My Orginal Fiction

I've been writing fanfictions for three years, but I've been writing stories since I was six or seven, so that's about twenty years...I'll spare us both my elementary and middle school scribblings, but if you'd like to read some things I wrote as a teenager and so far in my twenties, follow the links below.

Fiction Press: Not too much here, but it is recent stuff from the past year or so. Go Here To Read Changling Loved(Novella) and Cold Society (short story)

Note: if you would like to read other more-recent-than-college things that won't be finding their way onto cyberspace like:
Revision Box (a short horror novel- third person)
You'd Forgive Her Anything (novella second person POV)
Keeping Faith (novella about a woman who looks for love in every wrong place imaginable - first person)
My untitled Christmas Fantasy/humor work-in-progress
Or The Bus Stop (second person short story)

e-mail me and I'll send them it to you.

College Stories: Mostly things I wrote during college, but "Dear David" wasn't finished until afterwards New(er) Stories
You should read "Hunting Jude" and "Dear David" if you've going to read anything at all on this page.

High School stories: Ever wonder what I was writing about as a teenager?
Old Stories Page
Mostly things to make my friends laugh

Then there's the two "other" catogories that aren't really pieces of fiction, at least not in the beginning-middle-end story sense.

Humor & Non-Fiction: unfortunately, I do not have a complete copy of " Barhopping with the Chickybabes" anywhere that I can find =( If anyone cares I should be able to replace the other two themestream pieces. Humor & Non-Fiction Oh, this should be there too, but until I get a chance to edit the links, copy and paste

Poetry: C'mon now, you can't be surprised I write poetry, can you? Not that I've written a poem in a good long while though. I don't like "pretty" poetry (Blake, Wordsworth all your other Romantics and Victorians), which is why my favorite poets are all modernists and post-modernists. Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Jim Carrol, Allen Ginsberg, TS own poems aren't pretty either.
Poetry Angst: the 1995-1997 poems

Even More Angst: the 1998-1999 poems

Angst House: the 2000 to present poems

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