Stolen Ova: Another Child

Scully never sought out other children that might have been created with her ova. What would happen if one of Emily's siblings showed up after she got her miracle baby? How does having a "perfect" baby color how she feels about discovering another child created without her consent?

Challenge Elements:

- set the fic any time after Scully becomes pregnant with William. In other words, William can be as-of-yet unborn, an infant, or a child during the story. (if he's more than a few months old, whether or not you use the "William" adoption plot is up to you)

- have someone discover the existence of another child created from Scully's ova. The child can have been born any time from November 1994 on.

- eventually Scully meets said child, and spends a lot of time with him or her. Does she want the child, or is she repelled by him/her?

- unlike Emily, this child *may not die* in the story.

- according to the Mulder & Frohike conversation in "Emily" lots of these children were made by the early 90s. Let at least one other besides Emily and your child character be Scully's. Does Scully look for him/her/them?

This fic can be light and fluffy, funny, or lovely dark and deep. Your choice.

Mandy by Pattie
After Mandy: Bobby by Pattie
coming soon Max by Neoxphile

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