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Title: Man to Man Talk
Author: Girlie_girl7
Spoilers: Existence
Disclaimer: M&S used to belong to CC but I think Fox now owns them. Will belongs to M&S, who love him too much to sell him.

Summary: Mulder shares his thoughts with his son.

Notes: M&S gave us 71/2 years of great thrills, spills and chills.

Too bad they left out romance and sex, but I still love them, on and I'm not a 9er.

A baby can be heard softly starting to cry in an apartment somewhere in Georgetown. A father crawls out of his warm bed and stiffly shuffles into his sons room. The baby is oblivious to the late hour, all he knows is he's hungry and wide wake.

Clad only in low slung flannel pajama bottoms, the father lifts the small boy from the crib.

Hey buddy. Shh, you're gonna wake up mom."

The baby responds to the sound of his fathers soothing voice. He stuffs a little ball of fist into his mouth.

"What's the matter. You hungry again?"

The man holds the little boy to his chest as he makes his way into the kitchen. He's done this so often he doesn't even need to turn on the lights. Opening the fridge, he pulls out a baby bottle and places it in the microwave. Hitting the 'on' button, he leans back against the counter. The baby is making small squeaky noises, that only babies can make. The man holds the baby to his chest and pats his back with his large lanky hand.

The microwave beeps and the man pulls out the bottle. He shakes it and tests the temperature, knowing from experience, it's fine.

He slowly makes his way into the living room, lit only by the street lights. He settles into a large wooden rocker and brings the bottle to the babies lips.

~Fox Mulder is home~

The baby hungrily takes the bottle.

"Well Will, it looks like it's just you and me, big guy."

The baby stares at Mulder transfixed.

"We've got to stop meeting like this!"

Mulder brings his head down to rub Wills little button nose with his own. Will blinks.

The baby sucks in a gasp of air. "Easy does it. There's more where that came from, thanks to your mother."

"You like her, don't you."

"Can you keep a secret? So do I."

The baby blinks and pauses briefly.

"Does that surprise you? Of course it doesn't."

"You've seen the way my face lights up when she walks into the room."

"Ok, ok, yours does too but remember I saw her first.

But I still think she likes you best."

Will continued to listen intently to Mulder.

"You know I see so much of her in you. You think you have a temper, turning all red like you do. Just wait until your mother gets wound up."

"No, you'll never have to worry about that, she could never get mad at you. Now me, she can leave me quaking in my boots with just `the look'."

Mulder held Will out and turned his head to study him.

"Yeah, you even look like her. When you get older, you're gonna appreciate that, unless you wanna play basketball. There's not much call for five foot tall guards in the NBA." He pulls Will close and whispers to him. "Maybe you'll at least inherit my height."

He softly kisses Will's forehead and runs his hands over the babies wispy red hair.

"You definitely have her eyes." The baby blinks.

Mulder grins. "You're good Will!" Mulder winks at him.

"Anyway, her eyes, they are so blue and clear. I could never lie to your mom. To see hurt in those eyes is more than I can bear. I'll never lie to you either."

Mulder continued to rock, as the baby pauses between swallows, his eyes getting sleepy.

"I've hope you've got your mothers ability to love.

Why else would she chose me? I'm not exactly the catch of the day."

"No, no, it's true! I know you think I'm a pretty nice guy, especially when we play in the kitchen sink.

Remember never tell mom I bathe you in the sink or it's all over." The baby hiccuped. "I think you need to relieve a little pressure."

"Mulder takes the bottle from the baby and places a towel over his bare shoulder. He lifts Will up and gently pats his back.

"I'm really sorry about this burping thing, buddy. Mom says I need to do this from time to time. Babies must have some sort of pop off valve

built-in. All I know was mom was really pi..uh, mad at me for making her little boy cry. That's one lesson I won't soon forget."

Mulder moves Will to lay across his knees, still patting his back.

"See Will, this parenting stuff kinda caught me off guard. Not that I don't love it but they really should have seminars on it.

Kind of like those team builders programs your mother and I used to attend, well.. we meant to go."

"If those guys could see me now." A grin covered Mulder's face. "We're the best team `cause we built you."

"That's probably more than you need to know at your age, but believe me we made a great team, twice that night."

Mulder wiggles his eyebrows.

Will burps loudly. "Way to go buddy, that's a good one!"

Mulder scoops Will up and brings the bottle back to the baby's lips.

"So see Will while mom had nine months to get ready for you, I only had a few weeks, but I'm trying really hard. Just give me a little more time."

Will tries to keep his eyes open but finally gives in even as he continued to drink.

"Boy, you're one determined little guy. Guess you got that from me, that and your oral fixation. Believe me, your mother would agree with that."

Mulder gets up from the rocker and softly walks back into Wills room. Taking the bottle from the baby, he places him on the changing table.

"Let's check your shorts for cake." Mulder removes the diaper. "No but you sure are wet! I feel for ya buddy, sometimes a guys just gotta go."

Mulder changes Will and tosses the used diaper into the wastebasket.

He scoops up Will and gently sways with him. "Will, I got big plans for us. You just learn to walk and we'll go places. Big beautiful ballparks, stadiums and pizza parlors.

Just wait! You'll love pizza but you gotta get some teeth first. We'll camp out and sleep under the stars, we'll see crop circles and vortexes and if you're real good, I might show you a real E.B.E."

"Don't worry, mom won't be lonely. We've already decided you need a playmate but don't be upset if you end up with a sister. Take it from me, sisters are great!"

"Ok, I'd better let you get some sleep."

Mulder places Will in his crib and softly kisses the tiny fingers curled around his thumb.

"You have good dreams and don't worry, mom and I will always love and protect you." He tucks the little boy in.

"But you know that." He leans down and gently kisses his sons forehead.

Mulder heads back to bed. He eases his long body in next to Scully, hoping not to wake her. He never succeeds.

"Is everything ok, Mulder?" Scully asks sleepily.

"Everything is fine." He settles back into bed and stares at the ceiling.



"How long before Will gets teeth?"

The End

Special thanks to my proof reader, Lynn aka Mulderpause (DD #1 Fan)


stuffed duck

Title: Man To Man Talk II
Author: Girlie_girl7
Category: Baby FF
Rating: G
Spoilers: Existence
Archive: Anywhere it makes you happy
Disclaimer: CC begat Mulder and Scully and Mulder and Scully begat William. CC saw that it was good and sold them to Fox for boo-koo bucks. Mulder and Scully would never sell William. I'm just playing with them.

Summary: Mulder has another talk with his son, part two of Man To Man Talk.

A late model sedan comes to a halt in a parking lot.

Out steps a 6-foot-tall, lanky brown haired man, sporting sunglasses and a perfect grin. He's wearing what appears to be an old blue dress shirt over a white Tee. He has on well worn and well fitting jeans.

Women passing by slow down as if in a time warp, to admire this man. He walks around the car and opens the rear door, as he bends over, the women hold their breath and watch as he brings out a little boy, sighs are heard. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted, they continue on to their own cars.

~Fox Mulder is going grocery shopping~

Fox Mulder carries his son to a cart in the parking lot.

"Ok Will, let's get you strapped in."

Will fusses and blinks his eyes as the sun shines in them.

"Sorry buddy, guess we need to get you a pair of baby Ray-Bans."

With Mulder's hand shading Will's eyes, they make their way across the parking lot to the entrance of the grocery store.

Once inside Mulder removes his hand from Wills face and lifts the little boy up to remove his jacket. "Mom says you'll get too hot in this get-up."

Mulder hangs the sunglasses from his open shirt collar, as women glance at him, caring for his son. "There you go, let's buckle you up. Need to always wear your seatbelt." Will looks at Mulder as if to understand him.

Mulder pushes the cart into the large store, "Ok your mother gave me a list and some cash. This grocery shopping can't be too difficult to do. We're men, we can do anything we put our minds to, right!" Mulder looks at Will as if he expects him to answer him. Will blinks at his father.

Pushing the cart to the bakery section, Mulder checks the list, "Let's see Will, do we need bread. yes. It's on the list. Now I know mom likes multi-grain bread and I don't care what kind it is just as long as I can put meat between two slices of it."

Into the cart goes a loaf of bread.

"Look Will, Devil Dogs! I love those. They even kinda look like little sandwiches. Don't tell mom but next time I eat one I'll slip you some of the cream from the middle." Mulder winks, as Will chews on his fist.

"See, shopping isn't that hard."

Mulder moves to the fruit and vegetable section, "Mom has down potatoes and salad greens. Potatoes, now mashed potatoes are something you can eat. Let's get 25 pounds, that should last us a couple of weeks." Mulder drops the potatoes into the cart and rubs Wills head. "Don't worry buddy, no more making the Mr. Potatohead face. Mom still hasn't forgiven me for making her little boy cry."

Next comes salad greens. Mulder looked around at the vast array of salad fixings. "Humm. Will, everything is green, so I guess we'll just buy one of each." Mulder loads the cart with vegetables.

An elderly woman has been watching Mulder and Will. Walking over to Mulder she says, "What a cute baby! How old is he?"

"He's four months old."

"What's his name?"

"Will, I mean William."

The lady leans in and touches Will's tiny fingers. "I'll bet your mommy loves you!"

"More than life itself." Mulder replied and he meant it.

Will rubs his nose on the back of his fist. The woman laughs and then moves on.

Mulder leans over and whispers, "You've got a way with women Will."

"Next aisle is frozen foods. Let's see, mom didn't have pizza on the list. She must have overlooked it. I used to go through three or four a week but now I share with your mother so.

let's get 8 just to be on the safe side. You know Will, you can never have too many frozen pizzas."

Mulder tosses the pizzas into the cart.

Will's eyes follow the bright shiny freezer cases as Mulder moves past them.

Mulder feels a tap on his back. He turns to find no one there, until he looked down. Before him stood a small girl. "Mister, your baby lost a shoe," She said as she holds out a small white shoe.

Mulder looked over at Will, he had one bright white shoe on and one fuzzy baby blue sock. Mulder crouches down and holds out his hand.

The little girl places the shoe in it.

"Thank you, that was very nice of you," Mulder replies and pats her head. The little girl runs down the aisle to her mother, who waves at Mulder. He stands up and waves back.

"Will, you threw a shoe buddy!" Mulder grinned as he put on the tiny shoe and laced it up. Will was oblivious to the events going on around him, he was too busy staring at the colorful displays turning over his head to care.

Mulder turns down the next aisle. "Ah, beverages."

Consulting Scully's list he sees 'tea' on it.

"Tea, now that I can buy. Mom always drinks green tea and because she doesn't want a nervous baby, it has to be decaf. Your mother is always thinking of you Will." Mulder grabbed a box of Lipton teabags, turning it over in his hands, he says, "Humm.these boxes are kind of small. Let's get two.

You know how much your mother likes her tea."

Into the cart go the two boxes of tea.

Pushing the cart with Will and a steadily growing pile of groceries, Mulder looks up at the sign hanging in the middle of the next aisle.

"Canned goods, now I know mom has some canned veggies on this list."

Mulder scans down the list and then back up. "Here it is. Two cans of corn. That should be easy enough." Mulder starts down the aisle, mumbling, "Peas, carrots, beans, beets, potatoes, okra, artichoke hearts, egg plant. Let me tell you Will, there are some weird veggies out there." About that time Mulder spots the section of corn.

"Here we are Will." Mulder looks over the huge section.

"Let's see there's whole kernel, creamed, white corn, yellow corn, corn with beans. That's a whole lotta corn Will!

Let's get yellow corn, yellow is a good color, whole kernel and. what size? It comes in tiny baby cans up to small trash can size. Umm.let's get two medium ones." Mulder tosses the cans into the cart along with more assorted canned goods he picks up as he moves down the aisle.

Rounding the corner, Mulder breaks out into a big grin, lifting Will from his carrier, he shows the little boy what's ahead. "Hey buddy, they have toys in the grocery store! I gotta stop doing all my shopping at convenience stores." Will's eyes dart from one multicolored package to the next. He then points to one toy in particular. Mulder looks sad.

"Will, you wanna duck, but you already have a duck and there are lots of other cool toys here."

Will leans over to touch the duck. "Ok, I guess a guy can never have too many ducks."

One duck and six other toys later Mulder and Will continue down the next aisle.

"Diapers, now THAT I know how to buy. Let's get you three packs. I get tired of running out at night to get them.

