Title: Suspicions Abated
Author: Autumn Fugazzi
Written: April 2002
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Rating: Nice tame PG
Keywords: Mulder/Scully Romance
Category: SR
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. They belong to Chris Carter, 20th Century Fox and 1013 Productions. I'm just borrowing them for a short time. No infringement intended.
Spoilers: Empedocles

Summary: An explanatory conversation in an ambulance.

And in your eyes I see
Ribbons of color.
I see us, inside of each other.
I feel my unconscious merge
With yours. And I hear a voice
Say 'what's this, this hurts?'
I'm falling into you.
This dream could come true.
And it feels so good.
Falling into you.
I was afraid, to let you
In here. Now I have learnt
Love can be made into fear.
The walls begin to tumble down
And I can't even, see the ground.
I'm falling into you.
This dream could come true.
And it feels so good.
Falling into you.
Falling like a leaf.
Falling like a star.

Celine Dion "Falling Into You"

The emergency medical technicians lifted her into the ambulance, and told her they were taking her to the hospital. Weakly, she nodded.

He swallowed, lifting himself into the vehicle behind her, watching as her tearful blue eyes frantically searched for him. No one seemed to notice her distress, or how her grunts suddenly silenced when his hand engulfed hers.

"It's alright," he said, lifting his free hand, and brushing a strand of hair from her forehead. "Everything is going to be okay." She nodded, probably not really believing him. "Do you know what's the matter?" He asked, knowing she was a doctor, and she must have some idea what was causing the pain in her abdomen.

"No ..." she whispered hoarsely. "Mulder ..." A lone tear treked her cheek, and he swiped it away. "What if I lose this baby?" She moved her arm, placing either entwined hands on her swollen stomach. "I can't bear the thought of losing the baby. Not now."

He glanced down their hands, thinking for a moment. "You won't, Scully. Nothing will happen to your baby." One of the technicians turned, from where he was hanging a bag of clear fluid. "You're in the best hands possible," he continued, disregarding the EMT's curious glances.

"Mulder ..." Scully began, lifting his hand from her stomach and kissing it. "About the 'pizza guy' suspicion," she said. He chuckled, trying to add some mirth to his tone. Unfortunately, he failed. He supposed that was because he was truly terrified that the pizza guy really *wasn't* above suspicion.

"Yea? What about him?" he asked, once again removing another stubborn strand of hair from her forehead. "I tell you, Scully, I really didn't think you were attracted to those sorts ..." She tried to smile, but a shooting pain through her abdomen caused the upward curve to turn into a wince.

"I'm not!" She breathed, clutching her stomach. "You can eliminate him from the list of suspects." She said. He leaned forward and brushed his lips across her sweaty skin, kissing her head softly. "You can eliminate everyone." She added.

"Even Skinner?" he asked, causing a burst of laughter from her. Then she stopped, gazing up into his eyes, losing herself in the endless depths of hazel. She found herself becoming lost in the gold sparkles that laced through the brown, and the green that speckled his iris. It was like autumn in there.

"Even Skinner," she confirmed, then she motioned for him to lean down. She obliged, bringing his ear to her lips. "You don't have to look any further than your own pants, for the suspect, Mulder," she whispered, her lips moving over the sensitive shell of his ear with each word. Each syllable.

He shivered. Not only because she'd finally admitted who fathered her baby. But because she was flirting with him. She hadn't really flirted with him since before Oregon. Before ...

She'd hadn't even known she was pregnant, when she last flirted with him. "Well ... why didn't you say so?" he asked, smiling at her. "If I had known I wasn't even above suspicion ..." She chuckled at him, placing one hand behind his neck, to toy with the short, baby soft hairs there. When she'd finished reminding herself how soft his hair was, she pulled his head down, touching his lips to hers -- only briefly though.

"Worry no more," she whispered against his lips. He smiled, glancing up, only once, at the now fascinated technician, then back down at her. "Remember how after the genie case ... we ate popcorn and drank beer?" she asked, running her hand over his jaw as he nodded. "Remember how afterwards you ..." He pressed a finger to her lips and smiled.

"I remember just fine," he insisted. "No need to give everyone else in here memories too." She chuckled. "That's when it happened?" he asked, and she nodded. "Are you sure?" The EMT tried to pretend he wasn't involved in their hushed words to one and other.

"Hmm..." Scully confirmed, clearing her throat as she did. Her voice, when she spoke, was still raspy. "Yes. It's the only dates that work." He didn't get a chance to probe anymore. The ambulance came to a halt, and the doors swung open. As they lifted her out, he jumped down next to her, following as they quickly wheeled her into the hospital. "I love you," she concluded, as they swung around a corner, and a rather brisk looking woman was approaching to interrupt their chat. He didn't mind though. All had been said, that needed to be said. Except ...

"I love you too, Scully," he said, just as the nurse arrived.

Now, all had been said.

The End

Author's note: Hope you all liked it. I honestly believe that with all the personal time Mulder and Scully spent together after he was returned -- she was almost certain to have informed him that he was the father of her baby. I mean both Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz admitted it:

"Look, Mulder's the father!" Chris Carter to The St Louis Post-Dispatch.

"The final scene was meant to say that Mulder and Scully had consummated their relationship and this child was a product of that" -- Frank Spotnitz to Cinescape Online!

"Catch me, don't let me drop. Love me, don't ever stop."


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