As a matter of fact as she reads it I can see the grip of her fingers on the paper loosen and become gentle and cautious She glances up at me often but never says a word I wonder how it must feel for her reading the words that clearly say she is no longer living. And her knowing, from his own words, that my possession of the letter at all means that my father has died as well.

If she acknowledges these facts at all or has any emotion connect to them it remains carefully guarded in disbelief and distrust.

"Is that Mulder's handwriting, Scully?"

Mr Byers leans in trying to get a good look at the letter in her hands. She's read it, and now holds in such a way to keep the contents only for her eyes His efforts are quickly thwarted as she gently returns the letter to its envelope and in turn to my hands.

"It appears to be Mulder's handwriting..."

She looks me dead in the eye defiant.

"But it could be a forgery."

I think for a moment, unsure as to what proof I can offer up next I look her over, something I've done endlessly since she arrived hoping to commit everything I can about her to memory

This time I notice something I hadn't before.

My mother's cross, something that I'd never in life seen her without, the same one that's hanging around my neck right now.

I look for it, but it's not there I have no idea why she doesn't have it on. I reach in my shirt pulling it out to show her.

"This is yours... "

I hold it between my fingers an instant before I realize how small, delicate and hard to see it is and let it fall against the dark material of my shirt.

"This is your cross. Grandma gave it to me when I left California so I would feel both you and dad were with me. She said it was a symbol of faith, that both of you drew strength from at various times in your lives. She didn't want me to do this without you."

She comes closer looking closely at the tiny piece of gold around my neck.

"It could be any cross."

Her gaze moves from the simple charm resting on my chest up to my face

"I'm sorry Will, but it proves nothing."

Frustrated I look back and forth from her to the guys huddled behind her, and intending it only as an internal utterance of surrender I inadvertently blurt out the words that hand me the proof she needs

"Nothing is proof enough for you is it? You are exactly like dad described you."

The journals! there are things there that only she, my dad, and now me, could possibly know.

I grab the stool Frohike vacated sometime ago and urge her to sit and listen.

"I read both of your journals I can tell you something that only you and Mulder know Would that be enough to prove it to you?"

She takes a seat, a nod in tentative agreement is all the answer I get I have to think a moment for something I'm fairly sure they would not have shared with others I take that time to get the other stool and take a seat across from her.

"I have it. After the case with Modell, Pusher..."

Frohike interrupts. "If he's a fake he sure as hell has done his homework!"

This time I issue the glare that silences him so I can go on.

"After Modell, you wrote that you had nightmares for several nights. You kept dreaming the chamber wasn't empty."

I know I'm on to something as she draws her lip between her teeth again in thought.

"One night it happened and you couldn't shake it even after you'd awaken so you called him When he answered the phone you hung up without a word You wrote that hearing his voice was enough to reassure you that he was okay."

She won,t look away for a second now, her eyes are fixed on mine I have to make her believe

"It wasn't enough for him though He knew it was you mom, he came to your apartment that night He found you with tears still on your face.

You both wrote the same thing about that night, neither one of you was prepared to examine your changing feelings for one another at the time, but in the face losing each other you couldn't bear to be apart."

A lump raises up in my throat at the sight of tears beginning to cloud my mother's eyes. Emotion threatens to cut off my voice all together before I can say it Its so hard to go on, and in order to finish I let my glance fall to my hands A distraction that allows me say what I need to say to her.

"You held each other that night You didn't talk, both of you said you didn't need to say a word But he held you, you held on to one another, till you fell asleep again. He stayed there a long time watching you sleep before he covered you with an blanket from the back of your couch and let himself out."

Now the tears are in my eyes. I bring myself to pull my head up and look at her.

"Mom? No one else could know that You both said you didn't even talk to each other about that night. If I'm not who I say I am, if I hadn't read your personal thoughts and experiences in your journals how could I know something so private in such detail?"

She doesn't say anything, and just as I'm convinced there is no hope of ever having enough proof to make her believe. She moves to me reaching out taking my hand into hers I don't look up and I know she doesn't either as a tear from her face drops to my hand in hers.

