Shannon Phile Stories

Shannon Phile is a character first created in 2003 for a deliberate MarySue/self insertion case-file challenge. Is she me down to every detail? Of course not. But she's more me than anyone else =) Come, let me take you on snarky tales of madness and irritating federal employees who keep hounding me.

God! Stop Following Me Around!

Rating: PG-13
Catogory: Snark; Mary Sue (deliberate) Challenge Fic
Timeframe/Spoilers: Season 7
Principal Character(s): Mulder, Scully, Me, Markie
Summary: Mulder and Scully are convinced that something, anything, is paranormal in my life. They pester me about it. Frequently.

Case of the Jolly Fat Men

Rating: PG
Catogory: Holiday Challenge
Timeframe/Spoilers: post-series
Principal Character(s): Doggett, Reyes, Me, Markie, Santa, Mulder, Scully,
Summary: Sequel to "God! Stop Following Me Around!" In this fic it's two years later, and a new pair of agents think there's something worth investigating in New England. What will they get us into now?!