Title: A New Arrival
Author: The Fox
Spoilers: None
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: Nope, not mine. I guess that must explain why my wallet is empty!

Summary: Sequel (finally!) to the New Beginning Series (A New Beginning , A New Life, The Gift). You may feel a little disoriented if you haven't read these first. Author's note: Apologies for the delay in getting this done for those who were waiting and I hope this part of the series lives up to your expectations. Thanks to Kimpa for the beta and for putting up with my smart ass comments! (But you know you always seem to get your way on most things!) ;) My stories have been adopted and archived at www.kimpart.com (www.kimpart.com/foxden.html)

A New Arrival by The Fox Chapter 1

Bill Scully shifted awkwardly on the couch. Small hazel eyes were staring at him from across the room. The intensity of the eyes was familiar. Too familiar. Why did the little runt have to stare? It wasn't just the way the child stared; there was something about the child himself that made Bill uneasy.

Maggie Scully's hand rested on her son's knee.

"Bill, are you okay?"

Bill tore his gaze away, clearing his throat. A thin sheen of sweat had formed on his upper lip. He brushed a hand over his mouth before answering.

"Yeah, mom. It's getting a little late and we've got a long haul ahead of us."

"It's only just turned 3, Bill." Tara stopped on her way to the kitchen overhearing her husband's words. "We don't have to be at the airport until 6."

"I know, honey, but you know how Matthew gets. I think we should try to get there early and settle him down."

Tara shot a defeated look at Maggie, sighed and continued her trek into the kitchen.

"Bill," Maggie turned to her son, lowering her voice, "I also want to thank you."

"Thank me?"

"Yes. I know it's not easy for you to accept this, but you've kept your thoughts to yourself today and let Dana have this day to herself."

"Mom, you know how I really feel..."

"Yes, I do and though I don't agree with everything YOU feel, I'm glad that today of all days, you've not voiced it. Thank you."

Maggie leaned forward and kissed her son's forehead. Bill grunted something incomprehensible but accepted his mother's thanks.

Dana was his sister after all and though she was not complying with what he thought was an acceptable life choice, he would try not to voice his opinion on her one 'special day'. He could not promise, however, to continue his silence on any other day.

Bill rose from the couch to gather his family's things. He noticed Will was no longer on the other side of the room as he picked up some of Matthew's toys from the floor. A slow scan of the room concluded that the child had evidently departed the room some time ago, perhaps while he was conversing with Maggie. Unconsciously his shoulders slackened.

"You're going already?" Dana emerged from the kitchen, wiping her hands on a towel. "I thought perhaps Tara was kidding."

"I just think we should get an early start, especially with Matthew. He doesn't fly well. You know that."

"Oh. Okay." Dana moved toward the kitchen again. "Well, at least take some food with you. There's enough to feed an army, or at least a navy!"

"Thanks, Dana, but that'll just mean more for us to carry. It'll keep."

Dana turned from the kitchen door; smiling but her eyes betrayed her disappointment. Tara came through the door at that particular moment and hugged her fiercely.

"Dana, we'll call when we get home. You take care." She patted Dana's protruding stomach. "Let us know everything, okay?"

Dana nodded, kissing Tara's cheek. Bill moved forward laden with Matthew's toys and a few clothes that he had strewn across the floor. He bent down to kiss his sister as she threw her arms around his neck and held him as tightly as she could in her condition.

"Thank you for being here Bill. It meant a lot to me." She whispered for only him to hear.

Bill pulled back, looking into his sister's face. She was truly sincere in her words. He nodded and smiled, keeping his thoughts unvoiced and locked behind his tightly closed lips. Maggie looked on approvingly from her position on the couch.

"Where's Matthew?" Tara peered around the siblings. "He was just here."

"Matthew!" Bill called over his shoulder.

"Bill," Tara's voice scolded, "don't shout! You'll scare everyone. I'm sure he's..."

"Here he is."

Mulder stepped into the living room, Matthew astride his shoulders, giggling and gripping the hair above his ears.

Tara held her arms out to her son.

"Thanks, Fox."

"No problem. He's getting heavier."

"Unfortunately I think he's going to be as big as his dad. He already has his appetite!"

"Well, he's definitely getting there." Mulder ruffled Matthew's hair. "Thanks for coming, Tara."

"You couldn't have kept us away!"

Mulder's grin turned into a grimace as he nodded towards Bill, still gathering evidence of Matthew's presence.

"Somehow I don't think everyone's of the same opinion."

"Fox, he's here. That proves you haven't come between the Scully clan. He's stubborn and wants everyone to think like he does, but he IS a good person, Fox."

"Well," Mulder shrugged, "if you see the good in him, I guess it has to be hiding somewhere in there."

Tara threw her head back and laughed, causing Mulder's grin to widen. Bill glanced in their direction, an eyebrow raised in question.

Dana clung to Bill's arm as he juggled Matthew's belongings to the door.

"Dana, it's okay, we can see ourselves out." Tara brushed Dana's arm lightly. "It's getting cold out and it takes forever to get Matty buckled up."

Dana leaned forward, kissing Matthew's flushed cheeks. He'd obviously been running around outside recently.

"Bye Matty."

"Bye-bye Aunt Dayn! Bye Uncle Fox! Come see us soon!"

Dana's smile froze for the slightest moment, no one seeming to notice apart from Mulder. He ruffled Matthew's hair again.

"We'll try Matty. But you're welcome to visit us any time, okay?"


