Title: Carols I
Author: Jessica

Summary: a broken down car brings Mulder and Scully to a church rehearsing for a Christmas concert.

Welcome to the wondrous world of Jessica, that strange little girl who can't type the Superhero series at the moment because of a dreadful occurrence which has left our friend with a new computer, and a program that doesn't like some of her text files. Thphbbit.

Well anyhoo...This story was begun on the first day of snow for Maryland, and it isn't even Thanksgiving(well actually now its past)! This is dedicated to dear Mr. Miller, whose been biting our heads off to get us all ready for our upcoming concert...

The Carol of the Bells is not my work of music, and so if I'm upsetting the ghost of M. Leontovich, I'm sorry, ok!

I dearly wish Mulder and Scully and people around them were mine, but, unfortunately they are not. So another part of my imagination promptly goes Thpppbt! but let's forget about that...

Month of November, not quite Christmas season.

"No! This is not happenning! How can this dumb car freeze up now!?!" Mulder banged the dashboard in utter disgust.

"Maybe Aliens took out the antifreeze. Come on, there is a parking lot over there that we can push the car into. It's only a few feet. We can see if they have a phone we could use in the building." Scully got out of the car.

After much shoving, mainly on Mulder's part, they finally got the car out of the street and into the small parking lot. Several other cars were in the parking lot before the *snow* started falling.

They went inside quickly as the large snowflakes began blanketing down. Mulder just groaned.

They found themselves in a church, with faint music in the background. "Shhh. I believe we'll find out some answers where the music is." Scully led them down a corridor to a set of double doors.

"Grace Methodist Church" was written on the door in brass lettering. The music clearly was on the other side of the door.

"I don't think that I like the idea of walk into the middle of a Mass." Mulder shuffled his feet in uneasiness.

"It can't be Mass, Mulder. It's Friday night, 8 o'clock, and there are too few of cars in the parking lot for it. Plus it's not hymns they're singing, it's Christmas carols. I didn't go to Catholic school for nothing." Scully pushed open the doors to reveal the interior of the church, and 60-odd teenage and twenty-something girls dressed in white blouses and black skirts. A middle aged man was directing them on the final of a song. Mulder and Scully took seats in the middle pew, listening to the song and chatter of the girls.

"Ok heifers, let's run through "Carol of the Bells" and then I'll let you go terrorize the streets of Baltimore."

"Mr. Miller, we are not cows!" one exceptionally tall girl in the middle interjected.

"Oh, especially you, Jessica, you certainly sing like one," Mr. Miller retorted. Several ooos rose up.

"Alright, girls. Soprano ones, remember to e-nun-ci-ate." He motioned to the pianist.

All the girls raised their heads and began:

"Hark! how the bells,
Sweet silver bells,
All seem to say,
Throw cares a-way

Christmas is here, ding,
Bringing good cheer, dong,

To young and old, ding,
Meek and the bold, dong,
Ding, dong, ding, dong,

That is their song, dong,
With joy-ful ring, ding,
All car-ol-ing, dong.

One seems to hear,
Words of good cheer,
From eve-ry-where,

Fill-ing the air.
O, how they pound,

O, Rais-ing the sound,
how O'er hill and dale,


Tell-ing their tales,
are_ their tones,
Gai-ly they ring,
While peo-ple sing,
Christmas is here!

Mer-ry, mer-ry,mer-ry, Mer-ry Christ-mas,
Ding, dong, ding, dong, That is ther song
Ding, ding,__ dong,

Mer-ry, mer-ry,mer-ry, Mer-ry Christ-mas,

With joy-ful ring, All car-ol-ing,
Ding, ding,__ dong,
On, on they send,

On with-out end,
Their joy-ful tone,

To eve-ry home,

Mulder was amazed by the range that girls had. One brunette in the Alto section seemed to A.D. Skinner, if his imagination on how the Assistant Director sang gave him an accurate description.

Before long the girls had finished.

"Whoopee! We're free, free, FREE!" cried the girl who had argued earlier.

Several girls in the Alto section groaned. "And we had to let her drive tonight."