Her voice cracks as she speaks watching our hands together, her small and steady fingers tenderly tracing the lines of my hand.

"He has Mulder's hands."

I can hear the guys talking around us.

Hands? Hell put a suit on him and he'd look just like Mulder!... Well, younger and with blue eyes, he has blue eyes...

But I pay no mind to any of them My attention is completely focused on my mother.

Still holding my hand in hers she reaches up to take the gold cross hanging around my neck between the fingers of her free hand She looks up at me and just the sight of her, tears streaming, unchecked down her cheeks, finally allow my own to escape from within their confines to streak my face.

"Will, where did you get this?"

I stare at her face, confused.

"I told you before Your mom, my Grandma gave it to me. She told me I couldn't go alone. That I needed you with me."

She examines it a last time before allowing it to drop back against my chest, her eyes moving to mine.

"No, where did it come from? How could she have this? I gave this to Mulder."

I hear a distinct tremor behind her softly spoken query and I begin to get the feeling all over again that something indeed is very wrong.

"Its gone. This cross went with Mulder."

Byers steps near again concerned but also suddenly very curious.

"Scully...You mean to say Mulder was wearing your cross when he disappeared?"

I watch as though from a distance as she nods affirmation in response to Byer's question I feel like I've been punched in the gut as Byer's words drift around my head, horrified realization finally sinking in Allowing me to voice the words I am chanting to myself like a mantra.

"Where's my father?"

The first time I say it none of them seem to hear me. Their expressions are far away, obviously locked in thought In a place that might as well be a million miles from me.

So I try again. Touching her arm in hopes of getting her attention.

"Where is my Father?"

I am concious that my voice is rising in tone, but I can't seem to help myself.

"Your father. ..."

Frohike pierces me with his stare, as though this alone can give his words the impact needed for me to fully understand them.

"Mulder was abducted about a week ago We don't know where he is, kid!"

I look at her for confirmation of what he is saying but all I see is my mother's face twisted in pain it's not what I thought before The pained looks on her face earlier were not discomfort from what I had said. Nor, as I had believed it as a result of my touch. The pain I see here is real As real as she is to me.

I find myself frozen in horror, unable to move as she doubles over The pain intense enough to send her staggering back against the stool behind her. Numbly, I watch as the three men immediately spring in to action, rushing to her side.


Byers kneels down to her, her head hanging limp, fighting gravity not to simply fall against her knees.

"What's wrong, Scully? Is it the baby?"

The pain seems to ease, and she raises her head up to look at him. "I think so, I've been cramping all morning."

Frohike kneels down as well and I'm shocked to see what I'm pretty sure are tears in the gruff little man's eyes.

"Is something wrong' Scully?"

She takes his hand, looking into his eyes, her expression saying everything before she even begins to speak. "Its getting worse all the time Melvin, I'm afraid I'm going to lose this baby."

He wraps his arm around her shoulders.

"We're getting you to the hospital right now Scully." He surely has every intention of picking her up and carrying her himself until she stops him.

"No!" She looks up at me, her tear stained face breaking my heart.

"I need answers from him I need to find Mulder. If he really is our son he can tell us what we need to know to find him!"

My stomach flip flops on me knowing I can't help her.

"I can't tell you anything I don't know anything! I was on my way to meet these guys so they could tell ME everything when all this happened."

A deep breath and her eyes fall shut before, defeated My mind is racing wishing I could help There must be something. Why would I be here if there wasn't?

"That's it! We're going to the hospital."

Byers takes her hand and she nods gently in agreement.

As they turn to walk away it hits me and I reach out grabbing her forearm to stop her.

"Maybe there is something I can tell you?"

She doesn't say anything only turns back to look at me.

"I can tell you I grew up with two parents I was with you, both of you, for many years."

I loosen my grip on her gently touching her arm hoping to comfort her.

"Maybe I'm here to tell you he will be back. Living proof that he came back?"

Her face crumbles in a stifled sob It almost breaks my heart to hear her weep and yet I am sure that somewhere deep inside her I can detect the merest glimmer of hope, pushing up through the layers of worry and pain.

