n Babysitting V by Binky

Title : Babysitting V. Baby Shower
Author: Binky
Written: February 1998
Rating: G
Categery: SR
Keywords: Mulder / Scully romance- married
Spoilers: none

Summary: Mulder and Scully have been married for seven months, Scully is now eight months into her pregnancy.

This is for Bethanie, Sarah, Stephanie and Dominique, Fabiana of the death wishes, nina, and all those other merry relationshippers of the world.To all those people who wanted me to write about them getting married and having a honey moon, I'm sorry, I'm really crappy at writing them, so I skipped that, and went straight on to the baby shower and the last month of Scullys pregnancy. NB: ive never been to a bay shower before, I'made it all up.

#12 Bear view avenue
11: 00 am
Baltimore, MD

"Mommie, when antie Dana coming for a party?" Ruth asked. Emily placed a bowl plate of vegies and dip on the table, dodging one of her son's tonka trucks.

"Damien! pick this up!"

"Moooommmiiiiieee, whens antis Dana and uncool Foxth coming?" Ruth tugged at her mother's dress. "They'll be here soon Ruthie dear, now run off and help your brother pick up your toys."

"But mooooommmmiiieeee, I already picked mine up."

"Well help him pick up his."

"Okay Mommie."

Ruth turned obediently and went to help her brother. "Hui Roof, when did Mommie say antie Dana and uncool Foxth were coming?"

"They thed they

were coming thoon." Damien dumped a load of toys into the big toy box standing against the wall.

"Dere, now were finished and Mommie won't be mad, do you want to go outhide and pick thum fwowereth for antie Dana? Mommi thays antie Dana liketh fwowerth vewy much."

Damien started walking towards the glass sliding door that lead outside.

"Yeah otay, do you fink shewould like thothe wellow oneth that gwow under the thwing thet?"

"Yeh, and wewl get thoth pwetty wed oneth Mommie callth gewanimumth, Mommie thaid Anatie Dana wath gonna becoma a Mommie too thoon, tho maybe we should get ver oneth for all ver moomieth." Damien plucked a dandelion from beside the fence.

"Hey Daims, Antie Dana thaid her fayvorite color ith peach and orange, do you fink I shood get one of dem ownge one that Mommie sez are high biscuits?"

"Yeah, I fink Antie Dana wood wike vat." Ruth reached up and

picked a pale orange 'high biscuit' from the bush, adding it to her bunch of 'gewaniemumth', 'wellow oneth', and 'I -wish cwoversh.'

"Roofie, do you have a wibbon we cood tie our fwowerth up with?, becauth wooga banz don't wook nith." Damien clutched his carefully plucked bunch of flowers in his chubby little hand. Ruth pulled the lavender coloured ribbons from her braids and gave one to Damien.

"Here Daimth, uze dis one, i'll uth the ovver one."

They tied the ribbons to the bunches of flowers they had picked and ran inside to show their mother.

"Mommie! Mommie! look what we picked for Antie Dana!" They held the flowers up for their mother to see.

"OH, flowers! I'm sure auntie Dana will love them! did you get any for your uncle Fox?"

"Wheel give dem to dem bofe, and den dey'll bofe be

'appy!" Damien exclaimed. "Do you want Mommie to put them ion some water so theyll stay fresh until Antie Dana and Uncle Fox come?"

"Yeth pweeze mom," Ruth said and they handed their mother the flowers and she put them in a glass of water.

12: 01 midday

The doorbell rang and Emily went to get it. "Dana! Fox! How are you?!" She hugged them both in turn.

"Hi Emily, were fine thanks."

"How's your baby?"

"Always sleeping when I'm not. Always awake when I'm asleep."

Dana leant against Mulder for support. "Hi Em." Mulder greeted.

"Come in, do you want anything to drink?"

Emily led them to the sofa where Scully sat down and placed a hand over her swollen belly.

"Oh yeah thanks Em, I could kill for a glass of water."

"Walkin' on the wild side aren't we Dana!?" Emily said sarcastically.

Scully laughed.

Two little heads popped around the back door. Damien and Ruth came running to their aunt and uncle. "Antie Dana!! Uncool Fotxth!!" They screamed and jumped around them, their mom had told them not to jump in their antie's lap because they might hurt the baby.

"Hi troops!" Scully and Mulder hugged the children one by one.

Damien climbed into Mulder's lap. "Are you havin' a baybee?" he asked.

Mulder grinned and tousled the boys hair. "Sure are Daim, put your hand on antie Dana's tummy and see if you can feel it kick."

"Cool! " Daimien's grin dropped and he looked to his Aunt. "Antie Dana, does it hurt when the abybee kicks you?" He looked worried and pouted slightly.

Dana smiled sweetly at Daimien. "Yeah, just a little bit, but not too much, here, do you want to feel it kick?" Dana took Daimien's hand ond put it to her stomach. Ruth wanted to feel it kick too so she put her hand next to Daimien's. After a few seconds they felt a little bump under their hands.

"It kicked!" They exclaimed and jumped up and down.

