Title: Family Matters
Author: Devin
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: G
Category: SR
Keywords: MSR/MSM, AU, Emily, babyfic Spoilers: Requiem and Christmas Carol/Emily

Summary: Mulder doesn't get abducted and a certain little girl shows up on Scully's doorstep.

"Scully you have to understand. They're taking abductees. You're an abductee. I'm not going to risk... loosing you."

Scully walked over to Mulder and hugged him. "I won't let you go alone." Mulder was about to respond when Scully was hit with another wave of dizziness and she collapsed.

"Scully? Scully?" He turned towards Skinners office and yelled, "Somebody call 911!"

Krycek and Byers came running out of the conference room. They quickly took in the scene and Byers ran back to give the details to the emergency operator. Krycek had an expression that would have been comical at any other time, one of concern and annoyance. "I guess you're not going back to Oregon, huh?"

Mulder looked at him in disbelief. "Once again your powers of observation astound me. I'm not leaving her." Mulder turned back to Scully who was, for the second time in two days, lying unconscious in his lap and for no reason that he could brag about.

"This is a once in a life opportunity here. That ship is not just going to wait until you're good and ready to go find it."

'I thought they chopped of his arm not his ears,' Mulder thought angrily. "I'm going to say this one more time. I. Am. Not. Leaving. Her. Did you get that this time round?"

Frohike came running out of the room exclaiming, "The ambulance is coming. Is she okay?"

Both Mulder and Krycek looked at him like he had just said the stupidest thing ever. "No," they both said. Krycek then said, "Well, since no one's going UFO hunting Marita and I have other errands to run. See ya."


"Mr. Mulder?" Mulder stopped pacing and turned to the doctor that had just walked down the hall, presumably from Scully's room. "Miss Scully is awake now and she wants to see you."

When he got down the hall to Scully's room he hesitated. They did not have much luck when either of them was in the hospital, well they had always lived but...

Mulder shook that thought off and opened the door. Scully was sitting up in her hospital bed with one of the widest smiles he had seen since he woke up in Alaska. When he closed the door behind him she turned around and the smile got even wider. "Hey Mulder. Your mom gave you the birds, the bees, and the monkey babies talk, right?" she asked innocently.

Scully's Apartment

"Mulder you have to go with me. They won't kill you. I promise"

"Scully you can't promise that. Have you seen how your brothers act around me normally? I mean how are they going to act now that I've... I've..."

"Knocked up their sister?"

Mulder rolled his eyes, "Not quite what I was going to say but that works to."

Scully walked over to Mulder and wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed him on the cheek. "Bill hates you. No question. However, my mom loves you and has a very mean kick, which she will quickly deliver to his shin if he steps out of line. Charlie has always liked to make guys I was involved with to think that he was a jerk so that they wouldn't try anything. Really they're just big teddy bears, though I wouldn't bring up that description if I were you."

Mulder looked at her still uncertain about this whole dinner idea. "So your saying I have to go."

Scully grinned playfully at him. "Well that depends. You haven't really stayed at your apartment by yourself since you came back from England a couple months ago. So, I'm sure your couch misses you terribly." She held up both her hands to mimic a scale. "Dinner. Night alone. Diner. Night alone."

He considered his options then said, "Night alone," and pretended to walk away.

"Mulder," she whined.

"Okay, Scully. Dinner. When are we meeting everyone at the restaurant?"

"Six." There was a knock on the door. "I'm sure I told everyone to meet us there." Mulder shrugged. "Okay, well you get ready. I'll go see who it is."

"Works for me but remember if it's a vaccum salesman, run." She rolled her eyes at him, sure that it was not anyone peddling anything.

When she looked out the peephole there was no one there. She had a slight twinge of fear at that and her hand automatically reached for her gun. However, when she opened the door the person who was standing was there was one of the least threatening Scully had ever known.

The little girl smiled up at her. "Mommy."

"Emily?" She wouldn't have been able to stop the tears that were streaming down her face if she'd wanted to. She kneeled down in front of her daughter "What? How? You're really here aren't you sweetie?"

Emily nodded slowly not really sure why Scully was asking that. "Yeah, mommy. They let me go. They finally let me go."

"Who let you go?"

"Hey Scully. I cannot get this tie. Could you..." the site of Emily standing in the doorway in front of Scully cut his question short. "Scully?"

Scully turned around to look at Mulder, never letting go of Emily's hand. "Mulder, I believe you've met Emily."

While Scully continued to talk to Mulder Emily tried to place where she knew him from and once she realized her eyes lit up. "You're the guy that made the Mr. Potato Head face!" Both adults looked at her and smiled and Mulder nodded. "Do you live with mommy?"

Mulder glanced at Scully and answered, "yeah." In truth they had never talked about the fact that they were living together, they just were and this was the first that either had really vocalized it.

"Sweetie how did you get here?" Scully asked her again.

Both watched Emily as her face scrunched up in concentration but then she just shrugged. "I don't know mommy. They must have made me sleep again. I woke up and some guy was carrying me. He told me he was going to give me back to my mom." A huge smile spread across her face as she looked up at Scully, Scully's heart melted at the sight of it and hugged her daughter close.

"Scully I'm sure Emily's hungry. Why don't we go make her something to eat?" Mulder gestured towards the kitchen with his head. She nodded and gave Emily a coloring book and some crayon that she kept for when Mathew came over. "Scully I don't mean to be a party- pooper but we should probably check out who she is, blood tests or something. Because last we knew Emily wasn't likely to be showing up on your doorstep, especially in a solid form."

