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Family Summer Vacation Challenge

This summer, your challenge is to send an XF family on a vacation. Mix and match the following elements and then pen your tale.


A. Choose one of the following families to send on a vacation:

  • Mulder, Scully, Emily, William-Jackson and/or their new addition (including or substituting child original characters is also allowed)
  • Doggett, Reyes, Skinner, Marita, Krycek, Fowley, the LGM, Spender or Gibson - or any combination of them - and their child/ren
  • The Mulders or the Scullys, when Mulder and/or Scully and their siblings were children
  • At least one XF character, their adult child(ren) and their grandchild(ren)


B. Pick a location

  • the woods and/or mountains
  • the beach or a lake/river and/or an island
  • an amusement/theme park or museum or aquarium or zoo
  • a cave system/caverns
  • a multi-day concert series
  • another country or an out-of-state US destination
  • a wedding
  • a family reunion
  • a cruise ship
  • college tour(s) or a graduation


C. Select at least one complication

  • car trouble or a plane or train with minor to massive issues
  • a missed train/plane/bus
  • a child takes ill or is injured
  • someone goes into labor
  • the vacation spot is allegedly haunted
  • a child gets lost (or kidnapped!)
  • there's a severe weather emergency
  • the family is stranded at their vacation spot
  • an area-appropriate mythical creature is sighted
  • the adult XF character/s is drawn into an unoffical-to-them case
  • someone spots their doppleganger or a long-lost friend or relative
  • a mascot or animatronics creature is...decidedly unfriendly
  • wild card: something other than the possibilities above threatens the vacation

We await seeing how you combine your choices for A, B, and C and into a summer vacation for us to read about :)

Please submit your story or the link to it to nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com or post in on our submisssions Tumblr by September 30th

Do you have questions about writing a challengefic before you can begin your story? Look here to see if you can find your answer.

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