Title: Buttons
Author: Nadia S
Rated: Adult, for suggestive conversation
Spoilers: S8
Keywords: Doggett/Scully Relationship

Summary: Doggett disapproves of Scully's behavior...

Author's note: For continuity's sake, "Krycek Bites the Bullet" should be read first...

"You're late!" John Doggett barked at Dana Scully as she burst awkwardly through the door. "We had a meetin' at 9:00am with the boss!" he reminded her as he looked her up and down. She was wearing a man's shirt - no stockings.

"Oh, shut up, Doggett!" She sneered, reacting to his disapproving glare as she struggled to pull down her tight skirt. Her usually impeccable hair-style was askew and a long, red strand of hair was stuck to her smeared lips.

Doggett observed her disoriented entrance with fascination. It wasn't like her to appear so disheveled - he was intensely aroused by her appearance. Her cheeks were flushed, her lips were swollen and red, and she wore a very contented expression.

Doggett cut her off before she could reach her desk and grabbed her roughly by her collar.

"Whose shirt is this? Mulder's?" he grilled her. "Cause you got all the buttons wrong..." he said as he began to re-button the shirt. While doing so, he caught a glimpse of her black bra and full breasts...

The sensation of Doggett's hands caused Scully to blush uncontrollably. "Thank you...Agent Doggett..." she stammered as she reluctantly pushed him away. At any other time she would have loved Doggett's close scrutiny, but she had just left Krycek, and therefore hoped her partner wouldn't suspect...

"You just got laid," Doggett observed crudely, gazing hungrily at her.

"And what makes you say that?" she asked coldly. She had regained her composure and pushed her way past him to retrieve her beauty kit from her desk drawer. She carefully examined her reflection in the mirror and proceeded to brush her hair and re-paint her lips - all the while aware of Doggett watching her.

"My guess is that you and Krycek did it in the back of a cab on your way over here..." he said, staring intensely at her... "You must have put on quite a show for the driver!" It was 10:30 in the morning and already she had given him a hard-on.

Dana Scully blushed uncontrollably. "I told you before - keep your fantasies to yourself!" She was angry at herself for not stopping at the ladies room to fix herself up - she hadn't even thought of it. She was even angrier that Doggett was so perceptive. "It just so happens that I drove my own car today," she lied, "and if I'm a mess, it's because I overslept!"

"You better put these on..." he ordered as he tossed her a package of the pantyhose she kept in the top file drawer. "You wouldn't want Skinner to know what you did on the way to work this morning. He thinks you're the Virgin Mary," he said judgmentally.

"Th-thank you, Agent Doggett," she said for the second time, stung by his words as she accepted the package. She was suddenly very aware of her bare legs.

"You know, you're not respectin' the memory of your partner," Doggett lectured, still staring at her. "It would kill him if he knew you were fuckin' Krycek..."

"Why d-don't you j-just mind your own business!" she snapped as she fought back tears. Doggett had shamed and demoralized her, and now he had mentioned Mulder.

"You're very hard on me!" she added huffily as she dried her tears. "It's no wonder you don't seem to have a woman in your life! When was the last time you had a date?"

"I'm a gentleman, Agent Scully. I don't go around braggin' about my conquests or hittin' on women at the office," he preached. "You've givin' me plenty of opportunities to indulge myself with you, but a real man keeps that stuff at home, in the bedroom."

Dana Scully's color rose and she began to tingle. Deep down she was thrilled by Doggett's chivalrous standards, but yawned amusedly. "You don't sound very adventurous to me, John Doggett!" she baited him.

"If bein' adventurous means havin' sex in the back of a cab at your whim, then I guess I'm not!" he admitted. "It's not masculine to have sex in public places, Agent Scully." Doggett said bluntly.

"Alright...." Scully said as she slipped into her usual place on top of his desk. "Your bedroom...or mine?" she asked flirtatiously.

"I guess Krycek still isn't man enough for you!" the annoyed Doggett suggested as he grabbed her by the wrist. "Is that why you're in here every mornin', tryin' to get it from me?"

"My, you're irritable today..!" Scully breathed excitedly. "You'd like to kiss me, wouldn't you?" she whispered.

Doggett angrily pushed her away. "Not after HE's been pawing you!" he said with disgust. "I'm not the crumbs you pick up after you've eaten your main course. I'm a one-woman man, and I don't share either." he added, giving her a voracious look.

Dana Scully gasped with pleasure. "I love that you're a gentleman, and I wouldn't take you any other way, John," she said quietly as she grabbed a stack of files and the package of stockings. "I'll be upstairs in Skinner's office, if you decide you DO want me...."

She had done it again - driven him to the brink before leaving the next step to him. Well, not this time, he thought. He was determined to be a hard-ass and not give in to her. She could stay up in Skinner's office as long as it pleasured her to do so - John Doggett would not go after her...

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