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Christmas Baby/Kid Fics

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Santa will arrive before the baby does

Adeste Fideles by soulgyrl

All Ye Faithful by Foxsong

Bells and Babies by Ali Harrett

Christmas to Remember by Billie Reid (Skinner/Kim)

Christmas Revelations by Jumella1

Christmas Surprise: The Drive Home by Agent Leki

Endless Snow by Amy H

Finding the Gifts by Kathleen A

The First Christmas by Tess

xmas ball Forgiveness by Eileen Whipple

Ghosts of Christmas Yet to Come by Tarin Z.

Gifts by Kristel S. Oxley-Johns

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Kelly(Doggett/Reyes)

Hidden Gifts by Angel-Wings Gaskins

The Life I Could Have Had by Estrellita

Lonely This Christmas by Lizzi W.

Long Lay the World by Bella Maria

Meg, I Believe by Pattie

Merry Christmas, Baby by Stephanie

My Grown-Up Christmas Wish by Spooky152

[External Link] The Night Before Christmas by Vickie Moseley

Ornamental by Pita1013

Our First Christmas by jes88

The Perfect Gift by Mulderache

[External Link] Seventh Christmas by tatooedlaura

Silent Night by aRcaDIaNFall$

Snow by LuvTheBeez

Snowman by BamaX

Strawberries in Winter by Gina Rain

An Unexpected Surprise by xphilernj

xmas ball When the Pawn Series 6: Paper Bag by Nialani

Wish For You by Lisa12 (Doggett/Reyes)

Wonderland Lodge by Kristen (Scully/Skinner)

Womb of the Morning by MulderLuvScully

X Christmas Carol by SaraJ

Baby and kidfics set at Christmastime.