Ok, I know its my own fault that I forget them during the day but its so much more fun to play with you then to go buy diapers."

Mulder leans in and rubs his nose against Wills. "But, remember I would walk over hot coals for your diapers, at least until you're potty trained."

Mulder looks up to see a woman grinning at him, turning red he heads down the aisle.

We're getting into the baby food section buddy, the meat and potatoes of kid food. That's if you could eat meat and potatoes." Will starts to fuss. "Here now, your mother says you're the model baby." Mulder digs the diaper bag out from under the mountain of groceries.

He opens the bag and pulls out a small baby bottle of juice. Taking off the cap, he offers it to Will, who eagerly takes it. "Slow down buddy, you'll have people thinking I never feed you." Holding the bottle, Mulder looks over the list. "Will it just says 'baby cereal' but man can not live by oatmeal alone so let's get you some real food. You like stew and strained peas?"

Will looks at his father but doesn't respond to the question.

"That was a silly question, wasn't it. You've never had stew so how would you know. Believe me Will, there's lots of good food out there but avoid the brussel sprouts."

Mulder goes down the baby food aisle tossing jars into the cart. "Mom will be happy to see we've bought you some real food."

The next aisle is breakfast foods. Will looks up at the bright boxes as Mulder pushes him down the aisle, holding the bottle to the little boys lips.

"Cereal, Will just wait until you get some teeth. I'll introduce you to my friends Cap' Crunch, Fruitie Pebbles and King Vitamin." Mulder tosses an assortment of boxed cereals into the cart.

Rounding the corner Mulder looks down at the list once more. "TP, TP what the hel., heck is TP? Got any ideas Will?" Will just continued to devour the bottle of juice.

"This can't be too hard. How many things in a grocery store can have the initials TP."

Sometime later, after Mulder puts toilet paper, tooth paste, tomato paste, tortellini pasta, talcum powder and tapioca pudding into the cart, they were ready to tackle the dairy case.

Will finishes his bottle and needs to be burped. "Here you go big guy, let's see if we can relieve a little pressure."

Mulder lifts the little boy from the carrier and gently pats his back. Will makes squeaky baby noises and looks over Mulder's shoulder with his Scully blue eyes. A plop is heard.

Mulder looks down to see another tiny shoe on the floor.

"Will, you are gonna be one expensive kid to keep in footwear."

Just then Will burps, then he sneezes. Mulder pats the back of his sons head and holds him close. "Oh no, I hope you're not coming down with something. Your mother will think I left you in frozen foods." Mulder puts Will back into the carrier and calmly replaces his shoe.

Grabbing the cart by the handle, Mulder pushes it into the dairy section. "Mom must be a strong woman, these carts are hard to push. Will yawns and rubs an eye with a tiny fist.

"Don't worry buddy, dad's almost done. All we need is milk.

Mulder looked up at the long row of dairy cases filled with milk. "Holy shi. cow! Will, I think we're in trouble."

Mulder struggles, pushing the cart past row after row of milk, reading as he goes. "Whole, 2%, 1%, skim, fat-free, chocolate, banana, strawberry, goat milk, soy milk, gallons, half gallons, quarts and pints. And I thought buying corn was hard. Let's use our heads; we're men aren't we Will."

Will kicks his feet and stares up at his dad. "Using deduction I would say, first, you don't drink the stuff 'cause you have your own supplier, secondly I know mom drinks it for you.

I don't know why she doesn't just feed it to you and cut out the middle man." Mulder grins and whispers to Will, "But neither one of us would want that would we?" He looked back at the milk and sighes. "I use it on cereal and to wash down Devil Dogs, so I guess we'll get four gallons.

"We can never have enough milk, right Will." Will slowly bats his eyes. "You're getting sleepy on me. Hang in there buddy, we're almost done."

Mulder pushed the cart to the checkout line, still putting things into it. The clerk fawns over Will as Mulder beams.

He loves showing off his little boy. After unloading and reloading the cart and paying the bill, Mulder looks down to see Will fast asleep. He gently puts the jacket on his son and covers him with the blanket. Will hardly stirs.

Mulder puts the baby carrier into the back seat and buckles it down. He loads the car with his groceries, feeling like a caveman providing for his family. He gives the cart a shove and watches it make its way to the cart corral. It bumps another cart and comes to a halt. Climbing into the car, he makes his way out of the parking lot; the conquering hero.

Mulder stands before the apartment door, waiting for Scully to answer it.

Scully opens the door and kisses Mulder as she quickly takes the carrier with the sleeping baby in it. She kisses Will's head and softly says, "I missed my two guys."

Putting Will on the kitchen table, she comes back to Mulder, who is holding five bags of groceries in one hand.

"Mulder, where were you? I was beginning to worry."

Sitting down the bags, Mulder grabs her around the waist and kisses her forehead. "Your men were out gathering provisions."

Mulder pulled away and picked up the bags, placing them on the counter. Scully starts to unbag the groceries.

"Mulder, did you follow my list?"

"To the letter."

"And you got all this with the 60 dollars I gave you?"

Mulder looks at Will and cups his head with his hand.

"Umm. actually I had to use my credit card."

"Mulder, just how much did you spend?"

Mulder draws up but doesn't look at Scully.

"380 dollars."

"For this!"

"No. no there is more in the car, in the trunk and the back seat."

"No wonder our expense accounts never balanced at the bureau."

Scully pulls out a loaf of multigrain bread that is now 2 inches thick. "Mulder, how do you explain this,"

She asks as she holds out the bread.

"Scully, it's not my fault the grocery store puts the bread up front and the heavy stuff at the back."

Scully grins trying not to laugh. "Mulder, did you ever think to start at the back of the store and work your way up to the checkout?" Mulder looks up like a light bulb has been turned on in his head.

"Is that how that works!"

Scully laughs and puts her arms around Mulder's waist.

Mulder frowns.

"Mulder, what's wrong?"

"I'm worried about my Devil Dogs."

~The End~


the lone gunmen

Title: Man To Man Talk III
Author: Girlie_Girl7
Written: 10-01-01
Category: Baby FF
Rating: G
Spoilers: At this point there is nothing left to spoil.
Archive: Anywhere, surprise me.
Disclaimer: I'm confused but I think Fox now owns M&S and M&S own William. I'm just letting them live a normal life.

Summary: Fox Mulder is visits the Lone Gunman.

A man stands before a door at the end of a dark passageway.

One hand thrust deep into his hip pocket, the other holding a baby carrier.

The door is unlocked; a click is heard and then another, and another, and another. The door slowly opens..

~Fox Mulder is visiting the Lone Gunman~

Ringo Langly opens the door to find Fox Mulder standing there in a pair of faded blue jeans, a dark blue sweatshirt, and a black leather jacket. His hair is wind-blown and he obviously hasn't shaved today.

Mulder steps in and shifts the baby carrier to his left hand. Langly thrusts out his hand, "Mulder and mini-Mulder, good to see you!"

Mulder grabs Langly's hand and pumps it. "Good to see you Langly."

Frohike appears from the back of the Lone Gunman's warren, flipping up a welder's mask as he waves to Mulder. "Hey G-Man!"

"That's former G-Man to you Frohike. How've you been?"

"Just fine, busy as a bee."

"Never mention bees to me Frohike."

Mulder pushes aside a pile of junk on a table and sits the carrier up there. He gently lifts a baby blanket off of it, revealing a whispy red-haired, Scully-blue eyed baby boy, contently chewing on his fist.

Langly and Frohike move in to look at Will, 'ooing and ahhing' with large grins on their faces.

"I see he has your propensity to chew on things," Frohike says.

"That's exactly what Scully says." Mulder smiles, as he lifts Will from the carrier. Holding him close, he turns Will so the guys can see his face.

Will stares at them, big-eyed. "Will, these guys are my friends." Mulder looks around, "Where's Byers?"

Langly, still absorbed in looking at Will says, "Making a food run."

Frohike removes the welder's mask and apron, plopping down on a stool in front of a keyboard, he begins to work.

Mulder moves to sit down across from him, "Did you get it?"

Langly clears his throat, "We ran into a little trouble, but we're working on it."

Will, turns his head to follow Frohike as he gets off the stool and moves around the table. "How's that luscious better-half of yours Mulder?" Frohike leers.

"She's fine and stay away from her."

Frohike stares at Will with squinted eyes. Will's eyes grow wide as he takes his fingers from his mouth, transfixed by the man. Yeah know Mulder, if I hadn't been a gentleman and stepped aside, you might be holding my kid."

"When he was born, I thought he was yours Frohike; you're both the same height."

Langly laughs and Frohike sulks.

There's a knock at the door. Across the security monitor comes the image of Byers, holding a couple of pizza boxes. Frohike lets him in.

Byers upon seeing Mulder grins, quickly moving across the room. "Mulder, long time no see and you brought the baby!" Byers, places the pizza boxes on the table next to the baby carrier.

He wipes his hands on his suit pants. "Can I hold him?"

"Sure." Mulder says, handing Will over to Byers.

Byers cradling Will in his arms holds up a tiny foot. "Nikes!"

The guys all laugh.

"See Frohike they do come in your size." Langly laughs.

"Back off punk as. face." Frohike catches himself just in time.

Mulder takes Will from Byers, as the guys dig into the pizza.

"Care for some Mulder?"

"Yeah dude, dig in" Langly adds.

"I'd love to guys but Scully is watching my cholesterol."

"Sounds like she has you whipped Mulder," Frohike says with a mouth full of pizza.

"She just wants me to be around awhile longer," Mulder says as he rubs Wills fuzzy head, "and so do you."

The guys all smile.

Langly finishes a piece of pizza and walks over to a crowded shelf and begins to paw through it. He finally pulls out a small metal box with coaxial fittings protruding from one side and cables coming from the other. Placing it on the table he says, "Here it is Mulder."

"But it doesn't work?" Mulder frowns.

"We ran into some technical problems with the down link.

We were able to scan the skies for the feed.

"We think we've found the bird," Byers says.

"But it doesn't work." Mulder repeats.

"We seem to be in the right position but."

"But it doesn't work." Mulder says as he shifts Will to his other arm."

Frohike moves to stand next to Mulder. "In technical terms, we ain't got jack shi. squat."

Will curiously eyes Frohike, as he tries to chew on his shoe.

"So far we have not been able to break the encryption,"

Byers says. Frohike moves to his PC, "It's been harder to crack than the NSA Data Base."

Will puckers up and begins to cry. "It's ok buddy." Mulder says getting a bottle out of the carrier. "Hey Byers, you wanna nuke this for me?"

Byers, looks at the bottle as if Mulder's handing him a vial of nitroglycerin. "How, how long do I put this in for?" Byers asks as he tentatively takes the bottle.

"About twenty seconds should do it."

Langly and Frohike encourage Byers with chants of "Byers, Byers" and "You can do it" and "Go get 'em."

Will stops whimpering to look at the men.

Byers holding the bottle at arms length, makes his way to the kitchen. Frohike just shakes his head and goes back to his keyboard.

Mulder whispers to Will, "Don't worry Will, not all adults act like this."

"So Langly what do we do now?" Mulder asks with a frown.

"Don't fret my man. We've got half of our readers trying to crack the encryption on this puppy."

Frohike peeks around his PC, "We offered them a carrot,"

he says with a grin. "It was my idea," Langly says, putting emphasis on the 'my'. "They had their choice of a Defense Department recon. tape or a copy of 'Naughty Nel and the Fifth Fleet.' Frohike leans over to Mulder and says with a wink, "By the way thanks for the videos."

"My pleasure."

"Well it used to be," Frohike mumbles.

Just then Byers appears with the bottle. "I hope this is ok. I don't want to burn him."

Mulder tests the temperature of the bottle.

"Just like an ol' pro," Langly says.

Mulder smiles at him and pokes the bottle into Will's mouth.

Will hungrily eats as he flexes his long fingers.

Byers sits down next to Mulder, relieved that he didn't harm the little boy. Mulder pats Will softly on the back as he feeds him.

Langly is busy pouring over spreadsheets coming from the printer, as Frohike pounds on his PC.

Mulder looks up from feeding Will. "Look guys, if you can't do it just say so. Scully is gonna be wondering where we are."

"Keep your pants on Mulder," Frohike says.

"Looks like it's a little late for that," Langly adds.

All the guys chuckle.

"I didn't come here to take abuse. I can get that from Scully's brother. "How is ol' Bill?" Frohike inquires.

