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This, if you haven't figured out, is a crossover between The X-Files and Dawson's Creek.

Hereís where "reality" is twisted about to fit the story: When the series begins Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Doggett, Reyes, Krycek and Fowley are sixteen-year-old sophomores in high school. Skinner and Reyes are twins, and Doggett often find himself on the outs with his uptight older brother, Kersh, a rookie cop. Characters that appear later in DC are here now because...I felt like it. The new characters have the same familes they would have on DC.

Our characters are a little XF and a little DC all rolled into one.

Your handy X-Files To Dawson's Creek To Mulder's Creek character converter
X-Files character + Dawson's Creek character + = Mulder's Creek character
Fox Mulder Dawson Leary Mulder Leary
Dana Scully Joey Potter Scully Potter
Diana Fowley Jen Lindley Fowley Lindley
John Doggett Pacey Witter Doggett Witter
Monica Reyes Andie McPhee Reyes McPhee
Walter Skinner Jack McPhee Skinner McPhee
Alex Krycek Drue Valentine Krycek Valentine
Alvin Kersh Doug(ie) Witter Kersh Witter
Jeffery Spender Abby Morgan Spender Morgan


Just in case you're not familiar with Dawson's Creek, here's a short description of the various households, as of the first MC episode.

The Learys:

Mulder lives with his parents, Mitch and Gale Leary. His younger sister, Samantha, was kidnapped as an infant and hasnít been recovered.

The Potters:

Scully lives with her older sister, Bessie, and her nephew Alexander. Scullyís father is in jail and her mother is deceased.

The Witters:

Doggett lives with his parents, Sheriff and Mrs. Witter, and his older brother, Kersh. They have two married sisters who are older than Kersh, and as well as another sister, Gretchen (away at college) who is the next-to-youngest.

The McPhees:

Skinner and Reyes live with their father, Joseph. Their mother doesnít live with them due to a medical condition.

The Lindleys:

Fowley is estranged from her parents, and instead lives with her maternal grandmother, Grams.

So you're wondering if anything important happened before the series started, the characters' birthdates or just want to know when episodes took place? Go to MC Timelines for more details.

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