Title: Silent Night
Author: aRcaDIaNFall$
Written: October 2001
Feedback: arcadianfalls@yahoo.com.au
Rating: G
Spoilers: set vaguely late season 8, spoilers for Existence, I guess
Classification: MSR

Summary: Scully finds Mulder asleep on her couch.

Author's note: Just another little generic moment. *g* -> www.reocities.com/arcadianfalls/

I wouldn't have seen him, laying there on the couch in the dark with only the occasional shadow played across his face as the blinds kicked up in the wind. It was only his steady breathing in the otherwise silent apartment that alerted me to his presence. I moved closer, cautiously, not wanting to wake him, curious. Why was he here?

He was too long for the couch, and for the blanket he'd tugged over himself. He looked like a big, hairy-legged, gangly child. I smiled, lowering myself to sit on the edge of the couch, soothing as the baby kicked. It was his frenetic movement that had woken me and kept me from going back to sleep. I smiled, silently thanking him for waking me to see this sight.

I gazed at his face, wanting to reach out and trace the beautiful angles of it, to touch his soft lips and long dark lashes, to stroke his hair. The baby kicked several times in quick succession, as if in protest at the possessive, maternal instincts flaring up within me at the sight of Mulder sleeping. I smiled, amused. I've got plenty of love for the both of you, little one.

I shouldn't wake Mulder, I knew. He was sleeping so soundly and I knew he didn't sleep so well since his abduction. I could understand that all too well. But the temptation to push it, to see how far I could go before he woke, was too strong.

I touched his cheek, feeling the rough, prickly skin. I touched his hair, brushing it back behind his ears, smoothing it down. I took his hand, clasping it between mine, playing with the fingers one by one. I brought his warm, limp hand to my belly and the baby responded with a barrage of kicks. Mulder's fingers twitched. He stirred. I smiled, watching as his eyes fluttered open and he looked at me, sleepily disoriented. "Hey, Scully..."


He looked at me curiously. "What are you doing here?"

"I think the question is, what are you doing sleeping on my couch, Mulder?"

His gaze became more sober. "I missed you."

"We saw each other this afternoon. You stayed til well past dinner."

"I know." He readjusted his hand on my belly. "The kid's kickboxing in there."

I smiled. "He's going to be a handful."

He raised an eyebrow. "He? So it's a boy?"

My smile turned into a grin. "Just don't tell my mom, huh? I'm making her wait."

"Sure." He smiled, but more seriously than me, pleased but curious. "Why did you tell me, if you haven't told her yet?"

I looked at him for a second before answering simply. "I wanted you to know."

He waited for me to go into more detail but I didn't. Instead, I lifted his hand from my belly, bringing his fingertips to my lips. I pushed myself to my feet, tugging at his hand. "Come on. You're too big for the couch, Mulder. There's plenty of room in the bed."


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