Alt Returns
These alternate reality fics are about Mulder returning in a way other than shown in "This Is Not Happening," (and Scully still has a baby)

155 Words, or A Nobody Now by Triton
An Acceptable Level Of Happiness by Jenna Tooms
Algernon by Becka F.
All I Will Remember by Namarie
All of These are Nothing by Luperkal
Alone in a Crowded Heart by Tess
The Anomaly by Joann Humby, Aptmt42 and Medusa
Another Gray Morning series by ML
As Circumstances Allow by Ophelia
Axiom by little Starbuck*
Beyond This Experience by Agent L
Changing Seasons by Abra E.
Cherokee by Rachel Wilder
China Roses by Knex Wildfire
Chosen One by Cheri
The Circle's End by Shawen
Coin by IAmSam
Coming Back To You by Marlen
Cunegund's Restoration, or, The Best of All Possible Worlds, Really by Livia
Cursing Miracles I by ElizabethAnn
Darkness Travels by Cerulean1
Daughter by duckys-dream
Deconstruction by Entil'zha
Deep Breath by Catherine M.
Displaced by shawntaw
Duplicity by Archangel
East Side of Eden by conspiracy
Eat Me, Drink Me by Maidenjedi
Eavesdropping by flynn
The Egg of the Phoenix by Keladry
Empty Graves by Kathleen A
Entries by bluefroggie
Equanimity by LuvTheBeez
Exit by Alcott
Eyes of A Child by Lovesfox
Fade by Ann K
Faith by DKNYScully
False Visions by Marlen
Family Ties by e.b.e.
Family Ties by Philemom
Fantasty in X Major by Ophelia
The Firebirds by Alien Girl
First Day Back by shanno
Folded Like A Saint by kim1013
Footprints in The Sand by T Bishop
Found Faith and Lost Time by ML
Foux by alanna
The Fractured Landscape by Zuffy and Littljoe
The Fringe series by Michelle Kiefer
Frisson by Kemystre
Gifts by Kristel S. Oxley-Johns
Glass Landscape by Annie Sewell-Jennings
Guitar Hero by Alicia K.
He Walks Down the Road by Katyblue
Here With Me by Aeryn Delenn
His Most Precious Possession by Xanadu
Homecoming by savagemom
Homecoming by Vickie Moseley
I Heard the Roar of Thunder by frogdoggie
I Love You, Goodbye by Dana Katherine Scully
Impossible Choices by Ally
In Darkness, Light by Kristel S. Oxley-Johns
In My Last Moments by Ara
Introspection: Return by Lauren and Jen
It's Me by Lee Burwasser
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Texas Rose
Joyful are the Waterdrops by kim1013
Joyous by Dri
Just Doing My Job by beduini
Kodomo Tame Ni by White Star 2
A Life Unfinished by Circe
Little Fox by Empress Vader
Lost and Found by Sheryl D.
Maggie's Tips for an Unforgettable Baby Shower by Kel and Scetti
A Man Walks Into a Bar... by Agent L
Me, Sam by Hardra61
Me, Sam II by Hardra61
The Measure of My Days by Marguerite
Missing the Gaze by mercury_999
More Than This by SpookyChick
My Dearest Son by Vickie Moseley
My Travels with Charley series by Windsinger
Never Coming Back/Never Going to Go Away by Julia DH
Never to Part Again by DeathStryke
A New Beginning by The Fox
The Night We Never Met by Heidi P.
Nightmare series by aka "Jake"
No Room For Tears by Hardra61
A Normal Life by Agent Diana Fowley
Not with a Bang by Witch Baby
November Eleventh by Lisby
Now Is the Time by Anndie
On Angels from Heaven by Sandee
Once Upon A Prayer by Deanna Dilbeck
One Last Answer by LJP
Only Just Begun by gilly1013
Perchance to Dream by Foxsong
Pilgrimage by Agent L
Pitter-pat by Maggie
The Power of Standing Still by Leslie Sholly
The Present Implies Presence by kim1013
Quis Custodiet by Lee Burwasser
Rainy Rendezvous by Lonegunwoman
Recollections by C.T.S.
Re Vivus Facere by aka "Jake"
Requited Reverie by Kailee W
Rescue Mission series by Laura Means
A Return by Angela 2
Return by L. C. Shipper
The Return by Grey Woman
The Return by Katriena Knights
The Return by Philemom
Return to Me by Allison B
Return to Me by LadyRaider
A Returning by Jacquie LaVa
Reunion by Jenna Tooms
To Breathe Again by Maddict
The Rusted Wheel of Things by Ellie
Sara Mulder stories by Laura Means
A Second Chance by Red0313
The Secret Language of Babies by ML
Sesame Street Days by VBjess
She Wishes I & II by Starbuck_Jayne
Silent Running by Ms. AM
Shooting Star by Jenna Tooms
Sieg Und Verlust aka "Jake"
Someone I Once Knew
Something Tangible by Rae
Song of Innocence by Christy
StarDust by Quinn Hegal
Surreal Thing by Invisivellum
Take My Breath Away by Ayla
There by Susan
This is Happening by Donna
Treffen by frogdoggie
Trovato by Aurora Vere
Untitled by Teresa
Ut Filium Suum Unigenitum by FredaX
Watching Him by Sister Moon
Weep Not for the Memories by Katriena Knights
Where You Are by LoveFox42
White Wave by Leyla Harrison
The Widow and the Orphan by aka "Jake"
Will by Helen B
Wish You Were Here by Brianne C
With Arms Wide Open by Paige Caldwell
With This Tear by mercury_999
Without Fear by Michel.
Wrapped in Memories by Rachel Freeman
U-Turn by January
Where Day is Dark as Sleep
X Christmas Carol by SaraJ

At Christmas by Gaia Less
Loss by Melissa C
Messenger by Morji
The Mouths of Babes by RaEnright
Summer's Chill by Kris
Unexpected Chances by Mulderslady

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