Matthew seemed satisfied with this answer and wriggled from his mother's arms to sprint towards their car.

Mulder held his hand out towards Bill. Tara and Dana shared a hitched breath. Bill stared at Mulder's hand for what seemed forever before shifting Matthew's belongings in his arms. Mulder thought he was maneuvering his load to walk through the door. Instead, he surprised everyone when his hand snaked out from under Matthew's sweater to take Mulder's in his own. Without a word, Bill ushered his wife out of the door, leaving Mulder stunned and speechless.

No one saw the small figure approaching Bill Scully from behind.

Bill felt a tug at his trouser.

"Matthew, you know how to belt yourself in."

The tugging continued.

"Matt..." Bill turned expecting to see his son. Instead, those penetrating hazel eyes bore into him once more.

"Unc. Bill?"

"William." He found it hard to speak.

"Just Will, Unc. Bill."

"Will then. What is it?"


"'Why?' Why what?"

Bill sighed, he figured the child took after his father: spoke in riddles and confusing as hell.

"Why you scared of me?"

"Scared of you? I'm not..." Bill sprang back away from the child's touch on his arm as if he had received an electric shock.

"Bill?" Tara peered over the car. "Are you okay?"

Why did everyone have to keep asking that?

"Yeah." He answered shakily, staring at the small form in front of him. "I'm okay."

"Don't be scared." Will continued, eyes still upon his uncle. "I don't hurt you, but you have pain."

What the hell did that mean?

"I...er...I'm not in pain, Will. I'm okay."

Bill opened the car door, sliding behind the wheel, hoping Will would take that as a sign of their departure.

"I see. I see pain." Will's eyes seemed almost glazed over as he said those words. Bill shivered. Forget Fox Mulder, his kid was spookier!

"I'm okay, Will. Go on in now. You're gonna get cold and your mom will worry."

As if snapped out of a trance, Will smiled, his eyes back in focus.

"Okay! Bye!"

Will ran towards his parents, standing at the top of the porch.

Bill sat behind the wheel feeling somewhat drained of energy. He wasn't sure what the hell had taken place just now, but the kid was right. Will, a two-year-old boy, scared the hell out of him.

A New Arrival by The Fox Chapter 2

Charlie Scully rounded the corner of the house just in time to see his brother's car back out down the driveway. He'd been assisting the Hosteen's in dismantling the makeshift wedding sanctum in the backyard and had wandered to the side of the house seeking some piece of solitude, something he cherished and hadn't had much of in the last couple of days.

Bill's voice was unmistakable. He was obviously preparing to leave but as Charlie motioned to go further forward to render his farewells, he'd noted a slight quaver in his brother's voice. His curiosity piqued, Charlie decided to stay put and listen.

It was apparent how Bill and his nephew avoided each other all day. Charlie wondered if anyone else but he had noticed. He wasn't sure if Bill was manifesting his hate of Fox Mulder towards his child. Perhaps in time he would accept Will as Dana's son too. The child was definitely bright for his age but he wasn't a threat but the expression in Bill's voice was undeniable. Bill was scared.

Will stopped halfway up the stairs, turning around with a wide grin on his face.

"Unc. Charlieee!"

Charlie moved closer to the stairs.

"Hey, bud."

"No Bud. Will. Just Will."

Charlie laughed, scooping Will into his arms from behind and ascended the stairs.

"Okay, *Will*."

"Play ball with me Unc. Charlie?"

Dana moved aside to allow them entry into the house, pushing Mulder further into the doorjamb playfully.

"No, Will." Dana stroked the hair from her son's forehead. "Let Charlie alone for awhile. You're due for a nap anyway."

Will's eyebrows kneaded together and a definite pout formed on his mouth.

"No Mommy! Too big for naps!"

"Will, we've talked about this. It's been a big day for you too."

Mulder moved forward, ruffling his son's hair and pinching his pouted lip.

"Everyone'll be here when you wake up." Mulder promised.

Will's chin began to tremble, a slight flush forming on his cheeks, his eyes becoming moist with unshed tears.

"Not sleepy!"

"C'mon, munchkin, you have a short nap and we'll all go out to play ball later, huh?"

"No, Daddy, please!"

Charlie wiped a runaway tear from his nephew's cheek.

"Okay, Will," Charlie decided to try, "how about I tell you a story while you have a nap?"

"Story?" Will sniffed, looking hopefully at his uncle.

"Yeah. You like stories?"

"Yeah! Mommy, Daddy, okay?"

Dana pursed her lips thoughtfully.

"Hmmm. all right, but you've got to promise to close your eyes and not fight sleep."

"Okay! Unc. Charlie le's go my room!"

Charlie chuckled, carrying Will around the hallway to his room.

"So, do you want us to baby-sit tonight?"

Dana and Mulder turned to see Maggie Scully's face peering over the couch.

Dana moved over to sit with her mother.

"Thanks, Mom, but it's been exhausting and we haven't left Will on his own for so long."

"He wouldn't be on his own. Charlie and I will be here."

"Mom, that's not what I meant. We've been in hiding for so long and have been so scared to leave him in case something...someone..."

Maggie's arm snaked around her daughter's shoulders.

"all right, all right. No need to explain. I just thought you and Fox might like to have some time alone. It is your wedding day."

"Maggie, we were already married." Mulder sat beside Dana on the arm of the couch. "This was just a formality, so to speak."

"Well," Maggie sighed, "formality or not, you still should have a little time to yourself."

