Labor Day Labor

Labor Day Labor challenge

Your challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to set a fic on Labor day. On the holiday that celebrates workers, we're asking you to write about a different kind of labor - the labor that immediately precedes a birth.

Challenge Requirements

  • One of your characters, canon to the X-Files or otherwise, suddenly finds herself (or hey, himself if you prefer) in labor on Labor day. Unfortunately, something [your choice of what] makes getting to the hospital in time an unlikely prospect
  • So your second character, a canon character, oversees the birth. This canon character may be someone who has already delivered someone's child like Dana Scully M.D. or Reyes, or it can be someone with no experience whatsoever, like Mulder, Skinner or the gunmen
  • If you'd like, you can give the situation a paranormal/supernatural twist

As a reminder, there are no word count expectations for Nursery Files challenges

e-mail completed stories (or a send link to where else you posted them) to by end-of-day Monday, September 3rd

Challenge fics
Birth Day by spookydarlabalck
The Tale of Jackie and Cooper by viceversawrites
Labor Day by kyouryokusenshi
Everything in Its Place by Joelyjo
Love's Labor by lyndsaybones
I’ll Scratch Your Back… by cutelilscully

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