Title: Now Is the Time
Author: Anndie
Written: August 2000
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Rating: PG-13 (for language and some graphic content)
Spoilers: Requiem
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Summary: Babyfic! Scully gives birth with some help...

Author's notes: First time. Dared to by Surreal. Thanks for the ideas!

-- Gunman headquarters 4:35pm

"So, no new leads," Scully asked, leaning back in her chair to take the weight off her back.

Frohike leaned over her shoulder to log into his email directory, stopping the shoulder massage he had been giving her. "Nope, not since the one about him being spotted in Kentucky."

"Why the hell would he be in Kentucky? We've never been to Kentucky for a case. Nothing interesting ever happens in Kentucky."

Langly stood up from his computer and walked over to them. "The Kentucky lead was a bomb, remember? We checked it out already, no sign of him." As Scully leaned forward to stand up, both the guys caught an arm to steady her.

"Guys, I'm over 9 months pregnant. If I fall on my face now, I'll just roll over. This kid has enough padding around him he'll be fine. And he's Mulder's kid. His daddy's genes are as tough as any Navy Seal. OW!!" Scully doubled over in pain and fell back into the chair.

"What?!!?! What happened?"

"What is it? Scully, are you okay?" Langly and Frohike rushed to Scully's side wearing panicked looks on their face.

"I'm fine guys, he just likes to kick. Maybe his dad will teach him soccer. Or football..." She trailed off into silence, thinking about Mulder and their last conversation. "If only I had gone with him. Maybe he wouldn't have gone then..."

"Scully, it wouldn't have made a difference. He wanted to go with them, and he would have gone even if you had been there." Frohike's soothing voice made Scully want to curl up on that chair and fall asleep in the comfort of the Gunman headquarters. His hands on her shoulders that were massaging the worry out of her muscles weren't helping either.

SLAM! Byers ran through the door at full speed. "Guys, I think I found something..... oh, hi Scully." Byers skidded on the floor in an attempt to stop his mad dash into the room.

"Hi Byers, what have you found?" Scully had to grip the arms of the chair in order to keep herself from flying at Byers in order to force his next words out of his mouth.

"Uh, well... I wasn't going to tell you until later, but since you're already here..." Byers trailed off, frantically looking at his two partners as if for a way out. "We have a lead on a story we're working on. Sorry, Dana. It's not Mulder this time. I wish it were." Glancing at her stomach, Byers winced. "We all wish he was here for it."

"I know John, but he's not. I have faith he will, but since he's not, you three will have to take his place. Will you be the godfathers tothis child? It's what I want, and I know it's what he would want too. Please?"

"Us? You want US to be the godfathers to your baby? Are you nuts?" Langly's outburst was rewarded by a hand whacking his head from behind.

"You punkass. She just wants a male role model for this baby, at least until Mulder gets his ass back here to the land of conspiracy," Frohike said, looking at Langly like he just won the idiot award of the new century.

"Yeah, I guess. But what can we offer this baby? How to hack into his daddy's computer by the age of 3? Or how to infiltrate a fertility clinic by the age of 7? Jeez, we're not parents; we don't know anything about raising kids. We can't even keep our office clean. Look at this place!" Langly waved a hand at the empty pizza boxes and Chinese take out cartons lying on the floor. "We are three grown men, who live like pigs!"

"We don't have to raise him, just watch him whenever Scully needs a break, or take him to the park with us sometimes. He's not living here; we just get to spoil him. Yes Scully, I would..." As Byers turned his head to look from Frohike and Langly towards Scully, he noticed the grimace of pain on her face. "Scully, are you alright?" Two more heads snapped towards Scully at the sound of his voice.

"Yeah, I'm alright. This kid just doesn't know when to stop kicking, I swear. " Scully's face contorted in pain as her hands flew to her stomach." And he's taking up too much room. Can one of you guys help me up so I can use your bathroom?" All three of the Gunmen leapt at her aid, but Frohike reached her first. He helped her up and walked her to the bathroom. Byers and Langly heard the door shut as Frohike walked back to the computer terminals.

"Wow, that kid of hers is probably bruising her inside and out with the amount of kicking he's doing. Think he wants out yet?" Langly's face grimaced at the thought of someone kicking the inside of his stomach, remembering being kicked from the outside. "She's a few days overdue, isn't she?"

"Yup, 8.5 almost to be exact. Wonder if we should talk to her about having labor induced?" Frohike's concern showed on his face as he talked.