"Mom, I don't think we'd be comfortable anywhere else." Dana turned her face up to Mulder. "Would we?"

Mulder smiled and shook his head in affirmation.

"Scully? Scully, wake up."

Dana groaned. Mulder's voice seemed distant. It couldn't possibly be another case. It was too early and they'd worked on the last one almost all night, hadn't they? Her mind was fuzzy. No. Wait. That was a long time ago. There were no more cases together, but they were still together. Yes. That's it. They were married now. Married with William. And one on the way.

Dana turned on her side, absently rubbing her stomach and smiling.


Dana frowned. Jesus, he was insistent! She just wanted to return to her slumbering state and almost managed to until Mulder shook her awake.

"Wha..? Mulder, what...?"

"Scully, you have to wake up for me."

Mulder's face came into view just inches in front of her. There was definite concern there. So much so, her hand automatically went to her face, feeling for any signs of blood.

"Scully, can you focus? Are you awake?"

No blood. What was the matter then? What could possibly contribute to Mulder's panic face? She froze as her mind began to de-fog.


Mulder nodded. Dana, still sleep-ridden, stumbled from the bed, gathering her bearings as she ran across the hallway, Mulder close behind.


Dana stopped at the doorway of Will's room. Maggie was sitting on the bed, clutching one of Will's sweaters, tears tracking her cheeks. She stepped closer.


Maggie dropped her hands in her lap, still grasping the sweater.

"Dana...Dana, Will and Charlie..."

"Mom?" Dana searched the room. Bedcovers were scattered on the floor, a few picture books lay on the floor and the window was open. She turned back towards the door. "Mulder?"

"Nothing outside!" Langly skidded to a stop beside Mulder, snapping his mouth shut as he saw the shock forming on Dana's face, a tear emerging from the corner of her right eye.

"What happened?" Dana turned from Mulder, to Maggie, to Langly and returning her imploring gaze on Mulder. "Tell me!"

"We were outside while you took a nap and Charlie was watching Will in his room..." Mulder began, lowering his head, trying to avoid Dana's glare. " We heard the sound of an engine from the front of the house..." He finally looked up. "They were gone when we came back inside."

"What? Are you saying Charlie took Will?"

"Scully, we're not saying that. Charlie would have no reason..."

"No!" Dana cut him short. "No, he wouldn't! But I can see that thought crossed your mind! It wasn't Charlie!"

"Scully..." Mulder dug into his pocket, producing car keys. "Look, I'm going out with the guys to see if I can find anything."

"Police?" Maggie offered.

Mulder shook his head.

"Sorry, Maggie, we can't. As much as I want to, we can't." Mulder reached out and touched Dana's cheek. "I *will* find them. I promise. But I have to go. Will you be ok?"

Dana moved passed Mulder, almost out the door.

"I'm going with you."

"No!" Mulder gripped her arm, pulling her back toward him. "You can't. I need you here. Please."


"Scully, please. I'm just as scared as you are, but it's not going to help Will if we both panic and lose it. You know that you can't do this; you're too close now. I don't want to have to worry about both of you. I'll find them. Trust me."

A New Arrival by The Fox Chapter 3


Mulder gripped the steering wheel, knuckles turning white from the pressure. He stared at the front door, dreading the walk. He jumped slightly when a hand rested on his shoulder.

"Hey man, we tried."

Langly tapped Mulder's shoulder and slid across opening the back door. Frohike mumbled a few words, following Langly out the door. Byers let out an exasperated sigh after waiting for some reaction from Mulder in the driver's seat next to him, then let himself out, joining the others on the driveway.

Frohike leaned against Mulder's door.

"Maybe there'll be something. Maybe we just have to wait."

Mulder nodded, not really listening to Frohike's words, still staring at the door.

Albert Hosteen's truck braked behind Mulder's 4WD. Albert and his son emerged from their vehicle with solemn faces.

Mulder's heart sank further as the door opened. Dana's pale face peered out and almost in slow motion she stepped from the porch towards the men congregated on the driveway. Her eyes began searching Mulder's forlorn face.

"God, please, no. Please..." Dana began, holding her swollen belly. "Please, please, please..."

Mulder leapt from the car as Dana's footing began to falter and she doubled over. He caught her before she hit the cement, Byers coming up from behind.

"Scully!" Mulder brushed her hair back from her face, perspiration glistening on her forehead. Pain was evident on her face. "Scully talk to me!"

"Mul..." Dana tried through gritted teeth. "Ba...by...ow!"

Mulder drew her into his arms and carried her to the 4WD. Hosteen flung the back door open to allow him to place Dana in a comfortable position.

A styrofoam cup of steaming coffee appeared in front of his face Mulder lifted his head from between his knees. Maggie kneeled down beside him, placing the cup in one of his hands. The other hand he ran through his hair and concentrated on gripping the cup with the other, sitting back against the hospital wall.

"Thanks." He mumbled, trying to produce a half-smile with some effort.

"Any news since...?"

"No. She's not due yet, Maggie." Mulder closed his eyes against the wall, the hand with the cup lowering down to his knee. "She was doing so well...now this...."

Maggie leaned forward, grasping his empty hand.

"Everything will work out..."

"I don't know what to do, Maggie. There was no trace....Now Scu..Dana..." He opened his eyes, brows furrowed. "What if she..."

"Stop it!" Maggie's voice was firm. "She'll be fine. The baby will be fine. We'll find Will and Charlie. You just have to have faith."

Mulder chuffed and sat forward.

"Faith. You Scully's place so much emphasis on your faith. I wish I could."

