Even if you haven't seen X-Files: I Want To Believe yet you probably know that Doggett and Reyes are not in it. According to the movie, the X-Files office disbanded at some unspecified time and in some unspecified way between "The Truth" and IWTB.

No mention is made of what happened to either of them (or Gibson or Marita) whatsoever. Are they in the FBI somewhere else or did they leave all together? Did they ever get together as the last few episodes hinted at, or have they long parted ways? Did they keep their promise to Gibson to keep him safe? Have they kept in touch with Mulder and Scully? Are they even still alive?

So now we turn to you, fic writers, to fill in the blanks! Don't worry, it doesn't have to be a DRR fic unless you want it to be.

Your challenge:
Assume that at least one of them is still living at the time IWTB is set. Write a fic that explains in some way why Doggett and Reyes are no longer in the X-Files office. Explain both (if different) of their post-Truth fates and have at least one of them currently have a child in their life.

Challenge fics:
Destination: Truth by Billie Reid & Kyouryoku Senshi

Please send your complete story to: nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com

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