Title: Megan 2. I Don't Know
Author: Gilly-Bean
Disclaimer: Don't own them, yadda, yadda yey.
Keywords: Mulder/Scully married, MSR, angst, drama.
Spoilers: Megan, basically, the whole thing up to season 6.

Summary: "Megan raised her head to the sky, her mouth opening. She kept whispering things none of them understood. Saliva started to roll down her chin and Mulder cleaned it....

...Megan convulsed two more times then collapsed, her eyes still opened and unfocused closed and she swallowed..."

Author's notes: Hya, folks. This is the sequel to Megan I promised. I hope you all like it. It's more serious then the other one, and Megan is more mature. This is story is dedicated to every person that wrote me about Megan in special, Meg and Cristina whose support was very welcome and appreciated. And to whom I promised this sequel. :) Megan was a story that popped in my mind one day and i just had to put it on paper. 'I don't know' was the result from a bad situation in my life. I'm just hoping that everybody will like it. I was truly shaken on the last parts. Actually, I could say that this story is a mirror for my own. At least a part of it. I wanna tell people out there not to give up. Keep fighting, keep living. And to my friend Julia who did give up. I miss you very much, honey. And I hope you're watching over me from where you are. I know we'll meet someday. This story is also dedicated to Michelle, July and Lilla, my increadible, funny, sweet friends. I love you guys, thanks for everything you did for me. And to J.Writing Machine. The one that iniciated me on the fics world whithout knowing. THANKS!

Sorry about any typing and/or gramatical errors.

P.S: I made covers for my stories, if anyone is interested, mail me. :)

Now, 1...2...3... ACTION!

"Somebody told me that this is the place, where everything is better and everything is safe..."

7:30 AM

Dana Scully opened her eyes and turned her alarm clock off with a slap. Yawning, she covered her mouth with her hand and sat up. When she was about to get up, two strong hands grabbed her waist and pulled her back. She turned around to look at her husband, an eyebrow up.

"Don't get up."

"Mulder, I have to wake Megan and make her breakfast."

"Two more minutes."


"Please, Dana..."

Scully looked at her husband's puppy dog look and couldn't resist. She opened a big smile and laid her head back on the pillow, covering her belly with her hands. One of Mulder's hands covered hers and started to rub her belly in lazy, sweet circles.

"I can't believe I'm going to be a father again in two more weeks, Scully."

Dana smiled. The pregnancy was a shock for everybody, including herself. She had gone to the doctor to make sure the baby would be healthy and found out he was going to be perfect. And Megan was filled with joy about her new baby brother. Mulder stopped rubbing her belly but kept his hand there, felling his child doing the conga inside his mommy.

Dana sighed and looked at the bedside clock. Taking Mulder's hands off her, she got up slipping her slippers on. She walked to Megan's door and opened it a bit. The room was dark. Megan's room was different from any 12 year old girl room. Megan was too mature for her age, very very gentle and sweet, but her height didn't match her fathers. And she had problems with others at school. Problems Dana and Fox couldn't work out. Her mind worked like a computer and she got beautiful notes out of her violin. But she wanted to be a doctor. Not a pathologist like her step-mother, but a pediatrician. Megan asked Dana, a few months after her marriage with Mulder if she could call her mom. She said Dana was everything her real mother never was. Dana hugged her close and told it was a pleasure to be called mom by the girl.

"Megan, honey, time to wake up."

Dana got closer to the window and opened the blinds, but when she turned around, her heart gave a 360 degrees loop. Megan had her eyes shut tightly, her body was covered is sweat and her sheets were on the floor. All of them. Dana sat on the bed and caressed the girl's forehead, brushing wet hair out of her eyes and trying to wake her up the nicest way possible.

"No, Monica, that's not true. Please, tell me it's not true. Mom, mom, mommy..."

Gut-wrenching, heart-breaking sobs left the girls mouth.

"Meggy, shhh it's only a bad dream, c'mon. Only a dream. Wake up."

The girl's eyes popped open and focused on Dana, her green pools now almost purple.


Dana hugged the girl and ran her hand through her hair, caressing them lovingly.

"Shhh, baby. It was only a bad dream, ok? Only a bad, bad dream. Mommy is here. Everything is gonna be ok."

