early childhood fears casefile challenge


There are a number of fears that are typical of toddlers and young children. Your challenge is to base a casefile story around one of these fears. Is the fear all in the child's imagination... or is there more to it?


1. Your story will feature a young child of either gender, no older than age 10, as the focus of the casefile

2. You'll select one of the following fears as the basis of your casefile story

  • fear of the dark
  • fear of monsters under bed, in closet etc
  • fear of masks/costumes
  • fear of the toilet
  • fear of thunder and lightning
  • fear of supernatural: ghosts, witches etc
  • fear of natural disasters
  • fear of dogs, snakes, bugs, other animals
  • fear of the basement or attic
  • fear of strangers
  • fear of seperation from parents
  • fear of being alone
  • fear of doctors, dentists
  • fear of harm coming to a parent
  • fear of getting lost
  • fear of fire
  • fear of being kidnapped
  • fear of injury and/or blood
  • fear of war (but typically not until 8 or 9 years old)

There you have it. Everything else, like who the child is, story length, setting/timeframe, the X-Files character you'll use to investigate the case, and so on are up to you.

e-mail completed stories to nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com

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