Title: You Better Sit Down Now
Author: Cheryl Cohen
Written: October 1996
Rated: PG
Category: SR
Keywords: Mulder/Scully romance
Spoilers: Piper Maru

Summary: Mulder plans to ask Scully to marry him on Valentine's Day, but her surprise tops his by a long shot.

Dana Scully's apt.
February 14, 1995
9:oo a.m.

"So...Your mother's been having sex with your boyfriend's sister," the voice from the TV calmly intoned.

Fox shifted uncomfortably on the couch while stealing a furtive glance at the small, older woman, perched on the other end. Her rapt attention was totally focused on the unlikely tale that Rolonda was spewing over the air waves and didn't notice his movement. Oh God, he didn't know if he could handle one more day of this. He loved Margaret Scully and it wasn't that he didn't appreciated her help and concern but having to sit through this cockamamie BS day after day was beginning to drive him stark raving mad. <And you're a psychologist? Good thing you never set up a practice.>

How could Skinner do this to him? It wasn't bad enough that the man had handcuffed him to the damn hospital bed for four days, now his friendly nemesis had taken away his keycard and badge until 'he'd recovered completely.' Two weeks and he still hadn't been allowed to return to work. Two weeks, Margaret Scully had force fed him chicken soup when all he really wanted was some good old oily, greasy deluxe, supreme 'everything on it' pizza. Fourteen days, two hours, and twenty-seven minutes, she had subjected him to a steady diet of talk shows, soap operas, and game shows.

Now he knew the real reason that he worked all day. There was absolutely nothing on TV worth watching when the sun was out. He wouldn't have had the TV on at all if it weren't for the the fact that it was Dana's TV and Margaret seemed to be addicted to this melodramatic dribble. It was frightening but he was sure he'd heard the theme from the Young and The Restless in his sleep last night. He was amazed at the libidos these people seemed to possess and had come to the conclusion that he needed a score card to keep up on who was sleeping with whom and a national index for tracking all the illegitimate births involved...and Dana had the gall to tease him about his special video collection. This stuff put his stuff to shame.

Too bad he hadn't known about game shows before he wasted all that time at Oxford and in the employ of the FBI. Hell, he'd more than once dumbfounded Margaret with his seemingly unending stockpile of useless information. He could have gone on Jeopardy and been a millionaire by now--not that he needed the money. Sometimes he wondered how condescending to 'ol' Spooky' some of those Bureau pukes would be if they knew what his net worth actually was.

Oh shit, that reminded him, he'd forgotten to do something very important. Well, 'forgotten' perhaps wasn't the best word. He'd been 'unable' to do something very important. Mulder looked over to Margaret and cleared his throat to get her attention.

Margaret turned away from the TV and faced him with a questioning stare. "What is it dear?"

Mulder lowered his eyes and took a deep breath before he spoke. " Look, I know I'm not allowed to drive yet, but I have to get to town. It's important...I just remembered what day it is. Could you..I mean...would you mind taking me?"

Margaret looked into his soft, pleading eyes and understood immediately why her daughter found it difficult to refuse him anything. This was against her better judgment. Even though he looked fully recovered, he was an expert at deception when it came to covering up and denying physical problems when it suited him. She'd had the advantage, however, along with her daughter, of being his shadow for the last two weeks so no amount of lying on his part could convince her that he still didn't feel some pain or negate the fact that his movements were still on the slow and measured side. She'd almost decided to say 'no' when she reached out and touched his hand. Desperation washed over her and she sensed his determination to leave...with or without her. This man could be so damn stubborn.

"All right, Fox," she finally replied, "I'll take you, but just promise me that you'll do whatever it is you have to do and nothing more. I don't want you tiring yourself out before Dana gets home or we'll both be in trouble."

Mulder rewarded her with a genuinely warm smile, gently embraced her, and sighed softly, "thanks mom."

"Don't mention it," she answered as she reached out and playfully smacked his knee.

Getting up from the couch, Mulder wandered across the room and into Dana's bedroom to retrieve a pair of jeans and a shirt from a small dresser next to the wall. Jerry Springer's theme song drifted through the closed door as he changed clothes. The thought of not having to listen to Jerry's next scandalous topic thrilled him to no end and he practically skipped by the end table as he picked up the keys and handed them to Margaret.

Curiosity was killing Margaret, he could tell, but she would wait for what she considered a respectable amount of time before openly interrogating him for an explanation.

