Title: Average Day
Author: Eral C.
Written: September 2001
Category: S9, I guess. A little Scullyangst then some Scullysmiling :)
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me but I'm not sure that Chris Carter deserves them so much anymore.

Summary: Sometimes ordinary days end in extraordinary ways.

Author's note:: After I wrote 'Friday', I felt bad...it seems that I can't leave Scully in misery, I just can't do it.


It starts as a perfectly average day. There are no strange signs to forewarn her of what the evening will bring, no toads falling from the sky - nothing out of the ordinary. She goes to work, she calls her mother to check on the baby and she forces herself to eat lunch just as she has every day for the past four months. She feigns interest in the work on her desk, ignores the concerned looks of those around her and, when the clock hits four pm, she heads home to her son, the one thing that keeps her tethered to sanity, if only barely.

The baby is sleeping and she is folding laundry in the living room when she hears it, the unmistakable sound of a key in the lock. There is nobody else with a key so she knows instantly that it's him, that he's home. She has waited for this moment every day since he left four months, one week and three days ago yet now it's here, she finds herself frozen, unable to move a muscle. She looks up as the door slowly opens and there he is, a slight smile on his face, a shaky hand on the door handle.

She feels the laundry drop to the floor with a thud at the exact second that her eyes meet his. Silently, she gives thanks that it wasn't the baby she had in her arms at this vital moment. The smile playing on his lips turns into a full blown grin and she is in his arms before she even has chance to smile back. Her eyes are closed and she feels his lips against her neck, pressing tiny kisses all over and murmuring her name again and again. She hears sobbing and is not entirely surprised when she realizes that it's coming from her, that there are tears flowing freely down her face.

She pulls her head back from where it was pressed tightly into the side of his neck and looks into his eyes. Time seems to slow down and she swears she can hear both of their hearts beating, in perfect synchrony. Now that he is here, she is amazed that she survived even five minutes without him, let alone more than four months and she silently vows never to be without him again.

When he kisses her, it's like taking a drink after months of thirst. She hadn't forgotten how it felt to kiss him, she just feared that she might never have the chance again. She keeps on kissing him, he keeps on kissing her, her head is spinning and she wonders if his is too. She wishes they could stay this way forever, her in his arms, their son sleeping peacefully, nothing else to think about.

They finally break apart and she takes his hand and leads him towards the bedroom. It's time for him to see his son.

They are lying on their sides, each propped on an elbow, she on her left, he on his right. Their son lies between them, his big blue eyes wide as his father traces a finger gently down the baby's soft cheek and his mother watches with a watery smile. There were many dark days when she doubted if she would ever have this again, the two people she loves more than life beside her, peaceful and happy.

They made love last night and she cried, tears of sheer joy and relief at the overwhelming sensation of his body against hers after so long apart. She once told a man that loneliness was a choice and she smiles now at how wrong she was. She knows now how true loneliness feels and she could never make a choice like that. It feels like a thick dark cloud, it feels like drowning, it feels like every bad feeling she ever had all rolled into one and she is thankful she will never have to feel that way again.

Now, he is talking about the future, asking her what she wants. She takes his hand and tells him that all she wants is him and their son, nothing else. He tells her that she has that, without question, but wonders if she wouldn't like a new start, for them all to go and live someplace where they are just Mr and Mrs Mulder and their son, instead of Mulder and Scully, FBI. She tells him if that was a proposal, then the answer is yes, and that maybe they should consider California, as a young girl she dreamed of getting married on the beach at sunset.

As he leans over to kiss her, their son between them, she is reminded of a similar moment six months ago just after William was born, when they talked of a truth shared by them both. She thinks back to that day, which seems like a lifetime ago, and she remembers that the only truth that mattered was that their son was healthy and that they were together. She realizes that it's still the only truth that matters, that although some things change, certain truths are destined to remain the same. As she closes her eyes, she smiles and dreams of the future.


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