All the girls scampered down from the choir rows, scattering in all directions. The odd girl with black hair who had decided to announce her joy walked up to them. "Judging by the time you came in and the looks on your faces AND the fact that it is very cold outside, your car froze up and you would like to use a car phone or hitch a ride with someone. Am I correct?"

Scully looked at the tall, purple eyed girl, maybe woman, with amazement. "Yes, we would."

"I've got a car phone in my car. I just need to change out of this skirt. Be right back!" She disappeared into a room marked "Ladies".

"She's always like that. Don't worry though, she'll only turn you into a frog or rip your throat out." The agents spun around to face a tall blond woman with a prominent nose. "Evelyn the name, and don't worry, I'm only joking about Jess. She's just on a sugar high."

"Does she normally figure out everything by just looking at you?" Mulder asked.

"Yep. It's my specialty. Besides turning people into frogs." The girl named Jessica had returned wearing a long black velvet dress with a rose bush print scattered all over. It reminded Scully of the Renaissance style dresses she had seen before. "Come on, let's go to my car." She ushered them to the main door, but before she went through, yelled "The Alumni van is now leaving, and will not wait for a single soul! And no one gets to call shotgun until I say so!"

With that, several other girls joined them.

They all headed out to the car. Jessica opened the door and handed Scully a car phone. "I believe you would like one of these."

"Well, actually we have some but, I left mine at home and my partner's had it batteries over worked." Scully explained. She dialed up a tow truck company in the area, only to get the closed for the weekend message. Scully let a moan.

Jessica swung her keys around her finger. "Why don't I drop off at wherever? I have to drop these folks off, and there is plenty of room..."

"Alright. Why not, your house is just downtown, Scully. I could hop a bus down to Washington" Mulder looked at the inside of the car.

It was very clean for van, even if the paint job was a bit wild.

"Hop in then. Scully, you can sit up with me in the front. Mulder, I hope you don't mind sitting with these guys." Jessica jumped into the driver's seat before Mulder could ask her how she knew his name. After they had all gotten in, though, he promptly asked her.

"Know a man named Agent Faliar Idres? He's my brother. He was telling me the other day about "one of the finest and most controversial sub-unit of the FBI." I knew you two happened to be on a case here, and when you said "Scully," I knew you had to be Mulder. Does that make me seem a little less mysterious?" Jessica wheeled her way around a corner.

"But Falair said he had an older sister."

Jessica let out low laugh. "Agent Mulder, thank you for the compliment. Yes I am older than Faliar, I'm just singing with some of these girls in the Alumni reunion. In fact only three in this car are still in college." Three hands shot up in the last seat.

"Now, Agent Scully, where do you live?"

"On Charles street, up by Towson. So how much has your brother told you about us?" Scully inquired.

"Oh, not that much. Just about some of your cases." She silently hid a smile. There was another thing Faliar had told her, but she wasn't about to say it.

Mulder and Scully stepped out of the van into the street lamp's light. The van pulled away out of sight, but not before Mulder saw the message painted on the back. "Miracles can happen."

They walked into Scully's apartment to be greeted by a huge surprise. The table had been set for two, and four candle holders lit up each room.

Food was set out, both the kinds they like, and perfectly cooked. The smoke from the silver and gold candles smelled of flowers. A single card was placed at Scully's seat.

"Have a fun night. Check your answering machine." No signature, just a sketch of a musketeer like hat with a long flowing feather. On the back was a simple quote that they had seen earlier.

"Miracles can happen."

Somewhere, not too far off a woman with black hair and purple eyes stood with a tall man in the newly falling snow. They looked at each other and smiled. As they walked away, they both faded into the silvery wind.

And Carols sang on.

Yes its me again, writing a sequel to my story "Carols". Nope, haven't gotten to far in "Superhero" but I do believe I will be able to fix my dilemma shortly. All e-mail is welcome, in fact, pleaded for! Poison Ivy, thank you for the lovely comment on this story, even if you did say I should become a homicidal maniac right afterward.

Personal note-J.C., the poem you wanted is in the next issue. I'll put it on my homepage.

And now...fetche la vache!



got ya Kuu!

Warning: Involves the words "I love you", and it is not the starwalkers who say it! Also, Mulder and Scully are not mine, even if this crazy being wishes they were! But the Starwalkers are, so Thbpppt!