"He's fine," Mulder says and softly adds, "Unfortunately."

Will polishes' off the bottle as Mulder rises to burp him.

"Why are you hitting him in the back?" Byers asks.

"Scully says he builds up pressure and this relieves it."

With that, Will burps.

The guys all laugh.

"Maybe we should try that on Frohike," Langly says.

Just then Frohike jumps up and claps his hands together, "Boys the Eagle has landed. We're in!"

All heads turn toward Frohike.

Byers and Langly jump up to man their computers.

The Gunman bang on their PC's as sweat pours down their faces. Intent on completing their mission the men preform like well oiled machines.

Mulder whispers, "Don't be afraid buddy, they scared me too the first couple of times."

Langly tears off a printout, all three Gunman surround it.

Will rubs his nose on Mulder's shirt and makes muffled little squeaks.

"Guys, are you close or just blowing smoke?"

The Gunman are ignoring Mulder, as Byers reaches over to turn on a television set. The screen glows with black and white snow.

Langly enters the first set of digits into a PC as Byers hooks up the coaxial cable from the black box to the television then he interfaces it with the PC.

The Guman stare at the screen but there is no change.

A second set of numbers is entered, and a third, and a fourth, but still no change. The only sound heard in the room, is Will softy breathing.

Langly and Frohike are getting discouraged.

Mulder stands in front of the TV, holding Will who's looking at Frohike again.

Just then the screen is filled with laughing fuzzy animals and bubbly music.

Will's head snaps around to look at the TV screen. He's wide eyed with excitement as he chews on two fingers.

The Lone Gunman, raise in a chorus of yelps and high fives.

Mulder rubs Will's tiny head and says, "See Will, now you have a direct, unedited satellite link of the 'Mindy the Mermaid Show'. No kid anywhere will get to see this before you do."

Will leans foreword to touch the TV screen.

"Now if we can just get your mother to agree to this."

Frohike sits with his head propped up on his fist, staring at the screen. "That Mindy is hot."

"Ohhh" the guys and Mulder moan, as Will just hiccups.

The End


baby Nikes

Title: Man to Man Talk IV
Author: Girlie_Girl7
Written: October 2001
Category: Baby FF
Rating: G
Spoilers: You must be kidding at this point.
Archive: Anywhere up to and including the Library of Congress.
Disclaimer: Fox owns M&S but M&S own William.

Summary: Mulder and William visit the mall.

Note: Thanks to FoxFireX, who can actually figure this posting thing out enough to get my work on. P.S. you should all read her smut-Oh Baby!

A man pushes a baby stroller out of a store and into the mall concourse.

He rolls his head to loosen the tense muscles in his neck and back. His sweatshirt feels too tight and his feet are killing him. He's been at this far too long and is in need of a break.

Making his way to the snack food area, he purchases a cup of coffee and sits down. He brings the coffee to his lips, his eyes grow wide. He's frozen in fear, lines appear across his forehead, beads of sweat form on his brow.

"It can't be," he mutters.

~Fox Mulder has just spotted Bill Scully at the mall~ Bill sees Mulder at the same time and makes his way over to the table.

Mulder, good to see you," Bill says as he awkwardly thrusts out his hand.

Mulder returns the handshake. "Bill what are you doing here?"

"I'm on leave, and when I can't stand the wide open spaces anymore, I come to the mall." Bill says as he shrugs his shoulders and looks around. "It reminds me of my ship, long, enclosed and filled with people.

I guess that's what I'm use to."

Mulder nods his head and sits back down. "Care to join us?"

"Sure," Bill says as he sits down. "Boy he sure has grown since the last time I saw him."

"Where's Dana?"

"Home," Mulder replies as he hands Will a toy duck.

"This is 'mens' day out."

"She let you take the baby?"

Mulder smiles. "I'm not totally inept."

Bill looks intently at Will. "He sure does look like Dana."

"Scully says he's got my long fingers and feet."

Bill looks up at Mulder? "You're still calling her Scully."

Mulder sets the coffee cup down. "See Bill, everyone calls her Dana, but she's special to me, so I've always called her Scully. I'm just grateful she wasn't born Dana Lipshitz."

Bill has to chuckle at that.

Mulder lifts the little boy from the stroller. Will looks at Bill and extends one small, well chewed finger.

Bill takes Will's tiny hand. "So what are you 'men' doing at the mall?"

"I thought Will could use a pair of shoes."

"And Dana doesn't?" Bill says as he lets go of Will's hand.

"She says, 'babies do not need shoes until they are walking'."

"I wish Tara had felt that way. Matthew must have had a dozen pairs of shoes before he took his first step."

Mulder straightens out Will's small blue sweatshirt.

"You have to admit they are cool."

"So what did you get him?"

"Blue Nikes with white stripes." Mulder pulls out a tiny shoe box from behind the stroller.

Bill opens the box. "Bet those set you back a few bucks."

Mulder lifts Will into the air. "It's only money."

Bill puts the shoes back into the box.

Will starts to fuss and draws his legs up. Mulder knows from experience that Will's winding up for a big one. "Can you grab that bottle from the bag?"

Bill produces a small baby bottle.

Mulder takes the bottle from Bill and shakes it.

"Sorry buddy, mom provided you with a meal but it's gonna be a little cold.

Bill grabs the bottle and heads for the hot dog stand.

He hands the bottle to the clerk and a few seconds later he returns with it, handing it to Mulder.

"They'll heat it up if you ask them."

"Thanks, thanks a lot," Mulder says as he stuffs the bottle into Will's mouth.

"Anything for my nephew," Bill says as he rubs Will's head.

The two men sit in silence, staring at the whispy, red-haired baby boy.

Will reaches up and grabs Mulder's thumb that's wrapped around the bottle. Mulder smiles down at him.

"I never pictured you as the 'fatherly' type, Mulder."

"Funny thing, neither did I. But now I can't imagine being anything else."

I'm not sure how Dana pulled this off but if she's happy then so am I."

Mulder looks at Bill, a little surprised. "I'm glad to hear you say that," he says as he runs his fingers along Will's sleepy face. "Besides we both know Scully can kick my ass anytime she wants."

"I'm sure she can." Bill grins.

Mulder continues to feed Will. "Bill, can I ask you something?"

Bill just nods his head.

"You ever feel like you might let your kid down?"

"Sure Mulder, everyone does from time to time, that's what makes you a good parent."

Mulder looks puzzled.

"See Mulder, the minute you let yourself think you're the perfect parent, that's when 'it' hits the fan."

"No need to worry about that happening to me, I'm scared 'it'-less." Mulder grins.

Bill chuckles. "You'll do fine."

"I hope so. I couldn't bear to let Scully or Will down."

"You going back to work?"

"Maybe. I'm not sure when. I hate to miss anything Will does, and he needs me."

Bill leans forward with his elbows on his knees, rubbing his hands together. "That's the one thing I regret Mulder, I'm away from home too much. Don't ever let that happen to you."

"I won't."

Bill has a far-off stare on his face, then he snaps out of it. "I'd better get going. I told Tara I'd pick up a Halloween costume for Matthew.

You 'men' have a good time."

Mulder looks up as Bill stands up. "Thanks, we will."

Bill wanders off into the hoard of mall shoppers.

"Say Will, you wanna go trick or treating this year?"

~The End~


kitten costume

Title: Man to Man Talk V
Author: Girlie_Girl7
Written: 10-13-01
Rating: G
Type: Baby FF Distribution: Spread the word far and wide.
Disclaimer: Fox owns them, lock, stock and William.

Summary: Mulder talks to his son.

Notes: Big hug thanks to FoxfireX. Oh and I'm not a 9er.

"Scully you just don't understand. It's not a guy thing, it's a kid thing," Mulder says as he watches Scully fold clothes.

"Mulder don't whine."

"But Scully, it's our first time. I don't want to miss it."

"I thought you said it was a kid thing." Scully gives him 'the look', as she continues to fold clothes.

Mulder moves behind Scully and wraps his lanky frame around hers. He folds his arms around her waist and rests his chin on her shoulder. He breathes softly on her neck.

Scully is starting to crumble and he knows it. He learned months ago that he did have his own form of retaliation for 'the look'. He called it 'the squeeze' and he knew he could turn Scully into butter. Okay, it was a hard little stick of butter but it was butter just the same.

"Mulder for the last time, you are not dressing our son up as the avenger of death. If he has to go, he can go as a kitty."

Mulder pulled back and leaned against the table.

"A kitty! What's the fun in that."

This time he was whining but.

~Fox Mulder is going trick or treating.~ Mulder sat in the late afternoon light, rocking his son.

"Will, mom says we can go trick or treating. You'll like that."

Will stares intently at his foot.

"But a kitty! Will you don't want to be a kitty do you?"

Will has moved from staring at his foot to drooling down his chin. Mulder wipes the little boys face, "You're just like your mother."

"Guys do not go trick or treating as kitties. They go as the avenger of death or vampires."

Mulder looks down into Will's mouth. "A vampire will have to wait until you actually have some teeth.

Vampires don't gum their victims necks.

Will reaches up and touches Mulder's lips. Mulder gently bites the tiny fingers.

"Even a cowboy or a ghost but not a kitty. What fun is Halloween if you can't scare the shi- stuffins out of old ladies. Huh Will."

Will rubs his nose with the back of his hand and looks intently at Mulder.

"I'll try to talk to mom for you, but you know she is one determined woman; must be the Scully genes. You won't be hard headed will you." Mulder holds Will out and inspects him. "You'll have my even temperament, good nature and fine disposition." Mulder grins at his son.

Will just chews on his fingers as he squirms in Mulder's arms. Mulder cradles the little boy to him.

"But really Will, a kitty! Being a kitty is not a guy thing."

Mulder leans down and grabs a toy duck. "Chew on this, buddy; give those fingers a break."

Will grabs the duck and immediately puts it into his mouth.

"There's one thing you won't be going as and that's an alien."

Mulder shivers. "I've had my fill of those guys and so has mom."

Will drops the duck, Mulder replaces it with his finger, as he clamps down on it.

"Easy buddy, that hurts. I don't know how mom feeds you with a bite like that. I guess when you love someone as much as mom loves you, a little pain is okay."

Will stretches out his long fingers to tug at Mulder's watch. "You wanna go as a pick pocket Will? Sorry mom won't go for that."

Will lets out a long string of what Mulder has come to call 'baby profanity'.

"Okay, okay I'll ask her. It sure beats being a kitty."

Mulder sits Will up a little higher in his arms.

"You could go as your favorite super hero, 'Special Agent Fox Mulder of the F.B.I.'," Mulder says in an authoritative voice. "I'm not sure I can find a suit in your size and there is no way moms gonna let you start packin' heat."

Will lets' out a large yawn and puts his thumb in his mouth. "Okay buddy let's sleep on it."

Mulder moves to the couch where Scully finds them both, sound asleep.

~Two Weeks Later~

"Mulder let's go home. I'm tired and I need to feed Will some proper food, not that sugary concoction you've been slipping him."

Mulder looks over his shoulder at Will sitting passively in his car seat kicking his foot.

"Alright Scully, there's just one more place I want to stop at."

Scully moans as she realizes where they're headed.

"Mulder, do we have to go there?"

"Come on Scully, the guys will love this." Mulder says as he pulls up to the lair of the Lone Gunman.

"Okay but let's make it fast. I know one trick or treater who's bushed and it isn't Will."

Mulder opens the back door and unbuckles Will, lifting him from the car seat. "Okay buddy, these guys are my friends so don't be scared. Remember they dress this way all the time."

Scully's already rapping on the door. "Is anyone gonna let us in?"

"Hold your horses!" Frohike yells from the other side.

Just as it opens, Mulder yells, "Trick or treat!"

Frohike and Byers gather around as Mulder and Scully bring Will in.

Frohike laughs, "Hey look, Will's a kitty."

Will has orange and black swirls on his pajamas and little black ears on his head. Scully has painted whiskers on his cheeks with eye liner.

He also has a long tail that he is presently chewing on.

"He's not a kitty! He's a man eating Bengal Tiger," Mulder huffs.

"Looks like a kitty to me." Frohike laughs.

"Work with me here, guys," Mulder laments.

"Mulder has gotten his ego bruised," Scully says.

Just then Langly appears from the back.

"It's a man eating Bengal Tiger," he gasps.