Just before they'd gone on that fateful cruise from hell, Fox Mulder had made a big decision, a decision that had prompted him to spend the better part of a week searching for the most symbolic piece of jewelry he'd ever buy. To his surprise, he'd found what he'd been looking for, not in the dozens of stores he'd been to, but in an old antique shop, specializing in estate jewelry.

The rings were the most beautiful example of craftsmanship and artistry that he'd ever seen. The band and ring setting were a delicate filigree of white gold spun into the shapes of hearts and roses. That would have been enough in itself but the stone... The diamond was perfect in its facets and seemed to glow from within with a pure and radiant, inner fire, just like the woman on whose finger it belonged.

The price had been outrageous so he'd left what he'd originally intended to pay for rings as a downpayment on this set until he could have the full amount transferred from the interest account on his trust fund to his personal account. He'd seldom used the money and had never before used it for anything that he considered personal. This was different, he'd rationalized--this was important. This was for Dana. There was only one catch. The store would only hold the item for 60 days and his time was up today. He just had to get there.

Margaret parked the car in front of a quaint looking antique shop and wondered what in the world Fox would be so anxious about getting in here. She followed him into the exclusive little shop and inconspicuously watched over his shoulder as he bent over the counter to make out a check. The amount he wrote out nearly sent her to the floor in disbelief, but it wasn't until she saw what was in the small velvet box that she finally decided that she'd stepped through the looking glass and was caught in another dimension. The rings were beautiful. They were the most exquisite things she'd ever seen. How could Fox Mulder ever afford them? she questioned herself while casting a look at him that asked the same question.

Mulder raised an impish eyebrow and commented to Margaret's silent inquiry. "Mom, I'm not without funds...I just don't believe in flaunting something that I had nothing to do with." He paused for several seconds, considering what he was doing, then asked nervously, "Do you think she'll say yes?"

It took a few moments for his question to sink in and all she could do was nod and walk dreamily back outside with him.

"Mom?" "Mrs. Scully? Are you Okay?"

"I'm fine dear. Just give me a few minutes."

Mulder eyed her with concern. "Are you sure?"

"Really, I'm fine. In fact, I'm deliriously happy."

"Hey, it's Valentine's Day, after all," Mulder announced over his shoulder with a grin as he walked into the florist shop next door.

Margaret remained standing outside on the sidewalk contemplating her daughter's future and smiled...and to think, she was worried that he'd never get around to asking.

A couple dozen roses lay cradled in his arms, as Mulder returned and gently placed them in the back seat of the car. Margaret had expected him to get in but instead, realizing that he'd forgotten something else that was really important, he headed down the sidewalk to the corner and ducked into the drug store.

Finally finding the aisle he was looking for, Mulder stopped and stared in confusion. Wow, the available selections in these things had more than doubled since the last time he'd had to buy any, he thought with embarrassment. In the past couple of years, Dana usually took care of this end of things. For some reason it appealed to her feminist side to take charge of this particular responsibility so he'd been more than willing to let her.

He hadn't thought that this was going to be such a hard decision...Synthetic, lambskin, ribbed, flavored, colored, neon, plain, with spermicide, without spermicide, thick, thin, lubricated? Jesus, they even had sizes....small, medium, large, magnum, Mr. Ed? How in the hell would he know?? It's not like he went around comparing. Who were they kidding anyway? He'd always been under the impression that penis' were kinda like fish, ask any guy and he would automatically add on a few inches -- just for good measure. Luckily for him, at least he'd never had to lie, he thought smuggly. I mean like, would any self-respecting male really tell the truth. Yeah, right, he could just see the men lining up now to buy the package with the complimentary magnifying glass. Most of the guys he knew would buy the magnum just for effect and tie a damn knot in the end. Christ, how the hell would you decide which one was right? Do they have a gauge like a finger-sizer to tell you?? He looked around half expecting to see one dangling on one of those chain things from the shelf. <If a salesgirl comes out and asks to fit me...that's it...I'll go home and take my chances at populating the earth.>

Okay, take it easy. Have a little fun. Be spontaneous...NEON...hell, why not. He reached for the package then stopped...there were only twelve in this one. Oh, now you have a choice on how many to get. Twelve, twenty-four, or economy pack. It's been a long time, Mulder... He stood silently for several seconds and ran his hand through his hair while contemplating his choices.

"Get the economy package, Fox," a familiar voice advised, "It's a better buy."

