2019-21 calendars

As we head into the Christmas season in 2020, most of us are going to have a Christmas that is quite unlike last Christmas, and hopefully different than the Christmas we'll have next year too.

Your Nursery Files Christmas challenge this year is to write a story with at least one scene set on December 24 or 25 in 2019, at least one scene set on December 24 or 25 in 2020, and at least one scene set on December 24 or 25 in 2021. You can include scenes prior to or after any of these dates as suits your story.

Your main character(s) can be any X-Files character, and crossovers are ok too. At least one of the three years should include a canon or original child character age 19 or younger, a pregnant character, and/or a character's adult child.

Note 1: The pandemic doesn't need to be the focus of the middle section of your story, but please consider not completely AUing the real 2020 away.

Note 2: if you'd like to, you can combine this challenge with the First Christmas With You challenge and add another year before 2019 to your tale or make 2019, 2020, or 2021 the eponymous first year with M&S's canon baby, Jackson (Mulder's first with him) or an OC baby/child or grandchild belonging to any X-Files character.

Please send your complete story to nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com or post here on our Tumblr by December 31

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