"Save it, Langly," Mulder says dejectedly.

"Sorry dude, I was just trying to help."

"Looks like Will's out of luck, Mulder. We don't get many trick or treaters down here." Byers says.

"Not so fast," Langly says as he disappears into the bedroom. Emerging seconds later with a small box. Frohike's mouth drops open, "No! Not those."

"Oh chill. Fro. You have plenty left."

"You'd better be sure or you'll be making a Peep run tonight."

Mulder and Scully look questionly at Frohike.

Byers interjects, "It not what you think. He's addicted to those sugar coated marshmallow candies called 'Peeps'."

"So what if I am." Frohike grumps as he grabs the box of pumpkin shaped Peeps from Langly.

"Besides they go great with rum."

Frohike opens up the pack and offers one to Will.

Will slowly extends his hand and takes

the candy as Scully smiles at him.

Like everything else, Will immediately

stuffs it into his mouth. Scully takes the candy from him and pulls off a smaller piece, giving it back to him.

Will wallows it around in his mouth and

swallows it. He reaches out for more.

The guys all laugh.

Will's Scully-blue eyes grow wide at the noise and he grins. Mulder beams at the little boy he holds.

"Will, you've got good taste," Frohike says.

Mulder straps a very sleepy baby into his car seat and quietly shuts the door.

Scully looks back to check on Will as he nods off with his tail gripped in one tiny fist.

As they drive off into the night, Scully unbuckles and scoots over next to Mulder, wrapping her hands around his arm, she softly says, "When we get home you can show me just what a tiger you can be."

Mulder looks at her and grins as she sqeezes his arm.

All that can be seen are the tail lights disappearing over the hill.

"Scully, you think next Halloween he can go as the avenger of death?"

~The End~


baby laundry

Title: Man to Man Talk VI
Author: Girlie_Girl7
Written: 11-01-01
Rating: G
Spoilers: If you know who William is then there are no spoilers.

Post: Anywhere that doesn't cost me a dime.
Disclaimer: I don't own them but M&S should be considered National Treasures.

Summary: Mulder continues his chat with his son.

Notes: To FoxfireX for the usual help and Beckysrose my comadre in baby fic reading.

A car pulls up outside a building. Out steps a tall, lanky, brown haired man. He surveys the parking lot in a professional manner, looking at the building, then back into the car and then back at the building once more.

He pauses, then seeming to have made up his mind, he pops the trunk lid and locks the car doors, thrusting the keys into his pocket. He strides around the trunk and lifts out a basket of laundry, carrying it into the building. He returns and looks into the rear side window and he seems satisfied with what he sees. He then moves back to the trunk and brings out another basket of laundry along with laundry products, balancing the basket on his knee, he closes the trunk lid. He takes this basket into the building. Dashing back out he retrieves his keys from his jeans pocket and leans into the open rear door bringing out a baby carrier.

~Fox Mulder is doing the laundry~

Mulder brings the baby carrier into the laundromat and places it on a table. He removes the blanket from the carrier and rubs the baby's head as Will blinks at him.

Several young women are folding clothes. They glance over at Mulder and Will but Mulder is too consumed by his son to even notice them.

"Hey buddy, looks like you and me get to do the laundry." Will sneezes and is surprised.

"Here now, we'll have none of that." Mulder pulls out a hankerchief and rubs Will's nose with it. Will resists.

"I know it's tender buddy but we have to clean you up.

Too bad you can't blow yet," Mulder whispers to the baby.

Mulder moves Will to a table in front of a bank of empty washers. "You stay here while I get the laundry."

Mulder goes to the door to retrieve the two baskets he had sat down earlier. Returning, he places the powdered bleach on the table along with the fabric softener. He next places the bottle of soap on the table beside Will.

Will is fascinated by the bright orange plastic jug of soap. He reaches for it.

"Easy there Will, you're a little young to be drinking.

I didn't try to drink laundry soap until I was five."

Mulder grins as he places the bottle out of Will's grasp.

Will goes back to rubbing his nose with his fist.

Mulder pulls over a laundry cart and dumps both baskets into it.

"Okay Will this can't be too tough. I've washed clothes before, not yours or moms but clothes are clothes right?" Mulder looks over at Will.

Will kicks his foot and squirms in the carrier.

"Hang on buddy. Let me get these loaded and we'll play."

Will arches his back and growls.

Mulder grins at Will, "You act more like your mother everyday."

Ruffling his hair, Mulder looks over the pile of clothes. "Will, this can't be too difficult if we just use our heads. We just need a system. Let's divide the laundry by size."

Mulder opens a washer lid, "This one is for the large clothes."

He moves to the next washer, "This one is for the medium clothes."

Opening a third washer he says, "And this one is for the small clothes. That's your stuff Will but soon you'll be up to the medium size load."

Into the 'large clothes' washer he puts shirts, jeans, and the bath towels. He next puts pajamas, shorts and kitchen towels in the 'medium clothes' washer. Last but not least he puts the socks, underwear, Will's clothes, wash cloths and pot holders into the 'small clothes' load. Lifting up Scully's red satin bra Mulder sighs, "This is my favorite." He tosses it into the 'small load' washer. Next comes the soap. Mulder reads the bottle, carefully

measuring the exact amount for each load. He reads the powdered bleach box and says, "Will this stuff has to go in after we add the water so we better get these babies going!"

Mulder reaches into his front pocket and pulls out a twenty dollar bill. "Come on Will, let's get some change."

He grabs the handle of the carrier and he and Will take off for the change machine.

A young woman is folding her clothes on the table next to the machine.

Mulder glances over at her as she looks up and smiles.

"Hi, how you doing." Mulder grins at her.

"I'm fine. Is that your kid?" she asks.

"Yeah, he is. At least that's what his mother tells me."

The woman giggles.

Mulder blushes. "No really, he's all mine."

The woman leans over to talk to Will as Mulder gets his coins from the machine.

"He's so cute! What's his name?"

"Will, William, we call him Will," Mulder says.

Will squirms in his carrier.

"He doesn't like to just sit anymore."

The woman tugs at Will's shoe and laughs, "Nice Nikes, Will!"

"He prefers Nikes 'cause they fit comfortably in his mouth," Mulder replies.

The woman laughs, "Well Will, it's been nice meeting you."

She shakes Will's tiny hand as he tries to put her finger in his mouth.

Just then it dawns on Mulder."Damn, I mean darn I left his stuff in the car."

"I'll watch him for you if you want to go get it."

"Umm," Mulder hesitates, "Okay, I'll be right back."

Mulder sprints out the door. The woman watches Mulder leave.

"Hey Will you've got a very protective and sexy daddy.

Your mother is one lucky woman."

Will jabbers away at her.

"Yes she is!" she repeats.

Mulder races back into the laundromat. "Thanks for watching him."

"Oh it was my pleasure." Mulder picks up the carrier.

The woman grabs her laundry basket and heads for the door. Just before she leaves she says over her shoulder, "See you Will."

Mulder looks up at her and waves.

"See Will you're a babe magnet but lets not tell your mom."

Mulder feeds quarters into each machine and sets the dials.

After the third washer starts he grabs the bleach.

"Mom says I have to add this to your clothes, so we'll put this in the 'small load', " Mulder says pouring in the proper amount.

"All that's left is to add the softener. Since we like our clothes soft we'll add it to every washer." Mulder reads the bottle. "Humm, we don't have one of those little ball things to put this stuff in so we'll have to remember to add this later. That will be your job." Mulder smiles at Will.

Will's had just about enough of this sitting in the carrier and he starts to turn red and bawl.

"Easy does it son," Mulder says as he unbuckles Will and lifts him from the carrier. Mulder rubs his thumbs across the little boys cheeks to dry them. He pulls out his hankerchief again and rubs Wills' nose or tries to as Will shakes his head trying to avoid the dreaded hankie.

Will lays his head on Mulder's chest and chews on his fist, his legs are splayed across Mulder stomach.

"You want a bottle Will?" Mulder asks as he fishes the bottle out of the diaper bag. He pops off the cap and moves Will to his left arm, cradling him.

"Here you go. Cheers!" Mulder says as he feeds Will.

Mulder moves around the laundromat as Will drifts off to sleep in his arms. He reads the bulletin board and is tempted to take down the phone number of a man with puppies for sale but he thinks better of it.

An old woman, dressed in worn clothes is sitting in the corner watching Mulder, he walks over to her. "Hi, how you doing?" He smiles at her.

She perks up. "Just fine." She cranes her neck to look at Will.

Mulder bends down so she can see him better.

She looks Will over and smiles. "He's quite a nice looking boy."

"Thanks," Mulder replies,"He looks like his mother."

"Is he your first?"

"Yeah and hopefully not our last."

"Children shouldn't be raised alone."

I know," Mulder replies sadly.

"You an only child?"

"No, but my sister was taken from us when she was only 8, we never got her back."

"Oh my! You never got her back?"

"No, but after all these years of looking I'm finally convinced she's gone."

"I'm so sorry."

"Me too," Mulder says as he rubs his fingers across Will's eye brows. "But having him makes it a lot easier."

"I'm sure it does."

The woman touches Will's long fingers as they flex. "I don't know," she says, "I think he looks like you."

"You do?" Mulder grins.

"Yes, he'll be quite the looker when he gets older."

The woman starts to get up; Mulder helps her.

"Thank you son," she says,"I need to catch my bus."

"Nice talking to you."

She turns back to him. "I'm here every Thursday.

Mulder smiles. "I'll remember that."

Mulder returns to the washers just as the final rinse cycle starts. "Will you forgot to remind me to put the softener in," he quietly says to the baby as he kisses his head. Gently placing Will in the carrier, Will jumps slightly, going from his fathers warm arms to the cold carrier, but he doesn't wake.

Mulder grabs the softener and starts to add it to all the washers, as he finishes he hears Will stirring.

The baby is awake and not happy. He sneezes and rubs his runny nose. His eyes are beginning to water and he's cranky.

Mulder scoops Will up with his large hands. Will's downy soft red hair is matted and damp on the back of his head.

"You're awake and you're wet," Mulder says as he pats Will's wet bottom. He quickly spreads out a blanket and changes Will's diaper. He's gotten much better at it lately. At least they don't fall off anymore.

The washers suddenly stop. The only noise is the soft back ground music drifting through the empty building.

Mulder puts Will back into his carrier and places him on top of a washer as he takes the laundry from each machine, heaping it in the cart.

Grabbing Will's carrier, he moves his cart to the dryers.

He opens the doors and stuffs the clothes in each dryer, feeding the machines' quarters as he goes. Soon all three dryers are tumbling.

Will gets cranky again but seems to like to watch the dryer spin. "You like that?" Mulder says. He puts Will's carrier into the cart and moves cart to the front of the dryer.

Will is fascinated by the whirling colors in front of him as the heat radiating off the machine warms him.

Just then Mulder's cellphone rings. He unclips it from his hip. "Mulder."

Hey Mulder it's me. How's it going? "Oh we're fine Scully, Will loves riding in the dryer."


"I'm just kidding." Mulder chuckles.

For the sake of your manhood you better be! "He's fine Scully. He's watching the dryers tumble."

Are you coming home soon?

"As soon as we can. I'll bring dinner if you want."

No that's okay, I'll make something. "Scully, you just want to get your hands on your son as soon as possible, don't you." Mulder teases her.

Yes but I was also thinking of his father. "We'll be home as soon as we can." Mulder grins.

Okay, I'll see you then.

Mulder puts his cell away.

Just then the door bursts open and in runs Frohike and Langly. Frohike quickly dumps a duffle bag of clothes into the nearest washer as Langly stuffs quarters into it. Frohike slams the lid.

"Hey guys!" Mulder yells.

"Not now!" Frohike yells back.

The sound of tires squealing is heard as Byers pulls up in the van. Frohike and Langly take off for the door. Langly yells over his shoulder, "Later dude!"

leaving the building and jumping into the van as it screams down the street.

"That was weird, even for them."

Mulder looks over to see Will softly sleeping, scrunched down in his carrier. "You're just like your mother, she could sleep anywhere too."

Just then a dryer stops. Mulder moves over to check it.

All the clothes are dry.

He gently places Will's carrier on the table, the baby stirs but he doesn't wake. Mulder places the laundry into the cart as the second and third dryers stop. He pulls these clothes out. Will yawns and is awake.

"Hey buddy, you coming to?" Mulder says to his son.