Startled, Mulder suddenly jerked his head down to look into the upturned, smiling face of Margaret Scully.

He felt the heat rise from his toes and wash over his face as he snatched the box off the shelf and made a beeline for the checkout.

They drove in silence for several minutes until Margaret glanced over to the passenger seat and met his mischievous eyes. "NEON?" she asked with a laugh she just couldn't quite hold back.

At first, Mulder attempted to appear annoyed but just couldn't keep up the charade...he just felt too good. "Yeah, well...I just thought that Dana could use a little more color in her life, that's all," he replied, trying to keep a straight face.

The straight faces didn't last and by the time they made it back to the apartment, they'd almost laughed themselves sick.

Mulder sat on the couch and cringed as General Hospital appeared on the TV screen. Margaret wouldn't mind if he missed this episode. He hated to admit it, but he really needed a nap if he was going to be worth anything tonight. He dozed off as nurse whats-her-name was telling doctor so-and-so that she was having his brother's uncle's baby. God, didn't these people know about neon condoms?

FBI HQ-A.D. Skinner's office
February 14, 1995
3:30 p.m.

Walter Skinner leaned back in his chair and heaved a relaxed sigh. He'd felt a little guilty at cuffing Mulder to his hospital bed but by God, the man stayed put...didn't he? Now, he'd enforced Mulder's medical leave for the last two weeks and he hated to admit it but he really missed that pain in the ass trouble maker.

Though it was true Mulder was one big aggravation to him, it was also true that Mulder made life in bureaucratic hell interesting and bearable. Part of the frustration Mulder caused him was partly due to the nature of his work and part of course was due to the man himself. He was certain that he'd never understand the young man completely and that was aggravating. It fascinated him that Mulder could be so brilliant when it came to intellectual, academic matters, yet unbelievably naive when he was faced with political intrigue and bureaucratic double-dealings. After all Fox Mulder had been through, he still wanted to believe. That in itself, was enough to envy.

God, this day had been so damn boring. He almost wished Mulder was here. At least he could yank his chain and yell at him a little and he could nod in disbelief as his most capable agent came up with some outlandish speculation on a case. Hell, he didn't even have Agent Scully to bark at. Without Mulder to get her into trouble, he had no reason to send for her. She'd been unusually quiet these last couple of weeks too. He knew Mulder was at her apartment with Margaret Scully watchdogging him. That at least was a consolation. That woman wouldn't let him get away with anything so he felt reasonably certain that Mulder would be ready for work soon.

Skinner pulled his calendar in front of him and checked the dates. Well, it's been over two weeks... If the Bureau physician gives the ok, he could have Mulder back at work and creating havoc early next week.

Something else had been nagging at the back of his brain. Something that he really didn't want to deal with. He suspected more of a relationship between his two gifted agents than what was expected but so far they'd been discreet and no one had produced any proof that their relationship was anything but platonic. However, he figured it would only be a matter of time before he would have to address the situation that he was fairly certain existed. That was something he didn't look forward to. It would be hell to try and keep them together once their relationship was discovered. Still, he enjoyed a challenge and these two had certainly given him enough of those.

Dr. Gerald Green Private Office
February 14, 1995

Dana fidgeted nervously as she sat facing Dr. Green across the highly polished mahogany desk. <Alright, you've put this off long enough. You promised Mulder over two weeks ago that you'd see a doctor so just get on with it. Time for the moment of truth.> "Well?" she asked anxiously, uncrossing her legs and leaning forward with her elbows on the desk.

Dr. Green studied the report in his hand then looked at her over the rim of the reading glasses that were perched precariously on the end of his nose. "Dana, according to all tests and reports, you're in perfect health except for a trace of some unidentifiable residual substance in your blood that we can't identify. I assume *that* is a by product of something having to due with your unusual work. Whatever it is, it doesn't appear to be causing the problems that you've been experiencing." He paused for a few seconds and smiled before continuing in a slightly amused confidential tone. "Now...we both know what's causing *them* and why you came to me instead of one of the Bureau's designated physicians, don't we?" he teased affectionately.

"Okay, Jerry, I suspected. I guess I just needed to hear it from someone else," she sighed uncertainly, "someone I could trust," she added. Dana had met Dr. Jerry Green several years ago when he was guest speaker for one of her classes at medical school. The short, rotund, jolly man had hit it off right away with the young, inquisitive, and according to him, overly serious med student and they'd been friends ever since. This was the first time, however, that she'd actually seen him in over a year.

