Season 10 Guest Challenges by Kyouryoku Senshi

The Break Up

At some point between the end of I Want to Believe and the first episode of season 10, Mulder and Scully broke up. In many people's opinion, Chris Carter and Co. didn't give substantial backing behind the reasoning for their breakup.

Your challenge:

Write a fic explaining why you think they broke up based on details from season 10 or make something up on your own that you feel would be a legitimate reason they separated either way, your reason should involve a child.

Possible reasons:

Was the break up grounded in Scully's grief surrounding William and/or Emily? Did Mulder and Scully try to conceive and the efforts failed? If so, did Scully miscarry, was there false positive pregnancy test, or perhaps they did have a second child who didn't make it or was abducted/ran away.

The Second Miracle

What would season 10 be like if Mulder and Scully had another child after William?

Your challenge:

  • Write a story that involves Mulder and Scully having a child younger than William, who is born after IWTB. Did they adopt or conceive naturally?
  • Re-write some or all of season 10 to include this child or children. You can fulfill this any way you like from picking a single scene to revamp all the way through rewriting all six episodes.
  • Bonus element: Tackle the Take Two Challenge by combining this challenge with the Outnumbered Challenge

    Please send your complete story to:

Do you have questions about writing a challengefic before you can begin your story? Look here to see if you can find your answer.

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