Megan nodded, her face hidden between the breasts of the woman that took her mother's place without a second thought and was doing a fucking amazing job. Scully got up with Megan on her arms. The girl went stiff as a piece of wood and looked deeply into her mother's arms. Something that she just had to do all the time and that Scully couldn't quite understand. She just HAD to look into everybody's eyes, sometimes making people uncomfortable. But Scully knew that her daughter was a great judge of character.

"Mom, put me down. You can't..."

"Yes I can, Megan... You are so light and my hips are supporting most of your weight. You grams used to do that all the time. She had after all 4 kids."


Dana kissed her cheek and took Megan to the kitchen. She had her head resting on her mom's shoulder and stopped talking when she heard her father's voice. And he was not happy.

"Megan, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

Mulder walked to the pair of women and took Megan out of Scully's arm, squeezing the girl's wrist tightly.


"Haven't we talked about this? I explained to you now that Dana is pregnant she can't keep carrying you?"

"But I..."

"Haven't I told you what could happen?"

Megan's eyes darkened visibly and her face lost all color when her father's warning and her nightmare mixed. She nodded and lowered her eyes.

"Mulder, what...?

Scully tried to explain, but Fox didn't allow her.

"You are grounded, young lady. Go to your room and get ready for school. After school you come directly home and stay in your room. No TV and no violin."

Megan's head snapped up.

"But what about my class? We are going to see the Spanish violinists today."

Dana wanted to cry. Megan was talking about this concert for a month, and waiting for it anxiously. <Don't do that, Mulder. Please, don't>

"No concert, Megan. You're staying home."

Megan pulled her arm away from her father's grasp and looked into his eyes. Her jaw clenched and her eyes filled with water.

"But I waited a month for this concert!"

I don't really care. If you really wanted to go, you would have done what I told you to."

Megan laughed sarcastically. Living with Dana Scully had taught her a few things. Like giving her father a good kick on the ass from the truth.

"YOU are giving me orders? You? And since when you do that, Fox Mulder?"

Mulder seemed shaken for a few seconds.

"Since I am your father."

"Oh yeah? And for what? 10, 11 MONTHS?"

"I'm not gonna argue with you, Megan. Go get ready for school. Your bus will be here soon."

Fox turned around and headed for the kitchen. Dana looked at her daughter, begging silently for her not to say what she knew she wanted to say, but Megan ignored her.

"Ok. I just hope you won't abandon this child Dana is carrying like you did to me."

Scully looked at her husband, really afraid this time. The war began and she was between the two warriors.


Mulder turned around fast and walked to Megan in two long steps. His hand raised and lowered so fast that not even Dana's scream stopped it from connecting with Megan's face.

"Mulder, no!"

Too late. Megan's head was turned to the side, hand on her cheek. She lifted her eyes to her father and moved her tongue inside her mouth. Still looking in Mulder's eyes she spitted on the floor, the blood that was running through her bruised lip. Dana put a hand on her forehead, closing her eyes.

Megan swallowed her tears and ran back to her room, climbing the steps two in two. Dana threw a cold look to Mulder.


She ran after her daughter. Megan's agitation angered Mulder a lot this days. Much more than before. He lost his patience for the smallest things. When she got in the room, Megan was putting her uniform. She lifted the skirt's zipper and sat on the bed to put her black shoes. Her lower lip had a small cut. Megan lifted her eyes to her mother and smiled faintly.

"I'm ok, mom. It's was kinda of my fault anyway."

Dana got closer and raised her head with a finger, checking the bruise.

"It wasn't your fault, Meggy."

Megan shook her head and got up, picking her brush. Dana started brushing the girl's long hair like she did everyday and made a ponytail. Megan seemed fascinated by something in front of her, but shook it away quickly, grabbed her bag from a chair, kissed Dana on the cheek and climbed down the stairs. She stopped when she saw her father, eyes filled with guilt and sorrow. Shaking the bad feeling away she kept walking to the door. Saying a weak 'bye' she left, closing the door and running to the yellow bus stopped on the street.

Megan got home slamming the door and throwing her bag on the couch, totally pissed. Again those stupid boys stopped her on the hallway and completely stepped on her self confidence. Again she made the sick jokes that made them face the ground but didn't come near to pay the humiliation she felt everytime they did that.