Again the crippling pain seems to overwhelm her right before our eyes. Frohike and Byers go about rushing her to the door but for some reason Langly is just standing there watching it all.

"Wait! STOP!"

Langly throws his hand up his head moving back and forth slowly looking at me and to my mother.

"I don't think the hospital will help."

All of us turn our attention to him, the guys are frustrated and anxious, but still ready to hear him out.

"Now I know this is gonna sound a little sci-fi clich, but what if this William and the one Scully has under construction can't be in the same place at the same time."

The guys look at one another, puzzling over the possibility.

"When did this start, Scully?"

My mom looks at Mr. Frohike for what seems like forever before answering him.

"This morning, umm I guess it was just about 11:00 am, maybe a little after, was the first time I felt it?"

I may have not been certain when Langly suggested the notion, but the second I hear the time I know.

I believe without a doubt that I am the cause.

"Oh my God! My plane into DC landed at 11:04 this morning."

If they were all paying no mind to me before I certainly got their attention with that bit of information.

Mr. Frohike walks my mother, much to her annoyance, gently to a chair urging her sit with a look that plainly says 'like it or not your getting taken care of from here on out.'

Once the two exchange glares, he follows Byers to Langly still hovering over a computer keyboard his fingers tapping away.

"Okay if this sci-fi scenario is possible. ..."

He peers back at my mom just in time to see the sigh and a shake of her head in disbelief and defeat all at the same time.

"If it is so, then I'm guessing the Will yet to arrive isn't gonna stand a chance unless we put this one..."

He glances at me, the challenging air now gone, replaced suddenly in his obvious belief, by a look of concern.

"We should at least try putting this one back where he belongs."


My mom stands up, looking at me She looks tired and pale, I can see pain and fear in her face My heart breaks knowing if she truly believes she knows she will lose me today one way or another

She also must know, as I do, that she has to think of the child she is carrying. She has to let go of a man, I became, she'll never have the chance to know.

Looking at her it hits me I am a grown man. It's not a decision she needs to make. I can do something for her, make this easier for her. I look at her face, then to the gunmen now silent watching us.

"I'll go anywhere you guys want me too, do whatever you think might help."

I look back to her chasing away the objections that linger around her open mouth before they can work their way free.

"I'll go as long as you promise to go to the hospital."

She looks to the gunmen, I suppose for back up, as she walks over to me.

"Guys this is crazy! You can't just stick him on plane to California."

Instead of answering her they all look to me which only seems to infuriate her all the more I wonder for a moment how often these three have deferred to my dad when faced with having to argue with my mom.

Judging from the look on her face at their behavior I'm guessing most of the time.

The best I can do in my father's absence is to save them from her impending wrath.

I go to my mom, wondering if it may be the last time I'll be this close to her. I'm afraid to touch her, my presence, maybe my touch, seems to hurt her.

I don't have to think about it.My mother makes the decision for me as she touches me first. I'm sure its nothing more than grasping my forearm to be sure she has my attention but her touch starts a tumbling in my stomach at the though of losing her all over again.

"You don't have to go anywhere, Will."

She looks up to my eyes. "It's just a wild theory. Those guys have those all the time."

I twist my arm a bit, freeing it, reaching out to take her hand in mine as she let's go of me My eyes still on hers, now full of worry, she easily reads my thought

"It's okay, I'm okay right now. ... you're not hurting me."

My hand in hers she leads me a tad farther away from the guys, the three of them most certainly watching our ever move Once safely out of earshot I hear my mom say my name again, this time its with compassion and warmth.


She looks at my face quiet and thoughtful at the sound of my name from her own lips In spite of the words I hear her saying, I can see she believes or at least wants to.

"While I'm not sure what I believe, or what's happening here I know that there is no reason for you to get on plane and leave here. If you really do know me Will, you know I'm a doctor. No plane trip you may take is going to stop what I know is clearly the signs of an impending miscarriage."

I look at her face, a sudden feeling on complete faith pushes a smile to my face that only serves to confuse her. She is frightened and sad in her own certainty that she will soon lose a child she wants so much.

