Scully promised Gibson that she'd call his parents in The End so he could go home. We know from The Beginning and later episodes that he never made it home. Let's give the poor boy a home!


- Set your fic at one of three spots:
A. after The Beginning
B. after Without
C. after The Truth

Obviously, if you pick a or b your story will be AU, and if you pick C it will be post-series

- Have someone (either an X-Files agent, Skinner, Maggie, Krycek, or the gunmen) officially or unofficially adopt Gibson and give him a home.

- Adjusting to a new home isn't easy for anyone involved. Tell us about (at least) one of the bumps in the road.

Special Note for option C: In "The Beginning" Gibson is called a twelve-year-old boy. And in "Within" & "Without" he's also refered to as a twelve-year-old boy. If you set a fic after The Truth, you can say he's 16 or 13 as it suits you, given both ages are more or less canon even though they contradict one another.

The End
SPENDER: His opponent, Agent Mulder, was a twelve-year-old boy.
MULDER: And a good chess player. Here, let me show you his best move, if you’ll just take it back.

SKINNER: You better? I need some navigation.
SCULLY: (gets herself together and looks at the map) How to start looking for a 12-year-old kid in the middle of the Arizona desert. Well, there aren't a whole lot of choices.
SKINNER: We got a turnoff coming up in five miles. I take it or keep going straight?

SCULLY: I'm looking for a patient, a boy, 12 years old. He may still be in this building.

Challenge Fics:
Makeshift Grandson by Neoxphile
At The Beginning by Devin

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