Title: Doggett's Investigation
Author: Nadia S.
Rated: Adult, for suggestive conversation
Spoilers: S8
Keywords: Doggett/Scully Relationship
Warning: This story takes the POV that Krycek has fathered Scully's baby.

Summary: Doggett doesn't believe Scully's "in-vitro" story.

John Doggett stared in disbelief at his partner. There was something not right about the report he was reading.

"I'm havin' a hard time believin' your story, Agent Scully," he told her abruptly. "Isn't it more likely that you and your partner got a little careless and you both cooked up this scheme to cover your asses? There are rules for partners...did you break 'em?"

"Do you think I would falsify a report like this?" Dana Scully demanded as she unsuccessfully tried to snatch the file away from him. "I don't care if you believe me or not! There are several hours that I can't account for, and I'm absolutely certain Cancer Man had me impregnated during that time."

Her bottom lip began to quiver and Doggett sighed inwardly.

Not again, he thought. If she isn't hittin' on me, she's blubberin'. He was tired of her antics, but he shouldn't have mentioned her ex-partner. And he hated her tears.

"Agent Scully, there's no cryin' on my watch," he told her bluntly. "You wanna cry, you do that at home, but you do not do that in the office or in the field, or in front of me." Maybe she had conned her partner with those crocodile tears, but it wouldn't work with him.

"You arrogant bastard!" she said nastily as she wiped her eyes. Secretly, she was thrilled by Doggett's toughness.

"Look..." he sighed, "you're askin' me to accept what's in this report. If I do that, then I have to assume that somebody molested you! And for some reason, you're coverin' up for him. Did you come on to this Cancer Man guy? Is that it?"

Scully slapped Doggett so hard that the left side of his face tingled. It was not the only part of him that was tingling.

"I'll overlook that, Agent Scully, as a result of one of your mood-swings," he said rudely.

"You've got no business investigating my personal affairs!" she charged angrily. She knew the pregnancy story sounded ridiculous. Damn him for interfering! she thought.

"I'm makin' it my business," he insisted, "because you claim you were kidnapped an' impregnated. That makes it an x-file."

Doggett stared longingly at his desirable partner, who was flushed with anger and pregnancy. He hadn't been able to forget the sight of her in the red dress she had worn for their dinner at Galileo. Lately she had taken to wearing men's shirts to the office instead of maternity clothes. This turned him on. He couldn't wait for the day when she wore one of his shirts...and she would, he promised himself.

There was one thing of which he was certain: there was nothing unusual about her pregnancy. Some guy had sex with her and she was covering up for him.

"Okay, so you were knocked out for hours..." Doggett conceded. "How do you know you weren't raped? When you realized you'd been asleep that long and were undressed, didn't you check yourself out?" he asked incredulously.

"I DID check myself out, Agent Doggett!" she said firmly. "And although someone had dressed me in silk pajamas, I still had my bra and panties on. There was no evidence of rape!" she finished haughtily.

Doggett had gotten a glimpse of the black bra she had worn under the red dress at their dinner. She was practically busting out of it. The thought of that dried out old guy having sex with her sickened him.

"Agent Doggett." Scully blushed. "I...I really don't think you have to pursue this. Cancer Man was ill at the time, and I doubt he was able to...perform."

Doggett stared silently at the alluring redhead. He felt sorry for any man who was unable to get it up when the moment of truth came with a woman like Dana Scully. That would never happen to him. He would be ready for her. And she wouldn't be knocked out.

"Then somebody else had his way with you...." Doggett persisted. "And you're covering up for him. Who was it, Agent Scully?"

Dana Scully decided it was time to take control. She was not going to tell him about Krycek.

"John..." she said quietly as she stared intently at him. "I won't tell you who the baby's father is. But it's nothing for you to be worried about it. I don't think you should concern yourself with this matter - it's not even a case." Scully gripped his stiff hand and began to stroke his fingers. "The only thing you need to concern yourself with is our weekend in July. You and I are going to get to know each other!" the tempting red-head said persuasively as she gazed meaningfully at the sex-starved Doggett. She knew he had been having sex fantasies about her, and the only way to control him was to promise him satisfaction.

He released his grip on the file and returned it to her. She locked it in her drawer.

"I'll let it go for now, Agent Scully," he conceded as he felt himself going weak at the knees. "but I am gonna find the guy that knocked you up. And when I do, I'm gonna beat the shit out of him!" he promised her matter-of-factly. His desire for her wouldn't keep him from doing his job...

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