I hate seeing her that way, I don't ever want to see sadness or pain in her eyes I feel a touch of my dad, his love for her, his need to chase away anything that would ever hurt her, inside me as my finger tip touches her just under the chin of her bowed head.

"No Mom, you're wrong I can feel it, a truth that won't be denied You're not going to lose that baby."

She looks carefully, studying my face, and then a soft smile drift across her face only fading slightly as she speaks.

"You are just like Mulder! So sure you're right, and thrilled at the notion of proving me wrong."

"I am just like both of you ... "

I'm forced to pause a second before I can finish, a huge smile, just for her, at the thought of being like the two of them. The thought of my mother and father at all, the smile it produces makes it impossible to continue speaking.

Eventually my grin becomes manageable and with no other way to express it I point like an idiot at her abdomen, coincidentally far to flat and small to possibly accommodate the rapid growing boy within, making my last attempt to ease her worries.

"As bizarre and strange as this all may be, I am that baby you are carrying right now."

She stares back, eyebrows raised, a puzzled humoring look on her face. A look I'm sure she sported on many a case with my dad.

I take up my dad's role, its the closest I'm been to him in many years. "You're just going to have to trust me. Everything is going to be fine. I'm going to go back where I should be. And you and that baby are going to be just fine."

There's a soft chuckle and sweet smile, I'm guessing something only he gets to see.

"All right Will, I've gone along with plenty of wild theories in seven years, what's the harm in one more. You go ahead and get on that plane."

"And you will go to the hospital?"

I give her a stern, almost comical air of standing my ground look, while in reality I'm working hard at hiding how much I really want to take care of her, how much I miss her already. It's a brave and proud front that I know very well is so much of her.

I watch her mirror my behavior with a nod and a light hearted smile hiding so much more as well.

"Okay then I'll go."

I lean around the shaky metal shelving unit we'd ducked behind to talk without six extra eyes watching our every move.

"So guys! am I officially a ticketed passenger yet or what?"

Langly waves a hand in the air dismissing me while continuing to clack away at the keys.

"Just a minute! Hacking a major airline computer takes some time for Gods sake, boy! We're getting there!!"

As I turn back to my mother I can hear Byers over my shoulder suggest actually purchasing a ticket provoking moans and groans and few 'disgusted at the suggestion' obscenities from the other two.

It makes me laugh hearing them in action like that after all I've read. But that moment of happiness fades in the face saying goodbye.

I hear Langly shout. "It's a done deal, we better getting moving!"

I look hard at her face one last time, I don't want to forget a single thing.

"Listen I'm not sure what you believe, but I believe it all You're my mother, even if you don't feel it, can't believe for a moment its true, I hope you won't mind humoring a young man who really did lose his mother when he was just a boy."

I feel tears in my eyes but force them back. Even if I feel like a child right now I want her to remember me, if she believes now, or ever believes, as a man I want her to be proud of me.

I try to make light of something that means the world to me. I'm fidgeting and staring at my feet until I realize the chance I have I could so easily let slip away. I make up my mind, I won't let that happen, I've been given the chance to say the goodbye I was too young to understand so many years ago.

I stand up straight, rigid and proud, until I look into her eyes for the last time and my resolve of strength and dignity melts right along with my heart. As I say the words I look at every inch of her face, drawing the picture in my mind I'll never again allow myself to let fade.

"I just want you to know how much it has meant to meet ... to see you You're an amazing woman."

I step a bit closer to her looking for the courage to touch her one last time. My size so near to her feels odd, I feel small again, even as I tower many inches above her

I hear the guys behind us gathering themselves to leave and promptly lose my nerve Much to my disappointment an abrupt goodbye is all I manage to get out.

I stand there waiting for her equally formal and painfully impersonal reply only to find myself shocked as she steps near Rising on her toes placing her lips softly, sweetly and reassuringly against my cheek.

I take a deep breath at the feel. My arms from instinct alone move round her, eager maybe desperate, to hug my mom one last time I stop myself barely touching still keenly aware of the pain she has suffered. Even though I want so much to hold her tight, like she had for me so many time as a child, I know this will have be enough I tell myself over and over in my head this is enough ... more than you ever hoped for. "It's okay, William."

