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Title: Thanksgiving
Author: Agent D.Scully
Written: November 1995
Standard Mismush: This one is rated PG. Nothing harder than a few bad words This does have some romantic overtures. But no mention of any unseen episodes, so our non-North American friends can enjoy this too. It takes place well in the future. At least in a future I would like to envision, although CC has other ideas.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Chris Carter (who I can't wait to meet the day after Thanksgiving!), Ten-Thirteen and FOX.

Summary: Thanksgiving day traffic seems to conspire against a man desperate to get there on time.

Special thanks to my roommate who had to suffer through my bouncing ideas off of. And now on to the story.

Thanksgiving Day
2:30 p.m.

The muffled sounds of planes leaving the tarmacs could be heard faintly over the sound of a civilized mob. College students with colorful backpacks darted in and out of gates. Entire families struggled with cranky children, piles of luggage and the ever present stroller. The human traffic at the DC International was at it's expected fever for this day, the busyiest of the year.

Running among the hordes of humanity was a lone, tall, and attractive man. Dark brown hair askewed, a stale suit and hazel eyes that belied a inner turmoil. Fox Mulder wouldn't let anyone notice the inner hell that raged within him. Reaching the street, Mulder's stormy eyes gazed down the road for one of the usually ever present cabs.

Horns blared, drivers argued and children cried. Thanksgiving seemed to be anything but thankful. Spotting a disembarking gentleman, Mulder gave quick instructions to the driver while handing the last bag to the older guy. Climbing in quickly, Mulder sat back and prayed. Prayed he wasn't too late. Again.

3:00 p.m.

Sweat beaded his forehead, neck and back. Taking out a already damp handkerchief, the balding man wiped at the constantly forming beads. His professional dress did little to hide the build of one use to a more physical style of life. Pacing the well lite hall, a faint odor of antiseptic and talc assaulted his nostrils. *Damn!! I should never have let him go on that case!* Checking his watch but not noticing the time, the well dressed man swore softly.


A gentle touch seemed to ease her, if only emotionally. The caress seemed to promise a end to the pain. Her foggy mind tried to place where she had once before felt such peace, but all that she remembered was a boat. Her brow contorted with the pain that seemed to engulf her tiny body. Yet it was the touch that helped her to embrace the pain. To know that beyond the pain was a promise awaiting.

3:12 p.m.

Placing a cool cloth on her daughter's forehead, the brunette couldn't help smiling amidst all the pain. Pushing red hair off the damp woman's cheek, Margaret Scully leaned down to place a tender kiss on Dana's cheek. "Hold on Dana, he'll be here. He won't let you down." Looking into the blue eyes of her elder, Dana smiled bravely, "I know mom.". Turning away the young redhead closed her eyes to the tears that threatened to spill.

3:28 p.m.

*MOVE!!! DAMMIT MOVE!*, his mind screamed. While his eyes took in the long lines of the slow moving cars. Turning slightly the driver spoke to the tall man in the back seat. "Buddy I sure hope your wittle wifey hasn't decided to wait on you. The bird will be mighty parched before you can manage to get through. Heck my gran can even move faster than this and I can get through the line in the DMV before she makes it across the street." Sitting up straight Mulder eyes lit on a idea. Thrusting some green- backs across to the man, "Here thanks for the lift and idea. Happy Turkey Day."

"I take it you want out here?" the driver asked puzzled, looking out at the stalled traffic of the business loop.

"Yeah, oh and just drop the luggage off here. Ask for Frohike, he'll understand," Mulder instructed the driver as he scribbled down Frohike's address and name. Shucking off the jacket and shoes, Mulder stepped out into the November chilled street. Waiting for the driver to open the trunk, Mulder silently communicated. *Hold on Scully I'm almost there. Just wait for me, please!!*.

Quickly Fox grabbed his running shoes from his overnight bag. Slipping into them just as quickly, he smiled his thanks as he headed into the direction of Washington Memorial Hospital. *I'm on my way Scully*


Scully's usually perfectly groomed hair was now a damp, tangled mass of red tresses. Pale fingers clenched the metal rails, while another wave of pain ravished her already fatigued body.

With a final check on his patient, the doctor quickly recovered her. Stepping outside into the hall, he is halted by a hand on his sleeve. A slender and slightly aged hand belonging to one Mrs. Scully. "Excuse me, Doctor Bashir," the worried mother begins.

"Ah yes, Mrs. Scully," the young doctor began. "Your daughter is holding on bravely, but there's not much else I can do for her now. It looks as if the rest is up to her." "Thank you for your time doctor," Margaret said before turning away.

Slowly walking down the hall, she whispered "and Fox", before heading back to Dana's room.

A hand placed itself upon her shoulder. Stopping in her tracks, Margaret looked over her shoulder to gaze into the eyes of a questioning Assistant Director. "Mr. Skinner, its nice of you to come."

"It's the least I can do. Any word on Scully?", he asked with concern in his voice.