"Will we can fold these clothes here or we can get home to your mother and fold them there. "It's your call buddy."

Will stretches out taut and puckers up to squawl.

"Okay, okay we'll head home."

Mulder grabs the laundry baskets and shoves the clothes into them. He pulls out a pink satin bra.

"Humm, I don't remember this one." He shrugs putting it in the basket.Placing the two baskets in the cart he grabs Will's carrier and makes his way toward the door.

Sitting the carrier on the counter he grabs the baby blanket and covers Will with it. Will's not happy and grabs the blanket. "Now, you need to be covered Will.

You're catching a cold." Will is not amused. Mulder covers him up once more. He grabs the diaper bag and the carrier and heads for the door.

He moves across the parking lot and fishes his keys from his pocket, dropping the diaper bag on the floor in the back he buckles Will's carrier in.

Mulder jumps in the front and starts the car. He brings it around to the laundromat door, leaving the car running, he opens the trunk. He races into the laundromat and brings out the baskets of clothes, setting them into the trunk. He slams the lid and jumps into the front seat of the car.

Mulder looks over to Will, "You want to know what the best part of doing the laundry is Will? Going back home to your mother."

With that Will pulls the blanket off his face again.

~The End~



Title: Man to Man Talk VII
Author: Girlie_Girl7
Written: 11-15-01
Category: Baby FF
Rating: PG
Spoilers: If you haven't seen Existence then I'll tell ya now M&S have a baby!
Archive: Any where but the mens room at the Y, that's reserved for my phone number!
Disclaimer: I didn't do it, I was just passing by when. Sorry, wrong kind of disclaimer. No I do not own M&S or William and I find it kinda mean to own people.

Summary: Mulder continues his chat with his son.

It's a cool, crisp late November day. Fox Mulder has been up for hours. He ran, showered and shaved, dressed his son and loaded the car. That was the easy part, now for the hard part.

~Fox Mulder is Spending Thanksgiving with the Scully's~

Mulder pulls away from the curb with Scully and William in the back seat. Will's come down with a terrible cold.

Scully preferred to keep him home but her mother insisted they spend Will's first Thanksgiving together as a family.

The baby has been on antibiotics but he's spent the night keeping his parents up. Scully suspects he has the start of an ear infection. Neither parent is real keen on spending the day in a hot stuffy house with Bill Scully and a cranky baby.

Will fussed on the way to grandma's house but at least he wasn't screaming like he had been 12 hours earlier.

"You okay Scully?" Mulder asks as he adjusts the rear view mirror so he can see her face.

"Yeah, I'm fine Mulder but you must be dead on your feet.

You walked the floor most of the night."

"It's part of the job Scully and besides I don't take much sleep."

"Well, thanks for helping."

"Scully there is no one I would want our son to spit up on but me." Scully smiles at him as they make their way to Maggie Scully's house.

Scully grabs the diaper bag and the extra blankets while Mulder removes Will's carrier and covers him up with a blanket. As they head up the walk, the door suddenly bursts open, with Maggie Scully and various relatives spilling out.

"Dana!" Maggie says, hugging her daughter. "And Fox!"

"Hi mom," Scully says returning the hug.

Mulder turns red but can't avoid a hug. "Hi Mrs. Scully."

"Fox someday I'll break you of that 'Mrs. Scully' stuff.

And where's my newest grandson!"

"Mom he's not feeling well, let's uncover him inside,"

Scully says as she moves indoors.

The party moves in to Mrs. Scully's living room.

Mulder sits the baby carrier on the couch and takes Scully's coat as well as his own. He hangs them in the hall closet, mostly to stall for time; he's not comfortable in a crowd.

Scully takes the blanket off the carrier and lifts up a whispy red haired, Scully-blue eyed, baby boy.

William's cheeks are chapped and red, and his nose is running. He's trying to chew on his fingers as he blinks his wide eyes at the crowd gathered around him.

Grandma Scully sweeps William into the air.

"Careful mom, his tummy has been upset lately."

Scully looks down as she feels a tug on her sweater.

It's Matthew.

"Hello Matthew," she says bending down. "Can I get a hug?"

Mathew tentatively hugs Scully. "Who is that baby?"

He asks twisting the hem of his shirt.

"That's William, Matthew, he's your cousin."

"William is mine?"

The whole Scully gang laughs at the small boy.

"No William is mine and Fox's."

Mathew loses interest and wanders off.

Mulder's lingering in the background, leaning against the door frame that leads into the living room.

Tara grabs Scully, "Dana you look great! Motherhood certainly agrees with you."

"Thanks, I hope so."

"Where's Fox?"

"Oh I imagine he's hiding around here somewhere."

Tara spies Mulder and drags him over to Scully as Maggie cradles William, taking him into the kitchen.

Tara hugs Mulder saying, "You'd better get use to this clan Fox, I've had too."

"Thanks for the warning," Mulder replies as he hugs her back.

Bill steps out from the kitchen, a glass in hand.

"Bill!" Scully says as she hugs her brother.

"Dana, you're looking well. A lot better then right after Will was born."

"Things have been a lot better since then."

Mulder steps foreword, thrusting out his hand, "Bill."

"Mulder," Bill says clasping Mulder's hand.

Just then the door opens. "Anybody home?" Charles Scully says jokingly as he and his wife come in with three little kids in tow.

Scully runs to Charles and grabs him around the neck, hugging him. "Charlie! I've missed you."

"It's been too long Dana."

"Karen!" Scully hugs Charles' wife.

"Dana, you look great."

"Thanks so do you."

"So where's this baby I've been hearing about," Charlie says.

"Mom has him. I'm afraid he's a little cranky today, he's been sick."

Just then Maggie comes out of the kitchen with William.

Scully scoops Will up and brings him into the living room.

"Karen, Charlie, this is our son William."

Scully grabs Mulder's hand, "And this is Fox Mulder."

Charles thrusts out his hand. "Fox nice to meet you."

"Thanks, nice to meet you too."

Will stiffens up in Scully's arms and begins to cry.

"You need changed don't you sweetie," Scully says as she kisses the little boys head.

Mulder takes Will, "I'll do the honors Sc...Dana."

"Thanks Fox." Mulder cringes at the sound of his name, taking the baby into the bedroom to change him.

"Hey buddy, how you feeling?" The baby is sniffling, trying to breathe through his stuffy nose.

Scully, Tara and Karen walk into the kitchen to find Mrs. Scully busy working on dinner.

Karen speaks up, "So Dana, it looks like you've got Fox well trained."

Scully grabs a spoon and stirs a pot on the stove.

"He's a natural at it actually."

Tara chimes in, "He sure seems taken with that little boy."

"Yes he is. Um mom can I do anything to help?" Scully asks, trying to deflect the conversation away from their personal life.

"I need the boiled eggs shelled, the jello unmolded and the potatoes peeled." The women all laugh.

"I'm sorry I asked," Scully says sitting down and grabbing the potato peeler.

"There we go. It feels better to be dry doesn't it Will."

Will sneezes and rubs his sore nose' causing himself to whimper. Mulder pulls out a small tube of cream.

"Mom says this will make those red cheeks feel better."

He gently covers the little boys nose and cheeks with the cream. "There we go, ready to face the crowd again?"

Mulder grins at Will as they leave the bedroom, entering the kitchen.


All the women in the kitchen turn to look at Mulder who is beginning to blush.

"I think he means me," Scully says as she walks toward him drying her hands on a towel. Mulder leans into her,"

Scully I think it's time for Will's meds."

Scully looks at her watch, "You're right Mulder, I'll take him."

Mulder looks at the women, "Ah, I guess old habits die hard,"

he says with an obvious blush as he rubs his hands together.

Tara speaks up, "Fox would you feel better if we all just called you 'Mulder'?"

"That would be great! Thanks," Mulder says with a look of relief on his face.

Mulder wanders into the living room. Bill and Charles are sitting on the couch watching a football game.

"Who's playing," he says sitting down in an arm chair.

Charles speaks up, "Detroit and Chicago."

Bill groans at a play that was just made on the tv.

"You like football Fox?" Charles asks.

"Yeah I do and please call me Mulder."

Bill glances at Mulder but doesn't say anything.

Scully comes in with Will as two boys run past her.

Charles yells out, "Okay boys, no running in the house!"

Mulder jumps up to steady her before she falls. "Thanks Fox."

Mulder smiles at her, taking Will, he says, "It's ok Scully, everyone is calling me Mulder."

"Thank God for that, I knew I couldn't keep it up all day."

Charles snickers at Scully.

"I'll help mom if you can take Will."

"Sure," Mulder says taking the baby from Scully.

Will sneezes and coughs as Mulder jiggles him trying to soothe him but Will just squirms and starts to bawl.

Mulder gets up and yells into the kitchen. "Hey Scully could Will be hungry?"

Scully comes out of the kitchen with messy hands.

"I don't think he is, but I've put his bottles in the fridge. Why don't you try some juice."

"He feels really warm too."

"I know Mulder but he can't have any fever reducer this soon."

Maggie overhears them and brings the bottle out, giving it to Mulder.

Thanking Maggie, Mulder heads back to the living room. He sits down and offers the bottle to Will, who takes it but still fusses.

Bill and Charlie are caught up in the game.

"Tara," Bill yells.

"What!" She yells back.

"Can I get a drink?"

"Sure you can, I'm not stopping you."

Laughter can be heard coming from the kitchen.

"Great," Bill mutters, "Everyone is a comedian."

Charlie laughs and takes his feet off the coffee table so Bill can get his own drink.

"You're pretty quite Mulder."

"Yeah I guess I tend to be."

"So how are you and 'Scully' getting along?" Charlie teases.

Mulder grins, "We're doing okay. She hasn't thrown me out yet so I guess that's something."

Will is starting to grow restless again.

"Looks like 'walk and talk' time to me," Charlie says.

"Excuse me?"

"'Walk and talk'; that's when you get stuck with a cranky kid and have to walk and talk to keep him happy."

"Will and I did a lot of that last night."

"Better get use to it. I've been through hundreds of 'walk and talks'."

Just then Bill returns, sitting back down and putting his feet back up on the coffee table.

"Where's he going?"

"Walk and talk."

"Oh, cranky kid, huh."

Mulder walks down the hallway looking at the Scully family photos covering the walls. He smiles at the thought of what Scully must have been like as a kid.

"Will I hope you have the same carefree childhood that your mom says she had."

Mulder kisses Will's head, "You sure are warm kid."

He and Will move past the backstairs into the laundry room. "We could teach them a thing or two about doing laundry couldn't we Will," Mulder laughs.

Will is still uncomfortable and cranky. "Shh, you'll have these guys thinking I can't take care of you,"

Mulder says offering Will his toy duck but Will just shoves it away.

Will is beginning to squirm and cry as sweat is soaking the back of his head.

"We need to cool you down, buddy."

Mulder opens the door leading into the glassed-in back porch. He sits down in a lawn chair being stored there.

"That feels better doesn't it Will."

Will stretches out and yawns as he drinks the bottle of juice. He grows sleepy and calms down as they sit quietly for some minutes.

"Mulder what are you doing out here?" Scully asks crouching down next to him.

"He feels better in the cool air Scully."

Scully runs her hand over Will's warm head.

"Okay but don't stay out here too long. I don't need two sick men on my hands," she says as she ruffles Mulder's hair and goes back inside.

Maggie looks up as Scully enters, "How's the baby, Dana?"

"He's asleep. Mulder has him on the back porch to cool him down." Scully begins peeling potatoes again.

Just then Matthew comes in and grabs Scully's arm.

"Aunt Dana can you come play with me?"

Scully leans down to talk to the small boy. "No Matthew, I have to help grandma."

"Aunt Dana can Will come play with me?" Mathew says as he twists his arms in knots.

I'm sorry sweetie but William is not feeling good."

"Aunt Dana, who's that man?"

"You mean Mulder? He's William's daddy."

"Can he come play with me?"

"No sorry Matthew he's taking care of William."

Maggie speaks up, "Mathew the other boys are in the backyard. Why don't you go play with them."

"Okay gramma." Matthew says as he races out the back door. Both women smile at each other.

Tara and Karen come in with folding chairs and a card table. "Mom can we sit this up in the dining room for the kids," Tara asks.

"Sure but we need to wipe it off first."

"I'll be right back," Scully says.