She wraps her tiny arms around my waist. "You're not hurting me. Its stopped now."

She holds me tight, her head against my chest, her face is hidden but her voice is clear. "Mulder would believe. He'd say it's stopped because you are who you say. That you're leaving That letting you go, is the right thing to do."

We both hear Frohike shouting in the distance. "We gotta move, Scully. Wipe the kid's nose, pat him on the head, whatever! But we got to GO!"

With a heavy sigh her eyes drift shut and she once again rests her head against my chest whispering a goodbye.

Savoring a moment I should have never had, I hold my mother in my arms My chin resting gently atop her head I close my own eyes and take in everything about her this one last chance.

With the sound of footsteps approaching she let's go, stepping back to look up at my face before we are both dragged away in different directions by the waiting gunmen.

A beautiful smile on her face steals my breath away.

"William any mother would be proud of you... "

She stares long and hard That little crease between her eyes reappears.

"I'd be proud..."

I watch her take my hand into hers laying it gently across her open palm.

Mulder's hands

I hear those word again, words from not more than an hour ago that words told me maybe she could believe. They play over and over in my head as her fingertip traces the shape.

She doesn't look up as she says the last words she will ever say to me Its barely a whisper but I hear it loud and clear in my heart Every tone, pitch of her voice, I'll never forget anything about it.

"I am proud."

The guys round the corner Mr Byers with my bag already in hand We let go of one another I'm facing them but my mother has to turn around provoked by Frohikes words to do it rather quickly

"You're with me, Scully."

He has a big amused grin at his face looking at her making me wish I could see her reaction.

"That's right my pretty little - with - child - G-woman, your stuck with mother hen, Frohike."

I can't see her face any more but I hear a sigh as she crosses to join him by the door.

As he continues rambling on she glances back so I can see her one last time before they walk through the door.

"That's right Scully we're gonna be talking very good care off you I myself intend to watch over you like a hawk I don't have any choice you know, because if we don't then Mulder will kick our collective asses from here to where ever his may be at the moment when he gets back... "

At the words from Frohike he gets back she glances back and gives me one last sweet and gentle smile before being pushed through the door.

I shout after them. "Hospital, Melvin! Make sure she goes right to the hospital."

I don't see them anymore, not sure if they heard me until I hear him shouting back.

"Hospital, kid, you know it, she ain't going anywhere but."

His voice starts to fade away. "And it's Frohike, kid! Don't call me Melvin."

And then, she is gone.

Mr Byers shrugs my heavy bag off his shoulder for me to take.

"We need to roll too, William."

He looks at me for a beat and I can see that he believes.

We turn to leave, Langly leading the way through the door Sandwiched between the two men as if I might escape passing through the doorway Byers lays a comforting hand on shoulder Not a one of us breaks stride but his words are a comfort that stops me dead in my tracks deep inside.

"We'll take care of her Will. We'll look out for you too."

An oh yeah from Langly accompanied by a nod of his head in front of me that sends wild blond locks nearly flying into my eyes and I am a believer as well.


Langly and I have had four good hours since returning from the airport to try and digest all that went on today.

Frohike checked in about 2 hours ago. Scully and the baby are doing fine all the tests came out normal Her doctors said while they see no need to worry, they are keeping her a couple hours just for observation He also said they were going to release her soon as long as she it took easy a few days at home.

I glance at the clock knowing they should be returning anytime now Langely is still sitting there checking the airline Website for flight status on the computer from time to time even though we know the plane landed some time ago.

I don't blame him, we have both been on edge waiting for the phone call that seems like it will never come.

I walk over to him lean over his shoulder. Checking the arrival, now confirmed as being on time, of Will's flight.

Both of us are standing there staring at the monitor screen when the door swings open allowing Scully to enter with Frohike right on her heels.

Even after the phone call that had told me as much I'm still a little nervous about asking if she and the baby are okay.

After all the whole thing is crazy anyway.

Not only did we find out Scully is pregnant, our buddy Mulder is gonna be a father, but we met a young man today I'm pretty sure was a grown Mulder/Scully.

