On December 22nd, 2006 the invasion starts, resulting in many dead and an endless winter. These are the stories of those who survive to raise the generation left behind.

Inspired in part by the final chapters of Dean Koontz's The Taking, this series will expand upon the events mentioned in Goodwill Towards Men, particularly those that were supposed to have already occured before that fic was set. What happened in GTM will be part of this series (revised and perhaps retitled) probably towards the end. The original version of GTM will remain on the site for people who prefer it as a stand-alone fic. I recommend not reading Goodwill Towards Men first if you haven't already.

Winterlong: I. Until The End Of The World
The invasion comes six years early.

Winterlong: II. In The Air Tonight
The night of the invasion there is a search for survivors once the immediate danger has passed.

Winterlong: III. Into The Great Wide Open
With a world to rebuild, there’s little time to mourn the dead.

Winterlong: IV. Ashes and Ghosts
Some of the dead had a harder time casting off the mortal coil than others.

"Until The End of the World" is the title of a song by U2
"In The Air Tonight" is the title of a song by Phil Collins
"Into The Great Wide Open" is the title of a song by Tom Petty
"Ashes and Ghosts" is the title of a song by The Cult

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