"Jeez, Frohike. Do you have the expected time that the baby was due in addition to the date?" Byers said, grinning at his blond partner. "Guess we should have gone to the doctor with Scully more often, so you wouldn't have had to." Both grins shifted to Frohike.

"Shut up both of you! We agreed that I would be the one to take her so you both could work on the code for the project." Frohike's glare could have fried an egg on Langly's hairy head. "You both went enough as it was, there was no need for you to go more often."

Suddenly, a voice from the other room broke the glare vs. grin contest. "Umm, guys? Could one of you call the doctor? I think my water broke." For a moment, no one moved, they just stared at each other. Then suddenly, three bodies flew in opposite directions. Byers flew to the phone, screaming "I'll dial 911!" Frohike ran to the bathroom, yelling "Scully, hold on! Is there anything you need? I'm coming." Langly ran in a circle around the desks, yelling, "Where the hell did we put the keys to the van?"

Just as Byers was moving the mouthpiece from his mouth to ask the address of the Gunman headquarters, it happened. The lights went out, the computers went off, and the taping and scrambling equipment stopped. There was a loud thud and then, Langly's voice was heard through the rooms. "FUCK! Shit, there goes the power!"

"What happened?" asked a slightly panicked Scully from another room. They each glanced around the headquarters, hoping to spot someone else but just staring at pitch black.

"I just tripped on all the damn cords in the room. Shit, why didn't we hang these like we've been meaning to for so long? Damn, everything's off now." Langly was beginning to sound more panicked than Scully.

"Wha.. Oh yeah officer I'm still here. It's at.. What the hell did you just do that for you idiot?" Byers' voice sounded pissed as a "whack" was heard. "You bastard, that was the 911 officer, and I was trying to get an ambulance here for Scully in order to get her to the hospital."

"Yes, it was but they are no more. I knocked out ALL the power, including the scrambling units and the encryption programs. Any call made from these phones can be traced. They can find us now! We'll just have to drive her there ourselves in the van. Come on!" Langly fumbled his way to the door and opened it, allowing a little light into the room. "Everyone, let's go! Unless one of you knows how to deliver a baby, we must get Miss Scully to the hospital!" With Langly leading the pack, Frohike practically trying to carry Scully, and Byers locking up, the Gunman were on their way to the hospital with their friend and godchild.

ER - Georgetown University 5:59pm

"Nurse! Nurse! We have a woman in labor in the car and we need her in here now! Oh, there she is. That one, leaning on the short guy over there." Byers panted as Frohike brought Scully in and placed her in the wheelchair the nurse provided. As the nurse handed Scully a clipboard with some paperwork, Byers pulled Frohike away. "Her doctor's been called right? I think we called her doctor. Who else should we call? Her mom? Her brother? AD Skinner? I don't know if she would even want anyone here, including us."

"Calm down Byers," the shorter man said. "Of course she wants us her. You're her coach, I'm here to support her, and Langly's here for comic entertainment. But I agree, we should call someone. I'll go ask." With that, Frohike walked over to Scully and bent down next to her, talking. Byers alternated between scanning the front entrance for a glimpse of Langly and watching the two converse. Finally Frohike stood up and walked back to Byers, carrying a cell phone.

"She wants us to call her mom and Bill. That way they can get ahold of Charlie and tell him."

"What about AD Skinner? Does she want us to call him?"

"Yeah, but I think she wants to do that herself. You want to call her mom while I help Scully?"

"No Frohike, I think you should call them. I'm her coach, so I should be with her as she gets moved." Byers started walking towards Scully when Langly flew through the emergency doors and slams into him.

"Has she had it yet? Where is she? Is it a boy or a girl? Have I missed it?" Langly, speaking a mile a minute, detached himself from the sprawled Byers and spun around to find Scully laughing at him. Byers picked himself up off the floor and brushed himself off.

"No Langly, you haven't missed anything," Frohike said, walking towards the group. "We just finished checking her in when you flew in here like a bat out of hell."

Langly smiled sheepishly. "Okay, sorry. I just was so excited about everything I lost control," he said. "I promise to behave now." The three Gunmen started laughing and teasing Langly about being reckless when Scully began to moan in pain.

"Oh god, stop talking. You three Stooges, stop screaming! I don't want to sound like Mulder, since it's his fault I'm in this situation, but I'm not in the mood for the three Stooges right now!" Scully, who had threatened to kick their asses before, looked like she wanted to make good on that threat. "Where are the drugs they promised me? Why the hell am I not in a room lying down with drugs in my system? Where the fuck is my doctor?"