But now, Megan was scared. She was scared because they were violent. They were hitting her. Almost everyday. And the bruises were starting to get hard to hide. Touching her sore arm and stomach, Megan started looking for Dana, calling for her. Her answer as complete silence. She get into the kitchen and something on the refrigerator's door called her atention. Picking the two pieces of paper she read the first one.
"Meggy, Me and your grandmother went out to buy stuff for the baby. There's pasta on the microwave and spagetti on the pot in the oven. I'll be back before dinner. Don't forget to do your homework. Love ya. Kisses, MOM."

Throwing this one on the garbage she start reading the next. It was from her father. Telling her how sorry he was, how he would never do that again. Megan smiled and threw that one on the garbage too. Sighing, she realized the concert was blown to hell. <Well...>

Grabbing an apple, she took a huge bite and climbed the stairs up to her room, taking her bag with her. She took a shower, changed clothes, did her homework and prepared herself for the best part of the day. Taking the violin off the closet, she turned the sound box on and closed her eyes. A small sigh left her lips and her fingers touched the cords so lightly it was almost like she was afraid of damaging the material. Cleaning her throat, she moved her arm to the side with gentleness and started playing. The music filled the room, mixed with the girl's soft voice.

"Look at me You may think you see who I really am But you'll never know me Every day It's as if I play a part Now I see If I wear a mask I can fool the world But I cannot fool my heart."

Megan opened her eyes, her hands moving with increadible gentleness and speed. She looked around the room and a smiled appeared on her lips. A man appeared in front of her, about 30 years.

Right in front of her. His eyes, the most beautiful blue she had ever seen, sparkled. His hair was short and oil black. He was surrounded by white, soft light that warmed the room. Megan liked this man. Michael. He protected her, told her things she needed to know. Made things easier.

But Megan didn't liked those ones with black light. They hurt her and made her sick. They showed her things she didn't need to know. Things that always made her sad. They appeared to her, exactly how they died. No arms, no legs, half of the face missing.

And then, she appeared. The one Megan waited all day to see. White dress, sparkling eyes, in all her beauty. It was like looking in the mirror.

"Who is that girl I see
Staring straight back at me?
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?

I am now in a world where I have to hide my heart and what i
believe in
But somehow I will show the world
What's inside my heart
And be loved for who I am."

Megan smiled to the approaching Monica, her face a picture of her own. Monny's green eyes, sparkled more than usual, with the light that surrounded her. With time, the light vanished, and they looked like normal people.

"Who is that girl I see
Staring straight back at me?
Why is my reflection someone I don't know
Must I pretend that I'm someone else for all time?
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?

There's a heart that must be free to fly
That burns with a need to know the reason why
Why must we all conceal
What we think
How we feel?
Must there be a secret me
I'm forced to hide?"

Megan continued playing, her fast fingers holding the cords with experience.

"I won't pretend that I'm someone else for all time
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?"

Megan finished the song and opened a big smile when her audience clapped their hands. Monica hugged her tight, touching her hair. A secret Megan hided since Monny's death. Michael came soon after and kissed her cheek, grabing her hand. The three of them started talking, Megan laughing her head off. It was always nice to loose herself on their paranormal chat, forget her problems, and let her sister and Mike do their magic. Hours passed by and before she knew, Megan was caught by her mother and gradmother, talking to herself and laughing alone on the leaving room.

"Meggy? Who are you talking to?"

Megan swallowed a laugh when Monica did a funny face, crossing her eyes. Monica smiled and started to disappear with Michael, blowing a kiss to her sister before vanishing completely. Megan ran to her gramother and hugged her, kissing her nose.

"Hi guys, I was just thinking aloud. A girl told me this increadible joke."

Dana smiled and ran her hand through the girl's hair.

"How are you, Megan?"

Megan swallowed and bitted her lower lip. A move that made her look so much like her dad.

"I'm fine."

Maggie kissed the girl's forehead and they dropped the subject. They went to the kitchen and started talking, while they made dinner. For a second, Megan forgot her dream. The nightmare where Monica showed her baby shoes covered in blood and two bodies on a morgue. Dana's, cold and blue and a baby boy's, his little eyes closed, his little body on top of her mother's stomach, the umbilical cord still conecting them both for eternity.