Shaking her head gently, "No, she's holding on. I know she's waiting for Fox to get here. Its just......well she's so weak. I'd wish she...oh I don't know. It's all between them two."

Leaning against the wall of the sterile hospital, Skinner put a hand on the back of his neck trying to rub the tension out of it. "I should never have sent him. I didn't think anything would happen when I sent him out on his own. Actually, it's usually Mulder that ends up in predicaments. Not Scully. Dammm it all to hell!!", the A.D. swore and pushing himself off of the wall with the force of his anger.

Grabbing his arm, Mrs. Scully turned all her Irish temper on the tense man. While a lesser person and most agents would feel intimidated at the glare he gave the concerned mother. Margaret raised one too many Irish tempers and lived with her own military man for 35 years without learning a few things.

"This isn't your fault. They both knew what they where up against that day they swore their allegiance to the bureau. And just because this happened when Fox was sent out on a case, doesn't mean it was your fault. What Dana needs is our support right now. And knowing Fox, he's going to want a full report, so I expect you get in that room with her and prepare for a long night. Do I make myself clear, Mr. Skinner?" Smiling lightly Skinner couldn't help but add "Now I know how she is able to handle Mulder. Mrs. Scully its obvious Dana gets her strength and courage from you." A slight blush spread across Margaret's face. Clearing her throat, "Thank you Mr. Skinner. Now lets go and get some coffee, its going to be a long night. Especially if Dana truly does take after me." Together the worried friends of Mulder and Scully headed down the hospital hall.

3:50 p.m

The wind ruffled the multihued leaves that scattered the ground. Pausing from picking them up to form little tornadoes, the wind also ruffled the hair on Mulder's now sweating brow. Keeping up his steady pace, he continued to make his way through the congested streets and sidewalks of the nation's seat.

"Damn, Scully I know we promised never to do this alone. So don't go alone. Wait for me!!", he yelled knowing that in his heart she would hear him if she could. Picking up his pace, Mulder darted across a park that under normal circumstances would be filled with people. On this holiday, the park was deserted, thus saving precious time for the anguished man.

Slowly in the horizon, he could make the shape of Washington Memorial Hospital.

4:04 p.m Her breathing had picked up quite considerably since the last time her mother had held her hand. Feeling Dana's racing pulse, Margaret was getting scared. "Dana, maybe...." she began. "NO!! I will wait for him. I am NOT going to let them start until he gets here." gently her voice lowered to a almost inaudible pitch, "We always said we'll go through this together." A gentle look covered Margaret's face, "Honey, I want what's best for yous. But don't overlook the obvious." "I won't", she gasped as the pain once again tore at her body. "Why don't you go check on Skinner, he's probably harassing the nurses again for some pain medicine." With a final squeeze, Mrs. Scully left the room to search out her daughter's ex-boss.

4:30 p.m.

Reaching the doors of the hospital, Mulder checked his watch. It had been seven hours since the call came in. The call that made Mulder leave in the middle of a case out on the outskirts of Chicago. It was a hour and a half since his plane touched down. Now finally he was within minutes of joining Scully. Racing through the lobby, Mulder by-passed more hordes of humanity. People who thought that it would be nice to see friends and loved ones on this overcast Thursday. Reaching the admissions desk, he skidded to a halt.

"Ahhh Mr. Mulder, we've been expecting you. She's in Room 342," the attendant told him before he even had to ask. *Damn we've been spending way too much time here, if the admission's staff can recognize us.*

Not bothering to wait for the elevator Mulder dashed up all 3 flights of stairs. His edict memory from when Scully and him had taken a tour of the hospital just 2 weeks ago, served to get him to her room in breakneck time. Reaching her door Mulder skidded to a stop, his way blocked by two very tall and very worried redheaded men. "Is she?" was all Mulder could ask upon seeing their normally fierce faces.

Seeing who stood before them for the first time, the taller one gasped. "Mulder!!! Get your ass in there now! Your the one who put her in that condition and she won't give up that condition until your at her side. I swear you sure picked a stubborn one".

Charlie Scully began as he opened the door to allow Mulder in, "Yeah you better hope this new one isn't like Dana or you'll be stuck with another stubborn Irish." Mulder's breath caught as he gazed at Scully. The light played upon her damp hair, it's fiery hue spilling like a blaze across the pillow. "Mulder, you better order take out. I don't think I'm up to cooking right about now," Dana teased.

Reaching out he took her hand as he joined her side. "What I don't get Suzy Homemaker tonight?", he teased back. Sensing her duty was over, "If you two will excuse us. Walter and I will join your brothers in the lounge. Fox, do come and get us when you two are done," Mrs. Scully said as she handed Mulder his green sterile gown. With a grateful smile, Mulder began to dress.

"Well if you two are all ready", Dr. Bashir began. "I think its time to let the newest Mulder join us for the holiday. Dana with the next contraction I want you to push."

With blue eyes looking into hazel Dana answered, "Happy Thanksgiving, Fox."

The End

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