Mulder Babyfic Alternative Universe Challenge

Here is your challenge: Write a fic, that is set at the end of season nine. The alternative universe part comes in because it will replace at least parts of "The Truth" for certain, but if you wish it to replace "William" or "Jump the Shark" (JTS) as well, that's fine. Having "William" and "JTS" happen in your world is also fine, obviously. *However* everything up through "Improbable" must be cannon. (i.e. don't write a fic that begins its differences from what happened on the show at "Requiem" or "Existence" or "Trustno1" etc) Mulder went away at the beginning of the season still, though whether or not his return after a year has anything do with a trial is for you and your muse to decide.

In your fic Mulder will return from his year away, but he won't be alone. Accompanying him is an infant, male or female, and any age you like up through 18 months old. The baby's existence must be explained to any characters in the fic you think would care about it's sudden appearance. And the baby ISN'T William. (William can be *in* the fic, of course, as long as the other baby is there too). Actually, it could be more than one not-Will baby if that suits your plot.

Who is the baby, then? That's up to you. It could be a foundling, or clone/hybrid/genetic experiment, it could be related to Mulder (even his child) or another character, or a child he's looking after for another reason....any number of babies could end up in his hands for various reasons =)

So there are your requirements:

  • Mulder, at the end of season nine, comes back from after a year (you can begin the fic before he returns to DC, of course, as long as it starts after he leaves at the beginning of TINH I)
  • And has a Not-William baby with him
  • Explain baby's existence to at least one other character

The particulars like genre and rating are up to you entirely.

Doom Child by Neoxphile When The Wind Blows by LOUISE3100 Lies Within Truth by Gothic Spook Multiplicity by ElleThom

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