Title: Carols II
Author: Jessica

Summary: Mulder and Scully encounter a familiar face in December.


Month of December

Two silent figures walked through the fog.

One of them was a tall man with black hair decorated with silver streak. The woman was similar, but instead of silver streaks, she had a red-silver lock of hair in her raven, braided hair.

Both wore sable robes and breeches; ebony scarves adorned with stars hid the lower halves of their faces. They stopped walking to gaze up at a lighted window in the building next to them. Then they nodded to each other as the fog enveloped them.

The fog continued to rise until it reached the window; it condensed around the pane as if it was trying to get. Then it subsided until it was no higher than the small shrubs of the walkways.

But the pair was gone.

"Mulder, this is one of the weirdest nights I have ever had, besides on X-Files case. I swear, its as if that woman we met was some sort of know-it-all. She seemingly made an entire meal for us in my house with out me knowing it, got me a Christmas tree, AND solved our case which gave us the next few days off! But she hadn't even met us until tonight when our car broke down, making this all seemingly impossible!" Scully sighed as she sorted through the lights that had come in a box underneath the tree. Mulder went through the box of ornaments that had been also under the tree.

"But hey, she does seem to know what we do." Mulder held up a little alien doll with a Christmas hat on its head and a Santa suit on. Scully fell back laughing at the sight, but quickly set back to her task. Mulder then looked down at the doll and hung it on the back of the tree.

She looked up at him inquisitively. "Why did you hang it there? No one will see it if it stays there." She rehung it in the front of the tree.

"Because I didn't think your Christmas needed to be tainted by the reminder of your "Spooky" partner and his wild ideas." He hung his head with that, and stared at the ornament box.

"Mulder...If I truly was unhappy trekking through the unknown with my "Spooky" partner, do you think I'd stay around to cover for you when you've run off on some lead or hunch? I don't think so."

He still did not look up at her. "I didn't mean to leave you behind all those times, it's just that I didn't want to get you in troubled or chewed out by Skinner....And I was scared you might get hurt." Scully almost didn't here the last part, for he said it in a tiny whisper much unlike Mulder's usual loud self.

"Oh Mulder, I'd rather go tromping through snow or rain forests than have to worry what is happening to you when you're alone. I worry about if you are getting hurt. Mulder, if we're separated, then our enemies can tear apart all that we have uncovered. We can't give up on each other, not now." As Scully finished, Mulder slowly raised his head, tears welled up in his eyes. At just the sight of her oversized, manly partner about to cry, she too not hold back the tears blurring her vision. They fell into each other's arms, letting out all they had built up in the past four years.

Half an hour, the tears finally subsided, but they couldn't bring themselves to leave the safe haven of each other's arms. Scully simply buried her head in nook between his neck and shoulder.

Mulder rubbed the top of her head with his chin, half asleep with the effort of crying.

"I love you." It was so faint, he almost blamed his mind for playing tricks, but he was so close to her there was no mistake. He hugged her even closer.

"I love you." She snugged her ear to his throat and listen as his vocal chords created the words that made her stomach flip with joy. They looked at each with pure, undying love. They let their lips touch softly, proving to each other their utter devotion. With that single kiss, they bonded themselves to each other stronger than any vow in a ceremony. Their souls were forever intertwined, giving them a view most did not even dream of seeing.

After they let kiss break off, a strange calmness fell over the room. They looked up to find to figures, male and female, watching them. Their mouths were hidden by black scarves, but their eyes showed that they were happy with the scene before them.

:Joy for you two. May your days be filled with each other until the day of chaos.: Though the voice was only heard in their minds, Mulder and Scully both recognized the voice of Jessica Idres, their friend from earlier.

"Why the scarf?" Mulder asked.

"When she walks the starpaths with me, she must cover her face like the rest of the spirits," the tall, unfamiliar man answered. Jessica looked up at him with saddened joy, and neither Scully nor Mulder wished to ask her why.

"Our time here is done. Until we meet again." Jessica and the man faded away into the soft shadows of the room and so did the strange feeling in the room.

Scully looked at Mulder with awe.

"Guardian angels. They were our guardian angels."

"In a sense." They looked back at the spot where the starwalkers had stood, holding each other tight.

The End, I believe.

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