Title - The Only Red-Headed Gray Girl
Author - Evex
Rating - G
Category - SH
Spoilers - None
Keywords - Pre-XF

Summary - Little Missy Scully dresses her sister up for Halloween.

Author's Note -- If any of you don't like this, you can all blame it on my dear friend April, who got me writing fanfic for the first time is a really really long time. I don't know where this idea came from, it just sorta . . . appeared. If you want this, ask me first. Except for those of you I just sent it to. Thank you, read on!

"Dana Kat!"

Eleven-year-old Melissa Scully ran down the stairs, searching for her younger sister. "Dana Dana Dana!"

Melissa found her sister sitting in the living room, reading. Melissa put her hands on her hips and sighed. "Dana, you are always READING!"

Dana stuck her tongue out at her sister. "Well excuse me if I want to be smart."

Melissa eyed her sister. "You're no fun, you know that?"

Dana put her book down and stared at Melissa. Her sister's flowered dress, crystal necklace and black boots was a stark contrast to the plain, quiet clothes their mother dressed them in. "Missy, what are you wearing?"

"It's my Halloween costume," Melissa said proudly. "I'm a fortune teller. Where's your costume?"

"I'm not going trick-or-treating," Dana replied. "Mommy's never going to let you wear that. You know how she feels about fortune tellers."

"I don't care. Besides, she's not here," Melissa said. "And you HAVE to go trick-or-treating! I can't go by myself!"

"So make Bill or Charlie go with you," Dana suggested.

"They're already out with Dad," Melissa told her. "If I try to go find them and do it with them, Dad will yell at me and Bill will steal my candy."

"He'll steal it anyway," Dana pointed out.

"But at least I'll have a chance to hide it." Melissa sat next to her sister. "Come on Dana. We can meet the kids on this stupid base."

"Why bother? We're just gonna move again in a few months anyway."

Melissa pouted and gave Dana her best puppy dog face. "Please, Dana?"

Dana groaned and tossed her book onto the table. "Fine. I'll go put on a costume."

Melissa grinned and watched her sister go up the stairs. "Thanks Dana! I owe you one!"

"Yeah yeah yeah," Melissa heard her sister say.

A few seconds later, Dana came back down the stairs, wearing the exact same clothes and a long white coat. Melissa eyed her sister warily. "Dana . . . a doctor? Again?"

"No one here's seen this costume. I'm wearing it."

"It's boring, and you aren't." Melissa thought for a moment. "Go back upstairs and put on the costume from my dance recital."

"That gray thing? Why?"

"Because if you don't I'll cover your bed in whipped cream."

Dana stormed back up the stairs and into the room she and Melissa shared. Melissa followed her up the stairs and went into their parents room.

She dug through her mother's makeup and discovered the gray eye shadow she'd used at her dance recital. Vaseline would make it stick better on her lips . . .


"In here, Dana!"

Dana came into the room, dressed in Melissa's costume, which was about five inches too long for Dana's petite frame. The gray, skintight unitard covered everything but her feet, hands and face.

"Sit on the bed," Melissa instructed. Dana obliged.

Melissa approached her sister with the eye shadow and a makeup sponge. She began coating her sister's face, neck, hands and feet with gray.

"Missy . . ." Dana hesitated. "What am I supposed to be?"

"Don't speak."

Dana was silent as Melissa finished and stepped back. "There. You're done."

Dana ran to look at the mirror. "What am I?"

"An alien," Melissa said triumphantly.

"An alien???" Dana shrieked. "Melissa! I'm not going as an alien!"

"Why not?"

"Because they don't exist!"

"So?" Melissa asked. "Anyway, they might. Be a little more open minded."

"But aliens are supposed to be green, not gray! The other kids are going to laugh at me."

"Dana, stop worrying about what other people think." Melissa took two pillowcases and handed one to her sister. "You're not going to be the only one dressed as an alien."

"But I'm the only RED-HAIRED alien!" Dana shrieked, pointing at her flaming red hair.

"What do you want me to do, shave your head? No one ever said that all aliens had to be little bald green people with long fingers. You'll be unique. The world's only red-headed gray girl. You're short enough to pass for an alien."

Melissa left the room and walked down the stairs. Dana followed.

"Melissa, I'm NOT going out like this."

Disgusted with her sister's whining, Melissa whirled around. "Fine, don't go! You can sit here with no candy and no friends!"

Melissa stormed out the door and Dana watched her, stunned. She pouted for a moment and then ran to the door to catch up with her sister. Tonight, gray aliens could exist. Tomorrow, it was back to science.


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