Mulder is still sitting in the cool porch. "Will, you know I wasn't sure about this whole father thing when I found out, but now I can't see myself anywhere else." Mulder nuzzles Will's chest with his nose.

"I couldn't let your mom down, she's sacrificed so much for me, but you wanna hear something amazing, it's so much more than that. I love her like I never knew I could love anyone. I guess I have always been afraid I didn't have enough to offer her but now I know I have so much to give her that a lifetime won't be enough for us."

Will dozes in Mulder's warm arms. "But you don't care just as long as you get fed and are warm and dry.

I was like you once," Mulder grins at him as he covers Will with a blanket and kisses his tiny fingers.

Getting up, he sees Scully standing there. She is smiling at him as she leans against the door frame.

"Hey, how long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough."

"I ah, I.."

"Don't say another word Mulder." Scully moves in, laying her arms on Mulder's as he cradles Will.

Mulder kisses her and says, "I was just going to say, I meant every word of it."

"I know you do," Scully replies, "Now lets see if we can get Will to sleep for awhile."

Mulder yawns, "I could use some sleep too."

"Oh no, you're not leaving me alone with this crowd,"

Scully says taking Mulder by the hand as he carries Will into the spare bedroom.

"Let me take him," Scully says as she takes Will to the crib.

Just then Matthew runs through the door, followed by two cousins. The noise startles Will and he begins to cry and this time he is crying for all he's worth.

"Boys!" Scully says, her voice dripping with exasperation.

The boys run back out of the bedroom as Mulder leans in to lift Will out of the crib. "It's okay, Scully.

Will and I will just walk and talk."


"Never mind, I'll explain it later. Just go help your mom."

Will is really cranked up now.

"Are you sure, Mulder?" Scully says above the din of Will's crying.

"Scully, I'm a pro."

"Yeah, where have I heard that before," she sighs rolling her eyes. Mulder just smiles at her. Scully leaves Will with Mulder and returns to the kitchen.

Mulder takes off all of Will's clothing except for his diaper and cracks the window slightly. Will rubs his sore nose' and cries again. "Will! You need to leave that nose of yours alone, or it's not going to get any better." Mulder gives Will the bottle of juice but he wants none of it, jerking his head back and forth."

Scully gets up from the table and retrieves some meds from the diaper bag. As she walks past Bill he quips, "You think Mulder can handle a baby, Dana?"

"Shut up Bill," Scully says as Charlie laughs at him.

Mulder is still trying to get Will to take the juice but Will doesn't want it.

"Mulder," Scully says slipping into the room.

"Let me give him some fever reducer. It's nearly time anyway." Scully gives the baby a spoonful of the red liquid. He takes it but not without a struggle.

Scully and Mulder sit down on the bed as Will squirms and cries and coughs. Scully sighs, "Mulder maybe we should go home."

"Scully you've been looking forward to this. I can handle Will, we have a simpatico." Mulder grins at her and squeezes her with his free arm. "Now get back out there and help your mom. I'll be out as soon as Will quiets down."

"Okay but if he doesn't settle down we're leaving."

Scully kisses Will's forehead. "Get some sleep baby,"

she says as she leaves the bedroom.

"Will you've got your meds in you, just wait until they kick in buddy, you'll be feeling better." Will is sobbing and still refusing to eat.

"Dana if you can set the table, I'll get the turkey out of the oven." Maggie says as Tara and Karen takes various bowls out of the fridge.

Bill and Charles are still sitting in the living room, engrossed in the game, neither one has moved.

Mulder is dealing with his son, he's walked the baby around the room, he has jiggled him, he's tried to lay him down but nothing seems to calm Will.

"You're still so warm," Mulder says as he places his cheek against Will's. Will whimpers and clutches Mulder's neck.

"Okay that's it! I'm gonna get you comfortable Will or else my name isn't Fox William Mulder!"

Mulder takes Will into the quest bathroom and fills the sink with water, stripping off the baby's diaper, he puts Will into the sink. Mulder gently pours water over Will's back; he shivers but does quiet down.

"There you go son, feeling better?" Mulder says as he continues to pour water over Will.

Will looks' up at Mulder and yawns. "You're sleepy aren't you, so am I. We did a lot of 'walk and talk' last night didn't we Will."

Mulder wraps the little boy in a big towel, taking him back into the bedroom, he shuts the window and turns the bedside radio on to a soft music station. Dressing Will in a diaper, he covers his tender face with more cream and this time Will doesn't complain.

Mulder crawls onto the bed and gives Will his bottle.

Will takes it and begins to settle down.

"That's it, you're feeling better aren't you," Mulder yawns as Will reaches up and puts his hand on Mulders.

Will's eyes grow heavy and he begins to relax.

Scully has set the table and filled the water glasses.

The kids have been corralled at the kitchen sink to wash their hands as Bill and Charles wander in.

"Dana you want to get Fox and Will. I think we're about ready to eat."

"Okay mom," Scully replies as she walks down the hall to the spare bedroom. She softly turns the door knob and peeks in.

The dining room is filling up with hungry people as Scully comes back down the hall. "Mom, Mulder will eat later, just save him a plate."

"Too good to eat with the Scully's," Bill says with the genetic Scully eye roll as Charlie laughs.

Scully's eyes grow wide as does her temper, grabbing Bill and Charlie by the hands she pulls them down the hallway. "I want to show you something." Placing her finger against her lips she quietly opens the door.

Mulder is laying on his side, sound asleep, curled around his son as Will sleeps on his stomach with his head turned toward his father.

The entire adult population of the Scully clan is standing before the bedroom door as Dana quietly pulls the door shut.

"That is so sweet," Tara softly says.

"That is not sweet," Scully says in a crisp tone.

"That's a father who has spent too many hours caring for his son. He's exhausted and he deserves some credit, right Bill!"

Bill looks down and then back up as the others stare at him. "What? Okay Dana, I'm sorry."

"No you're not!" Scully says as she walks back into the kitchen. She grabs a dish cloth and begins to wipe down the stove top.

Bill walks up behind her, "Dana I said I was sorry, why can't you just drop it."

"Drop it! Oh that's choice Bill Scully!" Scully says standing toe to toe with her brother, her hands on her hips. "I've been asking you to drop it for 5 years now!"

Bill leans against the counter with arms crossed seeming to not care what Scully says.

Scully goes back to cleaning the stove. "Sometimes Bill I just don't understand you." She turns and leans against the stove.

"Why do you hate him so? Is it jealousy, because he's done so much in his life and you've just followed in your father's safe footsteps."

"Dana, I."

"Shut up Bill, I'm not done," Scully snaps.

The rest of the Scully clan is gathered in the dining room, not about to come to Bill's defense.

"And don't try to feed me that bullshit about the things that have gone wrong in my life being Mulder's fault. You're right, some of it was but so where the good things."

Scully moves over to stand next to Bill.

"I've got a great job, I have a passionate man in my life who loves me very much. I have a child, one that I was never supposed to have and he has a father who adores him. What more can you want Bill.

It's enough for me."

Mulder stirs as he hears the door open. He has no idea how long he has been out but Will is still sleeping. He swings his legs off the edge of the bed and rubs his eyes. Scully sits down next to him and pats his hand. "Well Mulder you still haven't made it to a Scully Thanksgiving."

Mulder glances over at Scully. "You mad at me?"

"Mulder you made Will comfortable and he's finally getting some sleep. I'd say that is more important than some old dinner."

Mulder looks wide eyed as Scully grabs his hand and squeezes it, just then Will stirs.

Scully looks over at him. "I think I know a baby that's hungry."

"That's your department Scully," Mulder says as he gets up, stretching his arms over his head.

There is a knock at the door, Bill Scully is peeking around it. He's holding a heaping plate of food, "Um Mulder, I have a plate for you if you're hungry."

Mulder looks surprised. "Thanks Bill."

Bill looks sheepish and shuts the door.

Mulder sits down next to Scully, looking at her he asks, "What was that all about?"

"Bill is just being nice, accept it Mulder."

Mulder grabs Scully around the shoulder and kisses her. "Oh I will."

Getting up, Mulder picks up Will who's making squeaky baby noises. "Here you go little one. Let mom give you some Thanksgiving dinner."

Mulder hands Will to Scully.

"Thank you," Scully says scooting up against the headboard. Mulder heads for the door eager to get some food into his empty stomach.

"Oh and Mulder."

"Yeah Scully."

"Next year Thanksgiving is at our house."

~The End~


Christmas shopping

Title: Man to Man Talk VIII
Author: Girlie_Girl 7
Written: 12-12-01
Category: M&S, Baby FF
Rating: G
Archive: It would be nice.
Spoilers: Scully and Mulder have a baby.(gasp!)
Disclaimer: I feel really sorry for M&S and William being owned by Fox, I would take much better care of them.

Summary: Mulder continues his chat with his son.

The parking lot is, well a parking lot. Spaces are at a premium and to top it all off it's snowing.

Snow is suppose to add to the festive atmosphere but not when you're looking for a parking space.

The mall is packed with people standing shoulder to shoulder. It's hot and stuffy, while Christmas music belches from every corner.

A man is seen walking down the concourse, his leather jacket slung over his shoulder, having shed it as soon as he hit the sweltering heat that is the mall. A diaper bag is thrown over the other shoulder with a tiny fuzzy coat hanging over it. He's carrying a small boy, his legs straddling the mans waist as his father firmly holds him, one hand wrapped protectively around him.

~Fox Mulder is Christmas Shopping~

Mulder and Scully have already bought and shipped the gifts for the relatives and they have thoroughly enjoyed shopping for Will.

Each night, Scully came home from work to find Mulder with a new toy to show her, that he had ordered off the internet.

But the most fun has to have been the weekend that Maggie kept William. They spent the entire Saturday walking through the malls, shopping and holding hands, stopping for coffee, and buying things for Will. They laughed and touched and spent heavily but who cared, it was only money and they enjoyed spending it on their son.

Mulder's mind drifts back to the thought of that day and it makes the task before him seem easier.

He sits down on a bench next to other haggard looking men. Some are burdened with bags of gifts while others just stare at their long lists, scratching their heads.

Mulder and Will are looking for Scully's Christmas gift. Will is captivated by all the bright colors and the people passing by.

"Will, I thought this would be easy," Mulder says as he turns his son around, sitting him on his lap.

"Da, da, da," Will jabbers, not yet able to put it all together.

"That's right. I'm your da," Mulder laughs at Will.

Will spies' another baby in a stroller and immediately starts to jump and babble in baby talk.

"Spot one of your own kind Will?" Mulder snickers.

Will is struggling, trying to get down.

"Oh no you don't! If your mother ever found out I let you play on this dirty floor, she'd make sure you were an only child."

The stroller and the baby disappear into the mass of people, Will seems disappointed.

"You really like the under-three-feet crowd don't you Will."

Will drools down his chin and onto the blue corduroy bibs he is clad in. He has a red and blue plaid flannel shirt on and red Nikes on his feet. Mulder did win that battle, Will gets to wear shoes; he just has a hard time keeping them on.

He lost one a few weeks ago prompting Mulder to hurriedly replace it, knowing Scully would realize it was gone and hit the ceiling over the expense.

Just a little secret Will and dad keep from mom.

"Hey buddy do you have any idea what mom would like for Christmas?"

Will jabbers and stuffs a fist into his mouth.

Mulder bounces Will on his knee, "I sure wish I could understand baby talk."

Will spouts, "da, da, da," again.

"Okay Will, let's get this show on the road,"

Mulder says getting up, rolling his stiff shoulders.

With Will clasp to his chest, Mulder begins his trek through the mall. Coming upon a jewelry store, he looks in the window.

"Will, you think mom would like a nice piece of jewelry?" Will shouts', "Mo, mo, mo," as he bounces in Mulder's arms.

"Sorry buddy 'mo', isn't here."

As they walk into the store, Mulder scans the showcases. An older woman approaches him, "Can I help you sir?"

"I was just looking for a Christmas gift."

"For a woman?"

Mulder smiles at her, "Yes, his mom actually."

"Mo, mo, mo," Will repeats.

The sales clerk laughs and motions for Mulder to follow her. She takes him to a counter filled with gold chains.

"See anything here she would like?"

"Um, not really, she has a favorite necklace that she's never without, except under extreme circumstances."

Mulder's voice grows low as he remembers the last time she was without it.

The clerk looks at the baby Mulder holds to his chest. "Does he have any brothers or sisters?"