"You can."

"No." Mulder stood, leaving the cup on the bench. He began pacing by the door to Dana's room. "What's keeping them so long?"

"I'm sure they won't be too much longer, Fox. Come back and sit down."

Mulder shook his head, trying to peer into the frosted window of the room.

"I can't... I gotta..." Mulder pushed through the door, unheeding of Maggie's protests.

The doctor and his entourage of two nurses turned in his direction as he entered, all with a slightly shocked, slightly annoyed expression.

"Sir," one of the nurses began, "you can't come in..."

"Scully?" Mulder stepped towards the bed, ignoring the nurse. "Scully?"

"Sir?" The doctor was not receiving a response from this intruder either. "Sir? Who is Scully? Are you sure you have the right room?"

Mulder reached out to touch the still form on the bed. One of the nurses intercepted his hand, bringing him from his reverie. He finally acknowledged the doctor.

"Sorry, pet name. Kate's my wife. I'm Jeff Hastings. I just couldn't stand waiting any longer out there."

The doctor's glare relaxed into concern.

"We were almost done anyway, Mr. Hastings."

Dana stirred under Mulder's light touch to her cheek. Her skin was cold and clammy.

"Is she ok? The baby..."

"There were a couple of contractions..."

"Contractions? She's not due yet!"

"It was nothing too serious. With some rest..."

"How can you say it wasn't serious?! Jesus, she was doubled over in pain! Where's her usual doctor? Who the hell...?"

Icy fingers gripped his hand, forcing him to look toward the bed. Dana's eyes were now open.

"Mulder, it's ok. I'm ok."

Dana tried to push herself up with some effort. Mulder jumped by her side, sliding pillows behind her, trying to settle her back.

"You're not ok. You're in the hospital, you're..."

"Mulder..." Dana squeezed his hand and stared into his eyes. "I just need to rest, that's all."

Mulder stood hesitantly by the edge of the bed, eyes still locked on Dana's.

"Excuse me." The doctor cleared his throat, not gaining the attention of either person, but continuing anyway. "We've done everything we can do to stabilize you. I'll inform your regular doctor."

He motioned for both nurses to accompany him out.

"Thank you."

The doctor turned at the soft voice of the patient from the hospital bed. A small smile played on her lips and she tugged at her husband's hand. He broke his gaze and faced the doctor.

"Yeah, thanks." He shuffled his feet, looking slightly awkward. "I'm... I'm sorry I... I was just..."

"I understand." The doctor decided to put him out of his misery. "I have dealt with a number of distraught husbands in my time."

Mulder nodded, finding his shoe suddenly very interesting until they were left alone.

"Mulder?" Dana's grip on his hand tightened. "Tell me."

"Scully..." Mulder couldn't meet her eyes. "I can't..."

"Tell me. Please."

"We couldn't... find..." Mulder's voice cracked and his knees buckled underneath him. He slid down to the floor by the bed, burying his face in his hands, sobs wracking his body.

"Okay," Dana uttered just above a whisper and ran her fingers through Mulder's hair as he leaned heavily against the bed by her side. "Okay, Mulder, I know. I know."

"I... I promised... and I... couldn't... Nothing..." Mulder's voice was muffled through his hands. "So... sorry..."

"No, Mulder, don't. Don't do this."

Mulder rubbed at his face, wiping his face clean of tears and raised his head, still not able to meet Dana's gaze.


"Mulder!" The door burst open, Byers almost stumbling through. Langly skidded to a stop behind him. They both took in the scene in front of them and tried to gain some composure, though Byers' eyes were wild.

Maggie entered behind them, her face an unanswered question.

Mulder rose to his feet, looking from one man to the other, his expression a reflection of Maggie's.

"Mulder..." Byers lowered his voice from his previous outburst. "We found..." He looked tentatively at Dana. She nodded, urging him to continue. "We found a shoe."

"A shoe?"

Mulder stepped forward as Byers held out his hand. A child's black Nike. Mulder's heart skipped several beats. He grabbed the shoe, offering it to Dana. A tear trickled down her cheek as she nodded her confirmation.

"Where?" Mulder turned back toward Byers, fists opening and closing by his side. "Where, Byers? Where'd you find it?"

Byers glanced at Langly, then back at Mulder, jumping back slightly when Mulder grabbed his jacket and leaned forward invading his personal space.


"Show me! NOW!"

Maggie pushed the door further aside and rushed past the men.

"Dana no!"

Dana had her feet dangling over the side of the bed, rubbing her stomach. Mulder whipped around as Maggie tried to keep Dana on the bed. He was back by her side in two long strides.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"I need to go too."

"Scully, you just said yourself that you needed rest. I won't let you risk yourself or the baby."


"No!" He suddenly felt a pang of guilt as his raised voice received wide eyes, still wet from her tears. He knelt beside her, taking both her hands in his. "Scully... Dana, please. I need to do this."

"And I need to be with you."

"You will be. Here." He guided her hands over his heart. "And here." He kissed her palms. "But I can't let you do this, you know that. I'll call when I can and I'll ask the Hosteens to stay with you."

"And I'm not going anywhere." Maggie interjected softly.

Mulder glanced at Maggie with a nod of thanks.

"Mulder..." Dana began, stopped and sighed, another tear falling on her right cheek. "Okay. Please be careful and promise to tell me everything... anything."

"We'll watch his back for you, Dana." Byers fiddled with his tie. "We promise."