Luckily for the Gunmen, at that moment Scully's doctor, Dr. Frank, walked up. "Dana, how nice to see you! It's time, is it? Let's go get you comfortable. Will your friends be joining you? Hello gentlemen, nice to see you all at once again." Dr. Frank grabbed the back of Scully's wheelchair and wheeled her into the elevator and pushed a button. The Gunman dutifully followed them into the elevator and up to the maternity ward.

Maternity Ward - Georgetown University 6:32pm

"Damn, these women are hot! Well, maybe not all of them, but I'd like to get some of their numbers. You know these chicks in the maternity ward put out! Just look at all these babes who are willing around here. Hey cutie, give me a call sometime, k?" Frohike ranted all the way down the hall, while peering into every room between the elevator and Scully's room.

"Dude, look at the babies and chicks in this room. And some damn hot studs are in here too. Maybe we should each pick on up and even find one for Scully." Langly said, smirking at Frohike. His voice lowers a notch. "You bastard, most of these women are just like our Scully, alone in the world and pregnant. The difference between them and her is that she has us to take care of her."

"And her mother, and her brothers, and the assistant director, plus other friends. Scully's not alone in this. But stop hitting on the other pregnant chicks!" Byers watched ahead of them at Scully and Dr. Frank to see which room they went in while still trying to keep Frohike on a leash.

As they approached the room, two figures were standing in the hall by the room. "Mom! Bill! You guys made good time getting here. How'd you get here so fast?" Scully's face lit up at the sight of her mother and her brother.

"Well, your brother picked me up at my house and we drove straight here. I think we were lucky that no police were out patrolling or else we'd have been pulled over multiple times." Margaret Scully smiled at her daughter and gave her a big hug.

"Hey sis, how are you holding up? You look pretty good." Bill Scully was direct as usual, but less gruff. Then, noticing the Gunmen, asked, "So, are these those friends of that bastard who did this to you?"

"Yeah, you punkass, we're friends of the bastard that did this to your sister. He loved her enough to try and create a baby with her." Langly's overprotective side came through when Bill began to insult their absent friend.

"And actually, we're friends of your sister too," Frohike said, getting up on his toes to try and be in Bill's face, but only succeeding in meeting his chest.

"Well, if the bastard cares about Dana so much, then where the hell is he? Off chasing aliens somewhere? Or has he moved on to more important things, like government conspiracies?" Bill's hatred towards Mulder became more apparent as the conversation wore on.

"Why, you little... I'm gonna kick your ass! Come here, you son of a ..." Frohike launched himself at Bill in an attempt to defend Mulde r and their work as the Lone Gunman. As Frohike reached Bill, Bill swung a fist and it connected with Frohike's shoulder. To retaliate, Frohike took a swing at Bill and hit him in the stomach. Bill doubled over.

"That's enough you two! Bill, Frohike, stop that right now. Oh god! Ow!" As Scully screamed in pain, Byers and Langly fought to hold Frohike back as Margaret helped Bill into a chair to catch his breath and Dr. Frank opened the door to the room.

"Is there anything we can do?" the everconcerned Byers asked Scully.

As Dr. Frank wheeled Scully into the room, Scully said, "If you could call Skinner and tell him, that would be helpful."

"Sure, we'll go do that right now. You get into that bed and try to relax." Langly said as they left the room, dragging Frohike between them, who still threw Bill dagger-filled glances.

Maternity Lobby - Georgetown University 7:28pm

"Hello, can I speak to Assistant Director Skinner please?" a muffled voice belonging to Langly asked into the phone.

"No, I'm sorry. Assistant Director Skinner is out for the day. Can I take a message?" answered the beautiful sounding female voice on the other end of the phone.

"No, no message. Is there another number I can reach him at?"

"Is this an emergency?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact it is. A good friend of his is having a baby."

"Oh dear! Well, then try this number. It's his cell phone," the voice rattled off a number and Langly dictated it to Frohike, who wrote it on a magazine next to him.

"Wow, AD Skinner not in his office? Celebrate because good old Skinner has a life!" Frohike giggled at the thought of the assistant director of the FBI having a life outside of work.

"Guys, it is 7:30 at night. He probably just went home. He doesn't have to stay at work all day and night, just because his agents do sometimes." Byers' head shook in amazement at his two partners. "Give me the phone, I'll call AD Skinner." Langly handed Byers the phone and the number. Byers dialed and waited for someone to pick up.