"Not yet," Mulder replies a little red faced.

"Have you given any thought to a baby ring?"

"Excuse me?"

The clerk laughs. "We fit your son with a ring and you can give it to his mother. She can wear it on a chain or put it away but it's always there to remind her of how tiny those fingers once were."

Mulder looks at Will who currently has his fingers in his mouth. "Okay but make sure it's waterproof."

The clerk laughs as she retrieves a small tray of baby rings from the display case.

The ring is fitted and set aside for engraving.

Mulder pays the bill and takes off with Will.

"One down and a few more to go."

They make their way past several women's specialty shops. Mulder looks them over but isn't quite sure what Scully would like. Finally picking one, he walks in.

Will immediately tries to grab a colorful, shimmery shirt from the display. "Oh no you don't Will, let me pick out the clothes," Mulder says as he pulls Will's hand away, holding it to him.

A young woman approaches Mulder. "Can I help you?"

"I'm looking for a Christmas gift."

"Okay." The woman says, hoping for a little more information.

"Do you have any idea what she would like?"

"Umm no," Mulder says a little stressed as he scans the large store.

"All right, let's start with her size."

"Her size," Mulder replies as if he's asking the clerk the question.

"You don't know her size," the clerk sighs.

"Well no not exactly but she comes up to my chin and she's kinda tiny all over."

"I see," the clerk says having been down this road before with men. Motioning for Mulder and Will to follow her, they move to another part of the store.

"How about lingerie, size isn't so critical in lounge or sleep wear." Mulder looks over the rows of pajamas, nightgowns and teddies displayed before him. The clerk excuses herself for a moment.

Mulder runs his hands over the silky fabrics, "You know Will I could get use to seeing your mom in this stuff."

"Mo, mo, mo," Will jabbers.

The clerk returns, and between them they chose a long green satin robe with matching pajamas. Mulder once again pulls out his credit card, paying the bill.

He takes the package that the clerk, thankfully, gift wrapped for him. As they are leaving the store Mulder looks back into the window, "Will I think for your mother's birthday I'll buy her that little blue silk number we saw."

He kisses Will's head, moving back into the mall crowd.

Rounding a corner he comes to a snack area.

"I could use some coffee Will, you probably need a little juice."

Will is too consumed by the activities going on around him to care what his father says.

Mulder gets in line behind a woman with two horrible children. Will is fascinated by their antics and claps wildly as they misbehave.

Mulder whispers to him, "Don't encourage them buddy."

Mulder finally makes his way to the front of the line and places his order for coffee and fries. He pays the bill and balances the tray, making his way to a free table. Grabbing a high chair, he settles Will into it. "I guess I should have taken Frohike with us Will, like he offered, but we'd still be standing in that lingerie shop."

Will, smacks his hands on the high chair tray as Mulder pulls' out a bottle of juice. Eagerly Will takes it, having just learned to feed himself, much to Scully's dismay. She wanted him to stay small a few months longer.

Mulder pops open the coffee lid, taking a long sip.

Will reaches for the cup, letting the bottle hit the tray. "Oh no son, no caffeine for you. You already give your mother a run for her money, she doesn't need you hopped up on caffeine."

Mulder breaks a fry into pieces, blowing on it, he places it on Will's tray. The baby hurriedly stuffs the fry into his mouth.

"Don't tell mom we shared some fries. She would skin me and have your stomach pumped. 'No fried food for my baby,'" Mulder mocks.

Mulder laughs as Will stuffs another fry into his mouth. Will laughs' at Mulder laughing at him.

Between the two of them they polish off the fries and most of their respective drinks.

Mulder cleans the table off and takes one more gulp of coffee before disposing of their trash.

Taking the baby from the high chair; Will places one small arm around Mulder's neck and pats Mulder on the cheek saying, "Da, da, da."

Mulder has to laugh. "Will, you are the happiest little guy. I'm not sure where you get that, but it could be from your mom."

"Mo, mo, mo."

"That's right mo."

Just then a tall thin man accompanied by an equally tall thin woman approach Mulder and Will.

"Mulder, Fox Mulder?"

Mulder turns to stand toe to toe with Special Agent Danny Brown, and what Mulder assumes, must be his wife.

Agent Brown was one of those agents who never had a good thing to say about 'Spooky Mulder'.

"Agent Brown."

"I thought that was you."

"One in the same," Mulder quips.

"I heard you got the pink slip."

"Yeah I guess you could say that."

"So have you found work yet?"

"Um, I'm not really looking."

"Oh right, you and Agent Scully have a kid or something."

"He's a kid and not 'a something'."

"Sorry I didn't mean anything by it."

"I'm sure."

"Well you take care of yourself."

"I intend to take care of all of us," Mulder says looking at Will as the agent and the woman move off whispering to each other.

"What a tool," Mulder sighs, adding, "And people wonder why I prefer your company, Will."

Will pats Mulder on the face again, "Da, da, da."

"That's right," Mulder chuckles, "And don't you forget it!"

Will starts to squirm in Mulder's arms and lets out a growl. "Easy does it buddy, I don't have your stroller here. I've got to carry you."

They walk the length of the mall but nothing appeals to Mulder. "What else would your mother like? I want it to be special since it's our first Christmas together."

He sits down on a vacant bench and places Will between his legs. The baby's feet dangle off the bench, with Will furiously kicking them.

"Will, I'm taking suggestions, anything, anything at all."

Just then Will starts to babble and points with his tiny finger. Mulder looks up to see they are sitting in front of a travel agency.

"A trip? You think we should give mom a trip."

Will squirms, trying to get down; he squeals and turns red.

"Okay, okay, no turning red, we'll check it out."

Twenty minutes later Mulder emerges from the travel agency, tickets in hand. Just then a woman pushes the door open, "Mr. Mulder!"


"You left your packages here."

She brings out Scully's gifts and Will's diaper bag.

"Thank you," Mulder says adding, "Would you mind,"

handing Will over to the woman.

"Of course," she laughs.

Mulder finally has everything in place,taking Will from her.

"Next time I have to come to the mall I'm hiring a sherpa."

The woman laughs and heads back to the travel agency.

Mulder and Will make their way through the throng of people. Finally reaching the mall vestibule, he sits down his packages. Mulder lets the diaper bag and his jacket slip from his shoulder. He lays Will down on a bench next to him. Slipping on his own jacket, he sits Will up and puts the fuzzy navy blue jacket on him, zipping it up. Laying Will back down, Mulder ties the hood, "Mom says I have to keep those ears of yours covered. We don't want a repeat of Thanksgiving do we."

Picking up Will, he slings the diaper bag over his shoulder and grabs his packages.

Pushing through the door, they are hit with a cold blast of brisk December wind. Mulder pulls his jacket over Will, burying the baby's head into his chest.

Fumbling for his keys he manages to open the rear door, piling all the packages in it. He moves around to the front. Opening the door, he sits down, still holding Will.

Starting the car, he uncovers the baby's face.

"Will it's too chilly in here for me to put you in that cold carrier. You'd freeze to death."

Will lays his head on Mulder's chest and sucks his thumb. He's completely worn out. Mulder rubs the little boy's back as the car starts to warm up. Will drifts off to sleep and scrunches down into Mulder's warm body.

Mulder kisses his head. "Will, I hate to do this to you buddy but you have to be strapped in." Mulder twists and turns until he is facing the back seat.

He lifts Will over the seat as the baby softly snores and flexes his fingers. He lowers Will into the carrier and buckles him in. Covering Will with a blanket, he moves back behind the wheel. Will softly stirs, waking up.

Pulling out of the parking lot Mulder eases into the traffic as shadows grow long in the fading light. Tuning the radio to soft Christmas music, he looks over at Will. The baby's tiny head is leaning against the car seat as he chews on his thumb with sleepy eyes.

"You know Will I'm really looking forword to Christmas for the first time in years, just you, me and mom."

Will softly repeats, "Mo, mo, mo."

~the end~


Santa cookies

Title: Man to Man Talk IX
Author: Girlie_Girl7
Written: December 2001
Category: M&S, Baby FF
Rating: G
Archive: Is that where Noah keeps his bees? (anywhere)
Spoilers: How should I know, I'm not a 9er.
Disclaimer: As much as I hate it, M&S do not belong to me, they are owned by Fox, but I love them more.

Summary: Mulder continues his chat with his son on Christmas Eve.

A Christmas tree softly glows in a dimly lit living room. The smell of cinnamon and cloves fills the air as hushed Christmas music drifts in from the next room.

A brown-haired man in a blue t-shirt and sweat pants sits in a rocker cradling his now sleeping son, as he gazes into the crackling flames in the fireplace. He clutches the baby's small fingers, bringing them to his mouth to kiss them.

~Fox Mulder is waiting for Santa~

Mulder and Scully decided soon after Thanksgiving that they would be spending Christmas at home, unencumbered by the various Scully relatives and enjoying life with Will.

Fate stepped in to help, Charles Scully was away on business and couldn't get home this year and Bill, much to Mulder's delight, was spending Christmas at Tara's parents house.

'Poor parents', Mulder thought.

That left Mrs. Scully. In Mulder's heart he has adopted her as a substitute for his own mother and he is more than happy to be sharing Christmas with her.

She is the only Scully, other than Dana, who has always been proud of him.

The Christmas that he and Scully had wanted to spend alone with William had soon blossomed into Maggie, Skinner, Frohike, Langly, and Byers; Scully having taken pity on the bachelors of the bunch, but it was only for dinner.

Maggie arrived early on Christmas Eve to help Dana get the dinner started and to do some last minute Christmas shopping together.

Mulder and Will have already done their shopping and he is quite proud of their choice of gifts.

Mulder, puts the tiny piece of his heart to bed, softly closing the bedroom door. He can hear voices in the living room. It's Maggie and Scully returning from their last minute shopping.

Scully's voice is light and filled with laughter, it gives Mulder a warm filling to hear her so excited, not by near death experiences or trying to save his ass but by things as simple as Christmas shopping or the touch of their son. Scully, is for once in her life, happy, truly happy and Mulder knows he's a part of the reason. He makes his way into the living room, taking Scully's jacket and kissing her lightly.

"How's Will?"

"He's fine. I just put him to bed."

"Mulder! He should have been asleep hours ago."

"Oh, he was asleep, I just like rocking him," Mulder shyly confesses. Mrs. Scully smiles at him as she takes the packages into the kitchen.

Mulder pulls Scully to him, grabbing her hands and dropping his head to her neck. Breathing out softly, he says, "Merry Christmas Eve, Scully."

Scully looks up with a wide grin on her face, "Merry Christmas Eve to you, Mulder."

She drops one hand, pulling Mulder into the kitchen with the other.

Maggie is putting away groceries, "Anyone for cocoa,"

she asks.

"Sounds good to me," Scully says, as she pulls out a chair, and sits down.

Mulder sits down beside her, grabbing her hand once more.

He's never been one to show his soft side in front of others, but he is quite comfortable around Maggie.

"Scully, from the looks of the gifts under that tree, I'd say Santa was very generous to Will this year."

"Yes, he was," Scully says, "but he deserves it."

"I think William isn't the only one who deserves it,"

Mulder says, stroking Scully's back.

Maggie brings three mugs of cocoa to the table, placing a mug in front of each of them.

"Are there any cookies left," Scully asks.

"Let me check."

"You aren't eating for two again, are you Scully,"

Mulder says leaning into her.

Scully, with a grin on her face, slaps Mulder on the arm.

Mulder softly chuckles.

The attitude between these two has changed, they are more open and playful with one another. William solidified the alliance and allegiance they share.

Maggie can see the change, even if others can't.

Maggie brings out a plate of her homemade cookies.

Mulder reaches for one, "These are really good, I can see where Dana gets her cooking abilities from."

Maggie blushes, and thanks Mulder for his kind words.

Scully eats a cookie while Mulder continues to hold her hand. No words are spoken, none are needed.

"The apartment looks so pretty, Dana," Maggie says surveying the room.

"Thanks, it's been a long time since I've felt like decorating."

Mulder removes his hand from hers and rubs her back.

Scully yawns, "Oh I'm sorry."

Mulder rising from his chair, says, "Come on, Santa will soon be here and you've had a long day."

Hand in hand they make their nightly trek to Will's room to check on him. Satisfied, he's safely slumbering, they continue on to their room.

"Mulder, I really should help mom clean up."