Dr. Green set the reports down on his desk, slid his chair back, and got up. Walking around to the front of his desk, he plopped his ample body down on one corner next to Dana. "Is this a 'good thing'?" he inquired, letting his concern edge into his voice.

Dana smiled genuinely. "Yes and no," she replied cryptically. "Yes, I'm happy.. I could never think of this as anything but a good thing and 'no', its not a 'mistake' that I need to rectify but thanks for asking."

"Sorry, I had to know," Dr. Green replied stoically. "It's just that in your line of work, something like this could be decidedly---inconvenient."

Dana laughed lightly, "Well if that's not the understatement of the year, I don't know what is. Skinner will go ballistic, the gossipmongers will have a field day, and Mulder... Mulder will just be impossible as usual. He's already too overprotective as it is."

"Mulder? He's you partner right?" Jerry asked with a questioning brow.

"Among other things," Dana snickered.

"Don't tell me...he must be the perpetrator of this little unexpected act of sabotage."

Dana grinned in spite of herself. "Oh he's good at perpetrating all right," she sighed, "only this time...looks like he left behind incriminating evidence." She glanced down at herself in wondering awe, wrestling with conflicting feelings of joy, awe, worry, and fear.

Jerry watched the flood emotions cross her delicate looking face and grabbed her hand in a comforting grip. "If everything is as it should be, why do I sense that you're upset?"

"It's okay Jerry. I'm only sad because I know when they find out about this -- and they will <It's not exactly the kind of thing that you can 'hide' for very long.> they'll take him away from me. They'll separate us. I doubt they'll ever let me officially work as Mulder's partner again and there's no one else I'd trust to watch his back and keep him safe."

"What about 'unofficially'?" Jerry suggested.

"I've tried 'unofficial' and it's tough. Unofficial just means that I know what he's getting into but I can't be there when I need to be. You just don't know what he's up against, Jerry. You can't imagine in your wildest dreams."

"Maybe you should learn to trust him to take care of himself," Jerry commented.

Dana laughed sardonically, "You don't know what you're saying. Every time he's run off on his own, he's ended up hurt or in a hospital, or both."

Jerry nodded in understanding, then offered his own opinion. "Give him another chance, Dana. A man tends to be a little more cognizant of his mortality and a lot more careful when he knows he has a family depending on him."

"I guess I'm selfish, but I don't want him to have another partner--- I'm his partner, damn it."

Jerry listened intently. Over the years he'd learned that listening to his patients was just as important as treating their physical ailments, even more so now because this one also happened to be a friend. "Well Dana, I'd look at it this way. "You will *always* be his 'partner.' Think of it as an exchange--a temporary professional partnership for a life long, personal one. Just remember that if the Bureaucratic BS at the Bureau gets to be too much for you, there is always a place for you here. "Just one more word of advice," Jerry added, "You've got some major changes in store for both of you and in the scheme of things the 'guy' is often over looked. Make sure you give the man time to adjust and keep in mind he'll probably be as frightened and uncertain about all of this as you are. Believe me, I know," he chuckled softly while escorting her out of his office. "I told Jamie to make an appointment for you in three weeks. If you find yourself unable to keep it, just call and I'll have her reschedule it. Bye dearie," he whispered as he kissed her on the cheek.

Jerry Green watched the young woman walk to her car and get in. Perhaps it was his imagination but he could almost swear that she positively 'glowed.'

The traffic light had been green for several seconds and a dozen horns blared from behind her, before Dana had even realized it had changed. A million thoughts and scenarios raced through her brain at breakneck speed, colliding in a major traffic jam in her mind like a cluster of bumper cars at the fair. There were so many things to consider. What would happen to them, to their careers, and more specifically, to her career? What would they do when the Bureau separated them? The Bureau policy of non-fraternization was not an 'official' documented rule, of this she was certain. I t was frowned upon, yes...but not forbidden by law or regulation and therefore could be fought legally if need be. Rest assured, she thought with determination...Dana Scully would fight.

Now who was being overprotective, Dana, she asked herself. Fox Mulder had managed to survive long before he met you. Yes, but the shadow forces that worked against them had become much more adamant in their efforts to silence them since that time, a small mind voice reminded her. <Dana, you're getting delusions of grandeur. What makes you think that you're the only person who can work with that impossibly stubborn, aggravatingly obsessed, incredibly brilliant, and gifted man? > "All right, all right," she grumbled while giving an annoying guy in a red sportscar the finger, "I'm moving." She drove on trying, not quite successfully, to keep her mind on the road and where she was going.