"Hello? Who is this?" Skinner's voice was heard almost yelling into the phone. "Kim is this you? If not, how the hell did you get this number?" A muffled giggle was heard in the background on the other end.

"Umm, sir? Assistant Director Skinner? This is John Fitzgerald Byers; I'm a friend of Mulder and Scully's. Sir, I'm sorry if I'm interrupting something, but Scully's in labor now and we thought that you would want to know. Sorry to bother you."

"Scully's in labor? Finally! Where is she? How far along is she?"

"We just arrived her with her ourselves. She's been in labor about 2 hours and her doctor's here with her now. We're at Georgetown University, in the maternity ward. Her room is 206."

"Alright, we'll be there shortly." And with that, Skinner hung up the phone.

Byers hit the end button on Scully's cell phone. "Skinner's on his way, but I don't think he's alone. There was another voice in the background."

"Woah! A chick, or was it a guy?" Frohike's eager face turned towards Byers. "I wonder, if Skinner's got a chick, if he can find one for me?"

"Dude, what about Scully? I thought you were hot for her!" Langly's teasing grin included both Gunmen. "You can't have Scully and one of Skinner's chicks of the week?"

"Shut up Langly, before I kick your ass, you punk!" As Frohike attempted to fly at Langly's body, Byers stepped between the two.

"Stop arguing! We need to get back to Scully so we can tell her what happened." And with that, the three Gunmen trotted back to their beautiful, pregnant agent.

Scully's room - Georgetown University 8:06pm

"Scully, we finally reached AD Skinner and he's on his way. Is there anyone else we can call for you?" Frohike's concerned face loomed over Scully as he talked to her.

"Hey Hike, who's Skinner? Hi cutie, nice to see you again. Mommy, where's Charlie? Who's that big man with the fuzzy stuff on his face? Where's my boy?" From the appearance of things, the drugs the nurse had given Scully had kicked in already. The next thing anyone in the room knew, Scully was snoring like a chainsaw.

"Sorry guys, she was in so much pain that they gave her extra drugs, which knocked her out. Thanks for calling AD Skinner. It's too bad that she couldn't have talked to Charlie himself. And I know he'd love to be here." Margaret Scully brushed back the loose lock back from her daughter's face.

"Hey guys, don't we still have the videophone equipment in the van from the last job? We could bring that up and use it to call her brother so he could be here too!" Langly's voice rose in pitch, as he became more excited. " Mrs. Scully, they still have the video phones on the ships, right?"

"Well yes Langly, they do but Charlie's on a sub right now. I'm not sure if they..."

"Yeah, they do!" Frohike's excited voice interrupted. "They use them to conference call sometimes."

"Well, I'll put a call into the ship and talk to the chief officer about using it for this." Mrs. Scully walked out of the room carrying her cell phone. Langly and Byers followed her out, heading towards the elevator to bring up the equipment.

"Dana, hon, Mom's going to talk to Charlie and see if they hook up a video phone so he can be here too." Bill leaned over and grasped one of Scully's hands. "Is there anything you need?"

Scully's mouth stretched into a wide grin. "I want some chocolate balls and ice cream and Jell-O, k? And I want a fuzzy bunny too." Her eyes took in both men left in the room as she spoke. "Which one of you cute boys wants to get it for me?"

Frohike dropped his head and blushed. "Bill, I can go get the stuff for her so you can wait for your mom to come back, if you don't mind."

Bill glared at Frohike, but agreed. "Thank you, Mr. Frohike. I would appreciate that." Frohike left the room just as the doctor came in with Mrs. Scully.

"So, Dana, how are we feeling now?" the doctor asked.

"Much better," Scully said, grinning widely. "Can I have some more?"

Lone Gunman hippie van 8:25pm

"Do you really think that we can hook up a satellite feed to a submarine? And do you think Scully would mind once she's off the drugs?" Byers' worried face glanced at Langly as they unpacked the materials needed for the videophone.

"Of course. As long as Mrs. Scully got permission to hook up to the feed on the sub, we're in business!" Langly said, piling cords on top of the boxes Byers was already carrying. "Now, if I can unhook the scrambler from here and plug into there, no one will even be able to tell what country we're in, much less the city."

