Title: Catching Up
Author: loveJanick
Written: March 2001
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Disclaimer: If you like it, hire me. LOL!
Rating: PG
Category: VAH, MSR, ...
Spoilers: Season Eight, including April 1st's episode.

Summary: Scully tells Mulder what he missed out on while he was gone.

Author's notes: Just for the fun of it.

"How long have I been gone?" he unknowingly woke her up. "How long have I been out of it?"

"Seven months, a week and two days." she grinned up at him, still sleepy.

"Did you gain weight?" he wondered as he cleared his eyes and coughed to clear his throat.

"No..." she giggled shyly. "I'm pregnant!" she admitted.

"What?" he replied in a big smile.

"I thought I had missed my chance. But, I guess it wasn't too late for a miracle." she confessed.

"Is it...?" he wanted to ask who the father was, but shied away.

"I wouldn't know how it couldn't be yours..." she answered confidently.

"You can't begin to imagine how happy I am right now." he told her.

"You cannot be happier than me, that's for sure." she reacted happily.

"What did I miss while I was away?" he demanded, afraid to use the proper terminology.

"Hmmm..." she paused to think about the cases she worked on while he was gone. "A man bat, for one." she laughed. "I was a host for a parasyte that a certain cult thought was Jesus Christ's second coming."

"Wow!" he grinned. "And, you let go of that chance." he tried to make a joke.

"Very funny." she didn't laugh, though. "There was a case similar to the one of Amber Lynn Lapierre, but the kid was of flesh and bone. There was a guy who had found a way to invade dreams to kill people..."

"Freddy?" he interrupted her.

"Freddy wasn't half as scary as this one." she confided in him. "We also came upon a man going backwards in time to learn a lesson."

"Wait!" Mulder stopped her. "We?" he worried someone had taken his place.

"Well, it goes like this." she took a deep breath. "The day after your disappearance, Kersh was promoted Deputy Director and had Agent John Doggett become the task force leader on the manhunt for you. After failing, he was assigned to the X files."

"How is he, this Doggett?" Mulder wondered.

"Like I was in the beginning..." Scully smiled. "Anyway... We met a man who had X ray vision, one who was turning into solid metal, one that could appear as someone else and another who could heal people by eating them alive and regurgitating them back to life."

"Why didn't we get cases like that when I was here?" he joked.

"Maybe it has something to do with the new millennium." Scully kid him back. "But, the last one was something that you actually worked on last year."

"I never thought you'd find out. I was sick and afraid of becoming a burden for you." he mumbled.

"I would have liked to take care of you the way you did for me when I was sick." she pointed out to him. "But, I forgive you for that secret. It's already forgotten."

"Thank you!" he whispered. "What's next?" he asked her to continue.

"Doggett went underground in the Boston subways to take care of micro-medusas that were eating the flesh of people." she remembered the stress of being a woman in charge where a man wanted to run her down. "And, the last thing, before we found your lifeless body, was about my pregnancy."

"Was there something wrong?" he worried again.

"I can't tell now, but I thought so then." she admitted. "A woman was killed while giving birth to an alien/human hybrid and another had her child exchanged for a normal one."

"Odd!" Mulder said. "And, after that?"

"Everything becomes blurry, as if the last five months haven't occured yet." she lied. "Your death was mine as well. I was staying alive because of the responsabilities I now had."

"I'm glad you waited for me..." he paused. "To give birth..." he specified.

"I'm happy you're back to witness the miracle you promised me eight months ago," she concluded.

The End

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