"Yeah, we'll be regular Siamese triplets!" Langly added.

"Thank you." Dana's reply was but a whisper.

Mulder cupped her face in his hands, kissing her gently before returning to the door and the two Lone Gunmen.

"Okay, now show me where."

A New Arrival Chapter 4 by The Fox

Light filtered through his heavy eyelids, an involuntary hiss escaping his lips and a heavy arm lifted to cover his eyes from the brightness.

Charlie Scully hissed again as he tried to move from his position. The light that awoke him was coming from a small window near his feet. Motion around him informed his waking mind that he was in a moving vehicle. His body screamed again as he dragged himself to sit upright.

A sudden panic arose within and he turned in search mode, the ache in his head protesting the movement. The panic subsided slightly as a small form across from him came into focus.

"Will?" No response. Motionless. "Will, you hurt?"

Will sat wide-eyed, staring at his uncle, his usual expressive face slack. Charlie, making mental notes of any injuries, slid across what seemed to be a large van to Will. He didn't seem to be hurt in any way, no external marks that he could detect. He was dressed in the clothes that he had napped in, minus one shoe. A hand to the face revealed the boy's clammy, cold skin. Definitely some kind of shock. He was no doctor, like his sister, but it certainly seemed to be something of that nature.

Charlie pulled Will onto his lap, trying to emit warmth and above all reassurance. Will sat limp and unresponsive of Charlie's touch.

"It'll be okay Will." Charlie tried. "We're okay. We'll be fine."

He continued his verbal reassurance to Will as he surveyed the vehicle. The rear compartment they were in was boarded up completely, unable to see the driver. The only light was from the window on the back door, a small hole ripped in the black lining plastered over the glass. Charlie decided to check that out further, with the chance of kicking the door open, once he had confirmed Will was unharmed and his own injuries were minimal.

"Okay, Will," he began, lifting Will's head up to check his eyes, "you need to tell me if you're hurt at all. Can you tell me that?" Still no response.

"Will?" Charlie gave his shoulders a little shake. "Will, c'mon buddy! " Slight movement in Will's eyes gave Charlie some hope to maintain his persistence. "Okay, Will, tell me if you're okay. Are you hurt?"

"Unc...?" A single tear fell onto Will's cheek as his eyes slowly cleared to pinpoint his uncle's face.

"Okay, Will, good. You were starting to scare me there."


"Yeah, I know." Charlie hugged his small body closer, hoping to radiate some heat. "We have to get out of here but I need to know if you're hurt."


"Yeah, so am I, but are you hurt?"

"No." Will shook his head, another tear trickling onto his cheek. "Scary. Bad monster."

"Not a monster, Will. Just a man. Maybe bad men."

Will continued to shake his head.

"Bad monster. Monster."

Monster? Charlie couldn't remember much about their abduction from the house, but he definitely recalled a man's hand covering his mouth with chloroform-filled material, a man's shoes and a human fist to his stomach and head.

Scanning around the confined space, Charlie spied a few discarded jackets. He removed his own and began to bind it around Will's head, the boy whimpering his protest.

"Sorry, Will, but I have an idea to get us out of here, but we gotta keep you safe and warm." He slid further toward the end of the vehicle, clutching at the jackets, Will still wriggling in his arms. "Okay, just a few more."

After fastening the jackets around Will and attaching them around his waist as tightly as possible, without hurting the child, Charlie leaned back slightly to admire his handiwork.

"Well," he chuckled despite their situation, "not a bad little Eskimo if I do say so myself."

"Too tight!"

Will wriggled again inside the jackets, his face barely visible. His uncle was still laughing softly.

"Sorry, buddy. Has to be tight enough so you don't get hurt."


"Yeah, you'll have to hold on for me, okay? Do everything I say?"

The mound of jackets moved in accompaniment to Will's nodding head.

"Okay, now, hold on to me."

Charlie lay on his back, Will fastened to his waist on top and bent his knees as far back as would allow with Will's form attached to him. With as much force as he could muster, Charlie kicked at the door. He had to be quick, as the banging would attract attention in the front cabin. He kicked a few more times, the door not giving way.

Just as he felt the vehicle slowing down and was about to give up and suffer the consequences, one more kick sent the door swinging open.

Gripping the covered form against him, Charlie rolled off the edge of the van.

A momentary blindness sent a tremor of fear through Charlie. He shook his head. He wasn't blind; it was just dark. They were on the side of a road, trees looming overhead. The bundle attached to him squirmed and he smiled only to jerk his head up and look around when a screeching of wheels drew his attention.

A van, most likely the one they had just escaped from, had pulled up just over the rise less than a mile away. Charlie lifted the top jacket away from Will's face.

"Hey there. How you doing, Will?"


Will's eyes were wide open, trying to peer around him from the confinements of the jackets surrounding him.

"Hang on, kid. It's not over yet. Just a little further."

Charlie sat upright, new bruises and scrapes crying out for him to stop moving. Unheeding, he clutched Will and stood, almost stumbling as a sharp pain shot through his leg. Past experience told him that his leg wasn't broken, just sprained but it still hurt like a son of a bitch.

Gritting his teeth as his foot hit the tarred road, he glanced around back up the rise. A form was moving toward them. Fast. Charlie took two large breaths and half ran half staggered into what he hoped was the safety of the trees.

Where the hell were they supposed to go? If Charlie could ascertain where they actually were, perhaps he could calculate where they needed to head. Unfortunately, the darkness was not aiding his plight and the fact that he'd been knocked out for some time didn't help his perspective of location.