"But what if she didn't? What if she was unable to obtain permission? What if she was unable to reach Charlie or his supervisor? What if they traced her to this present location and are upstairs trying to find Scully now?" Byers' overactive imagination and sudden fears caused him to panic in the parking lot.

"Byers! Shut the hell up! We're in a secure hospital, our friend is having her baby, and we have a lead on Suzanne! Stop being paranoid! Look, there's Skinner now. Let's hand him and that babe of his some stuff and take it up to Scully's room."

Scully's hospital room 8:51pm

"Agent Scully, how are you feeling?" Skinner asked as he walked in the door and laid down the materials the youngest Gunman had handed him outside. "Is there much pain? Can I get you anything?"

"No, Skinner. I'm doing better. I was on some drugs earlier, but I stopped taking them as a precautionary."

"Hey, G-man Skinner, who's the chick of the week? Hello beautiful, my name is Frohike and..." He was cut off mid-sentence by hard right-handed hook to his jaw from Skinner. "Hey, what the hell was that for?"

"This is Bonnie and she's my date for the evening. Or at least was until I received a phone call saying I had to come here instead." Skinner's face was twisted into a combination of anger and concern. Then a look of shock came over his face as he doubled over in pain. "You, Langly. What the hell did you just hit me for?" Anger towards the youngest Gunman began to rage as Skinner stepped towards him.

"Yes sir, that was me. I'm sorry to have interrupted and ruined your evening." The tallest Gunman did his best to look sheepish while stepping between the two. "Agent Scully wanted you here and that was the only way we knew of how to reach you." Byers slowly backed up against Langly as if to screen him off from Skinner.

"Byers, it's okay. This is an emergency and I did, I do want to be here for it. Langly, you punk! Why did you hit me?"

"Because, Assistant Director Skinner, I'm the only person who can whack Frohike. You hit him, so I hit you." Langly said as he fought to get around Byers, whining like a young child threatening the boy who broke his truck.

"Guys, break it up please! Enough with the Stooges routine. I'm in freaking labor here! The doctor said that I should be ready to deliver in the next hour or so. Please, no more fighting . I'm under enough stress already." Scully's voice shook as she tried to keep it under control. "Langly, did you get all the stuff you need to call Charlie?"

"Yes, ma'am. It's all right here. Mrs. Scully, did you get ahold of the captain?" Langly asked as he turned around to begin setting up equipment.

"Yes dear I did. Let me know when you need my help." Margaret said as she turned back to her daughter. "Honey, is there anything else you need?"

"I need the father of my child to be here for its birth, but other than that, no. Nothing I can think of. Except maybe this kid out of me sooner!" Scully smiled through tears.

"Well, if he's stop chasing those damn aliens, maybe he'd...OOMPH!" Bill stopped speaking as the air was knocked out of him.

"That's for knocking my friend." The grinning assistant director said as he turned back towards his chick.

Scully's hospital room 9:36pm

"Okay Dana, here's the next contraction. You're not ready to push yet, so just breathe deeply and slowly, k?" Dr. Frank said as she sat between Scully's legs.

"dammit, I WANT this baby out of me now! Byers, get your ass over here. You're my fucking coach!" Scully's bright red face screamed. Byers ran out of the corner where he had been sitting, curled up into a ball and staring out the window, wishing he were anywhere but here.

"Scully, I'm here, I'm here. Grab my hand, we're going to get through this together." Byers stretched out his hand and winced as Scully squeezed it as the next contraction came. "PUSH!"

As Scully squeezed her face shut at the pain, everyone else in the room winced at the expressions on both of the faces in front of them. Langly and Bill turned away to avoid it, but Margaret Scully and Frohike both kept their eyes on the couple at the bed . "Wow, isn't she beautiful? This baby has a beautiful mommy. Hi mommy, you're doing great." Frohike tried to sound as soothing as possible, but it wasn't enough.

"Frohike, you, out. And take that weak-stomached friend of yours with you. No Byers, you stay," she said as she felt the pull on her hand. "I'm going to need you and mom. Bill, out. Skinner, no sex with her, but stay. I may need you too." Scully said through clenched teeth.

Outside the room all three stood awkwardly around, not sure whether to start a conversation or avoid a confrontation. Eventually, Bill picked up a magazine and sat down, shuttering at every scream he heard from the room behind him. Langly and Frohike sat on the other side of the door, commenting on each woman as they walked by, but also cringing at the screams.

