Title: Joyous
Author: Dri
Classification: MSR
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Requiem, Doggett friendly
Archive: Sure, I need shelter :) Just let me know where so I can visit it.
Disclaimer: In this one, all of them belong to The Guy.
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Summary: He lives.

As always, my thanks goes to Georgia for reading this little piece of mine and saying, 'go for it.'

Author's notes at the end of this piece.

The plane wasn't scheduled to arrive until five minutes after midnight. It was midnight. Five more minutes.

She feared he wasn't going to like her hair. Five inches longer, one inch for each month he had been missing. Wavy curls loosened over her shoulders, down her collarbone. Reddish-brown strands, like the autumn leaves. The color of the joy in his eyes when they had been together for the first time.

The color of his eyes when he said goodbye for the last time.

She fingered the ring he gave her that last night. The platinum halo was on the chain around her neck. Her finger was too swollen now to have a ring on it.

She was too swollen with the new life blooming inside of her.

Was he going to like her new shape?

When they rested together, one of his hands around the flesh on her waist, the other one caressing her arm, he used to tell her he could envelope her completely if he wished to. So small, so fragile, so precious. He never let her forget that she was strong, though. She was the shelter he wanted, the temple he needed. He told her she was everything. She simply told him she was his.

She touched the shelter of her new life.

They were his.

The man beside her smiled. Everything was going to be fine. She nodded at the man who worked for four months as her partner. Her heart pulsed the thanks her clenched jaw couldn't.

She was wearing the black coat because she wanted to look familiar to him. So many things had changed inside of her. She found so many empty spaces waiting to be filled with him. She found so much joy she wanted to share.

He was coming. He was coming.

Once he told her he was too selfish. He wanted to reverse biology, destiny, fate. He wanted to pump life inside of her. He had cried in her arms because he couldn't give her the legacy she deserved. He was sorry he couldn't play God and make things different for them.

She caressed her seven month rounded abdomen. Their child kicked.

They weren't gods, yet they had created a miracle. They had been blessed.

She was nervous. She touched her ring again. It was his promise to her. The promise she carried together with her faith. He told her to wear it only when he came back home.

A voice from above brought the good news that his plane had arrived.

Fifteen minutes had passed when she saw him supported by their boss, coming through the gateway.

She had been told he was thinner, different. The tears brimming in her eyes made him look healthy and the same.

He was walking.

He was breathing.

He was smiling.


The first tear rolled down her face.

He was living.


Author's note: This is the response for the challenge posted on the I Want to Believe list. This little piece was inspired by the great Mulder's Return fics the list's members wrote. Thanks guys for the great exercise. I hope we can repeat the experience soon.


Comments cherished at marmalad@zaz.com.br

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