12 Scenes of Christmas Past and One of Christmas Future by ML

An Acceptable Level Of Happiness by Jenna Tooms

[External Link] Advent Candles by shehasabadfeelingaboutthis

All I Ever Get For Christmas Is Blue by enigmaticblue

All I Want for Christmas by Gemma Kingsley

All I Want For Christmas by Pattie

All I Want for Christmas Is You by pushingcrazies

All is Calm, All is Bright by Neoxphile

[External Link] And All Through The House by Phantagrae

And the Snow Still Falls by Caroline McKenna

Angel by Gabiabi

Angels, Watch Over Me by Linda Phillips

Another Year by Glass November

As Darker Grows the Night by Leslie Sholly

Ashes Ashes by Rocnrods

At Christmas by Gaia Less

Baby's First Christmas by AgentKate

Bah Humbug by Katilyn Samantha Mulder

Balance by Devin

The Barbecue Series 5: Holiday on Ice by Susan Proto

Bearing Gifts by ML

Because You Loved Me by Duchovny7

Before the Marvel of this Night by Rachel Wilder

Behind the Doors by Lindsay Carpenter

A Birthday at Christmas by Duane Barry

Black and Blue Christmas by Estrellita

Blessed by Sara and FredaX

Boxing Day by alanna

Breath of Heaven by Vickie Moseley

Calm Before the Storm by Eileen Whipple

Carols 1 and 2 by Jessica

The Case of the False Santa Claus by Darla

The Case of The Jolly Fat Men by Neoxphile

Change series: 3. Holiday Memories Made by Cathey Scully

Chasing Santa Claus by philefic

[External Link] Choices at Christmas Time by trycee

Chorus (Standing) by suspect affiliations

[External Link] Christmas by Kristy Anderson

(Christmas) Baby, Please Come Home! by Bugmouthga

Christmas Beginning by diehard

[External Link] The Christmas Card by irisheyes77

A Christmas Carol by dossier

[External Link] Christmas Day 2001, 4:20 p.m. by Forte

Christmas Delight by Erin Blair

Christmas Eve by Flyerfly

Christmas Eve by Tabby

Christmas Eve and Airports by Jen

[External Link] Christmas Eve 2003, 4:20 p.m. by Forte

[External Link] Christmas Ficlets by skuls

Christmas Fix by Lili Blue

[External Link] Christmas For You by Kyouryokusenshi

Christmas Fun by Erin Blair

Christmas Ghosts by Donna

Christmas in California by Michelle Kiefer

Christmas in (Haven) Maine by Neoxphile and Faerax

Christmas and Ice Cream by Sam_I_Am

Christmas Magic by Anne Milne

The Christmas Miracle by KS

Christmas and Mrs. Scully's House by Jen

Christmas Presents by Baroness_Blixen

Christmas with the Scully Clan by Xfileschik0805

A Christmas To Remember by Agent Spooky

Christmas Spirit by Neoxphile

A Christmas Story by Deborah Davis

Christmas Story or Family Reunion by Galadhrim

Christmas Surprise: The Drive Home by Agent Leki

Christmas Trilogy 03. Season's Greetings by Amy Schatz

Christmas 2010 by trycee

Christmas 2013: The Family Meets William by trycee

Christmas Vacation by J

A Christmas Wish by Erin Blair

A Christmas Wish by Laurel (m/m slash)

The Christmas Wish by Myriss

Christmas with the Mulders by Xenith

Christopher Ryan Scully 06 - When All Through The House by Jori

[External Link] City Sidewalks by Siberianskys

[External Link] Collector by Spooky66

[External Link] Comfort And Joy by GunBunnyCentral

[External Link] Commonplace by blackcoffeeandteardrops

Coventry Carol by Neoxphile

[External Link] A Crisis of Faith by 6hoursgirl

A Crossover Christmas Carol by Diana W.

Daniel/The Couch series: 1. a Christmas Miracle by Macspooky and Ten

A Day In The Life by Goddess Michele

December 23rd by Annie Pants

[External Link] December 1998 by catarinquar

xmas ball Deck the Halls by Emerald Starburst

A Different Kind Of Christmas by XSketch

Do You Believe in Christmas Miracles by Traci

Dogged Determination Interlude V - The Greatest Gifts by Rhondda Lake

Dragons of A Star by Sheryl Martin

[External Link] Eighth Christmas by tatooedlaura

Elvery by Christine Leigh

The End by Emily Miller

Epiphany by MaybeAmanda

Eve Of The Half Moon by Mischa

Everything and Nothing by Lynn Saunders

The Family G-Man: From Here to Paternity by Neoxphile and Felinefemme

Faith by kcstories

A Family Christmas by Laurel (m/m slash)

The Final Stand by Ashley (ends with Christmas, anyway)

Finding the Gifts by Kathleen A

Finding My Way Back Home by Tanja

First Mulder Christmas by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc

For Better or Worse by Billie Reid (Skinner/Kim)

For The Man Who Thought He Had Nothing by Alexa Foxx

From Afar by KatyBlue

[External Link] from now on our troubles will be out of sight by petit_chou

Future Imperfect by Lisa

The Genesis Project: Christmas Special! aRcaDIaNFall$

Gentle Christmas by Susan

The Ghosts of Christmas Present by Anjou

[External Link] The Ghost of the Christmas Present by joely_jo

Gift Bags and Other Unmanly Sentiments by Eisoj5

Gimel by Kelley Walters and Brighid

Glimpse by Spooky Spice

A Golden Cross by Athena

Good Will Towards Men by Neoxphile

The Greatest Gift by Rhondda Lake

Hang a Shining Star by Dawn

The Hap-Happiest Season of All by mimic117

Happy Christmas, Your Arse by David Hearne

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by andreakayy

Having a Happy X- Mas by Ten

Heart Turned Inward by Keleka

Heaven and All Its Problems by jainanicole

Heirlooms by LaurelSolo

Him by Neoxphile

Home for Christmas by Donna

Home for Christmas by stellar_dust

Home for Christmas by Wildafox

Home for Christmas II by Wildafox

Home For the Holidays by Neoxphile

Home for the Holidays by Tess

Hooks by Christine Leigh

I Get By by Lauren K.