Then they heard, "Where... the... hell.... did... they .... go? FROHIKE! LANGLY! Get your sorry asses in here before I come kick them!" What the heck is up with her? Oh well, hormones. Both the Gunmen and Bill cautiously trudged into the room.

"You called, Scully?"

"Yes. Where the hell do you guys go? And you, Bill. Why were you all not in here?"

"Umm, Dana sweetie, you told us to get out." Bill sheepishly replied. "So we left and went outside your room. What do you need?"

"Well, poor sweet Byers needs some ice," as Byers shook his hand, trying to regain feeling in it." And I would like some juice. Can someone find me some juice?" Scully asked sweetly.

"Yes dear, I would be happy to get you some. Any particular kind you would like?" Frohike eagerly jumped in.

"Don't call me dear, and yes, I would like either orange or apple. Thank you." Scully's face was so calm they all wondered if this was over or if it was just the eye of the storm. Frohike left the room in search of juice while the others stood around the room awkwardly. Byers wandered over to the window and gazed out, as if looking for something. Langly turned his back on Scully and fiddled with the videophone. Skinner took Bonnie onto his lap and whispered softly into her ear. Margaret Scully took her daughter's hand and brushed back a lock of hair that had fallen loose during the last contraction. Then she shouted in pain as Scully squeezed her hand at the onset of another contraction.

"Here we go again Dana. Just try and relax. I know it hurts, but we're going to get through this," the doctor said as Byers leapt to Scully's other side and the others stood up in surprise. Scully grunted in pain while squeezing all blood out of her mother and Byers' hands.

"Scully, I will need this hand eventually." Byers awkwardly said as he bent over in pain. Then, at the look on Scully's face, "Never mind, it's yours for now."

"Here honey, here's your juice." Frohike came sauntering back into the room, brandishing two apple juice containers.

"Grrr, Frohike, OUT!" Scully's red face, streaming with sweat, was enough to cause Frohike to toss the juice containers on the table and backpedal out of the room, grabbing Langly on his way.

"Okay, breathe. Slowly, there. Now you're done. That one was good." Dr. Frank said encouragingly as she settled back on her seat. "Drink the juice now. It'll help you keep your strength."

Scully let go of her mother's hand to take the juice, but still held Byers'. Looking around, she spoke. "Thank you all for being here, even you, Charlie, even if you can't be here in person. This means a lot to me especially...." She trailed off, wiping a tear from her cheek.

Byers squeezed her hand. "We know what you are thinking, and we miss him too. But until he comes back, you have us to lean on." He motioned to the other Gunmen who were cowering outside the door. "We'll be family to you also, besides your brothers and your mom." Frohike and Langly nodded their agreement as Mrs. Scully came forward to grab her daughter's hand again.

"Sweetie, we're all here with you, through everything, until Fox returns. Lean us on Dana." Mrs. Scully gently squeezed Scully's hand, then gasped as she squeezed back.

"OWW! Another contraction! No! You two stay where you are." Scully screamed at the two Lone Gunmen trying to sneak back out of the room. They smiled at her, and then looked puzzled at each other.

"K, these are coming closer together. We may be getting ready to push. Dana, do you want everyone still in the room when we do it?" the doctor questioned her after the contraction passed.

"I'm not sure yet. But probably. These are my friends and family. They're all I have, and I love them." Scully said, panting to regain her breath.

"Okay, let me see how dilated you are. Everyone step back please." Dr. Frank looked under the sheet covering Scully's legs while Mrs. Scully and Byers remained at Scully's side and everyone else in the room found something else to look at.

As Frohike and Langly stood by the window staring at the city, they overheard the conversation Skinner was having with Bonnie. "Just think sweetie, if we were successful, we could be having a little Walter running around in a few months." Bonnie said, kissing him on the nose. Skinner blushed, and at the sound of laughter behind him, chucked a Kleenex box over his shoulder. The box missed the Gunmen by a mile, but they moved their laughter elsewhere.

"Dana, you are close. We're going to have to start pushing now. Do you want to move to a birthing room or remain here?" Dr. Frank asked while walking towards the door.

"I have a choice? I think I'd like to stay here if possible, and if it's the safest. OW!" Scully winced as another contraction hit.

"Okay Dana, on this next one I want you to push. Push as hard as you can." Dr. Frank instructed after the contraction passed. "I think we should send everyone out now."

"That sounds like a good idea honey. They can wait outside the door and they can come in when we're done. Mr. Byers and I'll remain in here with you." Margaret Scully said patiently while noticing the wince of horror on Byers' face as she made the suggestion.