He plundered through the undergrowth trying to focus on the task at hand: getting away from whomever was chasing them. Funny at this point in time navy training seemed to escape any thoughts. Hide or stay and plan retaliation? The latter was not an option. He had to think of Will.

Turning slightly, he caught a glimpse of movement some three or four hundred yards away. Shit! How could he be so fast? He was lamed and had the burden of two-year-old child attached to his being but he thought he was doing quite well despite these negative aspects. He had to pick up his pace or at this rate, the assailant would be upon them in minutes.

"Monster! Monster!" Will's voice came from within the bundle of jackets.

"Shh. Not now, Will. You have to be quiet."

"Monster coming!"

A New Arrival Chapter 5 by The Fox


"Mulder?" Frohike watched as his friend scoured the area from the windscreen and the driver's side window. "Mulder, it's too dark to see anything any more."

"Just a little further."

Mulder's brows creased, obviously annoyed with the interruption.

"We've gone way past where we found the shoe." Frohike ventured a touch to Mulder's shoulder. "We can start again tomorrow morning, first light."

"No!" Mulder shook off the reassuring hand. "I promised! He's out there somewhere! I can't go back without him!"

"C'mon, man." Langly's voice was soft and hesitant. "There's no way we can see anything in this darkness and Scully…"

"Scully would understand." Byers added, sitting forward. "Mulder?"

Mulder's shoulders sagged in defiance as he searched out Byer's face in the shadows of the rearview mirror. As he returned his gaze to the road, his eyes shot back into focus.


All three comrades followed Mulder's path of concentration. A lone white van sat abandoned on the side of the road just ahead of them. Mulder bore down on the accelerator unaware of Frohike latching onto his seat belt.

Just moments after braking, Mulder scrambled from his car, lunging at the van's driver's side door. Empty.

"Mulder!" Byer's voice.

Mulder circled back to the rear of the van. Byers stood by the door watching Langly who was squatting and checking what looked like dents on the inside of the door with a small penlight. Frohike was emerging from the interior. All three Gunmen looked up as Mulder approached.

"What? What is it? What'd you find?"

"Well," Frohike jumped down beside Mulder, "a few drops of blood in there."

"What?!" Mulder leaned inside the van and was restrained by Frohike before he could enter to see for himself.

"Mulder, it was only a few drops. Nosebleed, scrape, could be from anything." Frohike's voice of reasoning seemed to be calming Mulder and he stopped pressing forward. "Otherwise, Mulder, there's nothing in there."

"But you know," Langly was still crouched and inspecting the inside door frame, "these dents had to be made by someone a lot bigger than Will and the lock's been broken from the impact." Langly traced the outside of the marks with his hand to emphasize the outline of a boot.

"So," Byers interrupted, "that would mean Scully's brother had to be inside the van with Will and not driving."

Mulder turned to frown at Byers.


"Mulder," Byers continued, "it was obvious you thought there might have been a chance that Charlie may have been the assailant."

"A slight possibility somewhere in your mind." Frohike added.

"No, I…" Mulder studied his shoes.

"We all had to think of that possibility." Langly stood.

Mulder shrugged, searching the darkness around the van.

"I'm gonna grab the flashlights from the car. We'll spread out."

Frohike rubbed his chin, his hand cold despite being gloved. This was going to be a long night.

Charlie stumbled over a rock in the darkness, arms floundering in front of him. He caught his balance on a nearby tree. Leaning against the foliage, he panted heavily trying to catch his breath and squinted around in the darkness. No sign of their pursuer.

He rubbed his ankle while keeping alert for any sign or sound of approach. The pain was becoming worse and the ankle was definitely swelling but there was no time to rest. Pushing himself away from the tree, Charlie checked the bundle of jackets attached to him.

"You okay in there?"

"Monster, Unc. Charlie, monster."

"Just a man, Will."

"Monster coming. Wants me, Unc. Charlie. Scary."

Will was on the brink of tears again. Charlie rubbed the back of the bundle, hoping Will could feel the gesture through the padding.

"Shhh, Will. I won't let him get you."

Charlie plundered through the dense undergrowth again, trying to ignore the pain in his leg and the branches and leaves scratching his face and hands. He prayed that he wasn't heading towards a cliff or a ravine while his lungs cried out for him to stop for air.

"Unc. Charlie stop! Stop!"

Will's voice was frantic and he squirmed fiercely within the restraints of the jackets. Charlie hesitantly slowed his pace but not stopping entirely.

"What, Will? What's wrong?"

"Stop! Monster!"

Charlie stopped, turning in several directions. Nothing. It was too damn dark to see anything. There was no noise, only his own heavy breathing.

"No monster, buddy but we need to keep go…"

"No no no no!" Will screamed attacking the jacket in an attempt to free himself.

"Will, hey, buddy. Wha…"

Charlie's words were cut short by a heavy hand to his shoulder, gripping hard enough that pain was overriding his coherent thoughts. He was turned around so suddenly that he lost his balance, falling backwards. His shirt was caught by a large figure and as he gained his balance, he felt the jackets being ripped from his waist. Will's voice was hysterically repeating 'no no no no no'.

Charlie tried desperately to pry the massive hands from the jackets only to have one of his own hands trapped like a vice within the attackers. His hand was twisted in an awkward angle, forcing a cry of pain from Charlie. The jackets came free from his body as he writhed under the torture of his hand. Will emerged from the covers and scurried away from the two larger forms in the darkness.