Her mind drifted once again to possible ways to break this little piece of timely information to Mulder... to her mother...to Skinner?? Dana jumped in her seat as she realized she nearly missed stopping in front of her own apartment. After parking the car, she found herself just sitting and staring out the window, her legs unwilling to move. What would his reaction be? She knew Mulder's unwavering sense of ethics and honor would obligate him to 'do the right thing.' She also knew that she didn't want that. She wanted him more than anything, but she didn't want him to feel trapped or forced into something because of an 'obligation.' <Play it by ear...just tell him and see what happens.>

Slowly, she emerged from the car and entered her apartment to the sounds of pots and pans clanging in the kitchen. A delightful aroma filled the air, making it easy to deduce that her mom had been cooking. Dropping her purse on a chair, her eyes fell on Mulder as he slept peacefully on the couch in front of the TV. All the doubts and fears that had crowded her mind as she'd driven home suddenly dissolved into mist when she looked into his gentle, handsome face. It was strange, but she could sense his love for her even when he slept.

She left him and wandered into the kitchen to find her mom busily stirring something in a pot over the stove. "What are you making, mom,?" Dana asked as she walked over to the refrigerator.

Margaret jumped slightly at the sound of her daughter's voice. She been so intense on what she was doing that she hadn't noticed Dana when she came into the room. "Stay out of the refrigerator," Margaret ordered when she saw her daughter reach for the handle.

"Why? I'm thirsty and I just want to get a drink," she replied testily.

"Because Fox has a surprise for you and if you go into the refrigerator, you'll spoil it for him," Margaret informed her without going into detail.

Dana smiled wryly. "Well, I have a surprise for him too."

Margaret looked suspiciously at her daughter's mischievous grin, and raised one questioning eyebrow.

"Later mom," Dana said, absently brushing her hand against her abdomen. Sitting down at the table, Dana gestured toward the living room. "What did you do to him, Mom? He's sleeping like a baby," she coughed out the last words and giggled in spite of herself.

Margaret smiled broadly, "We went on an errand to town today and Fox ran me ragged. I guess he tired himself out as well and decided to take a nap. He should be up soon. I didn't do anything to him...and it was probably General Hospital that put him to sleep."

Dana smiled inwardly. The thought of Fox Mulder watching Soap Operas somehow struck her as innately humorous and she had to admit that he'd already given her an earfull of complaints about her mom's viewing selections.

"Oh, by the way, I'll put dinner on the table for you but I have a date tonight so you and Fox are on your own," Margaret informed her without supplying any further information.

"A date?" Dana squeaked in surprise.

"Yes, a 'date'," Margaret repeated. "Don't ask, because I'm not ready to tell you"

"Tell me?" a softly sexy voice intoned from the doorway.

"Definitely not you, Fox," Margaret chuckled.

"Oh, nobody likes me...everybody hates me...I think I'll eat some worms," he recited with precision.

"How about just settling for dinner?" Margaret offered.

"Okay, you twisted my arm. I'll give the worms to Dana, she's into insects," Mulder snickered.

Dana shot him a look hotter than plutonium and he cringed visibly..."Ouch," he whined in mock terror..."If looks could kill, I'd be six feet under. "Tell you what...you've had a long day. Why don't you just go in the living room and sit down. I'll bring you a drink and you can unwind...hmmm??"

She relented and nodded in agreement as she left the kitchen and plopped down on the couch. Maybe Mulder was right. It felt good to kick her shoes off and sit down.

Mulder winked at Margaret and pulled the roses and a bottle of champagne out of the refrigerator, nearly dropping the glasses on the floor before he got everything balanced. "Always wanted to learn to juggle," he chortled softly as Margaret placed her hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh.

He's really nervous, Margaret thought to herself, as she watched a normally graceful human being turn into an unbelievable klutz before her eyes.

Mulder paused at the doorway and took a deep breath. What's the worst that could happen?

'she could say 'no,' stupid', the logical part of his brain pointed out with objectivity. 'shut up,' his ego argued in defense...no logic allowed here. Nearly tripping on his way to the couch, he caught his knee on the coffee table, and just barely missed dumping the champagne in her lap. 'shit,' smooth move, Sherlock, his ego cried in embarrassment, then denied knowledge of his existence.

