Outnumbered Challenge

While it's true that there was a past challenge about multiple births, it was nine years ago (can you believe it??) so I think it's about time to revisit the topic. The one about William having a twin was nearly as long ago. So let's bring on new fics with twins and triplets =)
you may write fics for either older challenge too, though. oh, you could write a series using two or all three challenges, huh?

Your challenge is to have a X-Files character(s) be outnumbered by their offspring, and at least two (twins or more) of their children shared a womb. Is a house full of kids a joy? Or a nightmare? Tell us, tell us!

With either option you can either have the kids be carried the old fashioned way, or use a surrogate. Or old women drugged into unconscious beauty sleep only to find the kids after they're born... whatever strikes your muse's fancy.

Total kids in the house must meet or exceed three. You can pick either of the following options:


  • A. Mulder and Scully have custody of a child (William, Emily, or an original character of your devising) and have at least twins.
  • If you'd rather write about Doggett and Reyes, or Skinner and Kim, another pairing, or an X-Files character and an OC you may, and might want to consider them having or adopting a child before having twins.

No matter which X-Files character is the parent(s) you're of course welcome to have them have triplets or so on and their older child(ren).

Oh...if you'd rather older kids be twins then have a baby, you know that's okay too. As long as there's one set of multiples, the ages of the kids in the family are up to you.


B. Your X-Files character(s) have no kids in the home - kids who live elsewhere don't count towards being outnumbered - and discover that they're having triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets or...how many kids are the most to have all lived, eight? Well, this is the X-Files, you don't have to stop at 8 if you don't want to.

Challenge fics:

Please send your complete story to: nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com

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