"He's My Mommy" Challenge

Does anyone else play the Sims 2, 3, or 4? One of the features of the games is that poor unsuspecting men are abducted by aliens...and always returned pregnant. A few days later they bring forth their usually green-skinned offspring and raise them up like any other offspring they might have. All this has a point, and it's coming up =)

To my knowledge there exists only four non-slash Mpreg stories. (Okay, there's one abandoned WIP I suspect was going to become slash, but didn't get that far so I don't know if that's slashy or not.) Four! Out of 87 zillion fics. This is a woeful situation, and I think, nay demand, that it be rectified post haste.

This challenge is offered as an opportunity for veteran writers to impress us anew, and as an invitation for new writers to get their feet wet. Yes, you there, the people who read and talk about fics but don't write them for us to read and talk about. I know you're out there, thinking "I want to write fic, but I'm afraid of what people will think." Start with something silly and irreverent, and if people don't like it, tell them that you meant for it to be bad. Badfic has a special place in most people's hearts, anyway.

Not that it has to be bad fic. You might write a completely serious, completely scientifically plausable male pregnancy story that'll tug on the heartstrings and make us all better people for having read it.

Now that you're all excited about writing this work of art/badfic, here are the challenge's requirements:

  • A male character (Mulder, Skinner, Doggett, Kersh, one or all of the Gunmen, CSM, the Bounty Hunter, Bill Scully Jr or Bill Mulder etc) has an odd experience.
    • Which leaves him pregnant
    • There should be a flashback that sheds some light on his knocked up status.
  • The fic's plot ends only after you've devised a way to extract the fetus at the end of pregnancy

That's all for requirements. The baby can be as human or inhuman as you like. Of course, knowing how Scully et all feels about the victims impending parental status is good, if you'd like to include that angle.

Oh, the baby *can* have two daddies, if you like, but not as a result of a slashy relationship. Unlike het fics, the slashy Mpreg is fairly well represented already.

Likewise, Scully or Reyes (or Diana, or Mrs Scully or Mrs Mulder or monster woman from Chimera...) might be the kid's biological mommy, as long as the dad is the one to lug the thing around for up to nine months. I say up to, since Emily gestated in a mere 3 months, so who knows what wonders science holds?

Rating, Genre, length, relationships of primary characters, gender and species of the baby, and setting are up to you.

Challenge fics:
Mr Mom by GothicSpook
Womb for Revenge by NeoX
Multiplicity by ElleThom

Please send your complete story to: nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com
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