Emily came with the glass of water for Scully. "Here you go Dana."

"Thanks Em." Emily sat on the chair next to the sofa with a glass of lemonade.

Ruth and Damien ran to the kitchen and took their flowers from the glass and ran back into the living room. "Antie Dana and Uncool Focth! look wot we got you!" They held the flowers out to Dana and Fox. Scully took the flowers and smelt them. "Oh thanks guys, they're lovely, mm, they smell nice too, here, smell sugarplum." She shoved the flowers in Mulder's face with giggle.

"Hey Tiger! be nice!"

"I am being nice." She pouted at him. "Oh!" The

baby kicked. "Here Mulder, feel." She pulled his hand to her stomach and the baby kicked again, making Mulder smile. He bent over and kissed her stomach lightly, then left his hand there, tickling her stomach with his fingers.

"Do yuh wike 'em?" Ruth asked.

"Yeah, we love them guys, thank you."

Scully nudged Mulder. "Say thank you Fox you naughty boy!"

"Huh? Oh yeah,

thanks troops. they smell lovely."

Damien looked inquisitively at his Aunt. "Why is uncool Focth a nortie boy?"

"He didn't say 'thank you' to you. He's going to get a good spanking when we get home," Scully said and Mulder kissed her neck.



"Not here!"

"Okay." He pouted. The door bell rang.

"I'll get it." Emily got up and went to the door. "Pandora! come in!" Pandora nodded a thanks and went in, greeting Scully and Muilder.She put her gift on the table provided. A few minutes later the door bell rang again, Stephanie and her husband came in, the guests arrived in clumps, soon everyone was there.

"Okay, all men have to go outside now, beautiful girls only." Emily shooed all the husbands of the women gathered outside, including Mulder, who tried to steal a kiss from Scully before he went to join them.

Emily brought the table with the gifts over and placed it in front of Dana. "Okay Day, let's see what we all got for you and your baby."


but if any of you forgot, I'm gonna have a sulk!" Scully warned.

Smiling, she took a gift from the table and read the card. "To My Silly Silly friend Dana, good luck with your kid, love Laura and Michael."

"Open it." Laura said.

Dana ripped off the paper. A little toy rattle to keep the baby occupied. "Thanks Laura! it's great." Dana put the rattle on the floor. Dana picked up another one. "To Dana and Fox, we all wondered what you two got up to down there in the basement, well, I guess now we know! Good luck! Pandora Box."

Dana shot a look at Pandora "What we got up to in the basement has nothing to do with you!" She grinned and opened Pandora's gift. A little hand made yellow blanket with soft silky feeling edges. "Oh Panda! did you make it?"

Pandora blushed. "Yeah, since I wasn't sure if it was a boy or girl I'made it yellow, d'yah like it?"

"Yeah! it's great!" Dana opened present afterpresent, Dummies, nappy covers, a baby back carrier, a stroller! Little socks for the baby, soft toys and little clothes for it too.

Emily called the guys back inside and also the children. They all ate and drank until they were full. Everyone put their hands on Dana's stomach to see if they could feel the baby kick. Mulder had his arm around Scully's waist all the time. Emily came up to Dana. "Hey Day, do you want to try that thing with the ring?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that

one!" Scully sat down on the Sofa and everyone else crowded around.

Scully pulled the ring off hr finger and tied it to a piece of string that Pandora gave her, she explained the aimto everyone so they would know what was going on.

"Okay, is everybody ready for the moment of truth?" Mulder asked as he held his hand over Scullys stomach. "Yes! " Mulder let the string fallfrom his hand and dangle over Scully's stomach. It swung from left to right.

"A GIRL!!"Scully cried out and hugged Mulder. Everyone started clapping and Mulder and Scully shared a sweet kiss. The two self-proclaimed psychics in the room (Pandora and Emily) shook hands at their judgement.

An hour later, the party was over and everyone left. Leaving Emily, Damien, Ruth and her husband to clean up.

Dana and Fox's House
#55 Rosey place, DC
One Month Later

Fox and Dana lay in bed holding each other in a lovers sweet embrace, Mulder watched as his precious wife slept, he couldn't wait for their baby girl to come into the world, it was due any day now. He was filled with great sense of love and joy, he stroked Dana's head lovingly, she made a mewing noise and smiled in her sleep.

He felt a wet kind of watery feeling slip under him. Scully didn't wet the bed did she? He then remembered what she had told him about water breaking and all the rest. Uh-oh,! the baby! his child was coming! He gently shook Scully awake. "Dana! Dana! wake up!"

Dana opened her blue eyes slowly, blinking at the light. "Huh? Mulder, what time is it? the sheets are wet."

"Scully, I think your water broke, our little girl is coming!" Scully gave a startled but happy "Oh!" and pushed herself up on the pillows.


The end...?


Hah HAH Hah! Jeez I'm mean! tune in shortly for part five, where we shall l meet who we shall meet.(well duh! I don't know, who are we going to meet?) okay, I don't want feedback on this one, it's too scary to contemplate : ?

: ) : P

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