William held by Scully, baby girl held by Mulder

William's Twin II Challenge

On occasion, we have had sequel'd challenges here at The Nursery Files. Generally speaking this is less asking you to write a sequel to a story than it is revisiting an idea with a second challenge on a related theme (see the Christmas List Challenge and Christmas List II Challenge, and 2012 & 2012 Revisited Challenges). In other words, you can plan to choose one challenge or the other without needing to commit to both :)

This particular challenge is another take on the William's Twin Challenge.

Your challenge

Write a story in which the following things happen:

Mulder returns from his abduction to discover that Scully is either less than 6 weeks away from giving birth to his son or daughter, or that she's already given birth to his son or daughter while he was gone any length of time ago.

This is shocking to him, but not for the reason Scully would naturally assume. You see, Mulder knew that they were going to have a child...he just didn't know about this child. The child he has known about was abducted the same day he was, taken right out of Scully's womb while she was in the woods in Requiem and then was brought to term another way.

Mulder either has William himself or William's twin with him - i.e. whichever child Scully hasn't been pregnant with or raising in Mulder's absence - or he has a lead on his/her whereabouts and a plan to retrieve him/her.

Note: it's your choice of whether William's twin is his brother or sister and how old the twins are in your tale (and given that one of the twins was brought to term in an unusual way, they do not necessarily have to be the same age).

Do you have questions about writing a challengefic before you can begin your story? Look here to see if you can find your answer.

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