I was in the middle of writing a challenge when a related challenge was sent my way, so I'll put both on this page =)

Cocoa Girlís Harry Potter/X-Files crossover challenge

Cocoa Girl would like for some of you to tackle a Harry Potter challenge. Personally, I love the idea...but since I'm writing a HP/XF fic myself, you aren't surprised, are you?

- Harry Potter crosses paths with Mulder.

- Harry gets a job as Williamís live in nanny/Au Pair.

- Harry finds out that William is magical just like him and helps William control and use those powers, without the parents and bad guys knowing.

Bonus If during this time Harry can find a way to train to defeat Voldemort, this would involve the required Harry goes to Gringrotts and buys up half of Diagon Ally and Knockturn Ally.

General Crossover Challenge

This challenge is to write a story that incorporates the x-files characters and a child (or children) from another show, a movie, or a book. This story can take place in the X-Files universe, in the universe of the other character, or set it parts in both universes.

The sole requirement is this:
- A main character in your fic must be a child or teenager from another show/book/movie who interacts with the X-Files character/s of your choice.

You may pick any child or teen character from whatever fandom you want, but here's a non-inclusive list to get your imagination going. To be honest, I mostly pulled stuff off my DVD recs at amazon, lol. You might look at your movie and book collections for ideas too.

The Chronicles of Narnia * The Ring * The Giver * Joan of Arcadia * Roswell * American Gothic * So Weird * Eerie Indiana * Everwood * One Tree Hill * The O.C. * Invasion * The 4400 * Strange Days At Blake Holsey * Scooby Doo * Ramona Quimby * Harriet the Spy * The Wizard Of Oz * The Diaries of Adrian Mole (so a fic in diary format?) * The Santa Clause * Jumanji/Zathura * The Omen * Ender's Game * The Princess Diaries * Ella Enchanted * Where The Wild Things Are * Muppet Babies * Punky Brewster * 90210 * A Series of Unfortunate Events * Tithe * Young Wizards series * The Dark Is Rising series * Madeleine L'Engle's Time Quartet (A Wrinkle in Time etc) or Austin family series * The Thief of Always * The Sixth Sense * The Others * 10 Things I Hate About You * The Amityville Horror * War of the Worlds * The Forgotten * Godsend *

Challenge Fics:
Coventry Carol by Neoxphile (X-Files/Joan of Arcadia)

Please send your complete story to: nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com

Do you have questions about writing a challengefic before you can begin your story? Look here to see if you can find your answer.

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