Title: Krycek's Headache
Author: Nadia S.
Rated: Adult, for suggestive conversation
Spoilers: S8
Keywords: Krycek/Scully Relationship
Warning: This story takes the POV that Krycek has fathered Scully's baby.

Summary: Krycek begs the world's oldest excuse...

"Working late?" a voice from inside Dana Scully's kitchen asked. Krycek had broken in at 7:00pm, expecting dinner, just as he had requested on his last visit. "I thought you were going to feed me tonight." he said resentfully. He was hungry...

"Well, you better call before you come next time." she replied, slightly irritated. He always wanted dinner, never sex. "I DO work late sometimes....." Scully said as she removed her work jacket and exposed her full breasts, which were squeezed into a bustier.

"I've been watching your new partner..." he warned, coming out the kitchen as he stared distractedly at her. "I can take him, and I will if he makes you work late again!"

"Doggett thinks I'm getting laid every night - by you!" She smiled. "He's figured it out that this is OUR baby..." she said as she patted her stomach, "and that we did it 'the old-fashioned way'."

"Oh yeah?" Krycek exclaimed proudly. "I wish Mulder were around to hear this," he added, still gazing covetously at her breasts.

"And I wish I WERE getting laid every night..." she answered coyly as she grabbed his lapels in an attempt to forcibly remove his jacket.

Krycek hoped he didn't look as terrified as he suddenly felt. "Uhhh, have you got an aspirin, Dana?" he asked lamely as he pulled away from her.

Scully sighed resignedly and went to the kitchen. "Not tonight dear, I have a headache?" she mocked. "Let Dr. Dana take care of you..." she said as she brought aspirin and a glass of water back to him. "Would you like to lay down for a while?" she asked, not altogether innocently as she stroked his forehead, checking to see if he was running a temperature.

"N--no! I just need to eat..." he responded weakly as he gulped down the aspirin. She was driving him crazy with desire, and yet...

"Well then you just relax..." she said soothingly, "I'm going to make you some dinner and then you're going to bed! On the couch of course....." she teased as she massaged his temples.....

Later, after she had fed him chicken soup and an omelet, she lounged on the sofa, flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine, while Krycek remained safely in the kitchen.

"Doggett's in love with me, but he won't admit it..." she called to him. Every now and then I catch him staring at me." And he's always speculating about you and me, like how often we sleep together. He's been reading your file. He's obsessed with you, and he hates you!" she prodded.

Krycek was thoroughly disgusted by the thought of another man fantasizing about the woman he wanted. "I'll kill that son of a bitch!" he said, and even though his head was still pounding, he got up from his kitchen chair to leave. He had to admit to himself at last that although he wanted her, he was terrified of sleeping with her.

"No! You will not kill Doggett!" she ordered as she got up from the couch. She enjoyed the attentions of her new partner, and at least HE showed some interest in sleeping with her...

"Well, I'm not going to let some dirty-mouthed cop get away with coming on to you." he said as he checked the safety on his gun. He had found the out he needed, and was determined to leave...

"Krycek.....please..." she said quietly as she cast a mesmerizing gaze at him, while easily removing the gun from his hand. "Please, dear. Why don't you just relax now." she added skillfully. "You need to sleep....."

"F-Fine," Krycek stammered, becoming more nervous about the sensuous redhead's behaviour. "But I don't want you talking to him about us anymore!" he ordered.

"And what about 'us'?" Scully asked cooly as she pulled away from him. "There is no 'us'. You and I are having a baby soon, and I don't have an engagement ring or a committment from you," she complained as made to prepare the couch for Krycek. "...not even as much as a kiss! And I thought you wanted me, Alex..."

Krycek winced as he fought back a sudden bout of nausea. Sex, marriage - it was all she talked about. And she talked endlessly. "Okay..." he acknowledged nervously, "...so I've been a little busy...but we're engaged, aren't we, Dana?" he offered lamely. He now had a full-on migraine.

"No we are not..." Scully said firmly as she went to the hall closet to get some blankets. She was going to make sure he stayed put tonight. "Not until we consummate this arrangement. Now I'll just find you a warm blanket and a pillow... You'll have to sleep in your underwear or in the nude because I don't have any men's pyjamas for you to wear..." she chattered as she returned to the living room.

"Krycek?" she called when she didn't see him in the kitchen. "Damn! Son of a bitch!" she swore after checking out all the rooms. "He ditched me!" she shouted angrily as she slammed the door through which he had escaped.

She would get him for this, she decided. Tomorrow, the locks on her door would be changed, and she vowed he would never cross her threshold again unless he intended to bed her...

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