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All Her Children Safe At Home Challenge

This challenge involves you writing a story set in the present that includes three given flashbacks.

It is 2020. Scully and Mulder, like all of us, are having a surreal year due to the pandemic that has gripped the world. But through all the chaos one thing comforts Scully: all of her children are safe at home with her, and the two oldest are staying with her at least for a while.

Please compose your pandemic themed fic with the following flashbacks included (they're numbered here, but your story can order them any way you like):

  1. a flashback shows how Scully learned that Emily was still alive and how she became a part of Scully's life

  2. a flashback shows that William/Jackson returned to or stayed in Scully's life. Follow the canon through season 11 or veer off into AU at any point after season nine's Scary Monsters

  3. a flashback to the birth of Scully's youngest

If you wish, you can include other children in the family, be it because Scully and Mulder adopted at some point, the baby turned out to be babies, or a sibling of Emily's also turned up etc.

You can also include a significant other for Emily and/or William and/or grandchildren to help fill up the house if that suits your tale.

Fics for this challenge:

Please submit your story or the link to it to or post in on our submissions Tumblr

Do you have questions about writing a challengefic before you can begin your story? Look here to see if you can find your answer.

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