10:00 PM

Mulder got home tired. His work at the FBI was starting to exaust him, now that he discovered the pleasures of a whole night sleep. He closed the door with his foot and threw suitcase and coat on a nearby chair. The house was quiet, but as he walked through the corridor, the sound of violin filled his ears and he smiled. His heart ached for what he did. To tell the truth, he didn't know what the hell came over him. Mulder loose the knot on his tie and started climbing the stairs when the hairs on the back of his neck and arms suddenly stood up and he felt something on his spine. He looked back, but he saw only the empty living room.

Mulder kept climbing slowly and stopped in front of Megan's room. He knocked twice and opened a bit. Megan was on the bed, her back on a straight line, playing a lullaby. Dana was laid down next to her, rubbing her bare stomach and smiling, her eyes closed. Mulder opened the whole door and entered. Megan looked at him and started opening a smile when her eyes hit what was behind her father. Her fingers missed the notes, sending a sharp sound that made Dana open her eyes and stare at the girl, confused.

Megan expression was one of pure terror. The violin was now on the bed and her hands were frozen on her lap, incapable of moviment. The black shadow came closer and closer, so close, that Megan could feel all the negative energy that surrounded it and her throat closed painfully. Dana put her hand on her back and rubbed it, calling her name, but the girl was frozen like a marble statue. Mulder was already next to her, trying as well to call his daughter's attention. The shadow got shape an Megan choked with a scream that didn't passed thought her larinx.

The man, it was a man, was dressed in clothes from the 18 century. His lips were purple and when he raised his hand to touch her, she saw that it was semi decompost. The man coughed twice and water spilled from his mouth in enourmeous quantity. The negative energy made Megan's eyes scrachy and it burn, but she couldn't blink. Her eyes filled with water while her mind blocked her from the world. She whispered words that only the strange visitor could understand, while her eyes rolled inside her head leaving two white globs on the esmeralds' place. The man touched her forehead and her body stiffened. Thousands of horrible images passed through her head, images of all kinds of accidents, her father's, her mother's, people she didn't even know. Tears streamed down her white eyes when the image of bloody baby shoes popped in her head like slides, while headless teddy bears flew on the back.

Mulder looked at Scully, his eyes wide. Dana gave back his look and kept trying to get Megan out of whatever that was. Megan raised her head to the sky, her mouth opening. She kept whispering things none of them undertood. Saliva started to roll down her chin and Mulder cleaned it. The strange man had an evil grin, when suddenly, a bright light blinded him. Looking over his shoulder, he saw a figure surrounded with white. Screaming, he vanished without Mulder and Scully having the smallest idea he was even there. But Megan's body continued on the same position, on the same trance. Eyes rolled back, mouth opened. The figure, Michael, approached her and put a hand on her chest and the other on her forehead, spreading his light over Megan. After a couple of seconds, he took his hands back and disappeared.

Mulder was almost getting up to call an ambulance when Megan's body started to convulse. Her teeth cleanched and her eyes rolled back in place, but the energy she lost was enough to make her body think she was losing blood instead. Michael was able to return the energy, but the message had already been sent. Dana inclined forward, holding Megan's arms, while Mulder tried to hang onto her legs. Megan convulsed two more times then collapsed, her eyes, still opened and unfocused, closed and she swallowed, running her hand through her hair. Close. Too fucking close. How was she going to explain it to her folks?

"Megan? Meggy? Honey?"

Megan opened her eyes to her father and smiled. She looked at Dana and touched her cheeks.

"Megan, what the hell happened?"

The girl sat and swallowed again, her throat dry.

"It was nothing, Dad. I don't have an aneurism and no, you don't have to take me to a doctor. It's just... something. I don't want to talk about it, please."

Mulder blinked.

"I saw something. I want you to check it for me. Promise you will. No questions."

Dana and Fox nodded, unable to do more with Megan's eyes so serious and misterious.

"I want mom to go with me to Doc Cohen's office tomorrow and check the baby. I want to know if he or she can come to the world on the normal terms. Pain, push and there he is."

Megan looked straight into their eyes, telling she was deadly serious.

"Are you serious, Megan?" Dana asked, confused. Megan nodded and run her hands through her hair again.

"Please, mom. I'm NOT kidding."

Okay, if not for the pleading, the look of utterly terror convinced Dana the girl was not kidding.


Megan opened a smile that could lit the room. In the bottom of her soul she thought everything was gonna be fine. She couldn't know how wrong she was.

The End

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