Title: Lost and Found
Author: Sheryl D.
Rating: PG
Category: MSR
Disclaimer: I don't own Mulder, Scully and the whole XFiles gang; Chris Carter and Fox Broadcasting do. I'm not making a dime off this.
Archive: Sure! Just let me know where.
Spoilers: Within, maybe episode 8 of season 8 - took an idea from a preview spoiler.

Summary: Mulder is found and learns of Scully's pregnancy.

Dana Scully sat at the bedside of a very bruised and battered Fox Mulder. She had done this more times than she cared to remember; waiting for her partner to awaken after being injured on the job. Only this time things were very different. Scully was eight months pregnant and Mulder lay before her comatose after a seven month disappearance. He had been found lying naked in a field in Dayton, Ohio close to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The home of the Urban Legend of where the Grays from Roswell had been taken for further study. A farmer found him when he was out bailing hay.

There were so many unanswered questions. Was Mulder really abducted by aliens? Did he stage his own disappearance in a vain attempt to give credence to his alien abduction theories? Did Krychek kidnap him and torture him? Where the medical reports uncovered by John Dogget false? No one at the Wright Patterson base hospital could find any evidence that he was terminally ill. If there were such beings as aliens, did they take him so they could cure him and save his life?

The monitors began to show increased respiration, heart rate, and brain waves. Mulder's body was waking up! He slowly rolled his head from side to side. She stood up and looked down at him in anticipation. "Mulder...Mulder..." she called softly.

His red, swollen eyelids fluttered as he regained consciousness. "Scully?" he responded in a horse voice.

"Yeah, Mulder, it's me," she responded.

He stared at her, trying to focus his eyes. He reached out for her and she grasped his hand. "Oh, Scully, everything hurts."

"I know, Mulder, you're pretty banged up."

Just then, Dogget and Skinner came in the room. "Mulder! Thank God you're all right!" the AD said when he saw that his friend was awake and coherent. He immediately went to the other side of the bed to get a closer look.

"Just like old times, huh?" his injured friend tried to make light of the situation. Then, he noticed the stranger in the room and gave him an inquisitive look.

"Hi, Mulder, I'm Special Agent John Dogget. I'm the head of the task force assigned to find you."

"Well, it looks like you found me."

The agent looked embarrassed. "Not exactly. A farmer found you."

Mulder's injured face gave his best impression of a self-satisfied smirk. He looked at his partner and said, "He probably didn't know where to look."

Scully responded with a knowing smile and licked her lips.

"Well, ah...I can see you're okay. I can come back later to debrief you," Dogget said as he backed out the door.

"Yeah, me too. I should be going. I'm sure you two have a lot to talk over," Skinner commented as he follwed Dogget.

"What got into them?"

"I think they wanted to give us a little privacy."

He took a good look at his best friend. "Scully?"

She dropped her eyes and looked at her protruding stomach. "I'm pregnant."

His hazel eyes glowed with pride. "Really? It worked?"

Her face flushed with embarassment. "Yeah. Thanks for the sample."

"This is so cool! We're gonna be parents!"


"Well, it is my baby too, ya know."

"But...Mulder...we agreed...no one would know you were the father."

"I know. But that was before the Grays took me and cured my degenerative brain disorder."

"You're cured? You mean, those medical records Dogget found were real?"

"Yeah. Very real. I thought I was dying. I agreed to give you a semen sample and to raise our child alone because I didn't think I would live very long. Now, I'm cured and I hope I live to be a ripe old age. I want to be a real father to our baby."

Tears sprang to her sapphire eyes. "Oh, Mulder, I don't know what to say."

"Don't you want our baby to know I'm the father?"

"Of course. When you were gone, I did a lot of thinking and I planned on telling the baby all about you."

"But, you just don't want to share the baby with me. Is that it?"

"No! It's just that...well, the Bureau frowns on ..."

"The Hell with the Bureau! It is none of their business! We did not have an inappropriate relationship. You conceived this baby through invetro fertilization. And if the Bureau has a problem with that...well...I'll just quit my job!"

"Quit your job?!"

"Sure! Why not? I know Grays exist. I know The Truth. I don't care if they want to burry their heads in the sand and deny the existance of extra terrestrials. I want to be a father to my baby!"

"Oh, Mulder, that's so sweet!" she gingerly touched the side of his face.

He pulled her close to him and kissed her pretty mouth. "I've been thinking about all of the important things in life that I've been missing: a home, kids, regular sex, a WIFE." He kissed her again, longer and more romantic this time.

She pulled away from him, her heart beat racing, "Are you propositioning me for regular sex or being your wife?"

"Both, I hope!"

"You mean it?"

"Oh course, I mean it!"

"Well, then, Mulder, as soon as you get out of this hospital, I'll see what I can do about making all your wishes come true."

He wiggled his eyebrows invitingly. "You know, Scully, this is a bed..."

She smiled. "I'm glad to see that your attitude about some things haven't changed!"

The End

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