"Yeah, I agree. Bill, Skinner, that girl, and you two Stooges wait outside. Oh, Frohike? Your best friend will get his ass kicked for leaving me to do this alone when he gets back." Scully's eyes blazed as she made that promise, but with promise of Mulder's return, not revenge.

Langly and Frohike chuckled at Scully's promise and at Byers' face as they followed the other three out of the room. Standing in the hallway with the AD, his date, and the man that hated their friend with a fierceness that rivaled Krycek's hatred made the Gunmen uncomfortable enough to leave their post and travel to the cafeteria for some coffee flavored water.

"Wow, I can't believe it's actually time. In a few short hours, a little Scully will be born into this world with her perfect features. Think she'd go for us writing that article about her miracle conception and the ties it has to the government conspiracies for the next issue?" Frohike asked as he gazed dreamlike off into space.

"No, Doo-hike, you dumbass. She tried to kick your ass the first time you asked her, and she wasn't even showing yet! And don't forget, this baby's half Mulder. He or she will have the stubbornness of both agents." Langly's eyes twinkled at Frohike's reaction to the idea of his best friend and "his" woman creating a baby.

"Shut up, you punk. Hey, let's go down to the ER and see what's happening down there. I bet there's some interesting action going on." Knowing Langly has a weak stomach for blood and gore, Frohike grabbed his arm and pulled him to the elevator.

"But, what about Scully and our post at the door?" Langly's voice could be heard asking as the doors to the elevator shut.

Outside Scully's Room 10:24 p.m.

"Where did those two go?" AD Skinner looked around the hallways for the two Gunmen. "I know they were going to the cafeteria for some coffee, but that was almost half an hour ago."

"Maybe they got lost. Oh well, they'll find their way back soon. The short one seems to like checking out the women in the maternity ward, along with my sister." Bill's voice reflected his impatience of being left out of the room with people he associated with disaster, with the X-Files.

"I don't think you're being very nice. They seem like very nice boys." Skinner's date Bonnie piped up after moving onto Skinner's lap for a kiss.

"Yeah, well if it weren't for those guys and Mulder..." Bill had to force that name out of his mouth through clenched teeth, "my sister wouldn't be in that room waiting to give birth to a baby who has no father who left my sister alone and pregnant for God knows what reason. Irresponsible jerk."

Skinner squeezed his hand into a fist in preparation to punch Bill, but refrained. "Agent Mulder is a kind and decent man who would never leave his friends or loved ones unless he had a very good reason. And I'm sure that if he had known that Agent Scully was pregnant, he would have never gone back to Oregon."

"Yeah, whatever." Bill turned towards the door to watch the situation inside while avoiding the eyes of the AD.

ER - Georgetown University 10:34 p.m.

"Whoa Langly, look at that guy! His arm is torn right off his elbow. Eww, there's the box with the rest of his arm inside." Frohike's side-glance to his partner confirmed what he already knew, Langly's face was green and he was about to puke. "Alright, I've tortured you enough. 20 minutes in the ER seems to be too much for you. Let's get you back upstairs before you make a mess down here and someone thinks you need to be admitted."

Frohike grabbed Langly's elbow as much to support him as to steer him. As they walked towards the elevators, Langly stopped.

"Oh no. Langly, you are not puking in the middle of the hallway. Here, sit down and I'll get you a bucket or something," Frohike said as he turned around to leave.

"No Frohike, stop." Langly grabbed his arm and pulled him back around. "Look behind that curtain. Right there, lying on that bed."

Langly pulled Frohike towards the curtain as Frohike tried to peer in to see what was in there. As Langly pulled the curtain back, he gasped. Lying on the bed was Mulder. Or someone that looked identical to him.

"Oh my god! It couldn't be. How did he get here? Should we go in and talk to him?" Langly asked, looking around to see if there was a nurse or a doctor nearby.

Frohike pulled back the curtain a little and ducked in, with Langly following behind. Walking up to Mulder, Frohike stretched out an arm and shook Mulder's shoulder. Mulder flipped around and gasped.

"Guys! When did you get here? Did Scully call you? Wow, that was quick. The nurse just went to go call her a few minutes ago." Mulder's face broke out in a grin. "Man, you don't know how much I was wishing someone would be here."

Frohike and Langly both rushed to hug Mulder, not really listening to what he's saying. Then Frohike abruptly let go and pulled away. "Mulder! Oh my god, you don't know. Langly, he doesn't know!"