"Um....Happy Valentines Day, Dana," he managed to squeeze out between pursed lips, trying to ignore the pain the table had inflicted on his leg. Oh, damn, he'd really screwed this up. Wait a minute...she was smiling. Maybe there was still hope that he could salvage something here. He straightened up as she got up to meet him, realizing too late that the hand he held out to her contained the package of condoms instead of the roses that he'd intended. Oh shit, this is gonna be one wonderful, romantic, proposal that she'll remember for all time...he sighed and he brain engaged in a mental 'droop.'

Dana stared at the package briefly, raised a delicately arched eyebrow with a mischievous scowl, and took the package from his hand. "Geez, Mulder, think you bought enough? Fluorescent Neon??" She couldn't help it. This was just too good.

Okay, when you're ego is on the line...retaliate with a smartass remark. It's the male thing to do.

"Just wanted to make sure you could find me in the dark," he replied as the corner of his mouth crooked upward involuntarily.

Dana raised both eyebrows in mock surprise. "Since when have I ever had trouble finding you...in the dark, under the stairs, in the elevator, back seats, front seats, in my mother's bathtub, under the bleachers after the Laker's game...Jesus, Mulder, finding you has never been a problem. I have irrefutable, undeniable proof of that."

"Huh?" Mulder sputtered, not quite sure what that last statement was all about.

Dana took the package of condoms and tossed them across the room where they landed at Margaret's feet as she stood in the kitchen doorway. "Let's just say," Dana purred, "that something didn't work...and it *wasn't* you. You better sit down now, Mulder...I'm pregnant." Somewhere in the kitchen a pot dropped noisily to the floor.

He backed up against the couch just as his knees buckled, causing him to plop down heavily on the cushions. He stared dumbly at her for several minutes, before stating stupidly, "But we only forgot one time..."

"Mulder...you were educated at Oxford. Surely you know it only takes 'one' time. You're a dangerous man," she said with a grin.

Dana could almost see his mind working. The shock had begun to wear off and a look of joy and wonder found its way into his features, then the expected panic. Oh God, was he ready for this? What if he was a lousy father? It's not like he had any role models to use as examples. He didn't want to make the same mistakes that his father did. No, he could never do that. He made a final resolution. This life that was growing within her was a culmination of their love for each other. It was a part of him, a part of them both. He would do his best and hope to God that he didn't screw up too badly. Dana would keep him in line and tell him if he was messing up.

Dana knew by instinct what was going through his mind. She watched as he worked through his doubts and fears and she recognized the acceptance and resolution when it shone in his eyes. He'd be okay. He was a little overwhelmed, but he'd be okay.

Mulder smiled broadly, reached over and drew her close into his embrace. He kissed her soundly and placed a tentative hand on her stomach as he whispered into her mouth, "I love you...I love you both."

She gently pulled away from him and asked, "So, what was your surprise?"

He shrugged his shoulders sheepishly and reached into his pocket to pull out the small black box.

"Well, you've outdone me again," he whined slightly while opening the box. "And I thought this was going to be such a big surprise." He gently took her left hand and slid the ring on her finger as she gasped at its beauty. "What do you say? I can't offer you much, except for my heart, my soul, and a crummy nickname. Would you mind very much being Mrs. Spooky?" He held his breath. This wasn't exactly the way he'd had it planned but he was sincere and that's what mattered.

She shoved him down on the couch and kissed him hard in response.

"Is that a yes?" he panted, trying to catch his breath.

"Oh, I wouldn't mind...I wouldn't mind at all. Just one thing though, lose the ties, Mulder. I don't want our kid to grow up in constant fear of arrest by the fashion police."

"Tie bigot," he murmurred as he nibbled teasingly on her earlobe.

Shivers went down her spine. "Oh God, isn't this how everything started last time?"

Mulder's eyes took on a familiar glint as his lips slid down the curve of her neck. "Gee, I don't remember, lets have a review. Is there a test?"

"Looks like you've already passed it...dad," she gasped involuntarily.

"Look at the bright side, Dana," he whispered while lightly sliding his hand along the inside of her thigh, "I can't get you pregnant."

That did it. He knew all the right buttons to push and she lost total control. She could deny him nothing. Dana Scully suddenly had irrational visions of never being able to see her feet again.

A smile formed on Margaret Scully's face. She didn't know about them, but this was one of the happiest days of *her* life. "Everything will be all right now, Captain Scully, he's a good man...I think you'd have like him," she murmured softly as she picked up the package by her feet and tossed it into the trash can.



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