The Adoption Papers Challenge

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In this challenge you'll write a story set a few years in the future. The baby Scully and Mulder were expecting at the end of season 11 is now a girl or boy between eight and eighteen years old, and one day s/he stumbles across some paperwork. This paperwork is about the adoption of their older brother, William.

This discovery leads to a conversation with Scully...

Some questions to consider as you write your story:

Does this younger child already know about William?

If so does this younger child already know William/Jackson?

Has the adoption of Scully's older child ever come up before? If s/he knew, how did they feel about it when they found out?

Fics for this challenge:

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Do you have questions about writing a challengefic before you can begin your story? Look here to see if you can find your answer.

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