Scully hesitated but then nodded. "Your right. I'll take Emily to the lab at Quantico and run a test right now. Will you call mom and tell her something came up and that I'll call her later?" Before he could answer she kissed him on the cheek and had gone to get Emily ready to go.

When Scully got back home with Emily it was very late and she was asleep. She carried her up from the car and laid her down on the couch, covering her with a blanket.

After making sure that Emily was comfortable she went to get ready for bed herself. As she was changing a voice from behind her said, "Keep going FBI woman."

"Ah, you are awake."

"Of course." Mulder then turned serious trying to judge from her attitude how the tests went. "So?"

Scully turned back to continue dressing but said, "How do you feel about adoption?" The huge grin that spread over his face was all the answer she needed.

3 Months Later

If anyone had told either of them a year or even 5 months ago how much their lives would change they wouldn't have believed them. Well, he might have but they would have had to try very, very hard to convince him. Once all the adoption paperwork was done, via the Gunmen, their lives were almost normal. They both cut back at work so that they could spend time with Emily, which made accounting very happy. At first there was a major battle at work over whether or not they could continue to work together due to their relationship. Their saving grace however was their solve record. While their solve had always been good it had gone up ever since they had become involved. Kersh was very disappointed when they didn't get closed done but chose not to beat a dead horse, for once.

Emily was enrolled in kindergarten now and loving it. At first they had thought that she'd be starting to late to catch up and that they should just wait until next year but she quickly caught up. There was only one thing she was having a problem with.

"Mommy?" she asked one day.

Scully looked up from the report she was writing on their latest case. "Yeah sweetie?"

Before she could answer though Mulder walked into the apartment. He ruffled Emily's hair as he walked past her and gave Scully a long kiss. Neither noticed that Emily was sulking as she went back to her coloring. "What took you so long?"

"I went to the DMV Scully. That was not long." She rolled her eyes at him and he handed her the car keys. "Here ya go. You girls go out and have a good time."

Scully exaggeratedly bowed. "Oh thank you dear man of the house." She turned when she heard Emily giggle. "Oh, you think this is funny do you?" She reached down and tickled her until Emily started crying. When Scully finally let up she told Emily to get her coat and then they left.

Since Emily had returned they had had so many things to do that there had been no real time to go out and get her any clothes and so she had been wearing nothing but hand-me-downs that Mrs. Scully had still had in a box in the attic. While the clothes were in good enough shape the last time they had been worn was in the 70's, styles had changed slightly. So today was the day for the great shopping spree of the century.

Scully and Emily went to every store in the mall getting anything with the Rugrats or Dora the Explorer on it. They also got Emily a pair of sneakers that lit up with every step that she took that she just had to have. Before they went off in search of a backpack they decided to stop for lunch.

"You still want to go to grandma's while I go to the doctor?" Scully asked as they ate. Emily nodded but at the mention of the doctor appointment her smile disappeared. "What's wrong?"

"Don't want you to go." Emily mumbled.

"To the doctor's? Honey, I have to go and make sure the baby's alright."

"Don't want you to have the baby," she mumbled again.

Scully was shocked but finally managed to ask, "Why?"

Emily wouldn't look up but Scully could tell she was crying. "Ms. Tucker had a baby and she didn't come back." From what they had learned of where Emily had been held after they faked her death Ms. Tucker had been the primary caregiver to Emily and the other children that were being held there. "She didn't want any of us after she had her own baby."

Without a word Scully scooted her chair around so that she was sitting right next to Emily and the picked her daughter up without difficulty and placed her in her lap. She held her and rocked her gently until Emily's tears subsided and she started to hiccup and sniffle. Scully tilted back Emily's head so that she could look at her and smiled sadly. "Kid, do you have any idea how much I love you?" Emily shook her head slowly, it was the first she actually recalled anyone saying that. "To the moon and beyond. So even after this baby comes there is no way I'm ever going to let you go."



3 months later

"You have to push," Mulder coached Scully while she squeezed his hand to death.

"The hell I do!"

"I can see the head," the doctor told them, totally unfazed by their quarreling. "On three you will need to push again."

"C'mon Scully you can do this."

"If I am going to push this child out, which seems to have inherited your large head, then you can't talk. Ug, natural childbirth... this kid owes me so much."

Thirty minutes later William was brought into the world.

Emily ran down the hall oblivious to the calls of her Grandmother who wanted her to slow down. Ever since Scully had promised her that she wasn't going to be tossed out onto the street all she could talk about was how much she couldn't wait to be a big sister. Mulder stepped out into the hallway and caught her up into his arms. "Daddy can I see the baby now? Is mommy ok? Why couldn't I be here when the baby was born? Is the baby a boy or a girl?"

"Hey calm down kiddo. You can go in and meet your new brother as soon as the nurse is done talking to your mom." Then noticing Mrs. Scully for the first time, "Hey, Mrs. Scully. I hope this little rascal wasn't too much for you," he said this and then thumped Emily on the nose affectionately.

"She was an angel as usual," was Mrs. Scully's reply as she looked adoringly at her granddaughter.

A couple minutes later an elderly woman walked out and said, "You can go in now."

Emily burst out of her father's arms and ran into the room they had been standing in front of. She didn't settle down until she had clambered into the hospital bed that held her exhausted mother and sleeping brother. She looked at her baby brother in awe and didn't look away until something on Scully's left hand glinted in the light. "Mommy when'd you get that ring? It's really pretty."

The End

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