A Doggett themed challenge!

Challenge Elements:

This is the backstory you'll write a story around:
Although it seemed like Doggett and Reyes were growing closer in late season nine, one issue drove a wedge between them: Monica wanted children, and John didn't. So, she married someone else.

- open your story with Doggett discovering the following:
Years after Monica's wedding, something has gone wrong. Her husband is dead, and she is missing...and child protective services has just rung to ask Doggett to honor the couple's wishes that he look after her children (both/all under the age of seven).

- despite any misgivings Doggett has, he relucantly agrees to look after the kids until Reyes is found. Then what??

- this story does not need to include DRR but you're welcome to make it so.

Challenge fics:

Please send your complete story to: nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com

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