I Love My Mighty Machine by Pattie

I Remember by Em H

I Saw Mommy by Teliko. x3

If Daddy Had Only Seen by Kelly J. Thompson

I'll Be Home For A Blue Christmas by Lyssa

In the Bleak Midwinter by ML

In Winter Snows by Jesemie's Evil Twin

Interstice by Christy

It Didn't Begin Well by enpauriel

It Wasn't His Child by Neoxphile

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Texas Rose

It's a Wonderful Abnormal Life by Spookyteacher

It's a Wonderful Life by mksr79

It's a Wonderful Life by Rocketman

It's A Wonderful Life 2 - A Christmas Carol by Rocketman

Jessica's Secret by Louise Phillips

The Joys of Parenting by Mulders_Chic

Just Mommy and Me And Mr Potato Head by BelinhaZpears

Kissing Santa by lilgreyfox

[External Link]Life Cycles XVIII: Beliefs by Susan Proto

A Life Well Lived by Muldersangel

Lives Reclaimed - Christmas Together by Donna and Vickie Moseley

Light that brightens the darkest hour by AllyinthekeyofX and Strbck23

Lost and Found by Rae

Lost Spirits by Pattie

[External Link] The Mall by The Oral Fixations

Merry Christmas, Mulder by Eileen S. Whipple

Merry Christmas, Scully by Angel-Wings Gaskins

A Merry Little Christmas by Menagerie

A Midnight Clear by Mountainphile

[External Link] The Miracle Before Christmas by Teliko. x3

The Miracle of Christmas by DD4me2

Miracle Season by Neoxphile

Mistletoe by Elizabeth T

[External Link] Mistletoe and Presents (Part One) by Cosmic_Files

A Moose and Squirrel Christmas by dlynn

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by LolaX

Mulder's Christmas Carol by Amy C.

My Name Is Christmas Carole by Kristen Kilar

[External Link] Nativitatis by 6hoursgirl

Next Year by Lyn

The Night Before by Bardsmaid

[External Link] Not a Creature was Stirring by mldrgrl

Not Even Underneath A Mistletoe by Dana Doggett (Doggett/Scully)

Not a Hallmark Kind of Guy by Brandon D. Ray

Not So Silent Night by Menagerie

O Holy Night by Bonnie Drew

The Package by Elsie

Paper Angels by piper maru duchovny

Parting Is All We Know of Heaven by wendelah1

Past Pretending: Candlelight and Christmas by Joey R.

Peace by andreakayy

A Perfect Christmas by rac

The Perfect Gift Of Good News by andreakayy

Permaceo Noctus by starfleetofficer1

Possessed by Fatcat

Presents Under The Tree by Jacquie LaVa

Proxy by Abra E.

Quiet Christmas by Susan

Reborn by Nichole B

Red Bows and Mistletoe by LovesFox

Regrets and Resolutions by Paige Caldwell

Remembrance of Christmas Past by Carol Gritton

Renovatio by Lisby and MaybeAmanda

[External Link] Resistance 2 by Vickie Moseley

Regrets and Resolutions by Paige Caldwell

Ride by onemillionandnine

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by Menagerie

[External Link] Runaway Christmas by greekowl87

A Runaway Christmas by Kelly J. Thompson

Santa Left Me Under the Tree. Really! by Pattie

Santa Looks A Lot Like Daddy by Dylan Shelby

Santa Rat by Psi Fi

Sara Mulder stories 5. Forward Momentum by Lara Means

Sarah 06. Sarah's Christmas by Carol Gritton

Sarah Companion - Mulder Spice by Carol Gritton

A Season of Giving by Calypso

Secret Santa by Beckylynn

she by gillian

Silent Night by aRcaDIaNFall$

Shopping For More Than A Tree by Katie Phillips

Silent Night by C. Charlotte

Silent Night by TheHouseWitch

Six Months of the Year by Maidenjedi

Skinner's Gift by Philiater

Smother-Love and Drop Seats: A Christmas Tale by Jacquie LaVa

Snow and Mistletoe by Neoxphile

Snow Angels by Theresa J

Snowmen and Sleigh Rides by LovesFox

Solstice by MaybeAmanda and Spookey247

Some Gift by RocketMan

Someday by Ten

Spero Novus by starfleetofficer1

The Spirits of Christmas by Dyann Zimmerman

[External Link] Spooky Christmas by HighlyFunctioningMikyla

[External Link] Star by Bardsmaid

Starkweather: In The Spirit by Scully3776 and Spookykat

Still, Still, Still by Jacquie LaVa and Tess

Stranded for Christmas by Macspooky

[External Link] Successful Spies Apparently Don't Have Baby Sisters by AKA "Jake"

