Title: All I Want For Christmas
Author: Pattie
Rated: G
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Disclaimer: Not mine, as everybody knows, except for Will's siblings I was generous to provide. He even has a pair or new aunts. Hey,he's alive and well, Chris Carter. Category: Mulder POV, AU, K
Summary: Mulder takes note of his wishes for the holiday.

Author's Note: Written mostly in narrative.

NOVEMBER 28, 2016
10:16 PM

Well, here I am in my home office, as cluttered as my dear wife Scully says. She tells me it's just like our office at the Hoover. Since Meg and Sammy Ann, as well as James are in bed, William is busily studying hard, Alison and Mandy are tuckered out after a long day's work at their respective stores, and my dear wife is in San Diego begging Bill to settle Maggie's estate before he goes back to sea around Christmas, (praise the Lord), I have some time to myself for once.

I gave thanks a few days for Scully, Will and the others, newly found niece and Scully's unique look-alike sister. At least dear wife was here for Thanksgiving sans her brother, with whom I've made some peace and headway. Brother Jeffery doesn't care much for him either.

Hold on. Phone.

"Mulder. Yes, Sir. On your desk tomorrow. She's fine and will be here probably Wednesday. Yes, you have a good night, too." Kersh. Has he nothing better to do at this hour? Must be lonely. As I was saying, since Christmas is coming up, there are a few things I'd like, but since tomorrow is another day at the salt mines, I should close this file and watch the late news, then go to bed. More tomorrow.

NOVEMBER 29, 2016
10:00 PM

The youngest kids are in bed, the older girls are playing their music, and William has a night class. He should be home by news time.

It's been a long day even with Jeffery to help out. Writing up five cases for eight straight hours. One thing I want is a new coffee maker since ours is kaput and coffee runs with line ups are wasting our damn time. Maybe for Christmas since we're pissing Kersh off. What else is new? At least Scully's back tomorrow. Everything was settled, she's angry with Bill, and I have to calm her down around eleven at Dulles before bringing her home.

I must admit, I have everything a man could ever hope for, most importantly Samantha. Chemist and best selling artist. Her paintings are highly rated and going for mucho dinero overseas. She might be here for Christmas, but can't promise.

Forgot something. Didn't open the mail since I came home. Too busy breaking up fights between Meg and Samantha Ann again.

Give me a few minutes.

10:31 PM

I never thought I'd get this in the mail. After the bills and glossy flyers, an invitation to spend Christmas with John, Monica, Anna and Juan Doggett. We can do it if we just rearrange our festivities here. Can't take them all to Doggett's apartment. Dude, save up for a house! Much as I love to kid the guy, I'm not kidding. Monica might want a big family. Anna's eleven and looks like her mother.

Hang on. Knock at the door.

"Come in."

"I'm home, Dad." It's William.

"Thanks. I'll alert the media. Anything else?"

"Just wanted to tell you I aced that chemistry exam and ask if I can have a sandwich with tea."

"Congratulations. Your Mom will be happy go ahead, and have a good night."

"Thanks, Dad. Sure glad she's home tomorrow. 'Night."


Now I'm getting sleepy. Before I close the file, another thing I want is a bigger water heater. Yeah, both the older girls. Tomorrow.

NOVEMBER 30, 2016

As Mulder watched his wife walk down the stairs from the plane, she looked tired, annoyed and frazzled. She ran into his arms. "I've had it up to here witth Bill and then some. Charlie had to pull me away before I strangled the idiot."

"I told you so. The kids are fine, your neice and sister helped out a lot. I'll see if I can buy you some time from Kersh. Rest up." He grabbed the baggage. "Let's have an early lunch and get you home."

"You're the greatest, Mulder. Let's just eat and go home."

"You wait out front and I'll get the car." How he hated to see his children's mother so stressed.

After Scully was safely home and in bed, he called Mandy and Alison at work, and begged their bosses to let them go home to care for their mother. He even called Kersh to ask for the remainder of the day to be by her side.

1:13 PM

As Scully was sleeping, the girls unpacked her toiletries and ran the laundry, He returned to his home office and asked the girls not to disturb him. Reason: workload.

Well, I'm back. Scully, too. The older girls are looking in on her. Should we accept the Doggett's offer or not? Lots of Christmas shopping coming up, guess I'll be doing some of the cards. Jeffery advised me there's nothing much for us as I write. Hopefully things will stay slow for the time being. Another thing I want for Christmas.

Time off for everyone would really help out.

I asked Susan to visit and do some baking since break is coming. She'll be fine. Helen has time off as well. Yes, when Scully sees them she says "It's like looking in the mirror." I agree. Later. I need a break. All I want for Christmas is some time away with my lovely wife.

4:00 PM

Scully was awake and Mandy made tea. "Mom, just drink it and Alison and I can make dinner, after I pick up James. Alison did your laundry and put it away. You didn't even hear her."

"Yeah, thank you."

Mulder sat at the table sipping coffee. Then he excused himself to continue writing.

4:15 PM

She's gonna love this. The girls helping out for a before Christmas Christmas dinner and gift opening. Then off to Doggett's. Next on the agenda, vacation in San Diego, her hometown. Should go. Almost dinner.

7:17 PM

This is turning into a book, I believe.

My excuse for wanting to be down here again was doing a rewrite on a case. I hate lying to the woman I love. Scully agreed to do an early Christmas with the help of Mandy and Alison. Tara and Matthew can't make it since they're still heartbroken over Maggie's death. Tara is taking Matthew and Sarah to her parents for Christmas.

Two Christmases and we chose Will, Meg, James and Sammy Ann because it would be a burden on Monica for all our kids in a small apartment and their kids as well. Alison and Mandy are spending a few days with Alison's adoptive family. They even welcomed Susan and Ellen, but they declined. They'll be together in Susan's new apartment.

I want less shopping for Christmas.We're dealing with an army now. Note to self: Shopping list time.

As well, although I understand sibling rivalry, another thing I want for Christmas and forever is peace between the pair. It's a dream.

All of us can't stay at the Doggetts', so we'll just invite them, do the dinner and gift exchange here, invite Jeffery over for a while, then plan our vacation. Susan and Ellen will makes things run smoothly for the youngest kids.

Imagine having an aunt who is a younger version of Mom. Yes, another thing I wish hadn't happened, but I've accepted that as has Scully. Excuse me a minute. "Sculleee! Separate those two nuts, please?"

Ah, peace at last.

Another thing I want for Christmas is Samantha, but she's on overdrive with an art show plus her phamaceutical factory. At leat she air mailed us a gorgeous framed painting. No idea how in the world she finds the time.

That's it. Yes, my unpublished book. Now, time to discuss our parents only vacation.


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