"Will, run!" Charlie managed through gritted teeth.

The large mass looming above him, realizing the focus of his pursuit was no longer within reach, turned to face Will, releasing Charlie's hand. As the assailant motioned forward, seeking the child, Charlie kicked out furiously in an attempt to trip him. The figure was so intent on reaching his goal that he was an easy target and fell to the ground, hard.

Will sat motionless, watching as the large form strove back to composure. He could barely hear his uncle screaming for him to run, to move. He was scared - terrified in fact - but somehow he knew that this was not his fate.

Charlie scrambled forward on his hands and knees, lunging at the massive legs already upright. The form, not expecting this, stumbled again. This allowed Charlie to regain his own diminishing stamina and administer some hard blows to their attacker. Unbelievably, the form took the impacts without even a grunt and turned his full attention on Charlie.

Despite the blows to his head and the kicks he was receiving to his ribs, Charlie held on with all the energy that remained in his weakened state. A final heavy kick to his chest with a sickening crack caused Charlie to double over on the ground. He could only watch through narrowed eyes, blurring with tears of pain as the hulking figure stalked over to achieve his previous goal.

Will sat like a rabbit caught with headlights on a highway, wide-eyed and unmoving. He didn't seem to hear his uncle's plea for him to run.

Just as huge hands reached out for Will, rustling of foliage caught Charlie's attention behind him. It was too dark for him to see what was causing the sound but he hoped it wasn't more men with strength like this one.

"Daddy!" Will suddenly cried out.

Fox? Charlie searched the darkness but the only sense that was allowed to work well at the moment was aural. The rustling continued with a distant murmuring. Voices?

The assailant, relentless in his task, lifted Will to shoulder-height, almost as if he were trying to ascertain or confirm his catch.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Will continued screaming, his legs flailing helplessly below him.


Charlie heard the reply of Fox Mulder before four figures came into view. A shot rang out before footsteps and familiar faces appeared before him.


"Let him go you bastard!" Mulder aimed his pistol directly at the large man's chest. Undeterred, the man clutched at Will and motioned away. "No!"

Mulder shot at his chest. Suddenly his eyes began to smart with tears as a green fluid began to ooze from the wound.

"Daddy no! Neck!"

"Will, close your eyes!"

"Neck, daddy! Back neck!"

Mulder took a few seconds to comprehend his son's words. He wiped his eyes and aimed again. He aimed at the back of the assailant's neck where he noted several large bumps. He pulled the trigger.

The huge figure released Will, clutching the back of his neck. Mulder lunged forward catching his son before he hit the ground and scrambling away from the thrashing mass, now on his knees.

Mulder clutched at his son, kissing his forehead and cheeks.

"Daddy, ok, ok!"

Mulder pulled away slightly, checking his son's features for any signs of injury.

"You sure?" Mulder embraced his son fiercely after receiving a nod of affirmation. "Jesus, Will, oh Jesus…"

Mulder stood, still clutching his son to his chest. He backed away from the mass that was now dissolving into a green pile green liquid, seemingly acidic in its reaction to the surrounding grass.

He turned to see Charlie Scully being attended to by all three Lone Gunmen. He knelt down beside Charlie, now sitting upright, but grasping his side. Securing Will on his knee, Mulder placed a hand on Charlie's shoulder.

"You okay?" Charlie raised his head, bruising already apparent on his brow and around his left eye. An open cut was bleeding from his lower lip. Mulder cringed openly. "Shit, Charlie. Maybe I should rephrase that."

Charlie let out a weak chuckle and then gripped his side tighter.

"Ah… Don't make me laugh! I sure feel like shit."

"Well," Mulder patted Charlie's shoulder, "you can be assured that you look like shit too."

Charlie smiled despite his pain then nodded toward Will holding on desperately, his face buried in his father's neck.

"He okay?"

"Yeah," Mulder rubbed Will's back, "in shock, but he's safe now because of you. Thank you, Charlie. I don't know how we can ever…"

"All about family, Fox."

Mulder kissed the crown of his son's head.

"Yeah." Mulder turned back to Charlie. "Welcome to ours."

A New Arrival by The Fox Chapter 6 Final

A hand pounded loudly on the counter of the nurse's station, echoing in the deserted area. The duty nurse jumped, sending her nightly coffee jiggling out of her hand and crashing to the floor, coating her white sandals with brown splotches.

"Aww shit!"

She peered around the corner to see what homeless character had entered on her roster this time and was surprised to see 5 men with a toddler all standing anxiously by the work island. The second tallest man seemed the most worried and was almost bouncing up and down in anticipation. When he spied her she instantly cringed inwardly at the fierceness of his gaze. Double shit!

"Is there anyone on duty or are you all on a goddamned coffee break?!" He threw across the room at her. "Where the hell have you moved my wife?"

The nurse edged forward trying to shake the droplets of coffee from her foot. God, she hated the graveyard shift. Who the hell had told her it would be quiet?

"Sir, it *is* late and we're on skeletal staff at this stage." She reached the workstation and groped for her clipboard. Somehow holding the object gave her back a sense of normalcy. "Now, how can I help you?"

"Where the hell is my wife?" he repeated, slamming the counter, emphasizing his anger. The child clutching the man's neck, whimpered.

The tallest of the troupe placed a hand on the irate man's shoulder. This one looked like he had just survived six rounds with Mike Tyson. He was definitely in need of medical attention but she was not going to intrude at this point in time.