One redundant question ain't gonna hurt anything today.

"You're all right, Scully?"

I stumble over the words still working hard to get used to the notion. "Is the baby okay?"

"We're both fine, John."

Langly at my side mumbles good a couple times mostly likely glad I asked the question and I'm pretty sure still in shock at the mention of Scully and baby in the same breathe.

Frohike steps in behind her to add his two cents

"Yeah they're both fine." He looks at her, challenging. "But on strict bedrest for 3 days to be on the safe side I'm gonna take her right home and make sure she gets in bed."

I watch Scully glare back at him certain a good seven, eight month battle has begun."I'm not spending 3 days in bed, Melvin!"

He grins back at her and I have no clue who may win this war in the end. "Fine three days on the couch then."

I think I actually hear a soft growl from Scully But Frohike just ignores her turning his attention back to us wrapping up business with us so he can shuttle Scully back to apartment irritating her to no end all the way I'm sure.

"The kid still hasn't called?"

"No not a word from him, we kept the phone line open other than the one call from you And at that point he still would have been in the air Its doesn't look like he's going to be calling."

A big smile graces Fro's otherwise stern mug.

"Good, DAMN Good! Looks like mission accomplished. He knew he was to call as soon as he touched down if things were not back as they were. He's back where he should be! He ain't gonna be calling here."

His smile, even though I didn't think it was possible, gets just a tad bigger.

"It's a done deal. I'm taking her home guys."

Naturally I watch Scully protest in vain.

"I have my own car. I can drive myself home. I don't NEED you hovering over me!"

I have to chuckle a bit as he places a hand on her back gently pushing her to the door paying no mind to anything she says in her defense He doesn't even respond to her looking back to talk to Langly and myself instead.

"I'm taking Scully home with her car and then I'll get a cab back. guys."

Maybe its just exhaustion or possibly its the beginnings of defeat Either way she hangs her head and allows herself to be herded to the door.

Just before they exit I remember the bag.

"Wait! Scully, I almost forgot I have something for you."

She stops turning back. Just saying the words makes me feel good somehow. "It's something William asked me give you."

I go to the two of them at the door knowing how eager Fro is to get her home and not wanting to slow their progress too much and incur his wrath.

"It's a little something he got at the airport gift shop."

I hand her the bag and she stares at Langly and myself for a few beats seeming unsure about peering inside Eventually she reaches her hand in side and pulls out the item.

She stand there looking at it in her hands.

"It's a beanie baby?"

Langly jumps in, the geek within unable to contain itself.

"Technically the big ones are called pillow pals."

Frohike looks it over obviously still in protective high gear.

"It's an elephant?!"

I reach out to touch her hand my heart breaking at being the one to relay the message

"He asked me to give that to you. To tell you that when he was little boy his mother gave him a lil elephant toy he loved dearly and just couldn't bear be without. He said he had so many toy elephants as a child and loved them all. He kept a few even into adulthood so he would never forget his mother."

She's looking at me, they all are, making it hard to follow through on what I promised him I would do and say He put faith in us by going back, faith in me with this one last request.

"Scully he asked me to give you that lil toy to give to your baby."

She only nods in reply holding the stuffed animal tight against her chest.

"Listen guys, if this is all real and true. If one day Mulder and I are not here any longer and he does show up on your doorsteps, take care of him for me?"

We all nod back our agreement, all of it appearing so nonchalant, but each one of us knowing grand words or not we all will do anything to protect and care for yet to arrive Will Mulder.

The end ...

Hope you enjoyed it Pamala

AuthorS Note: This is post Requiem fic but incorporates an orginal character I wrote into an XF novel about a year and a half ago Will Mulder is the grown son of Mulder and Scully If you find yourself liking the character be sure, if you have not already, to go read " My Name is William " and see what the future holds for this young man Hope you like it ! Thanks to CC it makes much more sense than I ever imagined it could g

THANK YOU: Ally for being my friend and doing a masterful job on this edit !! To everyone else who has helped with the novel and series And to the handful of people who still write on occasion asking me to bring Will back Thanks!!!

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