Author: Dana's Desires 1 - Krycek
Title: Nadia S
Rated: Adult, for suggestive conversation
Spoilers: En Ami, S8
Keywords: Krycek/Scully Relationship

Summary: Scully discovers the truth about her pregnancy...

I didn't take advantage of you," Krycek stated matter-of-factly. He was sitting across from Dana Scully at her kitchen table, and allowing her to take a blood sample.

"The Cancer Man demanded the most accurate method of fertilization, so we had to conceive a baby in the lab from one of your eggs. I volunteered the...sample. I would have preferred to do things the old-fashioned way, of course, but there'll be another time for that," he added as he glanced briefly at her expanding stomach, forewarning that, as the baby's father, he would be demanding his conjugal rights.

"I'll give you a few days to confirm my blood test results..." he said politely as he got up to leave, "and then I'll be back, Dana."

Scully had tried to remain calm throughout the kitchen encounter, but she could no longer maintain her cool.

"Get out!" she ordered, trembling as she slammed the door behind him and threw the deadbolt. She looked down at herself and her two-piece, cotton pyjama set, and felt very unattractive. Ouch! Was that the baby's kick or a stab of disappointment she felt in her abdomen?

Alex Krycek had appeared at her door in the middle of the night, brazenly claiming that he had fathered her child. For a few thrilling moments, she had believed that he had taken her as she slept during her mysterious trip with the Cancer Man, until he had revealed to her that she had been implanted with the fetus. Was it Krycek who had dressed her in those silk pyjamas, she wondered hopefully....

"Dana Katherine Scully!" she admonished herself as she grasped her crucifix."Get hold of yourself, G-woman!"

A week later he re-appeared at her door at midnight. Scully did her best to remain nonchalant. The blood test had confirmed that Krycek was telling the truth.

"What do you want, you bastard!" she demanded -- a line she had been rehearsing for days.

"I see you've confirmed the paternity results," Krycek observed. "And now you're pretending to despise me. If that's so, then why are you dressed in Victoria's Secret?"

"I'm gaining weight!" she replied defensively. "And these are more comfortable...." Her cheeks flushed uncontrollably as she held the gown's matching lace and silk robe up against her breasts. He HAD looked at her cleavage, she decided. But how had he known the outfit was from Victoria's Secret?

"You're MY responsibility now, so I'll be back to check on you," he promised. "Don't go anywhere....because we have a date after that baby comes...just you and me!"

"Don't be so sure of yourself!" she snapped as she pushed him out the door and awkwardly re-set her her security system.

"Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!" she admonished herself as she banged her head against the inside of her apartment door. Why had she worn that negligee? Because she wanted him to notice her, that's why. Now she would have to go to confession tomorrow....

Her forbidden thoughts were interrupted by her cell phone's familiar ring. It was Krycek.

"And Dana," he said, "about me being so sure of myself? - the minute I saw what you were wearing tonight, I was absolutely sure...."

Dana Scully trembled with anticipation as the line went dead. Obsessively, she dug into her stack of magazines and picked out a brand new catalogue, settling herself into bed with her cell phone.. "Hello? Victoria's Secret? I'd like to place an order, please..."

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