"Fox, calm down. You're strung out and she's not the brunt of your anger. You haven't explained anything to her."

Fox? She was definitely going to change her roster.

The man still loomed over her but after a long, shuddering breath, seemed to take control of his emotions. At least the rage submerged to just below the surface of the eyes that bore down on her. He handed the child over to the calmer of the two then with another breath, leaned on the counter.

"Earlier tonight when I left here my wife was in that room across the hall there." He thumbed absently behind him. "Now she's gone. I'd like to know where she is."

"I would have to know your name, sir."

"Mu... Hastings. My wife is Kate. Kate Hastings."

The nurse scanned the charts before her, tracing her finger along each name etched into the pages. She stopped at the third page and tapped on the paper mid-way down.

"Hastings. Sir, your wife went into labor this evening."

"What?" He leaned over crowding her space, raising his voice again. "She wasn't due! Where the hell is she? How is she?"

The nurse took a step back but gained courage when she realized that this man was only concerned for his wife. She moved around to the front of the workstation, still keeping a safe distance closer to the three smaller men who seemed just as anxious but less threatening.

"Why don't you follow me?" She looked around at the group, raising an eyebrow, almost Dana-style. "Are you all family?"

Eyes darted back and forth.

"Yes, I guess you could say we're all family." Hastings confirmed, one corner of his mouth quirking almost into a smile before the brow creased again. "Can you tell me if she's all right?" He stepped toward the nurse. "Please?"

"Well, Mr. Hastings, I wish I could answer you but all I can say is that I wasn't here during that time. However, if you all follow me we can at least find out."

A strand of hair danced about on her forehead in the breeze of what had been an extremely hot day.

Breeze? Where did the breeze come from?

Dana struggled to surface from the dream world she was just emerging out of. She realized it wasn't a breeze but a light touch of a hand. A familiar touch. She blinked in the dim light of the room. A shape leaned in front of her. As the features of her partner came into view, she smiled, receiving one in return.

"Hi." His voice sounded strange to her. Was it the medication she received or was it the fact that Mulder was on the brink of tears. A sudden wave of memory hit her and she struggled to sit up. "No, Scully!"

Maggie joined Mulder at her bedside.

"Dana honey, just relax."

"Mulder... Will...?" Panic was rising so fast it almost made her nauseous. Her head whipped around the room in search of her son, then re-focusing on her husband's face. Maggie was vigilant in keeping her daughter on the bed. "Mulder...?"

Mulder nodded in affirmation as Charlie weaved a wobbly pathway through the now crowded room, a small body clinging to him. Maggie could hold her daughter back no longer as Dana sprang to a sitting position, stretching her arms out toward her son. Will, sensing his mother nearby, turned in his uncle's arms.


Will eagerly passed into his mother's waiting grasp. He allowed her to smother him in kisses and she mumbled words of reassurance. Charlie gripped his side, hobbling back toward the door. Byers held the door while Maggie ran to aid her other child.

"We'll just go and get that pretty nurse to help Charlie while you get reacquainted." Byers announced, ushering the other Gunmen out the door behind Charlie.

"Charlie...?" Dana glanced through her tears over Will's head. "What...?"

"If it wasn't for him..." Mulder cleared his throat. "We can talk about that later. Will's alive and with us."

He reached down, stroking his son's head. The same hand traced along Dana's arm wrapped around their son then lightly touched her belly that was definitely less swollen than earlier that evening.

"Scully... Dana... what happened?" He fixed his gaze on Dana's still wet eyes. "Dana?"

She placed one more kiss on her son's cheek then covered the hand on her stomach with her own.

"She's fine, Mulder. She's small - premature - but doing really well."

Mulder squeezed his eyes shut, falling to his knees against the bed. Dana's hand flew to his face, cupping the side of his cheek.

"God, Scully, I'm sorry." He leaned into her touch, lowering his head. "I'm so sorry."

"Mulder, she's okay."

"That's not what I meant." He raised his eyes to hers. "I promised to be with you. I wasn't there with Will. I wanted to be there for you. I'm so sorry, I wanted..."

"Mulder, don't. What did you tell me before you left? I was with you... here." She touched his sweater above his heart. "Don't you think that's the same for me?"


"You brought back our son and we're all together. Unless you're planning on going somewhere without us, I expect you to be here for us from now on."

"Scully, you know I will."

"And I expect you to change all the diapers you missed out on with our new arrival."

Mulder grimaced, tilting his head skyward.

"I thought that was one job I could actually miss out on."

"In your dreams."

"I sometimes wake up thinking if this is all a dream, you know."

"I know, Mulder. I know."

"I just don't like the intermittent nightmares occurring. Scully, tonight scared the shit outta me. I don't know if I can..."

"Mulder, we can't keep running. We'll work something out."

"Okay." A long sigh escaped. "We're still a team."

"Yes, partner, we are."

"Samantha." Will squirmed in Dana's arms, his half- closed lids peering between his parents' faces. "Samantha."

Mulder blinked.


"Your daughter, Mulder. Our new arrival."

"Yeah, but Will doesn't know what we planned on calling her." He leaned further forward in front of Will. "What about Samantha?"

"Happy. Happy baby. Happy 'n' sleepy. Me too, Daddy."

Will yawned as if to illustrate his tiredness.

Dana arched an eyebrow in Mulder's direction. He shook his head and smiled. Whatever was planned for them in the future, it would happen in time but most importantly they were together and Mulder was damned sure he was going to keep it that way. Right now he was anxious to see their new arrival.


The End

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