Title: Illusions
Author: Torra
Written: June 1999
Rated PG
Spoilers: None I can think of
Keywords: MSR, V, A, Post Colonization
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters (Except for the Kid), and even if I *DID* I wouldn't be making any money off of them. With all their medical bills, and lost despot's for cars, boats, cell phones, yadda yadda yadda, I'd be broke within the first year. No, CC owns them and is welcome to them because he's one of the few men out there who can AFFORD them! So, CC don't sue, 'coz you aren't going to get anything from me...

Summary: We cling to those truths which keep us sane.

Author's Notes: I know, I know...it sounds sappy at first...but just read it though...I don't WRITE Sap... >;-}

"Daddy? DADDY!"

"Sam!" Fox Mulder ran towards is five-year-old daughter, picking her up in his arms and swinging her around, laughing.

"I MISSED you, Daddy!" the girl protested, giving her father a pout that she had undoubtedly learned from him.

"I missed you too." He laughed, resting her on his hip, holding her safely in his embrace.

"What? Didn't anyone miss me?"

Fox turned around and smiled at his seven month pregnant wife, "Every day, love. Every day."

"Good." Dana Scully grinned and put her arm around her husband and child, "Can't let a good 'Welcome Home' dinner go to waste."

"Waste? Why would it be wasted?" Mulder asked.

"Because you wouldn't be eating it...you'd be WEARING it!"

Dana laughed, pinching Fox on the side.

Fox laughed and waggled his eyebrows and gave his wife an affectionate leer, "Is that a suggestion?"

"No, *that's* dessert..." Dana grinned, giving him a leer of her own.

"Mom? Dad?"

Both adults were startled by the sudden interruption and blushed, "What is it, hon?" Mulder asked first.

"How long until my baby brother--"

"Or sister," Scully corrected absently.

Samantha Ann Mulder rolled her young eyes, clearly having been corrected many times before," --or sister will be born?"

"We've told you before, dear. In three more months, now. We're getting close, though." Dana Scully smiled.

Sam paused, still resting happily in her father's arms, then asked, "How'd he...OR SHE...get in there, then?"

Dana and Fox exchanged nervous looks, silently communicating their apprehension through their eyes.

"Well...you see..." Dana started.

"The birds and the bees..." Fox attempted.

"Bees? Like those nasty ones that bad Smoking-Man likes?"Sam asked innocently.

"...Nooo....These are *good* bees...."

"Oh....so how did BEES get him or her in there?" Sam asked, pointing to her mother's rounding stomach.

Dana and Fox exchanged looks again. //GOOD one, Mulder....YOU handle this// Dana's eyes told her husband.

"Hum....tell you what....why don't you go ask your Grandpa Skinner?"

"FOX!" Dana laughed, shocked.

"He has a kid...he's been though this before!" Fox protested.

Dana rolled her eyes, "Next thing I know, you'll be reading her bed-time stories from 'The Lone Gunman.'"

Sam looked confused again and whispered loudly to her father, "I thought that was our secret?" she pouted.

Dana pulled back and crossed her arms, raising one eyebrow.

Fox could tell he was in trouble, and he was loving every minute of it. Pulling his wife back into his embrace, he held his family close. "I love you guys." He smiled.

"We love you too, Daddy!" Sam smiled, hugging her father's neck with her small arms.

"I love you too, Mulder." Dana smiled.

"Don't worry, Scully...I love you...you can call me Fox." He smiled and kissed his wife.

"Such a pity, really," the tall, old man said, looking though a window into the next room, "He could have done SO much for us."

"He could have destroyed us...we should have killed him a long time ago!" The second, younger man hissed, balling his good hand into a fist.

"He was useful to us, then," the first man explained in calm tones to his impertinent underling.

"Then why isn't he dead NOW?" the underling growled.

"Who knows, he may still be of use to us."

"But WHY--?" the second man started again.

"DON'T QUESTION OUR DECISIONS!" the first man hissed, anger creeping into his voice.

Chided, the second man stepped down, figuratively and literally, leaving the room.

A third man stepped from the shadows. "He's right, you know.

He's no use to us like this. Not after what we did to his family."

The first man shrugged ever so slightly, "We had our reasons. Pity really. His wife was quite brilliant. And they did have a beautiful child. Ah well." Shrugging, the tall man gave one last look though the window and left the room.

Now the only one left in the room, the third man reached into his pocket and retrieved a box wrapped in cellophane.

Taking a cigarette from it, he placed it between his lips, he paused.

"If only they hadn't included your mother in the bargain. At least the clones are surviving."

Lighting up his cigarette, the man took a deep drag and held it in his lungs for a moment, before exhaling and leaving the room himself, closing the door with a cold finality.

Inside the room, a lone figured lay on a metal slab, his body naked except for a pair of silvery-gray athletic boxers, his body hooked up to tubes and wires.

And inside the room, Fox Mulder dreamed his family was still alive...and happy.


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