"Mulder. Let's go. We'll tell the nurse that you're being released into our custody or something. We have to hurry. Scully's in the hospital and she has to know that you're here. Come on!" Langly started pulling on Mulder as he tried to swing his legs over the side. Frohike was rushing to get all of Mulder's clothes to the bed.

"Guys, I just got here. They need to run some tests on me, which is why I called Scully. I want her to do them. What do you mean she's in the hospital? What happened to her? Why weren't you guys watching out for her? Where's Byers?" Mulder tried to catch his breath while helping Frohike put his clothes on.

"Byers is with Scully. They're upstairs right now. I'll let Scully tell you why she's in the hospital. Why do you need more tests? You just spent 9 months with aliens. Didn't they do enough tests on you?" Frohike answered as Langly went out to talk to the nurse.

"Yes ma'am. We're friends of his. If you bring the papers up to room 206, maternity ward, we'll sign them. His doctor is up there, Dr. Dana Scully." Langly explained and the nurse agreed. They surmised that she recognized the name from earlier when they brought Scully in.

Outside Scully's hospital room 11:02 p.m.

The doors to the elevator opened and Skinner and Bill turned . They barely had a chance to blink before three bodies flung themselves out. Actually, two bodies flung themselves out while dragging a third. A third? Shock and confusion registered on both of their faces as they turned towards each other.

"Oh my god. Mulder, is that really you?" Skinner asked as the three men came closer. Bill's face turned from shock to horror then to disappointment. He was really looking forward to sticking it to Mulder's reputation about ditching a pregnant woman.

"Yes sir, it really is." Mulder said as Skinner caught him up in a hug as Frohike opened the door to Scully's room. Langly flew in ahead of Mulder and Skinner.

"Scu... Mulder.... ER..... here...." Langly's words were barely recognizable through the gasps of air.

As Langly bent over to catch his breath, he caught a glimpse of what was under the sheet. A baby, coming out of Scully! The head and shoulders were barely visible, but it was too much for Langly. He swayed, then dropped like a rock on the floor right behind where Dr. Frank was sitting. Mulder, having broken free of Skinner's grasp, ran into the room, tripped over Langly, and fell. As everyone stared at Mulder, the moment was broken by Scully's release of air.

"Good honey. That's it, breathe. Short and sweet. Here Fox; take over here for Byers. You can help Dana finish giving birth to your child." Mulder stepped back over Langly to grasp Scully's hand from Byers. Byers clapped him on his back for a half hug and said, "She's all yours." Stepping back, he joined Frohike by the door, opening and closing his hand trying to get feeling back into it.

"Okay Dana, one last push and your son or daughter will be born into this world. Ready, go!" Scully's face turned red with exhaustion as she pushed one last time, squeezing her mother's hand and finally Mulder's hand.

The cry of a baby broke the silence as Scully relaxed the death grip on her mother and Mulder and the doctor wrapped the baby up in blankets. "It's a girl" A sigh of joy went up in the air. "Dad, do you want to do the honors?" she asked, handing the scissors to Mulder. "You can cut the umbilical cord."

As Mulder placed the scissors over the cord, Langly picked his head up. "Is it over yet?" As he looked up, he saw Mulder close the scissors and cut the cord. Langly's head hit the floor with a resounding thump.

"Nurse, will you please bring an extra bed in here for Mr. Mulder I'm sure he'd love to stay with Dana, and I know the doctors aren't finished with him." Dr. Frank smiled coyly at Mulder as she handed the baby to Scully. "Have you two decided on a name yet?"

"Hey Scully, we could name it Jade, after that wonderful woman we met a few months ago." Mulder grinned at Scully, then ducked when she glared at him.

"No, but I was thinking Samantha. Samantha Mulder. The world needs one of those again."

"Good idea, but I was thinking of Melissa, for your sister. But Samantha Melissa would be a beautiful name."

"Hi little Samantha. Should we call you Sami?" The baby yawned and stretched, then curled herself up into her mother's chest.

Scully moved over carefully to make room for Mulder on the bed. Mulder climbed up and put his arms protectively around mother and daughter. As the three fell slowly to sleep, everyone snuck out of the room. The Gunmen took up post outside the room after dragging a limp Langly to the chair. Mrs. Scully and Bill went to get food and drink, and Skinner took off with his date to celebrate two miracles, one of his best agent coming home, and the other being the miracle of life: a child.

The End

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