Suspicion of Murder by mer007

Sweet Dreams I: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus by Alice J. Foster

Syadiloh (Iolokus V) by MustangSally and Rivka T

Team Building by JL

Team Building Epilogue: Rollover Minutes by JL

Tell 'em William Called by Pattie

Terminal Hearts by Lydia Harkness

Them by Neoxphile

Things Bright and Green by DBKate

The Thirteen Days Of Christmas by Elizabeth L. Iacono

The Time For Miracles by Carol Gritton

Together Apart: Their First Christmas by Spookyteacher

The Tongues of Men and of Angel by bugs

Trouver L'Amour un Jour de Fete: Joyeux Noel by KassandraXF

[External Link] Three Times Dana Scully Didn't Go to San Diego for Christmas by Audrey Roget

[External Link] Three Times Fox Mulder Bought a Christmas Tree, and One Time He Didn't by Phantagrae

[External Link] Twenty-third Christmas by tatooedlaura

The Twig Series: 1. Christmas Mayhem by Megan Sullivan

Two More Couples by Angela W.

Us by Neoxphile

Verse Two by Lilith and Suzanna Post

Vulpecula by Jeri

Untitled: Scenes for Quiescence by Jesemie's Evil Twin

[External Link] A Very MSR Christmas by TheSunsetsLonger

[External Link] A Visit from Santa by Spooky66

Wassail by Azar

Wassail - an X-Files Christmas story by Julie L. Jekel

We Wish You A Merry Christmas by Vickie Moseley

What Child Is This? by Mountainphile

[External Link] where the love light gleams by skuls

White Christmas by Susan

Why is My Middle Name Ellen- by Pattie

Winterbreak by Shoshana

A Wonderful Life by Donna

The World's Smallest Santa by Beckylynn

X Christmas Carol by SaraJ

An X-Mas Carol by catwings

An Xmas Carol by Elle G

Yes, Dana, There is a Santa Claus by Kate L.

Yes, Erin, There is a Santa Claus by D. K. Scully

Yes, Fox, There Really Is a Santa by Vickie Moseley

Yes Mulder, There is a Santa Claus by Cheri

Yes, Mulder, There Is a Santa Claus by Shinkai

You Are My Angel by A. Baylis

Long stories with Christmas sections:

A Day In The Life by Girliegirl_74:

12. A Fractured Christmas Story

13. Christmas Eve

14. Christmas

41. The Christmas Program

42. The Gift

43. Dog Gone Christmas

The Family G-Man by Neoxphile and Felinefemme

while there are other brief Christmas scenes as well, the real "Christmas chapters" are these

Chapter 42: Leonard Betts

Chapter 52. Christmas Carol

Chapter 53. Emily

Chapter 69. How The Ghosts Stole Christmas

Chapter 96. The Spy Who Loved Me

Chapter 121. Late Nights With Dead Ringer

Chapter 127. All Done Bye Bye (the final chapter of this story)

Fox and Dana series by Jo Ann Medrano:

12: Forgotten Memories

13: Lost Chance

28: The Mother

29: The Children

30: The Family

The Marriage Series by Angela W.

11. The First Noel

27. Merry Christmas, Mulder!



The Barbecue Series 17: Lights at the End of the Tunnel by Susan Proto

Holiday Journal: Hanukkah by Sammi M.

[External Link]Life Cycles 26 - Holidays by Susan Proto

Prelude To An X series by Mad Martha

Renovatio by Lisby and MaybeAmanda

Syadiloh 1 - Chanukah (Iolokus V) by MustangSally and Rivka T

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