Mulder pulls her close, tucking her head under his chin as Scully circles his waist with her arms.

"I can do it, you need to get some sleep, tomorrow will be a long day."

"Mulder, I've had many long days before."

"Yes, but now you let me take care of you."

Scully snuggles closer to Mulder's chest, "Well, maybe just a little."

Mulder kisses her head and ruffles her hair, "I won't be long."

"You'd better not be."

Mulder makes his way back to the kitchen. Maggie is washing the few dishes they left.

"Want me to dry?" he asks.

"Oh, thanks Fox."

Mulder picks up a towel, and begins drying the cups.

"So," Maggie says awkwardly.

"So," Mulder retorts.

"William should have a nice Christmas. You two certainly bought him enough."

Mulder looks a little embarrassed, "That was my fault. Everything just looked like so much fun."

"But Fox, you bought him a motorized police car, and he's only 7 months old!"

Mulder has to chuckle, "I want to start him out right in law enforcement."

Maggie shakes her head and laughs.

The dishes are done and the kitchen lights shut out.

Maggie walks to the living room to find Mulder on the couch staring at the glowing embers in the fireplace.

She takes a seat in the arm chair next to him.

Mulder sits in silence, as is his nature.

Maggie finally speaks up. "It's been a wild year hasn't it Fox?"

Mulder looks over at her and smiles, "Yeah, it sure has been."

"Fox, I know that the Scully family has not been the most supportive of the relationship you and Dana."

"You mean Bill," Mulder interrupts.

Maggie laughs, "Yes, I guess you can say I mean Bill.

I just want you to know, as a mother, I have always wanted nothing but the best for Dana and I think that's what she has."

"Thanks, that means a lot to me," Mulder says sitting in silence as the embers turn to coals.

"Mrs. Scully."

Maggie shoots him the patented 'Scully look.' "Sorry, umm Maggie," Mulder says a bit embarrassed, "I know I'm not very adept at voicing my feelings, but I just want you to know I won't let Dana or Will down.

Things have changed, my priorities have changed; for the better. I can't say I'm not as driven but the drive is in a more personal direction. I guess what I'm trying to say is, you can sleep, without worry that you'll be getting a call in the middle of the night."

Maggie laughs and nods her head, she knows what Mulder means.

"It's late and morning comes too fast for us adults."

Mulder rises as Maggie does.

"Good night Fox."

"Good night Maggie."

"Someday I'll have you calling me mom yet."

Mulder smiles at her as she heads to the bathroom to take a shower.

Mulder heads for Will's room, it's his last chance to check on his son before Maggie comes in to share the room.

Mulder looks down, surprised to see Will wide awake and chewing on his fingers. He lifts the baby from the crib, "Hey there, little one, why aren't you sleeping. You waiting for Santa?"

Will yawns and stretches in Mulder's arms. Mulder moves to the rocking chair, "Let's see if we can get you back to sleep before mom finds out."

Mulder sits down and cradles Will to his chest.

Will rubs his nose with a tiny fist and yawns again.

"Tomorrow is a big day in kiddom Will, but to tell you the truth I think your mother is just as excited as you are."

Will looks at Mulder and lets out a string a baby jabbers.

"Okay, maybe I'm just a little excited too, but can you blame me Will. We're gonna have so much fun and you can wear your little FBI jacket Uncle Walter gave you."

Will yawns, his head heavy with sleep.

"I'm going to put you to bed now and I don't want you to give grandma any trouble."

Mulder lays Will in his crib just as Maggie comes in.

"I, ah, I was just checking on Will, making sure he doesn't disturb you," Mulder mutters as he walks away from the crib.

Maggie pats Mulder's arm, "Fox, you don't need to be embarrassed that you love your son."

"I know, it's just a little different for me."

"You'll do fine."

"Thanks, I hope so," Mulder says, pulling the door shut.

Maggie reaches into the crib and strokes the baby's whispy, red hair and softly says, "Will, I'm not sure how you ever got here but I know one thing, your mom and dad love you very much. You go to sleep baby and Merry First Christmas."

and to all a good night.

~the end~


First Christmas

Title: Man to Man Talk X
Author: Girlie_Girl7
Category: Baby FF
Rating: G
Spoilers: None for the show but this is a culmination of past M2M Talks.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, the grinch does.

Summary: Mulder and Scully enjoy their first Christmas with Will.

Notes: This is dedicated to Mulderpause and Rose Petal who continue to fight the good fight and to FoxfireX who really wishes I could figure out how to post my own stuff! (thanks kiddo).

~Fox Mulder's first real Christmas~

Mulder and Scully are sitting on the couch amid the piles of shredded wrapping paper. The gift opening went well with Will wide eyed, but unsure of what was going on around him. His lack of exuberance was made up for by Mulder's excess. Will, actually had more fun with the wrapping paper than he did the gifts.

He wore the little FBI jacket Skinner brought him and rode in the motorized police car Mulder bought him, but not without help.

The Lone Gunman gave Will a souped up mobile for over his crib, that sent shivers down Scully's spine when she looked at the monstrosity. She never told them, but it would remain in the closet and only be brought out when they were invited to dinner.

Scully gave Will more appropriate gifts for a 7 month old, cloth toys and plenty of clothes. Maggie gave Will a gift that made all others take a back seat in his eyes. a paddling duck for the tub. To say Will fixated on the rubbery, yellow toy with the bright orange bill, was an understatement.

Mulder was chagrined by the choice Will made and he doesn't understand why Will 'has a thing' for ducks.

He quips that his son, will either grow up to be an animal rights activist or a hunter.

Dinner went well with Maggie, Skinner, and the Lone Gunman all in attendance. Langly wore his tuxedo tee shirt while Frohike left his vest at home, much to the relief of Scully. Will always ends up with furry hands after Frohike held him.

Everyone loved the meal, including Will, who sat between Mulder and Scully in his high chair. When the conversation was high and laughter filled the air, Will would look around and pound his tray and join in with his own laughter, this made the adults laugh even harder.

Will was definitely the hit of the party and Mulder's cheeks were sore from the broad grin he sported all day.

Will ate mashed potatoes and cooked carrots by himself, mostly by the fist full but he did manage to hit his mouth occasionally. It was all washed down with a bottle of cranberry juice. He fought Scully each time she tried to wipe his mouth and she took it well when everyone at the table said 'like mother, like son'.

The day grew to a close with the Gunman taking home leftovers and Skinner escorting Maggie home.

Mulder and Scully have yet to exchange their gifts with one another. Will has been tucked away in his bed hours ago but he can be heard stirring. Scully goes to get him.

"Come on sweetie, you might as well be there when your dad and I open our gifts."

Will grabs Scully around the neck and rubs his face on her sweater as she moves him to the changing table.

"Did you have a nice Christmas Will?" Scully says, as she tickles the little boys bare stomach.

Will giggles and kicks his legs saying, "Mo, mo."

"That's right, you keep trying and you'll get it."

Will reaches up to touch Scully soft hair.

"Will, you're just like your father," she says, lifting the tiny boy from the table, "All done."

Carrying Will into the living room, she finds Mulder retrieving their gifts from under the tree.

Scully sits down on the couch, next to Mulder as Will lunges for the pile of colorfully wrapped gifts.

"Will, those are not yours," Scully laughs as she draws him back.

"Where do we start Scully?"

"Well, give me one so Will can be happy."

Mulder hands her a rectangular box clad in gilded paper. Will immediately grabs the box and begins to tear the paper, squealing with delight.

"Scully, he is going to be really disappointed when there are no gifts to open tomorrow."

Scully, laughs, as she helps Will open her gift.

She pulls off the top of the box revealing a green satin robe and matching pajamas.

Mulder looks a little red faced. "I hope they fit, Will and I aren't real good with sizes."

Holding up the robe, Scully says, "Oh, Mulder, it's perfect. Thank you," she leans in to kiss him, adding "I'll model it for you later."

"Aw, Will, I knew we should have gotten the blue teddy," Mulder says with a laugh as he rubs Wills fuzzy head. Scully reaches for a small box, handing it to Mulder. He opens it to find a paper weight with a small rock embedded in the middle. He looks puzzled.

Scully finally speaks up, "Mulder it's a piece of a moon rock."

"It is!"

"Yes, and I had to pull some strings to get that."

"Scully, thank you, this is great," Mulder says, hugging her. Then getting up, he places the little ball on the fireplace.

"I like it here," he says, standing back to admire it.

"Come on Mulder, Will is getting antsy."

Mulder sits back down beside Scully. Grabbing a small box, he hands it to Will, "Here Will, give this to Mom."

Will takes it, immediately putting it into his mouth.

"No, no," Mulder says, pulling the box from Will and handing it to Scully.

"Thank you Will, and the drool is a nice added touch."

"Scully, this is from Will and I."

"Well, I wonder what it is?" Scully says as she unwraps it, opening a blue velvet box, containing a tiny gold ring.

Scully's face lights up, "Oh Mulder, you didn't!"

"Well, actually, Will and I did. Read the inscription."

"WFM 2001," Scully says, her eyes tearing up.

"Mulder, you got me a baby ring for Will."

"To tell the truth, a clerk suggested it, but I paid for it," he shyly says.

Scully grabs him around the neck and kisses him.

Will starts to squirm.

"Ok, buddy, let me take you for awhile," Mulder says, hoisting the baby into the air.

Scully wipes away the tears as she reaches for an envelope, handing it to Mulder.

Mulder shakes it, "I guess it's not a basketball."

"Close, but no."

Mulder opens the envelope to find one front row seat ticket to a Knicks game.

"Umm, Scully, these are usually bought in pairs."

"Will, doesn't need one."

"Will! You mean you'll trust me to take your baby boy to a Knicks game?" Mulder's face is covered with a large grin.

"Yes, but you have to promise to bring him straight home after the game."

Will tries to chew on the ticket. "No, no buddy, not everything goes into your mouth!"

Scully then hands another gift to Mulder, "Here, you weren't the only one to go shopping with Will."

Mulder looks surprised as he rips open the package.

Inside is a sterling silver frame with a photo of Scully holding Will.

"I thought you might want this for your desk."

Mulder, runs his fingers over the glass, "Scully, this is my favorite gift, you couldn't have done any better."

"It comes with some wallet size photos too, I had too promise one to Frohike."

"I'll bet you did," Mulder says with sparkling eyes and a big grin.

"Thank you," he whispers as he kisses her forehead.

"Scully, the rest can wait but I want you to open this, before we put Will to bed." Mulder pulls out a thin, wrapped package; handing it to Scully.

"Oh, please tell me this is not tickets to a Knicks game," Scully laughs.

"No, no need to worry about that," Mulder says, shifting Will on his lap. Will lets out a string of baby jabber and drools down his chin.

"Easy, Will, moms getting to it."

Will repeats,"Mo, mo," as he arches his back, wanting down.

Scully begins to pull the wrapping off the gift, which returns Will's attention to her.

"Let's see," Scully says, looking down at two tickets for a cruise to Aruba.

"Mulder, I don't know what to say. I umm." Scully is obviously uncomfortable with the implications of a two week cruise for TWO. She looks at Will, pensively turning the tickets over in her hands.

"Oh! Wait, I forgot about these," Mulder says, pulling two more tickets from under the stack of gifts.

"Mulder, what are these?"

"Tickets for Will and your mom. 'Never leave home without them.' They aren't for a stateroom but I didn't think your mom would mind."

Scully reaches over and grabs Mulder in a big hug.

Will growls.

"Scully, I think you're crushing Will," Mulder laughs.

Scully pulls back and rubs Will's fuzzy head as she wipes tears from her eyes and laughs.

"I knew you wouldn't want to be away from him for so long, but after the year we've had I thought we needed a break. The Gunman have offered to sweep the ship before it leaves port, so it's just you and me and baby makes three."

"What about my mom," Scully grins.

"Okay, and grandma makes four."

Will yawns, while Scully stands up, taking him from Mulder. "Come here little man, it's time for the sandman."

Mulder gets up to walk her to Will's room. "Scully, what are the chances there really is a sandman?"

"Mulder, you can't be serious," Scully yips as they walk down the hallway.

"Scully, hear me out, in theory."

"Mulder, I'm not buying 'your theory'."

"But Scully, it might be a mutant throwback that."

The door softly shuts.

~Sometimes the more things change,

the more they stay the same.~

Merry Christmas to all!

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